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  1. Hey Sony there’s a challenger over there called an Xbox leading a F good example for players worldwide.
  2. What a F stressful to read all of these & Sony didn’t response at all the F . Makes me angry 😡 when I see how trophies hunters put so much time & efforts cuz of a F company’s mistakes. Hate that SH!T .
  3. How do I know if I am in the safe side ? I mean not effects the trophies?
  4. Already downloaded the Savage moon & yeah patch didn’t install since I already bought the DLC & the DLC didn’t work .
  5. Thank you but I am not thankful.
  6. Yeah I know but does shutdown includes Ghost recon FS on PS3?
  7. http://email.psnprofiles.com/c/eJwVzjGOwyAQheHT2B0WDBiLgmKbdHuIMYaAFnsQ4Kxy-xDpVV_x6x1WSQeo5mSBg-CKawFKcr14oULYwGmzbUbqdVK8tKtUCin7tjg652i90SsYEaQxuwIFbhUBlTEBND9Q45xt7L20Sf5M8BgLVO-zLfeeGoX-rQxskf57rB6PpcQyAKRchZHs9849lYxvX5kjRoU1X1--NnYRy3Q9h-MLU8Y9-7naTH-o6PLj6_Mc_O1_AI20R8Y What about this one ☝🏼?
  8. what about Tom Clancy ghost recon FS ? does the game got shutdown ?
  9. so weird there is no specific date !!!
  10. can anyone confirms : 1- call of Juarez bound by blood 2- Ghost recon FS .....
  11. Are these have problems related to updates ?
  12. Does DOA 5 + on ps vita will be effected?
  13. ok this is really pisses me off , I don't know how the ppl think theses days wanted to save the situation after they announced it , that should be BEFORE everything for example make a hashtag on Twitter NOT AFTER ok? NOT AFTER the announcement cuz it will be useless in here on PSN profiles .
  14. Can I still download my DLC that I bought after the shutdown?
  15. Can I transfer all games I bought in a external hard drive? Will I have a problem with any game that has to be patched? if I didn’t launch it already .