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  1. Anyone else having problems with progress tracking via the main menu player stats and trophies popping? I don't see anyone talking about it anywhere. I have played at least 5 matches by now without any trophies or matches being counted. It recently started tracking stats for me in player stats but its all been wiped now and I haven't even got a trophy for playing my first match. I see a saved data for this game so I will try deleting my game and save. EDIT: This did not work. Played another match and still nothing. Quitting out of a game sometimes makes the stats all 0 for me but restarting the game seems to show all the stats again. Still no trophies though. EDIT 2: Just tried playing a match on a different account which got the trophy for playing the first match. I hope i am not locked out of the trophy. However, I seem to be completing other trophies requirements I believe and nothing. I have sent them a DM on twitter regarding this as per NekoRave's suggestion. Thanks.
  2. When a DLC comes out and you view it on your PS4 for the first time it can sometimes be shown in the base game list until you back out and it then updates as a separate list. I might be wrong but i have noticed something like it twice now.
  3. So you know its wrong to do, but you continue resetting some people's stats and not letting people do what they want. Modding in terms of changing others stats is obviously scummy and i cant wait for whoever does it to be banned if they ever do anything about it. Yes boosting can be seen as wrong but its on a completely different level and most of the time its fine as long as it does not affect other players within the game lobby/server imo, which is definitely not affecting people in this game as people can make their own server. Modding is messed up as a normal player would not be able to do anything with their negative stats that were placed by a modder. Dont people have better things to do with their time rather than spending it trolling on a game that is 11 years old.
  4. "boosting and modding is wrong" but its fine if you mod to then derank people. Arent you nice a nice modder to possibly help out if people get close, wow thanks!.that is definitely not against the rules here. You are also not going to play the game how they intended it by modding. nice one.
  5. I don’t think this has been posted anywhere before, hopefully this will help with people who aren’t too good at poker or do not like playing it. I also do not know the views of the website on creating new accounts which may be suggested for chip boosting. I found something a few weeks back that may help people who want to obtain VIP 1-3 and it is to do with craps pass line and don’t pass bets. You can bet the same on both pass and don’t pass and get RP for doing so. The only way you can lose this bet is if a 6 6 lands on a come out roll (1st roll after placing bet) I prefer doing it a different way where there is no chance of losing a large amount at once but you are guaranteed to lose some chips per bet. For example, if you bet max being 4000 (split as 2000 on pass and 2000 don’t pass bets) on regular craps you can get 8 RP most of the time for no loss but there is a low chance (2.78%) of a 2000 loss of pass line which can happen any times in a row. The other option is betting 1965 on pass and don’t pass and 66 chips on 6 6 so if the 6 6 hits on the first roll you get back 1980. This basically means for every 8 RP which is guaranteed it will cost 66 chips. 50,000 RP for VIP2 to get in the high roller room will cost 412,500 chips. You can make this faster with VIP area access, the specific bets are below. Regular - 8 RP = 66 chips on 6 6, 1965 on pass and don’t pass. VIP - 40RP = 330 chips on 6 6, 9835 on pass and don’t pass. High Rollers - 161RP = 1320 chips on 6 6, 39340 on pass and don’t pass. You only place the 6 6 bet for the first rolI after placing the bets. I prefer this way as once in high rollers I lost 80,000 chips as 6 6 hit twice very close to each other which kinda hurt lol. There is also a way of chip boosting, not many people play ring poker so you can use that to boost chips on an empty table which only requires yourself and 1 other. The way I did it is using 5 accounts and then collect chips by sign in, calendar and doing tasks. The chips on these accounts will then be used to split between yourself and a partner or just yourself if you have 2 ps4s. The best way is to get VIP room access by the calendar and go to ring poker which is 5000 in VIP (for every 5000 that is used, the winner will gain 4000). Instantly raise with square to 1 below maximum bet and then the other calls and then leaves the table, it’s an instant win for the other player. It’s better than giving DL money for chips which can’t be withdrawn back to real money. Let me know if anything I have said is not clear and I’ll try to help. EDIT: The update 1.28 that released on the 27th May has changed this. You do not earn RP if you bet on pass and don't pass.
  6. Yeah i think all trophies are broken at the moment, i tried some things on a different account to see the problem and no trophies were coming up. I have just sent a bug report from the in game settings and you can see no one has earned a trophy since morning of the 10th which is when the 1.20 update went live. Hopefully they fix it soon since im around 4000rp from vip 2 this month...
  7. They do, the obvious 100% you normally get + 100 % for double xp, and the 50% doubles to be another 100%. altogether for 300% XP. which i had twice. i didnt really notice the points updating that fast because i would probably be getting 15000 to 20000 a match
  8. Yeah, when i posted this they were taken off the game it was like 125 points for one day and now its for five. much better. it was put back in the recent update
  9. Me too, I get about that. My best is 15k though without the xp boost, helodeck domination, defender kills on the objective facing two spawns, a kill while on objective gets over 200.
  10. They put it back in the game! it's 125 points for 5 days worth! nice also double gp weekend now I think.
  11. Hello, since the latest update i cant seem to find these in the store to buy with z points, anyone know if they have been taken off the game for some reason?
  12. Yeah as far as i know all those people after the two you mentioned are hackers. They use CFW on their PS3 to cheat any game and trophy they feel like. I can still get onto the servers and there is a video on Youtube of me and a friend getting on and trying the online and it kicks us both off. so i am sure its unachievable. I have also tried two ps3s and 2 copies of the game but still no luck, it still kicks me off the servers This is the youtube video i said.
  13. Does anyone else's work? mine always lets me get on the online to invite, but it kicks me off sometimes, i have greatest hits version.
  14. If the servers are online for greatest hits version, message me.