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  1. Apparently I can't find your levels in LBP1 because they were made in LBP2 sorry, just FYI. I did heart you as an author on though.
  2. Hi all, I'm RussianGestapo on LBP, need hearts on levels and profile if poss, going to backtrack through this thread and heart as many as I can! Ta! EDIT: It turns out my name doesn't return any results while searching, apparently it won't meet MM's strict username guidelines :/ If you can hunt me out via level search I appreciate it. Could also do with some level plays ta very much!
  3. Amazing, thanks for all the help peeps. I've just collected that damn missing coin, just need to do a bit of cleanup now!
  4. Patch 1.05 installed for me yesterday, patch notes on the Microids website lit. say "platinum trophy is now available!". 😂 I'm replaying through, fingers crossed to pop a few more trophies...
  5. I've seen there's apparently a way to dl the 1.0 version of a game if you use a computer to intercept the download file but it seems a little convoluted and I'd be worried about breaking Sony's terms of service. The only other thing I can think of is to manipulate a save file to give you that coin in place of another but I wouldn't have to foggiest what tools you need for that and, again, potentially breaking terms of service again. I messaged the devs via Facebook messenger and didn't get a response either. I remember reading that they outsourced the PS4 port so I reckon there's extra hoops for them to jump through to fix the issue.
  6. @ZatjoW I notice you finally managed to 100% this at the end of last year, have they finally fixed the stupid coin glitch then or is there a workaround if you don't mind me asking? Thanks kindly.