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  1. My garden was not affected by the time skip
  2. Does anyone know if simply entering the old raids is enough for the trophy to pop if we've done them in the past? I really don't want to redo Stormblood savage raids right now and it's unfair in a way because I have the damn achievement in game and the mounts.
  3. Howdy, folks. RoyalRedPanda and I were planning to read Ready, Player One together and I figured why not extend that invitation to the whole community? If the PSNP Bookclub thing works out we can jointly decide what to read next. I suggest we do DrBloodmoney's book afterwords but we can take a vote. However for the inaugural venture the first title will remain Ready, Player One by Ernest Cline. Here's a blurb about the novel: "Ready Player One takes place in the not-so-distant future--the world has turned into a very bleak place, but luckily there is OASIS, a virtual reality world that is a vast online utopia. People can plug into OASIS to play, go to school, earn money, and even meet other people (or at least they can meet their avatars), and for protagonist Wade Watts it certainly beats passing the time in his grim, poverty-stricken real life. Along with millions of other world-wide citizens, Wade dreams of finding three keys left behind by James Halliday, the now-deceased creator of OASIS and the richest man to have ever lived. The keys are rumored to be hidden inside OASIS, and whoever finds them will inherit Halliday’s fortune. But Halliday has not made it easy. And there are real dangers in this virtual world. Stuffed to the gills with action, puzzles, nerdy romance, and 80s nostalgia, this high energy cyber-quest will make geeks everywhere feel like they were separated at birth from author Ernest Cline." http://www.amazon.com/Ready-Player-One-Ernest-Cline/dp/0307887448/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1449241434&sr=8-1&keywords=ready%2C+player+one READING SCHEDULE: *Onward to the third week! Please comment on the second week of reading! 0000 to Ch 0011 - Discussion starts January 11th 0012 to Ch 0019 - Discussion starts January 18th 0020 to Ch 0031 - Discussion starts January 25th 0032 to Ch 0039 - Discussion starts February 1st Confirmed Participants:
  4. Let me rephrase: Do you need to play on normal or hard in the first Zone of the Enders game to respectively achieve the salutatorian or valedictorian trophies? In other words do I need to play on higher difficulties to achieve a B or A ranking overall? I'm looking to maybe make this game my first plat. Thanks for any info!
  5. I've left my game in training mode for over 30 minutes twice now but the trophy still hasn't popped. I'm just wondering if anyone else got the trophy letting their game idle in training mode or if it will require constant fighting to pop. P4A did not require that.
  6. Idea Factory International is bringing Amnesia: Memories for PS Vita to North America and Europe via download (urgh!) in August 2015, the publisher announced at its inaugural press event this evening. The otome visual novel originally launched in Japan under the name Amnesia: V Edition on December 19, 2013. Here’s an outline of the Japanese version, via Play-Asia: Another Otome Game Cultivated for the PSV Inspired by the critically acclaimed Japanese visual series of the same name, “Amnesia” is an adventure video game made for the PlayStation Vita: Amnesia: V Edition. Like other otome games, players will be controlling the main female character and find her love interest from various male characters from the game. Amnesia: V Edition is developed and published by Idea Factory. The Female Protagonist and Her Lost Memory In a world where you don’t remember anything, who will you trust? The game starts when the female main character wakes up without any memory of her past or who she is. With the help of Orion, a mysterious gentleman who appears to be in her side when she wakes up, they venture the world to find her lost memory. During their journey, the female protagonist receives a call from another man whom she might know but can’t remember. Follow them in this thrilling adventure video game and find her lost memory while creating exciting new ones.
  7. As someone who mainly plays JRPGs (the one exception being The Witcher III) I can say DOS:2 is a lot of fun. I got it about 2 weeks ago after watching Youtube videos of it and reading articles trying to see if it was for me and I haven't regretted it. It's very different and more akin to playing a video game version of DnD but it's worth the risk. If you want "deeper" this it it.
  8. What do you mean by "lose" here? As long as Papyrus is still alive and wants to go on a date you can still access his house and the dog shrine. If you killed Papyrus you can not access the dog shrine (or any artisan spaghetti).
  9. This topic is mainly for fun and something to fill the time if you're bored or stuck at work. tl;dr This is a personality test that determines your personality based on your answers. Do it for fun. Below is a link to the test: http://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test An involved description of what the test is: http://www.16personalities.com/articles/our-theory My Personal Results: Personality: INFP ("The Mediator") Variant: Assertive Role: Diplomat Mind: 57% Introverted Energy: 47% Intuitive Nature: 42% Feeling Tactics: 46% Prospecting Identity: 18% Assertive
