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  1. Yeah, google had the listings wrong, I just checked my local sports news
  2. Lions are only facing the Packers once this season oddly enough but I'm not complaining
  3. The article also included the email of the Sony exec. Make sure to use it make your voice heard. Japanese devs are already starting to move to the switch, I'd prefer to not miss out on their games because of some idiots who happen to live in my country
  4. If you go it through PS+ then you can still download it but you'll have to check your library and go through your downloadable content.
  5. This has nothing to do with progressiveness.
  6. Pretty sure it was delisted a few years ago. After the remake was released
  7. The problem for me is that this inhibits japanese developers and possibly inhibits my ability to play their games locally. i personally don't care about nudity or sexuality in my games but I do care about the negative possibilities that censorship brings with it. The fact that this is being done to appease people who don't even play these games to begin with only upsets me further
  8. They already have. Flacco, Osweiler, Tannehil, Stafford ect. These contracts usually have enough clauses and poison pills in them to keep the team from being sunk into them though. Kaepernick's contract was largely performance based for example.
  9. I like how this confirms it's entirely the fault of a specific group of people on certain side of the political spectrum because now I know who to blame. The problem now is convincing Sony that these changes are entirely warrantless because the people who play these censored games are not part of that demographic and have no impact on sales. If they have a problem with it, they should be ignored, as we certainly already do
  10. Sony has a partnership with AMD, as do MS and Nintendo, so they probably get a preferred rate.
  11. I'm worried about the SSD though. They have great performance but they also have a fairly short life span compared to a standard HDD. I don't want a $500 brick later on down the line, plus, what about support for external drives? BC with only the PS4 is disappointing because it should be no trouble at all to at least include PS1 and PS2 support based on emulation. Beyond that I think it sounds solid. $500 doesn't sound bad to me, I wish it was less but it's not bad
  12. I won't look at this from a trophy hunter perspective and with that I like NG+, it gives me a chance to use the skills and equipment I've earned and use them again in a new playthrough. That's something greatly appreciative in genres like JRPGs as it keeps you from having to grind or doing other time consuming activities needed to move on. If it's added long after the fact, that doesn't bother me, it gives a small incentive to pick that game up again later on down the line. Really, I don't even know how someone could even complain about a NEW option in a game.
  13. Shazam last Saturday. Better than I expected it to be, there's hope for the DCEU after all. They're still going to have to fix the mess Justice League and Batman vs Superman left eventually though
  14. Yep. Everything Disney owned will be removed from Netflix this year since Disney has their own streaming service now, Disney+. I'll be watching this only because I've already tortured myself with the first two so I might as well watch the finale. Plus I feel you aren't allowed to properly hate something unless you've already experienced it first.
  15. The Patriots have been a revolving door for years, Bellichek will just whip another project into shape as per usual