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  1. you're forgetting BO2
  2. MW2-BO2 are good CODS for multiplayer not so much ghost wish it had a trophy patch
  3. Alien breed impact
  4. I don't know if there is already a topic for this if so let me know, but basically I want to know how you found PSNProfiles and how/when you joined i'll start off I joined back in December when I first found out about the gaming sessions feature but I have been using this site for almost 1 year and a half now
  5. Wreck some shit up- Burnout Paradise Blow some shit up- Split\Second velocity
  6. yeah especially when if you fail the hallenge you are going for you can't save and quit which means you would have to do the whle mission over
  7. to be fair only a select few challenges are a pain in the arse such as the ziggy one or the wreck 8 vehicles with the SOC-T and maybe some strike force challenges on tactical view only since we'll you know how COD AI is
  8. AC3 something is wrong with encyclopedia of the common man, i'm trying to work on split/second if any of you know what that game is
  9. NASCAR prostiution jack off
  10. Well howdeee pardner
  11. forget it these people aren't listening