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  1. yes. debug menu is where u intentional try to cheese the trophies without playing the game properly. as opposed to minding your business and a hacker pops all your trophies. for u
  2. hmmmm.... there's only 1 PS5 stack on exophase
  3. so.. no multiple region PS5 stack? 😦
  4. on the game info page (this is is the NA store)
  5. good idea(s) too bad Sly won't do anything about it
  6. why are some PS4/5 games locked behind premium paywall? they were supposed to be available in extra tier
  7. I'll just leave this here
  8. any reason why u stopped updating the OP?
  9. I’m seeing 100% completion in seconds on the PS4 version
  10. that is leaving on the same date as well
  11. RDR1 is leaving on October 17th (NA)
  12. new origin story
  13. if u wanted it digitally u can still get it with the watchpoint pack that pack is just essentially the pre order for OW2 (only $40) plus guaranteed access to the OW2 beta in a couple of weeks coming to think of it.. pretty scummy they found a way to charge u $40 for a F2P game... you're basically paying $40 to play it 3 months early lol
  14. playing for fun? on a trophy website? u must be new here 😅