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  1. hey. life is short. do whatever makes u happy. even if it means starting a new account every week
  2. yup. still doesn't explain why u seem to be bothered that his reason for playing shovelware doesn't seem valid to u
  3. even if this is the case.. and someone is lying about the real reason they play shovelware.. and they're pretending they're having fun instead of admitting they are lazy/addicted/stupid... how does that affect u?
  4. how does it affect u whether he enjoys his games or not?
  5. apparently its against the rules to only post a pic/gif
  6. hope u ready to catch these hands
  7. I agree about the fastest achiever stat becoming meaningless also agree that autopops in and of themselves require zero effort but rarity isn't determined by completion time either unless (because u use the word influx) you mean that simply MORE ppl than usual would play it just because the plat can auto pop?
  8. but if I can get all the trophies in the PS4 version of a game, its not like I'll be unable to do so again in the PS5 version. autopops just make me get them instantly. the rarity isn't affected by the autopop itself
  9. its working fine now (for me anyway)
  10. eminem was during your childhood? thx for making me feel old lol
  11. couldn't have said it better myself
  12. my bad maybe I inferred it incorrectly honestly I'd say no. mayo has some semblance of humor.. really does try to tell a story, and [(un?)ironically?] makes fun of itself compare that to any Stroke the X games
  13. I was following ur argument until u tried to use the US Supreme Court as the benchmark of intelligent thinking. they still enforce some pretty stupid and archaic laws anyway on topic... 1 shit "game" is shovelware. it doesn't become shovelware only if it gets a sequel
  14. I haven’t been able to upload/download saves since Saturday