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  1. Can people with the ps5 version of the game play with those on the ps4 version?
  2. 1200-1300
  3. Not bugged, just for prospective I’ve played 350 odd games and I’ve had that combination 3 times 😐
  4. It's fixed - I blew up 22 cars with the bat (not dying every time) it didn't pop at this point... Reloaded my game used the sledgehammer, blew up another 2 cars and it popped
  5. The Devs have acknowledged the trophy is broken - They also announced an update coming soon, although they have not confirmed if the trophy fix will be included -
  6. You're not a real great completionist if something even remotely difficult like zombies turns you off from going for 100% in a game.. you can't be just doing the easy crap and avoiding anything that presents a challenge. Amen
  7. Good news! there's a work around! Trophies in this game are tied to your player settings save file (as my group and i found out the hard way due to lost save data) --- Turn Automatic Cloud save upload OFF 1. Have a Character one game from reaching level 40 2. Make a cloud save of your player progress and your player settings. 3. Play that game to reach level 40 4. Download your player progress save (Level 39) from the cloud (NOT THE SETTINGS SAVE) overwriting your level 40 on your HDD. 5. Play that game again to get level 40 again, Now you're 2/4 6. Repeat untill you have it done four times. - The trophy popped for me the next game (i thought the method didn't work) i loaded a different character due to again me thinking it didn't work, then as soon as i loaded into the next game the trophy popped. You're Welcome
  8. The Gustafsloppet trophy popped for me at around 500km, try rubber banding your thumb sticks together (at walking pace don't click in L3 to sprint)
  9. It can take more than one season in the AFL to get contract offers from VFL clubs i believe.
  10. Wicked Witch have acknowledged the two broken trophies, but are yet to give dates on a fix.
  11. Season in U18 > Drafted #75 > Season in AFL > Dropped to VFL (No AFL clubs offered contracts) > Two seasons in the VFL > Re - Drafted at #1
  12. Popped for me making a maxed player (Rank 99 in everything) in the "fan hub" (Age 18 - Key Forward) assigning him to an U18 side, Sim the whole season. I got picked #75, sim the next season then got contract offers from VFL clubs afterwards. Simulated a couple VFL seasons and then got drafted again at #1. Hope that helps
  13. Absolute Legend!! Popped first try!
  14. Looking for an Australian partner for spec ops. Connection will lag if you live elsewhere. Please have a mic
  15. how'd they fix silverware?