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  1. Didn't know you can delay a game that went gold.
  2. Ronin is my favorite only because I like playing with healing classes in almost all games.
  3. Took me an hour to win. Problem is I managed to get 1st so many times but the handling is so garbage that I spin out all the time. Eventually it felt like a normal race like any other racing game. Practice is the key.
  4. Yeah I noticed that too but it only bothered me once in that mission where you are inside a big yellow circle and you need to find and steal a customs truck. I was like cool let's start searching, 5 seconds later a big marker appeared. I got a little annoyed.
  5. Got Portal 2 plat using 2 controllers with both hands & legs lmao
  6. "No matchmaking" Rip my hopes and dreams
  7. Doesn't work for me.
  8. Yup. But I stopped at lv110, not sure if it can lvl up beyond that.
  9. I do this but I invite my other account.
  10. No, I just don't want to die lol
  11. I managed to finish a few stories on gold as a ronin. You just run until you can use your healing skills lol. But not once playing survival.
  12. Anyone faced an issue where enemies don't spawn in survivor? Happened 3 times and everyone just left the game eventually.
  13. A standalone will only work if it was free to play for everyone or sold separately.
  14. Jesus. Dude if I were you I'll play it on a second account and be done with it.