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  1. Your most recent, Mortal kombat. Its a nice plat to have.
  2. We're witnessing the rise of a new trophy hunter Have fun building up your collection!
  3. I did the exact same thing for #100. Picked the grindiest game I could find Congrats on the milestone!
  4. Diablo 3, I always did want to play it.
  5. Terraria.
  6. Hey, Welcome to the forums!
  7. Zero time Dilemma; still haven't gotten around to playing it.
  8. I think youve answered your own question. If you get bored by taking it one game at a time, spread it out. Unless you have very specific goals in mind theres no point restricting yourself to a specific way of doing things. Just do whats fun for you. Personally I juggle multiple games and its working fine for me.
  9. Hey, welcome to the forums
  10. God of war 3, been meaning to play it for years now.
  11. Youre playing on a pile of accounts yet you manage to get more trophies than I do on every single one of them. Makes me feel bad about myself Nicely done!
  12. Samurai warriors 4
  13. Hey, welcome to the forums
  14. Killzone Mercenary, youve got the most annoying trophy done already.
  15. FIFA 16