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  1. I agree but mobiles and tablets fulfill the role handhelds originally held which was entertainment while on the go or away from your own home and they do it with a flexibility and variety that no dedicated handheld could ever hope to match. The Switch sells with its ability to be a console that can be played on the go while offering the powerful Nintendo lineup which has helped it carve out its little corner and thrive. Something no other brand could really hope to match right now which is why Sony and MS would prefer to focus on streaming services that they can offer to other platforms at little cost to them
  2. As much as many of us might hate it, streaming and mobiles have cornered the handheld gaming market. Nintendo has carved themselves a niche in it but to say they've locked down portable gaming would be a joke. Mobile games make Billions, yeah with a B, annually and the Switch isn't touching that. I've personally never really even played my Switch undocked and I wouldn't take it anywhere with me for the most part, not when I have a phone and a tablet.
  3. Harbough is making more at Michigan than he did as an NFL coach so any team wanting him will have to cough up serious money. And honestly, I don't see him leaving college anytime soon, it's an easier and better paying gig right now and even with our ire over him being unable to beat Ohio, he's still the best coach the school has had in years and we still love the guy
  4. I'm assuming if this does well then they'll release the first three games? I'd hate to jump into this series with the fourth installment
  5. Just to let you guys know that multiple playthroughs isn't as bad as it sounds because the game is quite short. I finished the PSP version in three days just playing casually
  6. And my point is that saying something would only do well on the Switch and not other platforms because of its graphics is false. One of the best selling games on the PS4 is FFXII, a port of a PS2 game and various graphically underwhelming games like Crypt of the Necrodancer have sold well also. Most people who own a Switch also own another console so there isn't this whole new untapped market by porting to the Switch and to keep from derailing the thread, let's just say I don't want this game on the Nintendo brand. A PC port wouldn't have bothered me
  7. Can't imagine why you'd think that when there are plenty of graphically underwhelming games on the PS4 that are popular. To be honest, I didn't want a port to the Switch, I don't like the idea of the trails series gracing their platform but if it will help localize iv the crossbell series then whatever it rakes
  8. You can carry over combat stats, link levels, items, equipment, sepith, mira, and notes which is pretty much everything. You can also choose to have max bonding points for your second playthrough to see all bond events. When you start a new game from game clear data, you'll be able to choose everything you want carried over. The first two games had a point system which limited what you could carry over but Cold Steel III allows you to choose everything after just one playthrough
  9. The owners are already in discussions about making the season longer, probably because of the reasons you just made. Personally, I find Thursday Night football to be pointless. Monday has history behind it but Thursday exists solely to just have more football on air and ad revenue and I'd personally get rid of Thursday Night games altogether. The matchups are terrible, the games are lackluster because both teams are tired and the games switch airing stations so often that it's a hassle to keep up with who has rights anymore.
  10. This lineup makes sense when you consider that Sony does their Holiday Sale December through January so why offer anything actually enticing for free when there's going to be discounted games on sale for nearly two months
  11. It says worldwide but the Bandai Namco of America website says the western release is only for steam so I'm guessing this must be an Asian release in English for importers
  12. Patricia's "defense" has always been abysmal. The "Bend but don't Break" model doesn't work too well when you don't have a qb like Tom Brady who can quickly go back out onto the field and score. The Lions defensive players, while not stars, are still capable and Patrcia's scheming is making them give up large yardage chunks they simply can't give up because in the redzone where they're supposed to be tougher they let sweeping plays get the better of them almost every single time. It's no surprise the Patriots defense became BETTER when Patricia left.
  13. Local papers are calling for Patricia's firing but he's locked in until 2021 so I wonder how Bob Quinn is going to respond
  14. Liberation I imagine those will be during the holiday PSN sale in December and January. It's always been the larger and better sale compared to Black Friday
  15. Can't really check since I'm an Elite member and I only get a free option or the expedited shipping
  16. Best Buy gives free shipping on orders $25 and above and if you are a Best Buy Elite member shipping is free no matter what price
  17. Those prices are ultra meh, many will be cheaper physically at retailers.
  18. PSN: RE4 is one of my all time favorite games and I love Ada, definitely my favorite character in the series. I'm a sucker for Femme Fatales. I usually change to a Detroit Lions avatar during the NFL season but the Lions disgust me right now so that's not happening. PSNP: I'm not big on forum avas but I was tired of looking at that anonymous profile. I'm not a Michigan alum actually, I went to Wayne State but I've been a Wolverines fan since I was a kid and most of my family are UoM alum so there you go.
  19. No way the NFLPA lets Garrett take an indefinite suspension, rest of the season might happen but I wouldn't hold my breath on it being indefinite.
  20. Garrett made a late hit and stayed on top of Rudolph. I don't really have a dog in this fight but from where I was sitting, Garrett did more than he had to, especially so late in the game.
  21. I got the game for $3 on Switch during a sale. $40 is a joke for a game as short and simple as this
  22. It's not that odd when you consider the season is halfway done and the playoff picture is almost set. NFL will flex primetime games midway into the season if the matchup doesn't have a hard impact on playoff position. Eagles still have a chance but it's highly unlikely they'll be beating the hawks. Not choice primetime football
  23. Not a big surprise, the east is a joke with the cowboys having the worst record of the current division leaders. There are teams in the hunt right now with better records
  24. Andromeda was made by the same team responsible for Mass Effect 3's multiplayer which really explains why the combat is so good but unfortunately they sucked at everything else. I personally didn't find it to be the horrible game some made it out to be but it was still pretty mediocre compared to the original trilogy, even the first game. The Ryder siblings are flat protagonists, The story was a copy paste of the original trilogy, You have your long lost civilization, your unstoppable enemy that's genociding all life it comes across, ect. The crew was boring aside from Liam and this was the first game where I didn't bother with romance because Cora and Peebee were both annoying as hell