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  1. Same here
  2. #359 - Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma
  3. Same background on every trophy like the burger one lol and looks like it was made with Paint.
  4. Lol another GOTY
  5. #358 - Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round (Going to miss it along Fatal Frame which we probably won't see again as this generation is completely messed up)
  6. #357 - Tokushu Houdoubu
  7. Shovelware spreading like 🐜 

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    2. Nelson_


      Let's enjoy what is left of it, i do have a little backlog that might last me another year at least since i still pass a good part of my time on the work. I have like 4 titles waiting this year and that's it. Wish Fatal Frame had more chances in the future but starting to doubt.

    3. BlinkWinkel


      Same for me. I still have a small backlog of awesome games left (and yes, the Fatal Frame game is one of them ;) ) and once in a while I still find an amazing Japanese-only import for Vita I missed, or a great new PS4 release. The next interesting one should be the AI: The Somnium Files sequel coming out next month!

    4. Nelson_


      Yes that one is on my buying list of the 4 tittles i mentioned, the rest that will come much later this year after that one are:

      Kuro no Kiseki 2 (Q4)/ Shinigami: Shibito Magire (15 September)/ Granblue Fantasy Relink (TBA)

  8. Ar nosurge DX
  9. #352 - Neptunia x Senran Kagura: Ninja Wars
  10. Funny thing is that those 100 yen shovelware games that went into JP Store weeks ago now cost 165 yen cause it's selling well, congratulations on the people who supported the garbage while living in denial and Sony laughing at it.
  11. #351 - Shin Hayarigami 2
  12. Not just censorship but also tons of shovelware while Sony being mostly western based these days which means nothing is appealing to me anymore and lol when i googled sony neglecting jp games i found something funny:
  13. #350 - Bloodstained
  14. Glad the Cow G ain't on JP Store and they saying no to some of the shovelware at least, wish they said no to all shovelware though. Still better browsing JP store than NA/EU store.

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    2. Nelson_


      Yeah but at least it's much less in the ps4 all titles > JP 2627 > NA 5284

      so nothing can beat that regardless of the Zoo Corporation crap

    3. StygianWolf4


      Have you seen the mainland China PSN store? That has basically no shovelware 

    4. AihaLoveleaf


      I just fired up my Hong Kong account and browsed the Deals section - almost no trash to be found. Pretty nice. Now if only I could read more Chinese than 謝謝.