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  1. This is textbook marketing. Removing a product or service for a period only to "bring it back" And Gamepass only ever has 100 titles at any given time, the bulk of which are just Microsoft first party games so the amount of unique offerings is actually much smaller. Even with complete Xbox one compatibility, the console doesn't have many of the titles that were made only available on the PS4 and Switch so it's debatable to claim they're coming out the gate with a larger library, especially when news on the ps5's own BC isn't concrete yet.
  2. As I've mentioned earlier, it's all about cornering the market for Microsoft.. The Xbox was a money pit, the 360 rarely broke even, they've only just now started to turn a profit with the One and that's largely due to Gamepass and after getting a CEO that gave half a damn about the gaming division to mitigate failings in other divisions. Microsoft will gladly throw money at whatever edge they think they can buy for themselves if it means becoming the dominant player.
  3. Many people forget that starting with the sixth generation, the amount of people whom play video worldwide effectively doubled as gaming became a mainstream hobby. Companies, in an era where game production costs have risen and risen while the price of games has stayed effectively flat, started to outsource old code to third parties as "remasters" because they were easy products to release to what were effectively new audiences. And considering the explosion of the indie scene I'd be hard pressed that this generation was anything but bad for "new games" when there's seemingly always some literal who out there releasing their latest creation.
  4. Scoob sucks. Save your money folks

  5. To be fair, people like myself enjoy being able to revisit an old game from time to time. I still break out my Sega Dreamcast every once in a while for example. But you're absolutely right that's it's all marketing and hearing them talk about "legacies" when only a fraction of the 360 and Xbox library is backward's compatible and it's easy to smell the bull
  6. Well this will put to bed any claims of questionable BC for the PS5. Still, it may not mean much if there's next to no PS4 releases after the 5 launches and indie titles are typically made with multiple platforms in mind regardless.
  7. Microsoft is first and foremost, throwing a line. They're not concerned with legacies, they're concerned with image and it's an image they've spent the last 4 years building up as a "gamer friendly" company after the Xbox One launch effectively blew up in their faces. This is about being able to point the finger at their competition and saying "look at what they're not doing that we are". They want oh so desperately to get that gaming monopoly the same way they control the PC market The Series X is not 100 compatible with the Xbox family aside from the One so this talk of "legacy" already comes out half baked but backwards compatibility is the feature that's always the most asked for yet the least used. and they've made oodles of good press talking up how much they "care" for it.
  8. The day before your final deadline.
  9. Rogue is basically a reskin of IV except from the Templar point of view and a minor enemy assassin gimmick. Still a good game though but you can skip it from a narrative standpoint as it basically just serves as a looooong prequel to Unity. I think it should be stressed that if you're playing the series, start from the order of release because the modern day segments are the real plot of the series while the historical aspects are really just filler until Odyssey when it actually plays a key role in the plot
  10. It has to be a human enemy. Personally, I found it easier to simply go to a fort or camp, knock out the enemies instead of killing them, pile their bodies near flamable jars then throw a torch or fire arrow.
  11. Original Destiny is still playable IIRC. Hell you can even still play Defiance.
  12. You entirely missed his point. BB-BakkerJ was describing what he felt was the lax nature in what can be considered a legitimate report and I agree with him. Right now it's acceptable to simply report someone if you just "think" their list is cheated, there's no need for 100% certainty on your part when you report someone because someone thought "well if they're innocent they can defend themselves" was sound logic when it shouldn't even get to that point in the first place. Everyone involved in this process is a human and humans make mistakes and allowing reports to be made based solely on assumptions only ensures mistakes are more likely to be made. Not to mention it makes it easier for those with vendettas to just start reporting their rivals because they got a faster time than them or some other nonsense. It's not about having a lax in the rules, it's about ensuring quality reports. The CRT are overwhelmed so mistakes WILL be made so a report because you "think" something is wrong shouldn't be acceptable. You should know it's wrong or don't report it at all.
  13. Ensuring a game can work on another console that has different architecture is always a difficult task and the problem lies more in with the games themselves and their coding than the console. And the SIE CEO hasn't uttered anything about BC aside from their disdain for it so it most certainly wasn't a feature they had been working on for years.
  14. You misunderstand what I'm trying to say. This is a discussion thread yes? What good is it if you feel a dissenting voice is one of oppression. No one has dismissed your opinion because this thread is still open and no one has called you a shitposter either. I think you make a valid point but you don't have at act like you're being personally attacked because B1rvine is defending their postion.