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  1. I'd prefer if they just increase the level cap, even if I'll never reach level 100. If Sony doesn't care enough to do that, there is no way they would ever add another type of trophy.
  2. Finally, the 10x EXP multiplier is gone, now I can stop rank grinding, I started at rank 413. My goal was to make it rank 450 and I made it with less than a minute to the daily reset. Now I've got enough max LP to play 9 Expert/Master songs on one Love Gem.
  3. Here's an ebay listing that says it'll ship to the Netherlands. Not really sure what your limit for how much you're willing to spend is though. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sony-Rose-Gold-Dualshock-4-Brand-New-In-Box-HE1021606/224003591319?hash=item3427a78c97:g:pYsAAOSw3X1etaVf#shpCntId
  4. It's actually two days not one day. It's from the beginning of Saturday to the end of Sunday.
  5. Nice, guess that makes me Elite.
  6. Back when PSVR did not exist, the Move controllers were extremely cheap and you could not even give them away, then PSVR came out and the price jumped to $100 and stayed that way ever since.
  7. I want to play it, I have a VR headset but I do not have Move controllers and I am not spending $100 on them.
  8. Persona 4 Golden, that game was the reason I got my Vita.
  9. Do you want 0.1% platinums based on PSN rarity or PSNP rarity? That changes a lot.
  10. The trophy description says that for Hard Worker, you get it after completing one objective, and for Perfectionist, it says to complete 15 objectives during the same season. So yes, you will get Hard Worker while working towards Perfectionist.
  11. Platinum #110: Persona 5 Royal

  12. I just got the set for completing the final palace but I never got the first two sets. Assuming the final palace means the new final palace and not the cruise ship palace, I haven't even completed that palace yet so that would be weird if that is the case.
  13. I don't have this game, so I'm not 100% sure about this, but the game only seems to have one trophy list so I would assume it is shared between all regions and platforms.
  14. It is but the OP is asking for Ultra Rare platinums for each letter that he should try to get and he can't get a platinum trophy if it's unobtainable.
  15. 3 trophies in that game are bugged and unobtainable. It's been like that ever since the game first released years ago and has never been fixed.