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  1. You'll find the answer here.
  2. Any chance you guys faced this issue after putting your ps4 in rest mode? I get a lot of glitches and frame rate drops when i do that, restarting the game fixes them.
  3. That's weird. So if you lost a game in the future you'll delete it from your profile? And what about digital games?
  4. I kinda agree. Putting mafia 2 remastered in rest mode then resuming affects the fps and brings some bugs. Becomes normal when i close and reopen the game.
  5. Doesn't work.
  6. Be careful with the 50 miles trophy, i reached 43 miles then died and it restarted the whole chapter and reset my progress. This system sucks.
  7. I fucking agree. What is this bullshit? A 10 year old game and we are still stuck at 30 fps ffs. At least i got it for free.
  8. I'm interested. But will wait for patches, if they release any.
  9. Why do you want to suffer?
  10. What if i did them legit on ps3 but want to do the exploit on ps4? 😂 Asking for permission from internet heros
  11. Kinda understandable. They don't want to split the players between mw2019 and mw2. If they are going to bring mw2 maps to mw2019 then it's all good.
  12. Same i've been waiting for this. Trophy list looks straightforward.
  13. Because Guerrilla Games boss is now Sony's boss. This guy will ruin Sony.
  14. "Only on Playstation" my ass lmao