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  1. Maybe it was just a glitch? After finishing the Frozen Wilds on Friday and starting Ultra Hard last night, I immediately had all skills unlocked as soon as it loaded. Did you save another loadout for New Game+ after doing Frozen Wilds, because if not it would have taken the save just after finishing the main story.
  2. Looking to get the changing lanes trophy. PSN: D347H7124P Timezone: US Central (GMT -6) Send me a message on PSN if interested. Edit: Got it. Thanks to Saintz-Xl
  3. Didn't see this until now, but good stuff man. I know those challenges were plaguing you for a while but you showed perseverance and bested them.
  4. Yeah I never once did a Blade Dodge Takedown in a big combo. Too risky in my opinion. As soon as the ninjas come out make a point to evade as quickly as you can towards them and make sure they are the priority with your takedowns. By the time brutes come out you should have a huge combo. Remember the freeze grenade (quick throw is double tapping R2 iirc) works great at immobilizing brutes so use this to your advantage to keep going for the ninjas. Soon as ninjas are dealt with, then build up your meter to takedown the brutes.
  5. It's definitely frustrating, but I had fully completed the others so I was hellbent on doing this one too. Arkham City wasn't too bad, but I was familiar with it from playing it on the 360 too. Campaigns can be a little bit of a pain especially with modifiers, but you'll quickly learn which ones go where. There also were some occasions where I had to look up a better path (there are quite a few Youtube channels to look for help) to take for some of the Extreme Predator maps. As far as the Combat ones went, they were easy in my opinion. If you can take work with the Titans and One Armed Bandits into combos you'll have no problems getting the threshold score. Thanks. I haven't played that game in so long, I almost forgot about those two. The Hunt is My Mistress was definitely the harder of the two as there pretty much was no room for error. I had to farm for more points after killing everyone if I remember right. The other one was weird too because mostly everything had to be branded. Was relieved when I got those two done.
  6. My hands got so used to restarting that it didn't even become a problem to restart anymore. I'd get pissed off for a second then try a new run hoping to get it that time. Big thing for me was to always remember where the Brutes, Ninjas and Shield guys were as they hit the fastest and to constantly evade. In Monarch Theater, I would sometimes jump over 10 guys (maybe more) before I put a hit on someone just to make sure I wouldn't get hit immediately right after. As far as Iceberg Lounge goes, I had three runs that I got close to fighting Croc (the third being the time I actually got to) and each of them I had to fight Brutes. Unless you're being perfect with the combat, unfortunately I think it's most likely you'll come across them. The key is once again to just keep evading until you get a spot where you can make a clean hit. If you're at that point and you have a 300+ combo, points are going to come in bunches so it won't be much longer before you reach the threshold.
  7. It's broken up by character. I am always paranoid with my saves as I used to lose a lot of them to them corrupting so pretty much after each flawless run, I'd make a backup save. Oddly enough, I had a harder time doing the Iceberg Lounge fight. Crime Alley gave me quite the problem too, especially with Batman whom seems like would be the easiest character to do it with.
  8. ID: D347H7124P SYSTEM: PS4 Put "PSNP" in the message box.