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  1. Normally only wallets can decide if we get this in the west or not. Edit: nvm lol forgot we are near ending 2021, it's safe to assume that NIS has abandoned playstation.
  2. Im going with very low expectations on Sony quality control as 2021 have proven to be quite an year unlike any other, it's rather risky to be optimistic with it right now, so far im only seeing it getting worse with little hope for anything to change. Let's hope they can prove me wrong next year.
  3. Remember for Sony just seriously started basically at January 2021, give it some more time as trophies do sell shovelware (analyzed the pattern this whole 2021) and almost sure that on October 2022 we are exactly like Steam if the pace does follow up.
  4. What you want to look for is GBP (UK), it's there on playasia and UK isn't part of EU anymore.
  5. Sophie easily a pass for me. I want more like Ayesha, Escha & Logy or Shallie.
  6. The topic is misleading lol it's not about being easy but some ugly shovelware tainting psn and trophy system, it's like living in the dumps now.
  7. Pre-ordered
  8. Also decided to full support this unique horror series, wouldn't mind replaying this one many times for sure.
  9. Looking forward to it, which one are you getting?
  10. #316 - Ao no Kiseki Also this will be a good memory specially on nightmare mode lol
  11. Those That Surpass Steel Withstand against the Steel Maiden Arianrhod
  12. Mystery Solver Reach Out Feelings, Connected Bonds
  13. Beyond the False Paradise Pomto! Master
  14. #315 - Our World Is Ended (Vita) (Lol last title of Vita backlog and surely does fit well)
  15. Not surprising, If some people did actually some research instead of blindly talk nonsense lol... but it's easier to only look at the surface i guess ~_~;