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  1. welp, my memory is fuzzy then
  2. You do know that it's a reference to an infamous grammar error in the second game and not an actual religious reference right?
  3. This and it was honestly the smart move. Why waste time and money fighting a lawsuit that will just drag on and bring details you don't want known to light when you can just throw chump change at the problem and watch it disappear. People already don't care much about Kaeprnick and his crusade except for a few die hards now. By next year people will have forgotten entirely
  4. None really, the few they have are of no interest to me and cuphead can be played on PC
  5. I think many people are just describing games they won't be able to plat due to difficulty, not that they won't play them. The game type I described were games I never liked to begin with and would have never bought in the first place. I buy games that interest me first and foremost, their trophy list is secondary
  6. Its unlikely the western version will be altered much if SIE didn't do much to the Japanese version. Remember that everything is all SIE now they're in California so they go through both versions
  7. As I got older, I found that it's better to take on challenges I would find enjoyable than to take on everything I don't want to bother with just for the sake of it.
  8. Sony's policy likely stems from the fact that Tokyo will be getting the Olympics next year and Japan is trying to "clean" up their image. Its not just games, there's a slew of new decency laws being passed in Japan right now
  9. Games that are difficult for the sake of being difficult I outright avoid because they're made for people with too much time on their hands which is something I don't have. Things like high standard difficulties don't scare me away however and I usually prefer to play on those anyway since it helps me improve my ability with the game.
  10. Not quite, the chairmen in Tokyo actually make all the shots. Still, Ryan would be an idiot to kill the hype around the PS5 having full BC with prior consoles
  11. Whatever his opinions on games are, Ryan is probably a good delegator, which is what a CEO does. CEOs aren't hired for their expertise in an industry, they're hired because they're good at micromanagement and task assignment. That being said, I still think he was the worst choice considering his stance on certain things I put 100+ hours into Persona 4 last month
  12. To be perfectly honest, IMO, 1999 isn't that much more difficult than hard mode. If you keep your distance instead of rushing in, make good use of vigors, and only spend your money on upgrades, it's not much to overcome I will add this though, you will have less money than usual so I advise you pick two weapons you like most and upgrade them exclusively. It's also better to use the Columbia weapons as Vox weapons are sparse until late game. The same applies to vigors, chose two and upgrade them exclusively. Bucking Bronco is fantastic for mob control so that's my recommendation but anything will work really
  13. Multiplayer for sure. The requirements can be ridiculous sometimes and it's heavily dependent on a having a decent player population
  14. That's not even really the worst trophy because the mini game trophy and 100% synchro were far, far worse. Especially the synchro one because of that one naval mission that required you to get three luck based situations in a row
  15. Mostly because they started to also count streaming numbers instead of just Nielson ratings