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  1. Black Friday sale (much cheaper than digital sale)
  2. Now imagine if shovelware became worth 0 points on this site 🤣
  3. Sure took them long, hope it's true though lol @Milktastrophe you are not alone, the amount of that garbage also gave me an hard time finding anything worth, hopefully they are finally seeing how much damage that caused to hard working devs who put effort in doing something to be buried under all that garbage 🗑
  4. Can't change profile banner image, after crop goes back to same one, anyone got ideas?

    1. James Tiger

      James Tiger

      This may help.

  5. I like the name also good profile 🙂

    1. Despair-Queen


      Hi! And thanks 🙂

  6. Improper Rendezvous
  7. Foredawn Encounter Waiting for orders, Fleet Admiral!
  8. #375 - R Type Final 2
  9. They aren't games though, op is factually right about that.
  10. #374 - Ace Attorney Trilogy
  11. Flawless R-TYPER
  12. Ai Somnium Files Nirvana Initiative
  13. #373 - Hajimari no Kiseki
  14. Honorable R-TYPER Remarkable R-TYPER Incomparable R-TYPER A Worldline Without Force Top Pilot Whenever, Wherever
  15. Do we really need to be a good player to enjoy them? in my opinion nope, anything that fits my taste that people worked hard for i do like to see and give a try. Doesn't matter if they are hard or ultra hard. Or i can ask this other way, do very hard games stop you from enjoying them knowing you have a limit grow on said genre? do you really put on your mind like "i will only enjoy this if i can ever achieve 100% trophy completion"? in my view this shouldn't be a reason for people to stop enjoying a good title that devs put so much effort into it. What is your perspective on this everyone?
  16. Maybe an option to not show profile on leaderboards/ to not be a part of it would be a nice feature, like showing everything else but not the country/ world rank on your profile.
  17. Are they random or what? I have all of them except DLC pack 7,8,9 How do you get to Homage Stages Set 2? cause i finished all Homage 5 options yesterday 🤔 so im clueless here, anyone here have any idea about it?
  18. Lol 2022 was extreme, far more shovelware than those couple years together, though it was slowly getting this pace around middle of 2021, i believe around 2 or 3 months after the end of Japan Studio.
  19. @Mellenthin Do you happen to know how to unlock this trophy Whenever, Wherever > Is this just to clear 300 stages? Also congrats on the Platinum, that's an hell of achievement you got there 😁
  20. Got this one on the EU store, all were there on "All Add ons" except DLC Set 2, had to use the search on psn to get it.
  21. Now that you mention i did get the stage pass but i don't see DLC Set 2 for download 😮 Edit: If i do search i can find it now lol weird that it's not on the whole DLC List.
  22. Probably too late for Sony lol the dump show is here to stay for a good while until karma show Sony that exploiting people with trophy addiction isn't going to do them any good. At least tonight i had a good laugh with my bro watching this youtube videos to the point of short breath crying of laugher.
  23. Giving too much info, thoughts?
  24. R Type Final 2 Ace Attorney Trilogy Hajimari no Kiseki (doing nightmare run)