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  1. I wouldn't want to be a Falcons fan right now
  2. I just finished a second playthrough with no false alarm responses but No Bullshit didn't pop. Is this trophy bugged?
  3. if anything Sony should absolutely go for a Japanese studio because it shores up fans of those games and gives security to their place in the Japanese market, which they lose ground to Nintendo to daily. Don't let Microsoft's prior Japanese performance fool you. The Japanese enjoy Bethesda games as much as anyone else and MS now owns Tango which produced Evil Within ad has the father of Resident Evil, Shinji Mkiami at the helm. Sony doesn't have to make a desperate grab at anyone right now but I think long term they need to grab up someone if they want to stay a contender. Sega would be perfect to ensure Persona stays exclusive.
  4. Sony should do nothing except what they're doing now. Microsoft dropped double Bethesda's actual market worth. More as a show of flex than anything but it doesn't take a Sony acquisition out of the realm of possibility
  5. People are looking only at Bethesda and not the bigger picture. The parent company has holdings in various VR projects as well as a cloud service. Microsoft is going hard for that monopoly now. The end goal is to have a finger in every pie and even the competition is going to have to pay them soon when they own almost all of the infrastructure
  6. Konami is making too much bank on Pachinko right now. I take any rumor about game development from them with a grain of salt
  7. I don't feel any coach will be fired this season even if their team went 0-16
  8. yeah I figure they'd have a safeguard in place for people whom have already bought one since they stated it would be one per customer. Took the time to pick up a charging station though since I forgot to pick it up the first time
  9. I got the email too but I haven't checked to see if I can buy another console
  10. I'd probably contact Sony just to be sure but if they haven't asked you to update your payment information I'd say you're fine.
  11. They don't do them immediately. They still haven't charged my card yet either If your payment information was wrong they would have never taken it before you completed the sale.
  12. Picked up a PS5 and a copy of Demon's Souls. Plan on getting a new 4k tv next year during the super bowl
  13. You won't be charged until the order is ready to ship so just keep the money on hand until the 12th
  14. I honestly liked the way they implemented it to ensure people couldn't abuse it and only allowing one system per person. The wait time was shorter than I expected as well
  15. Just got my PS5 pre-order through the Sony e-mail event. I officially now breathe a sigh of relief

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    2. BlackSquirrell1


      Bummer, got into the queue, then into the store and the only stuff showing on the site are the PS5 controllers, VR stuff, pre-ordering games.  No PS5 consoles.  Refreshed, got into the queue again and nothing.  Congrats on all who got their console!

    3. BlackSquirrell1


      Got the console!  Had to log on 10 times into the Queue.  Yay!

    4. MidnightDragon
  16. Made by the same guy who made The Bouncer so I'm on the fence because that game was the very definition mediocre
  17. Their Gamepass is PSNow. The collection isn't an answer to Gamepass, it's just an enticment to new PS5 owners to get a plus subscription since that's the big money maker for playstation
  18. I'm not even going to bother with any of the other stores since I've gotten the invite. Might as well bet on the almost sure thing than compete with the mob
  19. There's a Twitter guy named Wario who dropped the dime on the first Amazon preorders. They were gone in minutes.
  20. Forgive me, I'm slightly drunk and sleepy. Thanks this makes life easier
  21. If you haven't noticed, there's currently a pandemic going on and it's stretched supply chains for all companies. As for those with the email, was there any other link aside the one at the bottom? The whole thing kicks off 1am eastern so I'm going to have to stay up if I want to make sure I don't miss out
  22. I'm just hoping they only sent enough invites to match supply but we all know that won't be true
  23. There were a few people earlier saying they had gotten emails. I'm guessing Sony is staggering it since the event only goes on until supplies last. It's basically a digital line you have to stand in
  24. Just got an email from Sony. I've been selected for a pre order event tomorrow
  25. With everything going on right now, I highly doubt there's going to be a regular supply chain anytime soon.people will be competing for this console for months