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  1. The only tactic I’ve used that works a lot of times is jumping towards the bar instead of away from it. Also, timing where the bar will be and adjusting where you’re standing before the bar is close is crucial.
  2. This has been a thing since 2013. Sony probably should of just left it buried in their terms of service that no one reads (myself included). Over on Twitter and all over social media some are saying they are jumping to Xbox over this but what they don’t realize, Xbox does the same stuff 😂. Anyways, I do understand many people’s concern with privacy. Like most have stated in this thread, they’re not randomly listening. I’m more concerned with the new party system. I absolutely hate it.
  3. 36 to 473 The way I’m looking at it, the actual levels isn’t the true goal anymore, it’s the emblem. With the new structure I am in the second tier of silver. Getting to Gold is my trophy hunting objective now. I think of it the same way I view getting a new icon next to my COD rank. I like the change and it’s not because of the inflated numbers, but because Sony actually remembered trophies exist. Now can we please sort our trophy list again like the PS3 and Vita?
  4. I think that’s the general assumption but no one will know for sure until it’s rolled out. Many who are “stuck” at 100 may be pleasantly surprised to have new goals to strive for. However, someone like Hakoom is more likely to be 999 but we won’t know for sure.
  5. It’s a step in the right direction and better than seemingly no update for the system in like 10+ years. Lol Maybe they will
  6. That’s not the new platinum logo. I think people are getting confused. Those logos will replace the generic star that everyone has. Not the platinum trophy logo. So, depending on the level you are, those logos will be displayed in place of the star currently in place.
  7. I believe the point of this change is to give players a greater sense of progression, thus incentivizing them to play more and reach new levels. I like the changes and will actually motivate me to try and reach whatever next level in either the number range or the new bronze - platinum ranks. Some people are just never happy. It’s a change that cost you nothing. If they would have left the system the same way or didn’t change a thing, those same people would be bitching as well.
  8. Yeah, the trophy description isn’t clear but you definitely have to beat one of the arcade games. Glad you sorted it out.
  9. It can be used for the entire game pretty much. They are gameplay options that you can toggled on and off at any point in the game.
  10. Yes it is.
  11. I misunderstood your question. Arcade mode is activated during the first boss fight you encounter. It’s in that same area before going down the big elevator. Interact with it and beat either mode.
  12. You go to the PSN store and simply download it if you got the season pass or you have to oh for the standalone dlc. Then make sure you have the update installed. Final step is to activate the mission tied to it as your active mission once you load up the game.
  13. Turn on assist mode and save yourself the headache. It’s pretty tough for anyone picking the game back up again after many months. You can set it up for one hit kills and immortality. I’m personally turning it back off now that I got the trophy but it’s your game. Play it as you’d like
  14. I can confirm that assist mode does not lock you out of the trophies. For those that don’t know, these are new options make the game incredibly easy. Stuff such as one hit kills and immortality are a thing. I just used it for the Arcade trophy. It was pretty tough to do legit and I tried for a few hours. I will likely shut it off now but that trophy was a pain. This will be useful for anyone who didn’t particularly love this game and just want their completion back ASAP. Let’s try and keep this thread judgment free. Happy hunting ladies and gentlemen.
  15. The trophies look fairly simple. I’m sure most wont mind that, I sure don’t. 😬