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  1. Tried 30 fps mode and I couldn't handle 10 seconds of it lol
  2. Skellige infamous spot: I axii-ed guy A. lowered the health of guy B then axii-ed him. Control guy A and as he's going to kill guy B, Axii guy B OR wait until he does the first attack then axii B so A can get a second hit. Hope that wasn't too confusing lol. Did it on death march with griffin set (Increases sign intensity) and griffin school techniques. Basically, anything that makes you cast the axii quickly.
  3. Still useless lol
  4. Didn't gourmet get nerfed?
  5. Yeah
  6. I almost quit at the beginning but i continued and it's fine now. Not horrible but also not good. Just fine. Super Wung-Fu doesn't work for me either (the square) so I just used jump and square.
  7. Always play offline when people discover an exploit.
  8. Yeah it was bad.
  9. Someone did on ps4, read the previous replies.
  10. Finally figured it out. The ps5 version was on the internal drive but the ps4 one was on the ssd, moved it from the ssd and the game recognized the save file.
  11. You think the first patch introduced this exploit? Highly unlikely
  12. Same here. Can't access ps5 save on ps4 version. @CoolDust Maybe it's exclusive to some regions lol
  13. @angelbless45 Did you restart the ps4 and then tried the glitch? Or just restarted the game? If nothing worked then the only easy choice is to do the glitch on ps5 and then auto pop the hardest difficulty trophy on ps4.
  14. Is the ps4 version 60fps on ps5? if 30 then I won't bother.