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  1. I tried both options and let the cutscene play out for both. No trophy lol
  2. Unfortunately, I just tried on the save that I have ready and the MyRyse trophies did not pop
  3. Very happy to have helped
  4. I wanted to share some of my finding about GM mode and the most effective way to go about getting all the trophies in just a few hours. First and foremost, at the moment, winning is pretty much pre-determined by the show you select all the way to the left. This may change at a later date because it is in fact glitched. Regardless of who the game says won at the end of the season, the show/GM that is first selected on the left is the one who actually gets the credit on the career tracker for winning the season. You can pretty much just mindlessly play through all the seasons. Only 1 season will require you to focus on getting all match types booked. I was not sure if setting different matches in different brands would count. So I focused on one brand to make sure I got the trophy. The trophy popped mid-Season. Roadmap • Set up a new save with 4 human players and play 3 seasons. For 2 of the seasons you can simply auto-book all the match without any concerns for anything. Like I stated above, the first show on the left will get the credit for winning the season. Regardless of what the end of season results say. Pick one out of the 3 seasons to focus on getting all 12 match types on one brand. PS. It doesn’t matter if they are singles or multi-man matches. They both count towards the progres. Tornado tag being exclusive to Tag is the only exception. During this phase you should get the trophy for winning 3 seasons with the same brand. completing a season with 4 brands and some have said the 10 slammie awards trophy also popped for them. (They did not for me) • Now create a new save with 2 human players. Setting up the brand you still need a win with first (on the left) Just repeat the auto-booking/sim process. • Repeat the second step with the remaining brands. By the end you should have 5 saves in total. The 10 slammie awards trophies should pop somewhere in this phase, if it didn’t in the first phase. And upon finish the 5th season, you should get the final trophy. I’m not sure when they will patch the glitched progress. So, for those that want to get this done asap, without having to think too hard on what decisions to make, you might want to take advantage. Also, for those that the trophy is not popping, and you can’t figure out why, check your saves and make sure the GM you think you won with, actually got the progress in their career achievements tracker.
  5. Working as of this moment. Thank you!
  6. The meter shakes when trying to kick out and it’s usually after a finisher.
  7. I got this trophy earlier today and just know that it is 3 cumulative kick outs and does not have to be done in 1 match. Also, I believe you can use the old pin system which is much easier to kick out. I can’t confirm this though. I picked Roman Reigns vs Titus ONeil with 3 starting finishers and low health. I let him hit me with a finisher, kicked out and got the trophy. I originally set it as an Iron Man match because I was under the impression that it had to be done in one match. However, after the first kick out, I got the trophy.
  8. its not about the 10 evolutions. It’s about the cards that have 4 evolution slots for the pinnacle of power lifetime achievement. Did you do that one without either the Undertaker DLC or NWO?
  9. I can confirm that there are no 4 or 5 level evolution cards in Proving grounds last 2 chapters. Which means that at the moment, the only way to get these cards is if you got the pre order bonus or the NWO edition. That’s a really crappy thing of them to do. I’m hoping they add the ability to get these cards by other means. It should not be behind a paywall, whatsoever.
  10. So this particular life time achievement is for leveling 1 card from Level 1 to 4 or 5. I accomplished this with my NWO Hogan DLC card. I have yet to come across a non DLC card that has 4 levels. They are possibly tied to the last 2 proving ground chapters. I’m currently half way through the third. If no one else confirms it by then, I will update this thread with what I see in the last 2 chapters as far as the evolution cards available.
  11. The only tactic I’ve used that works a lot of times is jumping towards the bar instead of away from it. Also, timing where the bar will be and adjusting where you’re standing before the bar is close is crucial.
  12. This has been a thing since 2013. Sony probably should of just left it buried in their terms of service that no one reads (myself included). Over on Twitter and all over social media some are saying they are jumping to Xbox over this but what they don’t realize, Xbox does the same stuff 😂. Anyways, I do understand many people’s concern with privacy. Like most have stated in this thread, they’re not randomly listening. I’m more concerned with the new party system. I absolutely hate it.
  13. 36 to 473 The way I’m looking at it, the actual levels isn’t the true goal anymore, it’s the emblem. With the new structure I am in the second tier of silver. Getting to Gold is my trophy hunting objective now. I think of it the same way I view getting a new icon next to my COD rank. I like the change and it’s not because of the inflated numbers, but because Sony actually remembered trophies exist. Now can we please sort our trophy list again like the PS3 and Vita?
  14. I think that’s the general assumption but no one will know for sure until it’s rolled out. Many who are “stuck” at 100 may be pleasantly surprised to have new goals to strive for. However, someone like Hakoom is more likely to be 999 but we won’t know for sure.
  15. It’s a step in the right direction and better than seemingly no update for the system in like 10+ years. Lol Maybe they will