  10. I'm going to lift the content below straight from the Playstation blog. Just wanted to post in case there are others who may be interested in this game. I'm a little sad that something that's supposed to be over 40 hours only has 15 trophies. Surely it'll have a plat? Old-school RPG Asdivine Hearts Coming to PS4, PS3, PS Vita This WinterKemco has been a publisher for a long time, and many gamers may know us as a gaming company specializing in RPGs. Well, that’s true. Since becoming a global publisher we were looking for the chance to reach more fans of the genre, and we thought: why can’t we provide our RPG experience to PlayStation users as well? And here we are! We’re proud to announce that Asdivine Hearts, the first Kemco RPG on PlayStation, will hit PlayStation Store this winter on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita at the same time! Asdivine Hearts is a fantasy RPG where you travel a vast world with four companions to find out what is threatening the peace of Asdivine. We know that many users request cross buy support. Well, we’re also happy to announce that the game will support cross buy on all platforms! So if you get the game on PS4 or PS3 for your home, for example, you can enjoy the fantastic world of Asdivine while you’re on the train with your PS Vita as well! Through Asdivine Hearts, we hope more RPG fans are getting back to the golden age of RPGs. In the end, what’s the attraction of RPGs? A plot full of twists and turns, a vast world map that gives you the satisfaction of journeying, really weird characters (Have I ever met someone like an RPG character in real life? Well, apart from us here at Kemco, no one), towns with kind (or rude) people to interact with, and strategic turn-based battles with animated effects to let off your daily steam! Yeah, Asdivine Hearts has all the charm of a role playing game a core gamer demands which is packed into one full-fledged adventure! Not only that, you might even meet the strongest maid ever in gaming history! What? You’re still wondering if you should play Asdivine Hearts or spend time with your favorite pet? Well, no problem at all! In the case of Asdivine Hearts, you don’t need to choose since you travel with Felix, a talking cat that proclaims itself the light deity. Asdivine Hearts will also feature 15 Trophies to be collected in addition to the rich game content. The game boasts 40+ hours of gameplay with plenty of subquests, and a battle arena to challenge your skills — the sky’s the limit with the amount of the damage you can dish out. Now prepare to restore the light of the world (And never forget to restore the light in your room before playing Asdivine Hearts, too)! www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LHdat9bjyo
  11. I have quite a few as well. I'll keep it short and sweet in bulleted format: Finding the secret entrance into Hyrule Castle in LoZ: LTTP at the start of the game. I received it when I was 3 and just spent my time cutting grass for months before I found it. My Grandmother and I taking turns playing Bubsy. The first time I rented Donkey Kong Country and being wowed by the graphics. Spending the entire summer of 3rd grade playing Super Mario: RPG because I had an allergic reaction to poison oak. Playing the original Mario Party so much with the neighborhood kids that I got a blister. Using a flashlight under the covers to play the Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance after bedtime. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow nearly blinded me. Going to Blockbuster to print off my Pokemon Snap stickers. My Dad trying video games for the first time. It was the original Super Mario. He immediately fell into a hole because he didn't jump. Never touched gaming again. My Dad revealing his hardcore pinball talents to me in an arcade as an adult. No clue. Stuffing towels at the bottom of the door so my parents wouldn't see me play the PS2 after curfew. I had just gotten Final Fantasy X and I wanted to play it soooo bad. Getting handed Persona 3 by a friend and using it to survive an extremely tough moment in my life. Na na na na na na naaaa, Katamari Damacyyyyyyyy Discovering trophies. Damnit. Trying my first MMO (Final Fantasy XIV) during a week long "staycation."
  12. My main goals involve cleaning up my backlog, with few exceptions. The only "new" games I plan to get next year are Yakuza 0, Persona 5, and the Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood expansion. I'll spend the rest of year playing games I already own (or will soon own after Christmas). I absolutely refuse to buy new games next year aside from the previously mentioned exceptions. My targeted backlog for next year includes: Final Fantasy XV Steins;gate 0 I am Setsuna Stranger of Sword City Puyo Tetris (import) Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 1 Odin Sphere Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Ys: Memories of Celceta Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines Grand Kingdom Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet Caladrius Blaze (import) Assault Suit Leynos Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Mind = 0 Aegis of Earth MeiQ Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics Banner Saga Root Letter Hyper Dimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2 Whatever version of Metal Slug it was that just released on the PSN
  13. So, wow, everything is different now.  My profile, avatar, link, and sig needs some cleaning up.

