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  1. LOL im dead here
  2. I would appreciate him if he brought back japan studio and other jp devs, i still don't see a future regardless lol
  3. So far only Nihon Falcom doing a 50% off of their Evolution Vita games due to Vita store being closed (at least on japanese store) I only know cause Falcom did send me a mail about it. Seems to last till 8/27.
  4. ^ Big fan and dedicated player of Ninja Gaiden
  5. Mary Skelter 2 (Japanese version untouched with no censor patch)
  6. #285 - Bloodstained Ritual of the Night (Enjoyment 10/10)
  7. #284 - Danganronpa Ultra Despair Girls
  8. #283 - Dusk Diver
  9. #282 - Yumeutsutsu Re:After
  10. #281 - Yumeutsutsu Re:Master
  11. He could have a favorite like Gravity Rush or Bloodborne, those games could still get a sequel on another platform except Sony (one never knows)
  12. #280 - Crystar
  13. Have seen that one going on sale sometimes, not just once that is before around April 2020, after that surely started seeing less japanese games on sale.
  14. Nope i don't carry that feeling, it's unhealthy and self destructive so like i said before im finishing the backlog and moving on. In no way did i offend anyone in my post, i was giving my opinion like anyone else so don't take it to heart.
  15. I supported this company so much while they just spit on my face. No worries some people in denial are still there to say Sony is great and all lol... even better now they have all that shovelware to help enhance their experience. Rip 2021