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  1. No trophy popped for me on my new offline account, not even story related one, finishing 10 sude quest still nothing popped, does the trophy bugged ir the game need working psn account to pop trophies? Weird Akready 11 hours in still not single trophy , my games is asian version if that matters Ps4 version pop trophies just fine
  2. Mandatory asking for autopop beetween ps4 to ps5, is there any kind of save transfer or autopop? Because the download size is humongous and limited harddrive i need to pick one, qny info welcomed, thanks before
  3. yes please, so i can slap some waifus there
  4. The faster method only shine when you have higher level, at lvl 74+ its one level per run ( with brainfield gear use at the last battle before checkpoint) took me 1 and half hour from 63 to 80. thanks for the feedback
  5. Im not really sure about unlock condition for the recipe but i craft it after both kasane and yuito story cleared , its in exchange menu. There's 2 plugin for 5% exp 1. From game deluxe edition 2. In base game for all Totalling 10% if you own deluxe editiom
  6. its nickpicky bur the button kinda overlap with PSNPROFILES link text , i often use that link to back to site's home page even though there is Home link, i think its less obstructive if moved to lower right or just make it small little floaty icon with menu when clicked on. thanks for update, cheers. i forget there smol ad video on the lower right
  7. There's no missable you can just freeroam as both character after finishing both protagonist campaigns
  8. Just do 2 playtrough as you please, after you done 2 playtrough save clear data again, the load that save , you will be placed just before last mission but with ability to swap protagonist, then just do whatever you have to do ( bonds,gifts, quests, skill etc)
  9. Welp, i think i know what to play next, thanks for the tricks
  10. Im able to farm it on easy, on snowy mountain area there rainy rummy monster they deal lightning attack if you far from them, just make sure to restock a lot of medical items on your self and let the ally get stunned by lightning attack and bring only 1 ally, so the other one cant revive them
  11. The resources is not a problem, the amount of collectables is
  12. I got 10008 error at first, unknown error bla2 when trying to convert, then i restart the game and its work for some reason
  13. Maybe it's needed to be on different names? I'm unlocking it fine while working on gifts and 100 different visual items
  14. sumeragi tomb sure have mobs with juicy exp, man i wish theres a level entirely filled only by exploding bois
  15. yep level carried over, you can swap between them after clear both stories and level are shared