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  1. 15 physical games right now which will be bumped up to 16 when Lost Judgement releases. As far as digital goes, not counting upgrades, I have 19 with Far Cry 6 making 20 when it releases
  2. And the taunting rule has its first victim with the Chargers whom lost a game they clearly would have won if not for the the hilarious amount of flags they drew for "taunting"
  3. Purchase of the PS4 content entitles you to the PS5 content as well according to the website
  4. For me it would probably be Most 6.Browns. The sister team of the Lions and just as miserable 5. Bills. 4 consecutive owls and not one win is heartache I can't even fathom. Also another sister team of the Lions 4.Cardinals. they have a longer championship drought than the Lions which really is saying something 3.Bucs. I'm down to watch Brady make even more history 2.Raiders. I like Carr, he's trying to do the best he can with the garbage around him 1.Lions. this one should be obvious Least 6.Chiefs. I'm tired of them and the League jocking for them. Especially people praising Mahomes as a GOAT when he's barely been in the league. Nothing against them, just fatigue. 5.Green Bay. Division Rival of the Lions plus I hate them 4.Steelers. though they're trending down, the drama they've inflicted on the league over the years has really made me dislike them 4.Rams. Kroenke is an asshole for a lack of better words and has done nothing but try to buy himself a championship 3.Washington. nothing against the team but the owner is a real piece of work and I feel sorry for the fans having to put up with him. 2.Patriots. Bill will have to acknowledge that Brady was the force behind the greatness 1.Bears. I lost $200 because of them
  5. Someone else is on /v/ I see
  6. Keeping my expectations low.
  7. You're putting words in my mouth because I never claimed it wasn't a problem but that's subjective anyway because not everyone feels the same way you do on the issue. The point is that this is complaining about something that happened almost a year ago and if it were truly a sore point it would have been addressed by now considering how quickly internet outrage forms typically
  8. You're still looking for an excuse for ignorance and it doesn't work that way. You don't have to obsess over something in order to be informed.
  9. This is honestly a case where ignorance after nearly a year just doesn't merit attention. This was news was released nearly at launch and considering the fever pitch around the console at the time the information was easy to get.
  10. This is old news to be honest and if there was going to be a backlash about it it would have happened already.
  11. Because that's quite honestly what's required for something to be predatory. To exploit a demand with a price point that's entirely unfair and over the actual market value of the item. These games, garbage they may be, are fulfilling a demand and fulfilling a demand in a marketplace isn't predatory. Otherwise Hershey is being predatory towards chocolate lovers EDIT: My apologies, you called them exploitive originally and I definitely wouldn't argue against that.
  12. I get a sugar rush when I buy hostess cupcakes and I especially love the lemon flavor but I wouldn't consider myself addicted to them every time I crave one. People buy these games not because they're addicted to them but because they want to raise their rank on the leaderboards or their platinum count so the addiction is to their hobby and not the games, which are just a means to an end. To compare it with gambling, which can be something for nothing feels disengenious because with this game you're getting exactly what you pay for. To call this predatory is quite honestly an insult to actual predatory practices that go on
  13. For something to be predatory it would also have to be in a pricing range that's exploitive, i.e , higher than it deserves to be to take advantage of demand and something for a dollar just doesn't fall in that category. As I said before, this is about as predatory as buying cheap junk food
  14. Calling these games predatory is a stretch when they're only a dollar. With that logic you might as well call Lays predatory when I buy a bag of their chips for $1.59
  15. Almost all of the games in the list are Nintendo exclusives which are not games known for being risque so to think this is telling of Japan's attitude towards a censorship policy is once again, foolhardy. Nintendo rules Japan, they always have, to think this is Japan "reacting" towards a western policy is a bit off the mark.