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  1. Did it.
  2. F1 2012 needs a vip pass same as 2011 but since I am far from my console, can’t tell if it’s available in the store .
  3. Nope , me too they ignored my e-mails .
  4. Sweep now is kinda of hard since lots of players will join if you boost.
  5. Really good luck if you go for it so boring.
  6. Thanks god I got it very long time I believed in 2013 honestly it was an awesome game despite the grind of MP trophies.
  7. Yeah nothing changed.
  8. Ohhh sheeesh that hits very hard .
  9. We should connected Ubisoft for clarify whether the issue & announcement for the PC or consoles!
  10. The king of hill was a pain like hell OMG thanks god I got it ,
  11. Tekken revolution already shutdown long time ago in 2017 I believe.
  12. Appreciate your response 🙏🏼
  13. Is it safe to start from scratch?
  14. Don’t you ever think you play in public. Play with people you trust
  15. I had no issues at all.