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  1. Statistics in the home page I think we went from 2.9 billions trophies earned to 300 ++ billions.
  2. anyone still hosting this world?
  3. You know it's not a X but a cross and it stand for Riz La Croix. Lacroix is the last name of the dude that market this brand of paper. As for me back in 1999 everything I tried was taken, so I put a bunch of letter together.
  4. Yes, unless the price is ridiculous.
  5. I'm looking for red map before metamorph league. Standard
  6. So because I did zana quest line in the previous league and it dint unlock I have to redo it?
  7. Around what time this week-end?
  8. What tier?
  9. I'm missing tier 16 Vaal Temple, Tier 16 Phoenix boss fight, and couple unique.
  10. I'm looking for these red map : Lava lake tier 14 Colonnade tier 15 Dark forest tier 15 Baal Temple tier 16 Boss map tier 16 And most unique. If anyone willing to sell at price I can afford.
  11. I'll let you know
  12. Do you share loot when playing with others? I'm in blight league starting red map, but drop aren't that good. Loot are suppose to be better when you are in multiplayer.
  13. The last broken trophy Hand of God is patch. The platinum can be achieve.
  14. Relic trophy can be unlock. But I'm unable to get the one for using a god skill. There's also a new Invasion mode.