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  1. They're already talking about an 18 game season. It's going to get worse
  2. The lawyer is apparently representing the girls pro bono and many of the women are only seeking the minimum ($500) in damages. These announcements are to get more women to come forward, if there are any, to make a more solid case. Watson is looking boned from where I'm sitting because all it takes is two convictions for a lifetime ban. Fun little tidbit, the guy apparently won a multi million dollar lawsuit involving a spiderbite
  3. In all honest JJ was on his way out the door either way and with the Texans in full implode mode this is a way to save cap and save face with both parties getting something they want.
  4. Bucs are under cap and many have professed a desire to re-sign. Unless someone takes a huge unfriendly contract, the Bucs don't have much to worry about.
  5. You're witnessing history, enjoy it. it's unlikely we'll see a qb of Brady's caliber again in our lifetime. Chiefs were doomed the moment they lost Fisher and Mahomes over reliance on Hill and Kelcie was exploited with maximum efficiency. On that note, many of the key members on the Chiefs are hitting FA now and the Chiefs are over cap, wonder how they'll sort this future mess out.
  6. And there were people who thought Brady should retire LOL
  7. Stick a fork in the Chiefs, they're done. Andy's infamous clock management strikes again
  8. The back taxes on said house would be more than what you paid on it. That's a large reason as to why property becomes abandoned there. Heard the Jets were willing to take on Watson and that doesn't surprise me in the slightest.
  9. No company has unlimited funds and resources to pour into something. Your estimated value is not the same thing as your liquid value or the amount of liquid assets you have on hand. Many projects are done on credit
  10. We have luxury resorts in cold states here in the US so being in a cold state isn't exactly like being condemned to suffering or anything. But yeah, she'll probably stay in california
  11. FYI most players whom chose to stay in Michigan don't stay in Detroit. They either live in Bloomfield Hills, Ann Arbor, Grosse Pointe or the Riverfront.
  12. Your roommate has impeccable taste at least. It's not for everyone I'll admit
  13. Nonsense, unless you're allergic to the outdoors. You're in a cozy tent with a heater, friends, beer, and the fish tend to bite like crazy. It's a nice relaxing activity.
  14. Winters in Michigan can be very comfy. There's honestly nothing better in this world than ice fishing
  15. They're getting a a quarterback who's never won a playoff game while giving my Lions a qb that's gone to the super bowl. Yes,. the Lions wasted Stafford's best years but the Rams are bonafide idiots and I thank them for it. The Lions get a young and tested qb along with multiple first round picks while the rams get an aging gun slinger. Gonna miss Stafford though, best qb the franchise has had since Bobby Lane It's not like the North was a dumpster fire for most of Stafford's career. The North has been competitive most years than not and having to face Rodgers two times a year is no picnic