    1. Neputyunu


      Welcome back, senpai! *shines*

  14. Agreed. It's absurd that the game about touching a mayonnaise jar gets a plat but an actual JRPG doesn't? I wish Sony had something more than just implied standards and I wish this studio pushed back about getting a plat.
  15. As someone with limited time to play games I'm part of this site because I like the community and I like to complete and collect what trophies I can. Non-trophy hunters are just as much a gamer as those with plenty of plats. We just have different playing styles and life circumstances. If I like a game I'll go for it. If I'm done with a game I won't force myself to play. Time is too limited for that. I think mostly everyone here understands that. We're here because we're united by a passion for gaming. In that way we're all kindred spirits. Trophies also sometimes can add an element of stress onto a game. That's why I'm going to play Persona 5 blind. I don't want the trophies to spoil the story or ruin the experience.
  16. I regret putting Final Fantasy XV on my Christmas list instead of getting it day of.

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    2. Sir_Bee


      I am excited to play it as well, but I am actually alright with it being on my Christmas list. I have enough other games to play to keep me busy until then, and long after then as well lol.

    3. Bucknerd


      ^ That is what the rational side of my brain is telling me. I am currently playing World of Final Fantasy and I have I am Setsuna to play as well. But, gosh darn, it's great to see the gaming world pumped about a Final Fantasy again.

    4. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      same, I'm working on star ocean 5 then the witcher 3. FFxv for later

  17. I wish I could go back in time and tell baby Chelsea to choose a PS1 instead of an N64. That being said: The Shin Megami Tensei series (most notably Nocturne and Digital Devil Saga) The Shin Megami Tensei Persona series The Tales of... series Dragon Quest Disgaea Final Fantasy (most main numbered entries and the MMOs) Ys Lunar Xenogears/Xenosaga Wilds Arms The Legend of Heroes series Suikoden II Kingdom Hearts 1st person dungeon crawlers like Demon Gaze, Stranger of Sword City, Dungeon Travelers 2, and Operation Abyss
  18. After 4 months I have completed the Witcher 3 and all accompanying DLC. It's bittersweet.

    1. 30 Year Old Boomer

      30 Year Old Boomer

      Great job, I know how you feel though, it's great to complete a game finally that's great, yet you'll miss playing it. :/

      I'm actually playing The Witcher 3 as well, going for it as my 50th platinum. Really great game though. :)

    2. Chirithy


      Congratulations from fluffy kitten meow!

    3. WidthOfACircle


      Really cool that you enjoyed it that much.

  19. Is it getting a physical release or is it just on the PSN?
  20. How long is Witcher 3's Blood & Wine DLC? Do I have time to complete it before Pokemon comes out?

    1. MafiaBrett


      15 to 20 hours for me, but if your doing strictly the main quests then possibly shorter

    2. awf9495


      I began on October 11th and have put 1.5-2 hours in every day since and just started the path for the second ending. I have really been taking my time though - Blood and Wine deserves it.

  21. Okabe's English voice is J. Michael Tatum who is arguably a famous and successful voice actor in his own right. Just to put my 2 cents in to this debate... I'm usually a subs fan but I found myself more drawn to the english dub of Steins;gate. The biggest issue I had with the Japanese voice acting was Daru's voice. I couldn't take him seriously. However... the "cool son-of-a-bitch" moment is lost on the english dub. That in itself is almost unforgivable. Again, while I usually prefer subs above all else Steins;gate is an exception in that it could go either way. It's one of those rare instances where both dub and sub are nearly equal. I have to say that those who vastly prefer the sub to the dub are in a more favorable position in that they can play the game without qualms and watch Steins;gate 0 as it airs. Perhaps I'm strange in that I enjoy both. Side note: I haven't listened to the english cast of Persona 5 yet and I am scared shitless that Morgana will be as annoying as Teddie's voice. Here's hoping she lives up to her cuteness. I kinda wish we could have an animal pal like Koromaru instead.
  22. Trophies aren't posted yet so we don't know if it will lack a plat. With 15 Trophies the chances aren't looking so good though. :/
  23. It seems to have pretty good reviews on Steam and Google Play. I'm interested to see how a game that could be on mobile will translate to console. It being cross-buy is great so I can play in bed on the Vita if it doesn't look so great on the TV. Given the cost on other platforms I don't see this being over $9.99.