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  1. Andromeda was made by the same team responsible for Mass Effect 3's multiplayer which really explains why the combat is so good but unfortunately they sucked at everything else. I personally didn't find it to be the horrible game some made it out to be but it was still pretty mediocre compared to the original trilogy, even the first game. The Ryder siblings are flat protagonists, The story was a copy paste of the original trilogy, You have your long lost civilization, your unstoppable enemy that's genociding all life it comes across, ect. The crew was boring aside from Liam and this was the first game where I didn't bother with romance because Cora and Peebee were both annoying as hell
  2. I think we might have just had a preview of the NFCC
  3. Definitely have to agree with you on Tim Schafer. That Man's games are the very definition of over rated. I've only played Grim Famdingo and Broken Age but those games were the very definition of mediocre to me. I didn't see anything that made special. Grim might be a case of having to play it when it was new but Broken Age was "meh"

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    2. pot1414


      Brutal Legend is awesome though.The most underrated game of 2009.

      Just my opinion brochachos and I know a lot of people who agree so don't be so absolute.

    3. starcrunch061


      Everyone’s so weird. You don’t have to tell me that your opinion is your opinion. Of course I already know that it is.


      The statement, “Brutal Legend is awful” is opinion as well. I shouldn’t have to say that, though.

    4. pot1414


      I'm just making sure.I'm sure you know how many people on the internet don't get the concept of an opinion.We are cool brah.Keep gaming brother.

  4. Personally for me, just about every first party Nintendo game. Legend of Zelda had never stood out to me as anything other than your average action/adventure game. Fire Emblem isn't even remotely the best strategy game out there. People are suckered in with the "difficulty" and permadeath but I've never seen anything special. The worst offender to me is smash bros. A party game with a legion of fans wanting to pretend they're playing a fighting game. I'm not a fighting game master but I have quite a few friends in the FGC whom actually compete in tournaments that I visit and the smash community is universally despised and their competitors are some of the whiniest and most entitled sacks of garbage I've ever had to witness
  5. This "full weight" foul is a joke, instituted off the back Rodger's whining and made worse by the incompetent refs this season whom can't seem to tell the difference between someone throwing their weight on someone and not. This season is a joke. College football for me until playoffs
  6. Doorbuaters are almost always only the consoles. Games don't have doorbusters so the prices online are the same as the store. Good luck with the stock though because you have people whom are literally there an hour in advance or more waiting to buy. I remember disgaea 5 for the switch being $20 last black Friday and it was sold out the moment I checked
  7. Are these for physical games or the digital store prices? Edit: NVM, I paid better attention to the title
  8. Place no stock in what others think of your gaming habits if they're not the ones buying your games
  9. I'm willing to bet Newton will be traded next season His contract is up soon and the Panthers would save $19 million if they traded him. Allen is playing well and Newton is on IR for the season. Trade him and the Panthers only take 2 mil in dead money and can acquire a few draft picks as well.
  10. Absolutely NONE of the owners would be OK with this, all efforts to make more international appeal aside, because the Chargers would have an unprecedented advantage over other teams due to timezone adjustments the away team would constantly need, not to mention the nightmare it would be to schedule the games outside of the novelty London games they have every year.
  11. That's largely from people buying the latest game used to save a few dollars from having to buy it new. Keep in mind that used sales are pure profit which is why the returns are so high. This is improved on by the fact that most places you turn games in to only give store credit and not actual cash.
  12. I have no idea really. I just suggested to see if the purchase of the season pass would include the game. The description itself only describes the add on content vaguely
  13. Wew. Guy needs thicker skin if a tweet made him that salty.
  14. I agree for sure. With how easy software emulation is for the PS1 and PS2 I really feel there's no excuse to not at least include it with their consoles. Which says nothing about the money they could easy selling digital versions of those games as well like they did for the PS3. I think the former president is to blame
  15. SS's bad analogy aside, most casual gamers do simply just sell everything once they're done with it. The used game market generates millions annually after all and wouldn't exist if not for casual gamers turning everything they own for a fraction of its worth in store credit to get the newest consoles and games