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  1. Made by the same guy who made The Bouncer so I'm on the fence because that game was the very definition mediocre
  2. Their Gamepass is PSNow. The collection isn't an answer to Gamepass, it's just an enticment to new PS5 owners to get a plus subscription since that's the big money maker for playstation
  3. I'm not even going to bother with any of the other stores since I've gotten the invite. Might as well bet on the almost sure thing than compete with the mob
  4. There's a Twitter guy named Wario who dropped the dime on the first Amazon preorders. They were gone in minutes.
  5. Forgive me, I'm slightly drunk and sleepy. Thanks this makes life easier
  6. If you haven't noticed, there's currently a pandemic going on and it's stretched supply chains for all companies. As for those with the email, was there any other link aside the one at the bottom? The whole thing kicks off 1am eastern so I'm going to have to stay up if I want to make sure I don't miss out
  7. I'm just hoping they only sent enough invites to match supply but we all know that won't be true
  8. There were a few people earlier saying they had gotten emails. I'm guessing Sony is staggering it since the event only goes on until supplies last. It's basically a digital line you have to stand in
  9. Just got an email from Sony. I've been selected for a pre order event tomorrow
  10. With everything going on right now, I highly doubt there's going to be a regular supply chain anytime soon.people will be competing for this console for months
  11. The pre order offer is worthless. I received one weeks ago offering an early notice and this nonsense happened.
  12. Best Buy says they're sold out. Scalpers strike again
  13. Anyone else a little put off by the fake crowd noise? I understand the necessity since crowd noise is a strategic factor in football but the knowledge of the fact that the stadiums are really almost entirely empty made me feel like it was so plastic
  14. Watching the Lions be the Lions is almost comforting in some sick depressing way. Feels like at least one thing hasn't changed
  15. Microsoft wants to grab even playstation owners with the S it seems because even if you don't want a Series X, the S is as cheap as a Switch and could be considered a secondary console and more potential gamepass subscriptions. All in with those monopoly aspirations. I doubt the disc version goes more than $500. Sony isn't using a proprietary drive so I doubt it'll drive up production costs.