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  1. Of course you can play for free, but it’s always nice to support the developers. Don’t be stingy! LunchCannon54 was fortunate he was not in a more demanding guild. VIP 3 is very useful for free scouting and VIP 5 gives access to VIP keys. One can easily put over a thousand hours a year in this game and put in quite a lot of money and still lack a lot of inventory to complete everything, but most of the trophies are rather easy, you just need to do the grind.
  2. Finally on sale with Christmas avatars and themes included. To my knowledge, Briks 1 has never been on sale or at least not since I put in on my wishlist in April 2017.
  3. Looking for a guild? Join Ace Outlaws (LV 100+, but if you are active, you can join sooner). Low weekly requirements, just play every week at your leisure. Only guild wars participation is required. We have players from level 100 to 1000+. I’m currently at level 1172. Just send me your invite code through PSN.
  4. Start at your own risk. My trophy hunting has grinded to a halt since I got more and more addicted to this excellent game.
  5. It's readily available on playasia.
  6. The platinum was easy, but the later tour events are quite hard.
  7. The first building and Villoyse are hotels. What is the third named? It's Rullyeh in the northeast. Update: I entered my third hotel Rullyeh twice in my new game and Concierge popped. Didn't even have to climb it.
  8. Did you climb to the top?
  9. Didn't get Concierge trophy either. Missed Naturalist too, so I'll try a new game.
  10. I've had no issues with online games not counting for stats as some mentioned here.
  11. I'v got one at 100.06%! (Aabs Animals Kawaii 15 seconds to play) I've got 21 at 100%, the one with most achievers is Weapon Smith from Warframe.
  12. Same thing happened to me and I did not play in hard. I did not get the 3rd power but a sand tank and lost out on 2 gold trophies. I originally just wanted to play The Sands of Time again but when I popped in the trilogy disc, all 3 trophy lists were installed, so I put some time in this title too. Won't be starting it again though.
  13. The good thing about consoles and controllers is that there is a level playing field. It's not about who has the most expensive mouse or the best pc. Also to me being good at typing, pointing and clicking fast is just that and has very little to do with games.
  14. Ok, after earning a trophy and updating, my profile is back to normal.
  15. Two thirds of my trophies have vanished from my profile! No such problem on PSN trophy leaders. Update: after earning a trophy and updating, my profile is back to normal.