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  1. You people do know that you can connect an external drive to the PS4 and use it for game storage right? I've got two 4tb connected to mine and I only use the internal storage for saves.
  2. I certainly don't have 90% of the offerings but most of the games that interest me I already own so I know how you feel. Nice to see Murumasa on sale though, always wanted to play it. Anyone considering Trails of Cold Steel should take note that unlike the rest of the sale, their deal ends next Tuesday so get it now or forever hold your peace
  3. This, exactly this. I still remember that painful 2015 Packers Hail Mary game in Detroit and the aftermath when people were wondering why in the hell didn't Caldwell put Calvin Johnson in the backfield as a precaution. Bill made the right move, he just had the bad luck of bad execution
  4. At this point it's safe to say that the Bears might sneak their way to the NFCC. That defense has found their stride and the explosive offenses of the NFL have a terrible track record against good defenses. Once again, the league and sports media continue to overestimate offense heavy teams
  5. It's more of a US context kind of thing.
  6. I pre-ordered Odyssey because I love the series and wanted to play it day one. When I saw the sale on black friday, I was a little miffed but I also acknowledged the fun I had when I played the game three days before release and stopped caring.
  7. And going by the cover, expect free publicity for Ubisoft in the form of controversy
  8. Sony snuck one in today
  9. Alex Smith is suffering complications from his surgery. Hoping he makes a full recovery
  10. Think about the political climate in the US right now and how anyone jumps on "salutes". That being said, I hate this and I wish I could fight it beyond signing a petition and not buying something.
  11. Umm you should always check the bottom of the store page and read the requirements because they'll always say whether you need the game or not.
  12. The remastered is based on the PC version which balanced enemy strength when it scaled and slowed BR growth but as I said before Last Remnant revolved more around your skill, item, and unit captain setups than your levels. People bemoaning enemy strength in the 360 version most likely put minimal attention to those three because I never really found the game hard. PC version was even easier with the adjustments
  13. It doesn't release until tomorrow. No pre order option available The game was less about your rank and more about your skill set up and unit deployment. There were skills in the game that were utterly broken no matter what your BR Rank was but were a pain to grind and captains like Emma were extremely strong. Trophies are the same as the 360 version so it's an easy platinum if you're willing to spend time grinding
  14. This version is based on the PC version so a lot of things from the 360 version were adjusted. BR Rank doesn't beef up enemies the way it used to so grinding isn't counterintuitive anymore and it's a lot easier to grind out skills since leveling them up in the 360 version happened at random and was extremely grating
  15. Sweet Jesus how can one person be so deluded?