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  1. hey guys , I know I am here late but its better then never , my questions about the titles there are some of them are available in online like wins x & lose x & SP as well , is there any online title that I didn't mention here? are titles list in offline & online sharing the same list ?
  2. Their case takes long time to resolve but they stated that it will be Temporary so we won't give up .
  3. I know am kinda late to ask a question about red card trophy but it still glitched?
  4. Still available & working perfectly.
  5. how to get weapon parts cuz am suffering to get through the network nodes ? I've got an S rifle
  6. Ghost network difficulty is 5 is it hard ?🤦🏼‍♂️
  7. No wonder why Edios & square are the best support for the players just bought the game with 70 $ .
  8. Thank you everyone for response what people ^^
  9. so everything I did will be save in the sever or the save data , if the save data , how can I get the kills trophies if I delete the save data now I then ?
  10. ok if I delete the patch all my progress will wipe out ? cuz server showed me an error ! so will I have to start from zero ?
  11. https://support.na.square-enix.com/main.php?la=1&id=13041 Link to send a ticket to them
  12. Checked now nothing yet.
  13. If it available just let us know I will do the same.
  14. Don't really know but I read It will be available every 24 hours! Maybe ?