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  1. If ribbons are created every platinum trophies should be worth one. Something like one for ultra-rare, one for rare, one for uncommon and one for common. Also ribbon of effort should be name something else. Because it looks like a participation award and the trophy that don't qualify for it aren't worth the effort?!? My opinion.
  2. Mario Bros 3 on Nintendo, once a year me and a friend play every level. I have been doing this for the past 20 years and most likely until my Nintendo die.
  3. I wish I had more time to game so I can set rules. I just try to complete game my gf start.
  4. Every year someone start a new post....
  5. Save gems, wait for event, then buy enough "7 to all stats" potions until you can clear the delve easily.
  6. You can change the difficulty.
  7. MAG
  8. 341 hour according to my playstation journey of 2018.
  9. I have all 7 games. Just finish god of war (ps4) last night
  10. Trials of Muspelheim and Valkyries queen in god of war.
  11. Im not hype only because I know I wont have time to play it.
  12. @BeautifulTorment What I remember is the price of a video game were the same both side of the border before 2014. (60$) Edit: You are right, both dollar were more on par than I remember between 2007-2013.
  13. It was for about 4 month sept to dec 2007,if we go further the previous time was something like 30 years ago. Game got a price increase in Canada in 2013-2014. So for about 6-7 years game were cheaper in Canada than in the US. In fact as long the canadian dollars is worth less than 0.75$ US dollar game here are cheaper. Also with the inflation game are around the same price than in 1995 Why would some company need to charges tax and others dont? It wont be fair.
  14. There's tax on everything not only goods. Also with those tax it helps pay the social infrastructure, so sending my kid to kindergarten cost in Montreal around 170$ / month while it cost in toronto area over 1000$ / month. Thats over 800$ I could spend on game(if I had more time to play).
  15. The price of a game is set in US currency. So at this moment the canadian dollars is worth 0.74 us dollars. If you would have to change your money in US currency to buy the game it would cost you 81$. If they dint do this and keep the same price (it use to be in early 2000), games in canada would be 25% cheapers. At one point the canadian dollars was worth 0.62$ american dollars, everyone in the State would have create a canadian account to have games 25-35% cheapers. For your salary, if you make 20$ / hours thats 15$ / hours in us currency(using the 25% difference). So its not 25% more its the same price with the rate change applied.