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  1. Mortal Kombat (Vita) Unobtainable for me, I did the ps3 version many years ago. Wish I would have tackled that one as well.
  2. No worries, I understand where the confusion came from, I actually had no idea those servers went down. Luckily I got the platinum for that game.
  3. The MK Vita Servers have been down for years, I’m a bit confused.
  4. So, has anyone tried the GoneSpy Method? I saw a few people recently unlocked online trophies for this game.
  5. Thanks for the advice, I finally did it. My god this was literally a pain in my ass lmao. Every time I got up to that part, I had some serious stomach cramps of nervousness.
  6. I’m now on my 4th attempt at an A rank, I keep dying at the part where you have to use the trap to get the card out of the bubble or crystal. I got it in my initial run, but wasn’t going for the A rank, so I died and retried until I got it out. Anyways, can anyone tell me for certain what is the best approach? Thanks in advanced.
  7. I'm not sure if this has been brought up, but this is the one feature this site is lacking that a competitor site offers. I personally would like the ability to create leaderboards for my specific group of friends or small communities. Competing with the general public is fun, but it would be a nice feature to have smaller leaderboards created by members for their select group of friends. Perhaps limit it to premium members or create a new level beyond premium.
  8. Hello, you can’t use spears, knives, bombs or anything but the AMG weapons. You can kill the alligators with a fully charged shot. Completing Joe Must Die difficulty gives you the dual AMG weapon (I forgot the exact name). I suggest going that route if you’re planning on getting all the trophies. Beat Joe Must Die then go back to normal with the double AMG. Hope this helps.
  9. I did some digging into the awards section and I discovered that there is no criminal mastermind award either. This is disappointing, I did the original criminal mastermind just for fun. I was looking forward to taking on the challenge. However, I am glad that the stress of getting criminal mastermind for trophies can be put to bed.
  10. I’ve just checked with both methods and no trophies have been added.
  11. I can confirm that there are no new trophies for the update
  12. Yukes lol
  13. 1st Place Guitar Hero 5 - 9 years, 9 months My instruments were broken for quite some time and I also just lost interest in the genre for so long. So it simply wasn’t worth my time. I recently replaced my instruments and have been very into the genre once more. 2nd Place Gran Turismo 5 - 8 years, 7 Months This game was just too hard to grind it out in a month or two. It took me many years of on again off again to finally pull this off. I was working on one gold special event at a time. Those special events were annoying as hell, I kept cherry picking at them for years till I finally did it. PS. I haven’t scrolled through every page of this thread to see if anyone has reported a longer time and my Guitar Hero 5 plat. But I’m sure it’s up there in longest times.
  14. In 2018 I spent over $3,000 on video games and a new TV/PS4 Pro. I made a promise to myself to stop spending on every game that comes out and only focus on the games that I already own. I’m enjoying my gaming quite a bit this year ironically and I’ve only spent $60 on Mortal Kombat 11 thus far. I will buy another new game later in the year but I’m unsure on what.
  15. Hey bud, just buy another chest or one of the green souls things. Same thing happened to me and it popped. Leave the Krypt, renter and buy one of the things I mentioned.