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  1. The legal system has never been known for its speed
  2. What Daiv was trying to say is that you can't claim something is absolute if evidence to the contrary exists in any way, shape, or form. Claiming people only buy the shovelware for trophies when shovelware is available on other platforms makes your claim incorrect because those other platforms don't offer trophies yet have the same type of "games so the cause for purchase only being trophies is false. You then provide nothing but your own assumptions backed up by nothing other than your own personal beliefs and insist you're correct in the matter when you have no discernable way of proving that to be the case. No one is "defending" this trash, what is being said is that this junk doesn't exist solely to sell trophies. Shovelware has been around since the Atari days, it's always been here and nothing will change that. Trophies have made it a more noticeable problem for hunters to be sure but you're very very wrong if you think it exists solely to sell trophies
  3. You must not be too familiar with the switch e-shop. It has almost as much shovelware trash as the PS4 and it's almost always on sale so it clogs up the deals section
  4. The old Nvidia leak mentioned both a Tactics ogre remaster and Final Fantasy tactics remaster so fingers crossed it plays out
  5. Director has made a statement saying the game is safe. So No worries then
  6. Warner shuffled hands more like, going from AT&T to Discovery and Warner has had massive debt for ages so an acquisition was inevitable. On the Multiversus front. Seems Season 1 is delayed. Makes me wonder if Gotham Knights is safe
  7. It's more nuanced than that. If they don't profit off the cancelled projects like Batgirl, they can write them off on their taxes. The major reason so many things are getting axed is so they can write them off to save money on costs
  8. Discovery is cancelling a slew of Warner projects now that the merger with Warner Bros is finished so just keep an eye out for the status of this game
  9. They have Uncharted, Tomb Raider is redundant Part of the reason CD sold so cheap was because their buyer had to take on their massive debt and I doubt Sony would want that baggage Sony has roughly 8 billion according to their last shareholder meeting, that's not exactly acquisition money,
  10. That would actually be the biggest motivator. An acquisition would mean Sony gets all of SE anime studios, IPs and publishing arms in a time where Sony is making massive grabs in the anime market. Square Music is incorporated into Sony Music. About the only thing they wouldn't have a use for would be the amusement facilities/arcades but Sony has those too I agree but the firesale Square Enix had for Crystal Dynamics raises questions. They sold them for almost nothing and it's not uncommon for a company to cut off undesired pieces to look more attractive for a buyout
  11. I don't know, I thought Sony still had stock in SE but they sold it in 2014 and do they have the money after the Bungie deal? Though if it were to happen I could see it as for more than just the game IPs like people think. Square Enix has sizeable anime studios, IPs and manga publishing and with Sony tightening their grip on the international anime market, this would be a good deal in that regard
  12. And Baker goes to the Panthers for a fifth round pick 2 years from now. The end of one hell of a fun guessing game and possibly one hell of an insult as well
  13. I was already planning on getting Elysium but this cemented it. The first game is one of the best PS1 RPGs ever made and I'll more than happily fork over money for another platform to enjoy it on
  14. It's funny how SE announced the delay of Forespoken not long after. They clearly don't want to have a competing launch
  15. Kinda sad it's going to have new music because the original game introduced me to some artists I never would have known about if not for the game.