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    Games, Reading, Horror Movies , Anime , Zombies, Deadpool , FLUFFY THINGS! <3 and meeting new people ^.^

    Shiny things.
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  1. PSN - Gangsterponyx Current multi games i'm playing is nioh, ark, warhammer: vermintide Buuuut just wanting new people to talk too aswell! ^.^
  2. PSN ID - Gangsterponyx feel free to add me m'loves got a lot of multiplayer games i need to play
  3. Psn - gangsterponyx I have a PS4, PS3 And PS Vita ^.^
  4. Feel free to add me m'loves! Playing dark souls 3, dead island riptide, dead island, Attack on titan, God eater, neverwinter and tons more PSN - gangsterponyx
  5. ******Not my picture***** Buttttttt i just ordered this bad boy, gonna take a few weeks to get here though ^.^
  6. gangsterponyx
  7. ive been on a wee bit of a spending spree lately .... ordered all this from ebay and waiting for it to come Few things i have bought and actually got XDD
  8. THATS WHAT I THOUGHT WHEN I SAW IT!!! and now i have it epic T-shirts need to be bought!
  9. PS4 - Heavy rain/Beyond two souls Xbox one - Neverwinter
  10. PSN ID : gangsterponyx PS Systems : PS3, PS4, PS Vita And i do accept blank requests! :3