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  1. I stop playing, after 7 years, a month before they introduce hoard mimic and the comment I read does not encourage me to go back. They only way I found to not spend a dime was to sit on 10 000 gems just to buy the new trophy and then save up again until the next patch. But I can't do anything for trophy that require a huge amount of luck.
  2. Good luck
  3. You can get a physical copy in Canada since April 8
  4. For me first time I encounter the big bears in mistwood ruins were harder than any boss.
  5. You don't need to host the game to get the trophy. I just did it last night.
  6. Most of the gun problem in Canada are gun imported illegaly from the United State. You know there are serious problem in a country when someone can show up in a store and buy 50 hand gun.
  7. Aya

    I saved Aya to get Vaubann and there's a problem between my ISP and warframe server that prevent me from login.
  8. It took me 2 days for the trophies start popping and when it did I finish the game 2 hours later. I did restart the game several times. Keep playing they will eventually pop when booting the game.
  9. Really nice. The tv series is cool and season 6 air tomorrow(1st episode).
  10. In bad batch final episode, there's a cloning facility with palpatine clone in it. So they can revive him as often they want.
  11. Only 2 Maquette and Remnant from the Ashes
  12. Frozen Free Fall is a terrible one.
  13. My ennemies were level 700++ when I stop moving forward in the journey, so if there's a cap I did not reach it.
  14. For sure if you buy them it can be pretty fast. Like pretty much everything in a free to play games. But with 162 pets available and you need 31 copy's to reach mythic, if you dont want to use your gems for them, RNG god need to be on your side. I dont think there's a trophy for getting a mythic in every kingdom.
  15. Aya

    RNG have been terrible for me in Necralisk. I did 20 low level bounty and 10 endless bounty got 1 aya. I will go back to Fortuna.