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  1. If you compare your trophies with someone on your friends list, you can look at them the same way you could on the PS4.
  2. You can't sell your PS4 games after upgrading. You have to have the PS4 disk in your PS5 to play them. Unless I am misunderstanding your question and you're not asking about selling your PS4 disk immediately after upgrading.
  3. The only two PS5 games I have played so far have been Astro's Playroom and Godfall and I think they are both really good games.
  4. Yes, you can transfer your save from your PS4 to your PS5 through the cloud storage and continue where you were on the PS4.
  5. I found this website that has New Zealand codes: https://www.pcgamesupply.com/PlayStation-Store/PSN-Card-NZ/
  6. It does make a video for each trophy. I got my last two trophies plus the platinum in Astro's Playroom at the same time and it made three videos.
  7. The only noise my PS5 makes is that every once in a while, the fan gets louder for about 10 to 20 seconds, then it goes quiet again. It doesn't happen very often though.
  8. Yesterday, I played it for probably, a total of 8 hours, in two separate sessions.
  9. I also have Godfall and did not experience any of the issues you mentioned on my PS5.
  10. It makes a sound for like five seconds when I first turn it on and then it's completely silent.
  11. I got my PS5 today and it works perfectly fine with no problems so far.
  12. I ordered mine directly from Sony, they shipped it on Saturday and it should be here tomorrow. It's at a FedEx facility not too far from my house right now so I doubt it will be delayed.
  13. I play a game until I either get bored, finish the story, or platinum the game, whichever happens first, then I move on to another game.
  14. The low average completion just means that not a lot of people got a lot of the trophies.