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  1. I think you are mistaking it with KH 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX, There is no FFXII in the pullout sheet(with my version)
  2. yeah I am guessing PSN servers are overloaded because everyone is downloading new software update. hopefully it gets better soon.
  3. yes I updated ps4, and no I am not downloading anything else. in the past I didn't have this problem before, I even had bigger patches that went way faster than this (AC Unity as example)
  4. It didn't work. it was even slower. with ethernet download speed was 70mb/s, patch downloading was around 200kb/s and with WiFi 22mb/s, patch downloading much slower than before. nope, it is only on my ps4. even on my mobile it is 120mb/s download speed
  5. I am using ethernet, I wil try to use WiFi to see If anything changes.
  6. around 70mb/s download and 9mb/s upload
  7. Hi, I got borderlands today and i needed to download a patch to play online. the patch is 8GB. After starting the download I saw that it is going really slow. The speed was around 200Kb/s and it has been on this speed for the last hour. my internet speed is great, that is not the problem. (120mb/s down, 13mb/s up*) Is anyone else having this problem? or know how to fix this? I already tried restarting ps4 and restarting router, but it is still slow. *on PC, PS4 is 70mb/s download and 9mb/s upload.