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  1. Heavy metal hero required 12 not 10
  2. Hey man! I completely came across with your profile super randomly. Nice profile , trophies and shit! I have a question though!
    Where the actual f**k is your location man? When l googled " Pendik " it said some gesture(?) about finger goes up to ass like what the f**k man?

  3. My case became addiction. After my daughter born I quit smoking, reduce social activities and try to not spend too much money for personal hobbies drove me to get all my attention to collecting trophies. I guess this is natural evolution of me as a gamer after 30 years gaming. Because less game impress me day by day. Just finding another way to enjoy gaming nothing wrong with that
  4. 14 atm but will back to 3 again within few days. im really jealous to oooaznkid......
  5. Beer lifting
  6. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Finally completed after 1 year.
  7. Your not alone i also have same problem. I already got platinum few months before and i had no problem about connection. Two months ago i got bad blood dlc and now im really struggle with last trophy. I also have nat type 2 (10 mb download 2 mb upload) no problem with other games. only 2 times i connect to uplay last two months. thanks ubisoft.....
  8. The Order 1886 Uncharted 4
  9. i just got it after 15 hours suffer. one of most annoying trophy i ever had to deal. very bad control, boring and based on luck. Im still thinking they should patch it. this stupid mini game should not be a barrier to platinum for the people who already got rest of the trophies.