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  1. wtf?
  2. Yeah it's a common bug, better upgrade as soon as you have enough karma.
  3. Already answered in the other thread. Yes it works.
  4. Source on your forum profile pic?

    1. XXIIlII


      Sup. Sorry I found it in one of the replies In twitter. Don't know the source.

  5. Anyone tried the exploit on ps4 version while playing on ps5?
  6. No because more games can be played at 60fps on ps5 and that's all I wanted.
  7. Thanks! Better play offline just in case they release a fix lol
  8. Bloodborne because I suck at the souls games and don't know how to play them. Don't know how I got the plat but I almost lost my mind.
  9. If it's short then I might get the double plat
  10. Not sure why people say it's easy. I almost quit because it got very hard at the end.
  11. Praising Sony for adding ps4 features to ps5 🥳🎉🎈
  12. I'm missing 1 SP and I got the one from the noodles. Anyone know where it is?