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  1. Platinum #93: A Way Out

  2. Look at the Song Score, not the Event Points section of the leaderboard.
  3. It's not the JP version. Look at the post I made on the previous page.
  4. These people all people all got 1,266,666,666 points on the event song. Seems legit. There is definitely no cheating going on here.
  5. There's this guy that has 31.14 trophies per day: https://psnprofiles.com/ikemenzi
  6. I'd like to enter. My favorite game changes a lot, but right now it's probably Persona 5.
  7. No, it wasn't a mistake. That picture is the banner used when that event was in the Japanese version, it says June 20th, not March 20th.
  8. I got my first UR from this series of Step Up Scouts and it's of Riko.
  9. Yeah, I've seen it. It would have been better if they did that while an event wasn't going on so I could actually take advantage of it since it'll be gone by the time this event is over.
  10. I sent you a friend request. My name in the game is "Mike"
  11. I did 1 scout from the Aqours Step Up Scout and got an UR of Dia.
  12. Just in case you don't know, if you play those Let's Play Challenge songs on the B-List side, the LP cost is reduced to 1/5 it's normal cost.
  13. I did 1 Step Up Scout for the Hanayo birthday box and got an UR from it.
  14. I barely ever change my password. With 2 step verification, even if someone guessed my password, they would need access to my phone to get the verification code to get into my account.