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  1. Platinum #97: Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight

  2. Platinum #96: Yakuza Kiwami KIWAMI Obtained all trophies
  3. Updated original post with Platinum #95: Typoman: Revised and Platinum #96: Yakuza Kiwami
  4. Platinum #96: Yakuza Kiwami

  5. Perfectionist Completed 100% of the Completion List
  6. I don't know why it wouldn't work for you if it is working fine when I post your trophy card.
  7. Remove the trophy card from your signature and then re-post it. That should hopefully fix it.
  8. I own two PS4 controllers, one that I got with my PS4 when I got it 3 and a half years ago and another that I bought about 2 months later and they both work just as good as they did when I got them.
  9. I drive a 2014 Ford Mustang. I bought it a few months ago and I really like it. There isn't anything I don't like about it other than that it has low mileage but that isn't really a big problem to me.
  10. Platinum #95: Typoman

  11. 1. Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance 2. Persona 5 3. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana
  12. If the eggs are based on bond points like you said, then mine was probably for Rin since I have the second most bond points with her while Hamamaru is in 17th place.
  13. I got a golden egg that required 10,000,000 points and all I got from it was some crappy skill that you can get from normal reward boxes.
  14. Updated with Platinum #93: A Way Out and Platinum #94: Gal*Gun 2
  15. Platinum #94: Gal*Gun 2

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