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  1. To the more experienced players, has anyone found an effective way to obtain money? I have practically nothing now and enemies rarely drop money
  2. Judgement is out now if you pre ordered the digital verison and I've been playing both. Great game. Trophies won't show up until the street date though I'm guessing. As for the missable, Is there a certain point in the game where you should make a save?
  3. I'm pretty sure DLC works across all accounts on a console. Passes are a different story
  4. I give up then, I'll just start over because it looks like it'll save some grief in the long run. Has anyone confirmed there's a NG+ yet?
  5. People seem to have forgotten that games have been formulaic for decades. The 8 bit and 16 bit generation was filled with standard fare platformers and beat em ups for example. The gaming industry has always gone by the Follow the Leader model.
  6. Yeah I'm going to just follow your lead on this Nightowljrm and keep on with the file until I experience a halt in progress. EDIT: thanks Legacy for the update. Ten hours that won't go to waste now
  7. You can make a pirate's hat through alchemy, it's how I got mine.
  8. Well I hope I have your luck then as I'm still barely through the first area due to grinding the entire item list of every enemy I see and shards so maybe I'm not far enough for the glitch to affect me.
  9. I hope they patch this soon because I don't like the idea of having to start over after the hours of grinding I've already done. Guess I'll be playing Judgment until the next patch
  10. Ah that sucks. Yeah I browse the site primarily on my phone so I didn't see. I'm usually posting from work in my ongoing pursuit to be as unproductive as possible
  11. You live in Alaska or Hawaii? Because not even the post office is that slow
  12. So much this. I'm glad the list is simple because it just encourages you to enjoy the game at your own pace.
  13. There's a monsters compendium in the game and it has the drop percentages listed
  14. Aria of Sorrow, having to kill the chronomancer and the glowing worm. Good times, good stressful times
  15. Points tracker is a mess. My emails tell me I have over 3000 points but when I access the website I only have 300