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  1. Odin Sphere (it's time to get some important physicals now as they are disappearing)
  2. #71 - Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness
  3. Chaod child, this dark novel did interest me
  4. #70 - Love Live School Idol Paradise Vol.1
  5. Love Live School Idol Paradise Vol.01
  6. Finally in my hands (the reverse cover + book of shadows inside look)
  7. Im currently supporting Vita on the netherlands, tomorrow will have this at my home as i do love horror and dark theme stuff im going to decorate the desk with the back of that book cover
  8. #69 - Tokyo Xanadu (Yeah i know... that Morimaru mascost is hilarious lol...)
  9. Super Robot Wars X finally in my hands (char aznable ♏ im already looking at you)
  10. It was about time.
  11. Don't know what's up with this company but im not buying this game until it hits a fair price cause ps4 version is now cheaper than vita, vita version seems to have been printed only once no way im going to pay more on vita than ps4 (i would feel like... yeah don't need to say more) I like danganronpa but this game is extreme priced on vita around here.
  12. lmao both platforms seem rare though... so something else is going on.
  13. What the hell is going on with Danganronpa V3? everywhere low stock and pricey as hell o_O Demon Gaze already finished global edition when it went 500 yen on store. Good stuff you got there so +1 point for you
  14. You only live once brother, unless someone could take my inheritance lmao without mention i did move from my place to live in another country many times. But no worries im taking some vita physicals to my grave yet
  15. I got japanese digital version and western physical, to be honest i didn't mind the censor since what im into is the battle system/ graphic design/ dark theme plot + bgm