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  1. Yeah i agree, its a stupid trophy.
  2. I wouldn't mind TWT2 if its like virtua tennis.
  3. With the new bond game in development, im not so sure.
  4. the only way is the illegal way.
  5. I hope its either injustice 3 or a marvel fighting game.
  6. Im about to start the ps4 version, whats so bad about the online trophies?
  7. I did the trick by accident and thought it was bugged.
  8. its delisted in NA store, but DLC bundle pack is available in UK store, does any know if UK DLC pack would work with NA disc?
  9. take a break from the game is the only tip I have for you.
  10. I used a different world with everything setup and got bunch of trophies, never got flagged.
  11. whatever happened to playing video games for fun?
  12. I dont think it works with companions if thats what you are doing, I managed to get the trophy eventually from playing high level missions.
  13. you might have trouble with supremacy trophy with randoms, but its boostable.
  14. well that's just sad...