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  1. sometimes you vita games are 99 cents right now.
  2. Oh nice! Loved the game on ps2.
  3. did Sony removed this game? I can't find it. EDIT: nevermind found it with PS app.
  4. Sight beyond might glitched on me, but noone else seem to have this problem.
  5. Ugh, i guess i have to do this with a new character, i hope i can just drop the artifact for the new guy.
  6. on PS4.
  7. Anyone have trouble unlocking this? I got 50 piles as per in game challenge and still nothing.
  8. I'm going to glitch the shit out of this game.
  9. Are we appreciating Jim Ryan because he reversed a decision he made after the backlash?
  10. did you purchase the game under a different account?
  11. Castlevania collection is couple hundred bucks on Ebay lol
  12. I wonder if Sony rep would let me get a refund on Castlevania DLCs, Sony bots wont let me get a refund because I already downloaded it.
  13. NA vanilla disc version.
  14. Chapter 13 and 14 doesn't show up on the world map, I have beaten Chapter 12. I read somewhere the DLC chapters won't show up if the patch is not installed.