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  1. If I am understanding your question correctly, everyone on this site can be reported for up to two games, hide them, and still be allowed on the leaderboards. Once you get reported for your third game, you get removed from the leaderboards permanently, even if you hide the games.
  2. My first 3DS that I got on release actually ended up having the circle pad completely break off after only owning it for around 3 and a half years and I ended up having to get a new one. I don't really know how common this is though.
  3. 12 years
  4. So I just checked the PS Store again and now the DLC is there again. I have no idea why it disappeared before but I just bought it.
  5. I think it just isn't on the US store. I checked through the PS Store option in the game and I own all the DLC that is there.
  6. That's unfortunate as I really wanted to have every song. Thanks for the reply though.
  7. I read that there is supposed to be an Extra Encore pack for this game on the PS Store that adds two new songs. I cannot find it anywhere on the store and am not finding anything through Google about it being taken down for some reason.
  8. If the PS5 is going to have full PS4 backwards compatibility, I hope we'll be able to transfer our save files from the PS4 to the PS5 and that we won't have to start our games over from the beginning because I won't use my PS4 anymore if I can play every PS4 game I own on the PS5.
  9. Not very often, I only buy games on my Switch that are not on PlayStation and I also don't use it undocked, I only play my Switch on my TV.
  10. Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Ys VIII, each at 97%. I didn't platinum Xenoverse because the last two trophies require me to get all the skills in the game which are random drops from clearing the missions in the game and the drop rates are shit and for Ys VIII I planned to go back to finish my Nightmare playthrough for the last trophy and it just never happened.
  11. Yes, you buy them all on different accounts and play them all on one account. Any game downloaded to the PS4 can be played by any account, regardless of which one bought it, though I believe the purchasing account must have that PS4 set as their primary console for other accounts to play those games.
  12. I'd prefer if they just increase the level cap, even if I'll never reach level 100. If Sony doesn't care enough to do that, there is no way they would ever add another type of trophy.
  13. Finally, the 10x EXP multiplier is gone, now I can stop rank grinding, I started at rank 413. My goal was to make it rank 450 and I made it with less than a minute to the daily reset. Now I've got enough max LP to play 9 Expert/Master songs on one Love Gem.
  14. Here's an ebay listing that says it'll ship to the Netherlands. Not really sure what your limit for how much you're willing to spend is though. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sony-Rose-Gold-Dualshock-4-Brand-New-In-Box-HE1021606/224003591319?hash=item3427a78c97:g:pYsAAOSw3X1etaVf#shpCntId
  15. It's actually two days not one day. It's from the beginning of Saturday to the end of Sunday.