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  1. Sign me up plz as of now I only have 3 outstanding dlcs I’d like to get done by the end of the year: tlou 2 shadow of mordor destiny
  2. all my saves are in the cloud i delete the game and save off my console as soon as I've gotten all the trophies
  3. My only goal for the rest of 2021 is to clear up the dlc for 3 games: The Last of Part 2 Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Destiny
  4. speaking of censorship, they deleted my user name last night, that I've had since 2006 apparently HondaHoe is offensive and against their ToS 🙄 guess I should be grateful they didn't delete my account, trophies or games.... considering ALL my games have been digital since the later half of the PS3 life cycle
  5. @ImStylinOnYaBro
  6. any info on the new release date? not even seeing it on the psn store anymore
  7. zero. pointless feature to me
  8. Lol @ losing sleep over whether other ppl play a game twice or play it once then autopop it after
  9. cant' wait to play this!
  10. can only speak for myself… but I gameshare with my gf… so I HAVE to play online at all times for the console to verify my account else I can’t play anything it’s my biggest gripe for having digital games
  11. it did that to me yesterday as well, even tho I've had it paused since Saturday
  12. I'm not a fan of PS4 games being remastered for PS5 especially since u can still play the PS4 versions on PS5 anyway PS3 remasters on PS4 was passable because there was no backwards compatibility
  13. a remaster isn't necessary to achieve this (and charge for it) several PS4 games have gotten FREE graphical upgrades specifically for PS5
  14. try this one from PS5Trophies