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  1. All i want is a trophy tracker and play time stats. And i don't understand people who want ps1/2 compatibility. How many times are you going to replay old games?
  2. This is so weird and stupid. Many will not get the game now.
  3. If you want the easy way then do the invincibility glitch.
  4. Please be easier than witcher 3 death march
  5. Played few matches. Nothing unlocked sigh.. Hope we don't have to start from scratch as of this patch
  6. lol hopefully this is the standard for PS5
  7. That's how all games should be. Collect half not freaking all.
  8. Okay so i was playing on easy and before killing the final boss i switched to normal and the trophy for Apoc unlocked. And now i don't know how to unlock the balanced trophy. I don't want to replay the game... Edit: okay so i downloaded the latest update (1.10 as of now) killed the boss and unlocked the balanced trophy. Just make sure that your difficulty is on normal before you download the updates. Hope this helps.
  9. That sucks tbh. Always go for fun first. But it's your choice after all.
  10. oh yes please. Even though i only have 1 lol (bfbc2)
  11. I was happy at first because i thought What Remains of Edith Finch is an easy plat but then i looked at the guide... and now im sad
  12. Noticed that the leaderboard got fixed, doesn't show my old ID anymore.
  13. ^you paid again for premium are you serious? Have some patience dude. Well too late lol
  14. Still getting it. Question is do i get it now or after that free update in June.