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  1. Sorry chiefs fans but that was a bullshit call
  2. To be fair, the Plasma Cutter was the best weapon anyway and most of the weapons simply looked cool but weren't any better at killing things or were actually worse in some cases (flamethrower)
  3. it's worked before with them actually in the 90s.
  4. This is actually the FTC's gameplan at work, delay and delay until the party in question simply abandons the acquisition
  5. It's extremely rare for a coach with that bad of a record to get another chance regardless of the circumstances and to top it off he cost the team their spot at number 1 in the draft. Probably as an final F you to the team
  6. I sincerely hate when the League makes Lions/Packers a national primetime game because the Lions always seem to get fucked over when they play the Packers in primetime. But it's highly likely they just want to put the spotlight on their golden boy Rodgers if he happens to win and go to the playoffs. I can already see the narratives they'll spin and analysts were favoring the Packers since their win against the Vikings
  7. The policy was for 2023 going forward and anything approved BEFORE then can still be released to the store.
  8. To be fair, the circumstances surrounding the cancelation are understandable and even paying fans recognize that. If it were any other case this would be an issue to ponder but not this time
  9. I have to wonder how the League are going to approach the Bills Bengals game. They're both in the playoffs regardless but the Bills have the first seed on the line if they're forced to forfit it goes to the Chiefs
  10. Microsoft just stated they're closing the deal regardless of the FTC if they get an all clear from the EU/UK They must feel confident the European investigations will be going their way and they know the FTC can't stop the deal without a federal court mandate and even then they'll have to fight it in court after the merger has already been completed to get that result.
  11. You can skip periods and send einherjar to asgard meeting the bare minimum requirements without much grinding and if you're particularly careful, you can hold off on leveling until near end game with careful transmutation of certain items.
  12. His friend Wally simply being a custom magnum revolver had me crying with laughter
  13. All rechargeable batteries decay and hold charges for less and less time as they get older.
  14. Most likely so he doesn't hit certain incentives in his contract. it's likely the Raiders will be parting ways with Carr in the offseason
  15. Super Mario Bros (1993) Street Fighter (1994) Snake Eyes The Last Action Hero Harlem Nights The Last Dragon A fello rifftrax enjoyer I assume?