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  1. I played this on PC many years ago, I would love to play it again.
  2. all 21 trophies autopopped for me.
  3. I don't think people want to redo it because some trophies are difficult.
  4. I still have my fat and slim ps3.
  5. to the people say this remake is unnecessary, or original RE2 is better than RE2 remake so this is pointless, you are forgetting Capcom is a business, making any game is "unnecessary" they know there are people want this.
  6. Maybe extra, not sure if my internet can handle ps3 streaming.
  7. I get mine from CDkeys as well.
  8. I ran into 3 chubbies through out my platinum run, I don't think the odds are astronomical like some people say.
  9. Yeah this guy is right, I did all 3 stacks and there is no glitch that I of.
  10. can't wait for this.
  11. I still need to 100% 2 and 7, hopefully I'll get it done before it comes out.
  12. PS4 games with free upgrade is labeled on the cover.
  13. for Mastery 3 you have to start over on PS4 if you completed on PS5 unless they patched it, its quicker if you join someone's mastery 3 game.
  14. best telltale game IMO.