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  1. Recommend me any tittle (from jp devs) on the current sale including indies, want to make sure i didn't miss anything i could like... xD

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    2. Nelson_


      Yup what matters is having fun, don't care if it's very hard as i don't buy Plats anyways xD

      going to give a last check on sales today to see if i didn't really miss more anything.

      Already updated my backlog on the "About me"

    3. Nelson_


      It was 50% off so i grabed it already :)

    4. Nelson_


      Really getting interested on Deathsmiles even though it never seemed to get a sale and the difficulty seems way brutal compared to R Type Final 2 or even Raiden V 😆 (got both) 


      Even so Deathsmiles still interests me lol