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  1. Woah another version
  2. Did they move #11 again? I can't find it. Edit: it's back to its original location lol wtf
  3. Sometimes you can't avoid the auto popping like online trophies (call of duty, battlefield etc..) they pop as soon as you open the other version of the game, ps4 or 5.
  4. Had a save before the final boss, I loaded that and collected the last 4 files and the trophy popped, then finished the game and unlocked one of the endings trophies. So check your saves.
  5. You can avoid it.
  6. Definitely a luck based trophy. I couldn't do it when I tried my best and was focused. Then I started to randomly move my plane and I got it...
  7. Lol wondering the same thing. Plat rate is too high.
  8. Don't have a backlog. I buy like 2-3 games max and don't buy anymore until I finish them.
  9. Up with Square then square and finally triangle. You unlock this combo in chapter 3. I do it with normal enemies as well, if it kills them before the stunt then time your combo so that when you click triangle it hits the enemy. This combo is good for all enemies except the bosses.
  10. Anyone tried beating the 3rd boss on ronin or kensei and see if these trophies unlock?
  11. Need some tips for early end trophy. Getting tired of exiting the game and downloading the save over and over lol
  12. I would say 7/10 for the average game and 3.5 for a souls fan
  13. Indies are more exciting to me than AAA games these days
  14. Someone on Reddit unlocked some trophies playing easy mode