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  1. FIFA 17 and Yakuza 0. I kinda doubt I can platinum Yakuza, but that won't stop me from believing and trying! And I'm awfully close to FIFA, just have some things to finish and to do the drafts in FUT, seems like a pain though.
  2. (Feat. HUS) - Toast
  3. Is it just me or is earning money in Yakuza 0 a lot easier than in other Yakuza games?

    1. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      It's not just you. :P It's even easier once you do the whole Mr. Shakedown exploit. After doing that for a bit, I didn't have to worry about money for the remainder of the game.

    2. A-Brawl3r


      Well the money is for upgrading your fighting styles, previous Yakuza games used a traditional exp level up system.

  4. Does anyone have any pointers for FUT? I'm not super well-versed in the mode but I still need both of the trophies for the draft sessions (mostly I just need more money). Help would be appreciated as well. 

    1. BrandonSmithy


      When I finished the draft on 16, I used a site called futscope. It tracks how good your opponent is. If I ever came across someone half decent, I'd just refuse to play them. I think it only tracks FIFA 15 stats though so it might not be much of a help

    2. Doctor Waffles

      Doctor Waffles

      Seems futscope only  works for 15, yeah. Thank you though.

  5. Persona 5 is, without a doubt, the greatest game I've ever played thus far. Thus, it is also my favorite PS4 game.
  6. Vanilla - Fuji Always curious where these (seemingly) obscure anime gifs come from for these vaporwave videos.
  7. The Wolf Among Us. No picture or anything to frill up my post because I've already earned this platinum on my previous account (and thus probably posted it in here before), just wanted to say that playing through TellTale games more than once really helps to see the flaws in them, imo. Not nearly as fun or interesting as I thought it was the first time I played it, also my save got messed up and I had zero motivation to start the episode again so I didn't play through the final episode to its entirety until now. :/ I dunno what I'm going to do next, going for trophies kinda' demotivates me to play some games.
  8. JIDA (Feat. Rachel Lim) - Blind Like this one more than Fade, I think.
  9. Adding the Persona 3 & 5 dancing games and Persona Q2, now.
  10. It's about time we followed each other, bby. 😩 (To be honest, I forget about that feature.)

    1. hpknight


      You were always pretty high on my list of beybs to follow and stalk on here. Glad i finally remembered to do it. 😇

    2. Doctor Waffles

      Doctor Waffles

      Aw, same to you bb. :)

  11. Thank you, based Atlus. Show me the special editions so that my preprogrammed system to buy everything you make no matter what may preorder. I don't even like rhythm games, I'll buy anything with an Atlus label. Also with P5 protagonist.
  12. JIDA (Feat. Rachel Lim) - Fade More Jida music! Finally!
  13. Persona 5 anime confirmed for 2018. I don't watch anime anymore personally, but I am always willing to make an exception for Persona.
  14. Humming Urban Stereo X Ban:jax - Trophy