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  1. Ok no problem they will include them all like they did with a bunch of games lately.
  2. You just wrote this & you got a vote up . Am dying 😂 My guess is the next shutdown from Ubi will be Assassin creed black flag ( PS3 ) , Tom hawax 1 & 2 plus Far cry 4 ( PS3 ) .
  3. Don’t really know if I go with the game since I heard lots of server issues that’s makes me think to not even play it God knows that we need a break from games shutdown 💔
  4. Has anybody suffering with the servers?
  5. I remembered that happened to me so many times so I decided to go in one shot. Not turning my PS3.
  6. Thanks god I got them last year 🥹
  7. I just got it by mistake long time ago without even realizing that’s even an online trophy.
  8. Appreciate , you brought this up it’s been in my chest for a long time.
  9. Appreciate it 🙂🙆🏼‍♂️
  10. I want to play for honor but really don’t know about how active it is , especially Elimination & Skirmish modes cuz I want to get 100% or I have to boost them , really don’t know.
  11. I can confirm it works on PS3 cuz I got 100% .
  12. It’s sad for any trophies hunter like me who enjoys every aspect of any new unpopular games seeing the whole 31 pages of bugged / glitched or even abandoned but thank you for yr awesome efforts.
  13. Thanks god I finished all of them last year 😭
  14. The DLCs not sale separately, they all come in the game bundle digitally.
  15. Ooh thank you 🥹 such a relief 😮‍💨