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  1. #319 - Under Night In-Birth Late [cl-r]
  2. If we take Jimblo Ryan the AAA western-cater blockbuster-only obsessed out of touch exec or anyone who follow a political agenda as an example then it's not a mature adult, IMO Subjective lol as long you have your job and not bothering anyone then your mature already.
  3. Mary Skelter Nightmares Awakening
  4. Era of the Bad Bitch
  5. I think it's less one real Pig D for Sony apparently
  6. One basic image of a pig with a coin moving at 2 frames, that's it? Oh dear lord lmao... 🙄 Never mind, still getting used to official "Woke Cali Sony" This guy was right lol Go Woke Go Broke
  7. Sony all it had left after closing Japan Studio and their new censorship policy was quality control, Sony is raw and dumps now.
  8. Woke Cali Sony western garbage is endless, and sorry Jim Ryan that i don't like you either. Glad PS Plus is almost ending as im not renewing that crap anymore. Lol at "Winged Cloud" another western desperate dev that found it's way with the trophies.
  9. I like your profile a lot 🙂 lots of good titles there, keep up as i will make you company on those games :3

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. BlinkWinkel


      This will be the first Fatal Frame game I will be buying. Unfortunately the previous localizations didn't include Japanese voices, so I didn't buy them since I hate English dubs. I looked up some gameplay videos and it definitely looks like a great horror game though!


      Wing of Darkness can be platinumed in a few hours, so yeah you're wise to wait on a sale for this one. Neptunia x Senran Kagura was really fun, but I enjoyed Neptunia Virtual Stars even more.


      I just started Blue Reflection 2 yesterday, so back to that game for now! ;)

    3. Nelson_


      I got Onee Chanbara Origin on Sale today too :3

    4. BlinkWinkel


      Nice! I hope you enjoy it :)


      I'm still busy playing Blue Reflection 2, but I'm almost done with it. I might get the platinum trophy in another day or two.

  10. Nayuta No Kiseki on PSN Sale Tales of Arise Under Night In Birth Exe Late [cl-r] (was cheaper than digital sale)
  11. That's not what i see when i search shovelware from both cultures on Steam/ PSN.
  12. And who is bringing us shovelware almost everyday now though? Who cares what those people do? Doesn't affect my games the least. The amount of low quality stuff is far more easier to filter than what the other culture is throwing at us this year lol so i will gladly be a weeb for sure.
  13. Not liking a culture is one thing, generalizing is another I don't idealize any culture if you know what i mean, and no i don't act the way your describing there lmao Yes im sure people will call me a weeb cause i don't like american culture in general but i don't critic their taste or call them murica or whatever like the weeb term came around.
  14. It is now safe to assume it has, now better to just wait and get the rest i was interested on sales. It's time to start slowly moving on, it was good while it lasted i guess ~_~ And this is so true