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  1. That was largely because the first announcement date was extremely short and people complained that it wasn't long enough notice. ND gave three months notice which could be considered long enough notice
  2. Any game with multiplayer really. I usually just can't be bothered with it so that means most games with multiplayer trophies will simply just stay non platted. An especially annoying thing when its games that are primarily based around their single player portion with multiplayer tastelessly tacked on
  3. NFL loves their divas though. Moss, TL, Beckham... It gives my weekdays a little flavor. preseason football is better than no football.
  4. No it's not, I felt chills when I looked at him man, it was a little discomforting. Guy is 41 and looks like he's in his late 20s. Jermaine Kearse. They lost three players total and the season hasn't even started yet. First pick here they come! I knew the season was going to be bad but I didn't think it would be that bad. The Lions have absolutely no depth whatsoever and the offensive line is still trash and their schedule is extremely tough. It's never easy being a Lions fan but this is looking like an especially bad year.
  5. It's more about putting it in a context "younger" gamers would understand and wouldn't the comparison be better with Shinobi still considering that was the game and not Ninja Gaiden with the health draining sword mechanic? Shinobi was a pretty difficult game as well but Ninja Gaiden was more well known.
  6. In the context of today where everyone compares any game with substantial difficulty with the Souls series, not in that the gameplay is similar, which they are not.
  7. Sony isn't telling anyone what they think is appropriate for anyone. What they are doing is establishing an image and deciding what they do want and do not want to be associated with. People here stating they Sony is telling them what they can or can't have couldn't be more wrong because they're aware that other platforms exist and people can get their needs met there instead since at this point they've decided that losing their money matters little to them.
  8. It's the publisher/developer who makes up the trophy list and assigns value. Sony merely approves or doesn't approve the submitted list. Trophy type was also never strictly tied with difficulty since many older ps3 games assigned gold trophies simply for progression further into the game.
  9. There's nothing I can say that already hasn't been said but I feel the Ribbon for Effort is the only feature I'm not on board with. Trophy rarity or lack thereof shouldn't be cause for a downgrade under any circumstance. Someone played the game, and someone earned the trophy. If this upsets people because they feel their "hobby" is being diminished by "easy" and "common" games then I'd say they have a personal issue they need to work out. That being said, if it's entirely optional then there's no reason not to implement it. Those who want in and can have in and those who want nothing to do with it can have their way as well
  10. My office has a large number of people who use doordash and uber eats but I personally don't as the costs can add up and there was a local story recently about food delivery drivers eating the food of their customers before bringing it to them so no thanks
  11. You're merely jumping to conclusions now and I had this discussion with you about this earlier where you had nothing but your assumptions to go by. These companies know full and well their fanbase would prefer the unaltered game but they also want to use the PlayStation platform and they abide by Sony's rules. Just stop.
  12. I never said I supported the removal of anything, you're putting words in my mouth again. My principled decision is to support developers and publishers whom are going out of their way to publish this game for me to enjoy when they could have cancelled it altogether. You have your stance, i have mine, best to leave it at that. I bought Senran as well, on the PS4 and Steam, I haven't played either yet however. The policy isn't backed by a moral platform, it's backed by a political one. They're not arguing about the age, they're arguing about how it might "offend someone". My post was that not everyone was as concerned with the missing sexual elements than the more, "upset" fans are. I never said to dismiss the concern altogether. It's not about rolling over, It's about ensuring the people who have to bite the bullet still get supported for ensuring playstation fans can still play their games. The policy isn't their fault, it's Sony's and letting those developers ad publishers suffer to the point where their games simply are no longer released for the platform would look more like vindication for those hacks at SIE than a warning. These are niche games, they aren't going to cry their eyes out over the meager revenue from the leaving of these game's fans to another platform. The only people losing out are Playstation owners.
  13. I'd really appreciate a NMH 2 release as well
  14. I know what the CORE gameplay is, I did not know what the censored elements were. The core gameplay is still there, what was removed was a minigame where you play with a girl's breasts to obtain items. I'm not going to cry about a minigame when the core gameplay is still there to be enjoyed. Its not uncommon at all for a Japanese game to remove certain mini games with an overseas release. The Yakuza series used to remove mini games that were tied heavily to Japanese media and culture that people overseas were unlikely to understand. It happens. Core game is still there, untouched. I also never said the sexualized elements had no value, you're putting words in my mouth now. I merely said not everyone is upset about their removal and that's true in my case as I don't really care. And one minigame hasn't changed most of the risqué nature of the game. Does that justify the removal? No, but I won't cry my eyes out over it as the game itself is still there.
  15. This is essentially why I'm getting it in the first place. They released the game when they could have not done it at all and I want to support that. The policy only bothers me in regards to the games that DON'T get released because of it