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  1. What it was few years ago (when lot's of people i knew here were enjoying this hobby) to what it is now. So much people i knew are gone + a few others i knew recently also lost interest in it.
  2. I only stack or play what i like, for example im going for my 4th plat of Ys 8 Dana, that soundtrack/ world and art is worth the 80 hours or+ time to plat.
  3. #310 - Occultic;Nine
  4. LMAO can't compete anymore with the easy Platinums, throw in the towel.
  5. Working Overtime Complete all Day 2 mission objectives 4.05% Divine Retribution Decapitate Datatsushi with the Homuranagi 3.88% Endless Challenge Play Time Attack 3.47% Shortcut Reach the road to Hirasakai in under 55 seconds as Kei Makino 4.06% Siren Maniac Collect all archive items 3.12% Fun for the Family Play the Brain Cell Revival game 3.72%
  6. Savior Free the Kiruden from the lanterns 4.34% Hard Day's Work Complete all Day 1 mission objectives 4.36%
  7. Avid Collector Collect 50 archive items. 4.41% Sibling Rivalry Use the umbrella to incapacitate Mina Onda with some help from a fire extinguisher. 4.55%
  8. No one wanted to believe me that this would be exploited on 2021 lol now tell me where is the quality control 😅 money is everything for Sony, no exceptions. Most just want to buy the trophies and not the games. For some numbers are more important than the context your adding to your profile. I would stack only the good games that had effort/ passion/ budget into it (games i liked) Set my standards from the very beginning, im supporting what i like only till the end. Once it's over it's over.
  9. Since this one got not Plat and just to get here gave me lot work already lmao Fork in the Road Unlock Stage Select. 6.07%
  10. #309 - Root Film (Enjoyment 10/10)
  11. 😂
  12. Jim Ryan quote I swear, the more this guy opens his mouth the more I throw up. How he got his position is a miracle. If he was right, Nier would have never got sequel or remake.
  13. #308 - Disaster Report Summer Memories
  14. Lol i was surprised with the owners number (997) on Disaster Report Summer Memories when i started, been better than i expected, the good games getting overshadowed more and more by Steam trash everyday this year. Gladly believe some more people got this title after i added it to my profile.