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  1. Here is a playlist with all key locations I created, credit given to you! OddWorld SoulStorm Playlist Sorry last key uploading now lol!
  2. fantastic nice one!
  3. Ok today is key hunting day lol!
  4. yes they are defo saved, PLEASE let me know where u get each key id really appreciate it! Just got the Silver round Key!
  5. yes im not sure u actually have to loot him
  6. I just tried the first sleeping slig at phat station and got the animation but no key, but I also have the key already, lol we need a newbie player first time playing through phat station. Im making a video guide! MrReign YouTube Channel.
  7. Is it possible to remove unplayed games from your psn profiles account? OR, even better, remove them from your psn account period? There are many games I've tried out and didn't play for various reasons but they still get added to you trophy list bringing your average down (completion stat) on everything with F ratings. (On psn profiles) Maybe if removing a game with zero trophies earned should be allowed because it will not effect your rank in any way, but doing so will bring your completion stat up overall. What are your views on this?