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  1. It seems that these Sport Mode trophies are gonna get harder and harder for novices. For the first half year after launch, you would get matched with people who were on your level. If your rating was B/B, you would rarely get matched with people that arent at least one of yours in rating (so maybe there would be 3 A/B and 2 B/C in a lobby with 15 B/B's). But now its all over the place. Im B/B, and I get matched with D/D and S/A people now. either I'm wayyy too fast for all the others, or there are 5 who I never will be able to beat. If you arent good enough to get your Driver Rating (the first letter) better than C or D, you are gonna get problems now, because there will most likely be one that is much faster than you now.
  2. The developer behind Driveclub is closed down by Sony. Further development for Driveclub is more than dead.
  3. PC2 doesnt have such a trophy though. It has a few online trophies, but not anything random bugged trophy like this one. Also the reason why the Platinum percentage is over 2 times higher (2,03% vs 5,30%).
  4. Its actually complicated for those with the disc too, because you cant save your progress without having the most recent update, as the level progression is saved on the server, not on the HDD. So as of now, getting to level 50 is gonna be a hell of a grind, much worse than before.
  5. Blue moon is not an oval track... You have to use that very very small oval that only takes like 15 seconds to do a lap on
  6. I got 65 poles and 91 wins just before I hit 200 races, and im on a controller. This isnt about controller VS steering wheel, more about if you have the time to put in a good qualifying time, because they you will be fast too in the race then, and have a good starting position.
  7. Hmm, that doesnt work for me. I have done 100% of what you do in the video, but it still says "waiting for players". I guess you must have been experiencing a good glitch in the system
  8. It seems bugged... Tried it with p_nikkels and Zer007uk but only Zer007uk got it, while both me (twice) and p_nikkels aint getting the trophy...
  9. So there is a trophy that demands that we must share a setup with a friend. I have no PSN friends who plays this, so I would be happy to get some help with this (maybe someone else has this problem too). Just add me, ScuderiaSect, on PSN with a message saying its for this trophy. I got the trophy now, so I dont need it anymore. But I guess this thread can be used for people in the future who has the same problem
  10. Yes, it saves everything on its servers.
  11. Are you sure that the problem isnt on your end? I got the Platinum literally the day before you posted this, and I played it like 10 hours within 2 days, and had 0 problems. All progress was saved (and got saved) from when I started the game over a year earlier.
  12. Well something has definetely changed after the last patch (3.0?). Before it, there was 97 Platinum achievers, and now we are on 144, and it is rising fast. 47 (about 1/3 of all achievers) has gotten it in the past week.
  13. There will be trophies like the other DLC's; 2 bronze, 2 silver and 1 gold, and it will require the same as the others. Also, there's 2 DLC's this time apparantly, Horsepower as linked by OP and then the last one named after the Platinum; #UniteInSpeed. So either we get a double update, or they already have the next DLC planned. Just go look on the trophylist on your PS4 or the Playstation App, there you can see it.