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  1. Would love to do that but i never stay in same place lol reason i have to get the physicals im mostly interested in, then some digital. Zero + Ao no Kiseki are god tier rpg's, get that and your complete with all that on Vita As for me got "Lying Moon" on psn.
  2. Bro can you help me on Blazblue crosstag battle for ranked lobby?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Nelson_Otaku


      ok here is near 10 am, once you wake up i should be up here yet.

    3. Nelson_Otaku


      It's ok, was lucky enough to get it now xD

    4. Iris Heart

      Iris Heart

      Oh cool. Congrats on getting the trophy. :)

  3. Im also in netherlands makes almost 2 years now lol

    1. Isilith


      Fancy that! Are you having a good time? *smile*

    2. Nelson_Otaku


      Work is always work everywhere but i swear i love being spared from summer thanks to being in the netherlands ^_^

      had my ups and downs but im pleased in the end :)

    3. Isilith


      Glad to hear. Beat the heat, stay cool~

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