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  1. Perfect Coordination
  2. I don't see any stroke just a static image The last comments there killed me, im dead 😂 Edit: just noticed another thread exists lol closing*
  3. One could perceive it wrong, No? this random titles every week are making me paranoid lolz Can't these guys get a life already?
  4. Thank goodness, waited a lot for this miracle to happen 😆 @AihaLoveleaf @BlinkWinkel
  5. Utawarerumono Zan 2 (75% off on sale)
  6. Recommend me any tittle (from jp devs) on the current sale including indies, want to make sure i didn't miss anything i could like... xD

    1. Show previous comments  21 more
    2. CelestialRequiem


      Excellent. :) Enjoy yourself -- really fun series. 

    3. Nelson_


      Yup what matters is having fun, don't care if it's very hard as i don't buy Plats anyways xD

      going to give a last check on sales today to see if i didn't really miss more anything.

      Already updated my backlog on the "About me"

    4. BlinkWinkel


      Have you tried Caligula 2 yet? I really enjoyed that one, and the soundtrack is just as amazing as in the first game. Not sure if it's on sale on JP PSN, but I see it's currently 40% off on NA PSN.

  7. After getting one trophy it fixed the issue.
  8. Sudenly i have 0 trophies on ps4, anyone got this issue?
  9. Same here i had to install all Hajimari No Kiseki DLC again as i couldn't load my save.
  10. It's been hilarious watching that the last weeks, i think i die laughing one day cause nothing more funny than that right now lol
  11. Also adding Jim Ryan + Sony California as part of the depression, ofc many did move on with less interesting titles this days, Sony had more variety but ended for sure in 2021.
  12. Multi-weapon ARKS Party Brilliant Growth! A New Burst Era Knuckles on the Nogleths All-out Assault on Nex Aelio
  13. Still blaming Sony California for it.
  14. Totally agree with one of the comments there, this endless trash makes this hobby look like a fools errand lol
  15. With less jp devs for me lol Next year might be time to go back to pc and play some classics the cheapest way and let Sony charge them more on their platform for having trophies while selling shovelware plats for 1$ lmao... It stinks of shovelware and tired of it.