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  1. For now it’s totally safe .
  2. I bought everything like EVERYTHING for +100 $ , it’s still expensive 😖 but it’s for the god sake trophies.
  3. I’ve tested on my alt you still can earn trophies 🏆.
  4. Maybe there will be an update that will ruin the original trophy list & I hope not .
  5. Agree but there is a way to make it easier just takes time & focus.first boss kill him yourself , second one let him fall in the big trap at the center ( first map ) . Save your money until wave 12 use decoy cuz it distracts the enemy who is shooting at you , keep saving money use decoy here & there . Once your barrage weapon is available here is the biggest tip the will let defeat waves 20 to 30 . Leave one enemy trolling around keep collecting money from the birds that come from left & right put barrage weapon everywhere but not very close together or they will turn on automatically & not on trap or even close to the trap switch. I put around 15 barrages . Now the game will be slower & that’s a very good thing since you can see the enemies locations especially the last wave (zombie wave) this wave is brutal & there is a boss coming with them , wait for the boss to appear & go at top top left . Once you see him with the enemies use barrage weapon if there is one bomer left go kill him . Now wait until they appear than repeat what you did to kill them all . Srry for my English I just want to save your sanity.
  6. For shank 2 the 30 waves I did it with the evil character that you can unlock by entering the cheat code (won’t effect the trophy) in character selection but play the campaign first to help you to understand the enemies moves & how to beat them.(:
  7. There is a physical release of the game. I did it solo & I didn’t use an alt controller.
  8. Oh thanks god I got 100% last year 😩.
  9. There are two add on in Hitman 1 : Game of the year edition & Game of the year edition ( Intro pack ) my question is will I be able to get 100% if I buy one of them despite the editions?
  10. There is a physical release of the game.
  11. Man in 2023 , it will be tougher for trophies hunters .
  12. As I searched through the US ps store , I can confirm it’s delisted.