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  1. Bonus Question : Astérix chez les Bretons
  2. nice team, will try it. Was using Phylactory, Rowanne , Leprechaun and Pharos Ra edit: I have something like 44 attack so it does'nt work for me 😞
  3. I wrote to asmodee digital a couple of times. There last reply was : we have no information about trophy to share. This was in June. Thats the email I receive. <div class="boxed"> Re: [920359] Quand pensez-vous régler les problèmes avec les trophées dans le jeux munchkin q... CapCroz <[email protected]> Tue 2020-06-09 2:51 PM ### Do not reply below this line ### CapCroz June 09, 2020, 10:50 -0400 Bonjour, Nous vous remercions de votre support! Je n'ai malheureusement aucune informaiton à communiqué au sujet des trophées. Cordialement, Asmodee Digital support Asmodee Digital --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- May 31, 2020, 19:04 -0400 Dear Asmodee Customer, Thank you for your message. This is an automatic response showing that your message was received and that it will be answered as quickly as possible. We are living a complicated period with far-reaching effects on everyone’s daily life. In France, and everywhere else, we need to stay home. The Asmodee Digital team is safe, at home and doing their best to answer and support everybody on a daily basis despite the challenging circumstances. Our response time may have slightly increased but rest assured we're doing our best to support and inform you. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please note that Customer Support is closed on weekends. Best regards, Technical and Customer Support -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- May 31, 2020, 19:04 -0400 Quand pensez-vous régler les problèmes avec les trophées dans le jeux munchkin quacked quest sur la playstation 4. Depuis le temps que le jeux est sortie et ce n'est toujours pas régler. C'est dommage parce que c'est un jeux ''couch coop'' avec beaucoup de potentielle dans le même genre qu'Overcook. Avec plusieurs expansion possible. Merci de me répondre. From Asmodee Digital. Conversation ID: #920359 </div>
  4. Statistics in the home page I think we went from 2.9 billions trophies earned to 300 ++ billions.
  5. anyone still hosting this world?
  6. You know it's not a X but a cross and it stand for Riz La Croix. Lacroix is the last name of the dude that market this brand of paper. As for me back in 1999 everything I tried was taken, so I put a bunch of letter together.
  7. Yes, unless the price is ridiculous.
  8. I'm looking for red map before metamorph league. Standard
  9. So because I did zana quest line in the previous league and it dint unlock I have to redo it?
  10. Around what time this week-end?
  11. What tier?
  12. I'm missing tier 16 Vaal Temple, Tier 16 Phoenix boss fight, and couple unique.
  13. I'm looking for these red map : Lava lake tier 14 Colonnade tier 15 Dark forest tier 15 Baal Temple tier 16 Boss map tier 16 And most unique. If anyone willing to sell at price I can afford.
  14. I'll let you know