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  1. its in help section ( ? logo) then look at the right side also no fail modifier is useful now
  2. good news! they are back with 1.36, hopefully Multiplayer will come sooner, so i can grind the rest of trophy there
  3. completing all challenges for certain maps gonna be tough , im suck at suit only silent assasin stuff
  4. are you reffering to subtitle? theres no menu to set subtitle languages, voice over only have english /japanese but if your ps4 system lang set to italia the ingame sub also italia so yes
  5. i dont remember anything memorable from my whateverhardestdiffcalled run so probably nothing hard, its just checkpointless run (some section still give you checkpoint thankfully) the hardest part is platforming, since there no more marker and sometimes camera fuck up your jump but nothing serious
  6. Soul Sacrifice 2/Remake Dead or Alive Extreme 4 :Censored Vacation Senran Kagura 7ensored Bloodborne 2 Demon Souls Trilogy Dark Souls 4 Summer Lesson 2 man can dream, but theres no stock ps5 anyway even when above games released probably until early 2022 on my place
  7. Got mine to at night time, my guess is they are have better spawn rate at night, spawned both within 5 tries
  8. last plat is 11/12/2020 so yes, just find one boosting partner and you good to go also farm unlimited racer money glitch while at it
  9. dang, ths is looking good
  10. Just encounter weird bug/glitch where after main story done i can't fast travel to GOROGOTH, no matter which fast travel points i chooses i always got throwed to minas ithril which ruin two trophies if you didnt clear the fallen blades quest on those region asap. Elven Conquest Complete in Defeat my advice is better clean those sidequests ASAP , the good things is those side quest unlocked at begining of dlc (just after prologue boss fight) so you can clear them before taking any main mission
  11. wow this is good find, sadly i captured most of them already, thanks
  12. they are doesnt respawn,thats why combat trophies is missable
  13. welp, gg sony so much good decisions made for last couple years
  14. DLC trophy are pretty much clear the story collect every new part. from what i remember theres also no online trophy on base game, for glittch there is exploit in v1.0 of vanilla game that allow you to get unlimited money, exp ,material and a way to easily maxed stat.
  15. thank you, definetly gonna keep it in mind when i play this game