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  1. It can take more than one season in the AFL to get contract offers from VFL clubs i believe.
  2. Wicked Witch have acknowledged the two broken trophies, but are yet to give dates on a fix.
  3. Season in U18 > Drafted #75 > Season in AFL > Dropped to VFL (No AFL clubs offered contracts) > Two seasons in the VFL > Re - Drafted at #1
  4. Popped for me making a maxed player (Rank 99 in everything) in the "fan hub" (Age 18 - Key Forward) assigning him to an U18 side, Sim the whole season. I got picked #75, sim the next season then got contract offers from VFL clubs afterwards. Simulated a couple VFL seasons and then got drafted again at #1. Hope that helps
  5. Absolute Legend!! Popped first try!
  6. Looking for an Australian partner for spec ops. Connection will lag if you live elsewhere. Please have a mic
  7. how'd they fix silverware?
  8. please let me know if it works
  9. SilverwareIn Competition win every competition trophy (Hard+) Do they mean Brownlow, coleman, norm smith?? this isn't very clear
  10. Having trouble with "Bragging Rights" I've won 7 games in a row now and no Trophy. (I tried custom matches and got nothing there either)