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  1. I drive a 2014 Ford Mustang. I bought it a few months ago and I really like it. There isn't anything I don't like about it other than that it has low mileage but that isn't really a big problem to me.
  2. Platinum #95: Typoman

  3. 1. Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance 2. Persona 5 3. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana
  4. If the eggs are based on bond points like you said, then mine was probably for Rin since I have the second most bond points with her while Hamamaru is in 17th place.
  5. I got a golden egg that required 10,000,000 points and all I got from it was some crappy skill that you can get from normal reward boxes.
  6. Updated with Platinum #93: A Way Out and Platinum #94: Gal*Gun 2
  7. Platinum #94: Gal*Gun 2

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  8. I haven’t played Radiant Historia but I voted for it because I played Bravely Default and it was terrible. The first half of the game is really good but then the game is ruined in the second half because it literally has you replaying the first half of the game four more times but it’s drastically sped up.
  9. I'm going to assume you are playing the Vita version and using the PS4 version's guide. In the PS4 version, there is an optional dungeon in the Dana segment that does not exist in the Vita version along with the third girl that the guide mentions. So you should switch to the Vita guide so that you don't get confused by the guide mentioning stuff that doesn't exist in your version of the game.
  10. On phones I'm fine with them. Most mobile games I play are free to play games with micro transactions but I think those kinds of games should stay off of consoles. It's so much easier to just start playing a game and then stop after 15-30 minutes on my phone than it is on my PS4.
  11. I decided to only do the 30 Love Gem scout for the Muse 2nd years since I like them the 2nd years the most.
  12. I am going to pass on these Step Up Scouts. That is way too many Love Gems to use in such a short amount of time.
  13. PS4 (39) PS3 (49) PS Vita (42) Multiplatform (23) PS3 is winning though that number probably won't be increasing very much since I barely use my PS3 anymore.