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  1. The trophies are slightly different then the other walking dead Series.
  2. They can add content without trophies. Let's be honest a big examples for adding more contents without trophies. Overwatch, fortnite, red dead, cod & Battlefield. Players still play them until now. Why? Because they love the game & devs created a big fan base even thou the players got 100% in the game.
  3. Honestly expect more since sony allowed to have no limit for the trophies to add in DLC. See The rise of the tomb raider trophies, its 125 trophies plus Batman arkham knight 110 & uncharted 3 - 105.
  4. After long journey، I can sleep now 😴❤️
  5. Let's be honest in here the dev should get all of the players attention not because of the trophies only, but because they love the game. Look back to the gaming history you will see what I mean. ( Devs don't take my trophies hobby against me ).❤️
  6. It's not because the game is old it because you didn't save your buddy before he got killed. In warzone it's slightly based on luck with a little bit of focus but I will be available this coming Thursday at December 18 in afternoon I will help you out. If you make a session I will join.^^.
  7. Yeah, you need 3 players for this trophy, In warzone its highly chance to get it. I got it there there were my teammate facing two helgasts one of them interrogated my teammate. Then I kill them both & rescue my buddy. Don't be stressed out, it's very easy then what you think.❤️
  8. For me : - All ninja Gaiden series : trials missions, required skills from both players & know what to do + no lag. - dead or alive 5: beat survival master. - velocity 2x : get perfect in all levels. - uncharted 4 DLC : it... This trophy is insane without all of you literally know what do especially the last two levels OMG.
  9. Yeah, we were in the same boat especially with basic skills ( no upgrade ).
  10. I have no problem with syncing trophies even thou I am in the middle of the journey, I can confirm that there is no issue with it at all with.
  11. For 100% no, because it means alot to me. It is a part of my life thou ( no drama ) there is a story behind it so, I will not change it ever.🙏🏼❤️
  12. After each match , quit the multiplayer until you reach the main screen then press home in you controller to XMB . change the date 1 day forward . Re-enter the game and play match again . If you disconnected , DON'T PANIC its ok because you was the host but wins don't count & kills do . hope this help you .
  13. Don't worry, it won't mess up the date of the trophies I can confirm that 100%.
  14. No, only ranked match