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  1. Brady is the GOAT. More prestige for my wolverines
  2. As it stands, the 49ers are monitoring the situation with Stafford so his new home may be with them. Word around town is Kelley Stafford pressured Matthew to take a trade because she wasn't fond of Michigan anymore since she hates our governor (and I hate her too so i can't blame her).
  3. One of my favorite qbs in the league. Guy looked like he was having fun almost all the time and he made the most ridiculous faces. I feel sorry for him a bit too, was in the same class as Ben and Eli but he's the only one without a super bowl win. Fifth all time records in a lot of stats so he definitely had the talent but he played for a terrible owner
  4. I can't speak on Ryan's treatment of the Japanese department but the PS5 has relatively little stock everywhere right now considering production under COVID has taken a massive blow. The X and O situation is just streamlining. As I said before, the asian market is the largest market, no company is going to dismiss it, it's financial stupidity to do so
  5. I know but the person I quoted made it seem Sony headquarters was moved. People should learn that the Tokyo headquarters still runs the show at the end of the day. I think it might also be worth mentioning that Japan is basically Nintendo country and handhelds and mobiles are king right now there. Console sales there have been going down for years
  6. Last I checked, Sony headquarters is still based in Tokyo and no company with sense will give up on the asian market since its currently the largest market. I want to add that one of the PS5's best selling games currently is the very japanese Demons Souls and other japanese games are slated for release
  7. Yep, completely mixed the two up. Not completely sober right now
  8. Urban Meyer is going to be the biggest coaching bust of this decade. He couldn't hack it in the NFL before and he sure as hell won't hack it now
  9. Sources say Kupp will play in the divisional round at least
  10. Happy for the Browns but it's utterly depressing they went from 0-16 to a playoff win in such a short time and the Lions are still going nowhere 13 years later from the fact. Divisional Picture looks like great matchups all around but I doubt the Bucs will be beating the Saints after being trounced by them twice already. Ravens and Bills is anyone's games. Rodgers struggles against good defenses so the Rams have a shot. Nothing to say on Browns and Chiefs because so far the Browns have defied all expectations so I'm placing none on them and seeing where it goes.
  11. Nintendo has one in the works apparently but who knows when it'll be released
  12. I'd normally consider the Colts game an easy win for the Steelers but they've lost three straight now and to the Bengals of all teams at that so who knows.
  13. I consider those honest to god trap games.
  14. I hope They can pull off at least one win because you seriously don't want to be a fan of a team that's gone a whole season winless. It's not fun
  15. Broncos are starting at qb a practice squad wr who barely played qb at college before being replaced. That game is going to be the joke for the ages.