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  1. Recommend me any tittle (from jp devs) on the current sale including indies, want to make sure i didn't miss anything i could like... xD

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    2. Nelson_


      Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate left it on 71% but considering going back to it,

      WO4 im passing cause my favorite characters from WO3U not there.

      Kandagawa Jet Girls and Azur Lane already complete on my list :) DW9 going to pass as i already got DW8 XL.

    3. HuntingFever


      What about Punchline? It's a decent enough VN/Puzzle game IMO but probably not something you will replay very often.

      Also, both Gal*Gun games are on sale but personally I think 2 is better than Double Peace :).

    4. Nelson_
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