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  1. its hard to prove if its intentional or not, if you want to play the game, either play offline or use a different account.
  2. I don't know if you can save your progress, but can't you put the system in rest mode?
  3. is it possible to use Vaas gear for this? is it better than the gear suggested in the trophy guide?
  4. The cross gen version is extra $10 in NA, not sure if you can buy the ps4 and then upgrade, check the PSN store.
  5. Like in cold war.
  6. I think they are going for younger version of Nate and Sully because they want to start a franchise that could be 3 plus movies, if it doesn't bomb in boxoffice. I still think Chris Pratt should've been Nate.
  7. I got that reference.
  8. just hope there is no RNG bs, took me forever to get 100%.
  9. its on PS4 as well.
  10. Use the boosting session on this website to find people.
  11. you'll need to find 3 other people with specific masks, not 3 random people.
  12. Im waiting for "wHy iS tHeRe No tRoPhY gUiDe????" thread later today.
  13. vast majority of GTA players dont care for trophies, in fact most PS gamers don't play games for trophies.
  14. I doubt Bethesda even care if they dont make the sales, they got/getting their money from MS.