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    I love games and have a good knowledge on video games.
    my favourite games are:
    kingdom hearts
    side scrollers
    ki no kuni
    jak and daxter
    sly cooper
    crash bandicoot
    pac man
    HD classics
    any arcade game
    final fantasy
    ratchet and clank
    star wars
    I cant think of any more :P

    I like comedy's such as south park and peep show..
    I love adventure time
    and I make my own music and upload them onto youtube, I also Upload my own video's onto youtube.
    I try to be friendly :) and helpful. and I love music:
    brit rock
    some metal
    hip hop
    nu metal
    my fave bands are
    linkin park
    aphex twin
    video game music

    Finally I live in England and Iv'e had my ps3vsince October 2013 1nd want at least 5-10 plats by the end of this year.

    thanks for viewing my profile (Dans:)ra)

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  1. It has almost been 6 years. My trophy count has gone up from 5...to 6. And I got that platinum today. Now for that juicy Okami platinum I have wanted for several years.
  2. Isn't there 300 Mudokons to save? And I can't wait for this game to be released for ps3. Gonna aim to get plat :3
  3. post one of your youtube videos, and view other peoples. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3y-YTU0n_ko
  4. I'm more excited about this collection as 2 was my favorite in the series. It has one of the best story in video game's better battle system, better Disney worlds (lion king, the timeless river, tron and I love hollow bastion. if bbs trophies aren't stacked it's going to be a really annoying plat, as you will have to play through the game at least 9 times.. plus I didn't really get recoded as I thought it didn't matter to the story, so I left it alone. But there apparently is.. and I'd rather watch it in movie format anyways
  5. sames. couldn't get my hands on bbs final mix, but I have the bbs collectors edition and yet still have to complete aqua's story
  6. Yup I can't wait either
  7. some people might not of known about this and I wanted more people to be aware of it plus it's a reminder that the game will be coming so people won't forget. and as blind mango said "he didn't know 1.5 sold 1.5 million units." so there is other information on this forum. And If you know about 2.5 you could of just ignored the post "as you knew about it" plus I put the trailer on hear, incase somebody hasn't seen the trailer. And added that bbs might have online multiplayer. just other bits of info about it. plus I had nothing better to do and wanted to share my interests with psn profiles. that is all
  8. I love majora's mask, thanks a lot im gonna go set up my n64 now
  9. kingdom hearts 2.5 HD remix is coming out this year exclusively for the PS3!! It contains: Kingdom hearts 2 Kingdom hearts birth by sleep (may have online multiplayer.) and animated cut scenes from Kingdom hearts Recoded It's been all re mastered in HD, and hopefully it will do as well as kingdom hearts 1.5 HD remix, as that sold over 1.5 million units Japanese trailer > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAjibyskPas Thanks for taking your time to read this post
  10. one of my favorites, currently trying to plat it
  11. recommend some games. For people to play. They could be your favorite/ treasures/ childhood game or just a must play game, I'm posting this as it could help me get a new good game, and It could hopefully help others too
  12. in scarborough by any chance? awesome you like kingdom hearts too
  13. list your favorite song(s) and band(s)/ musician?