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  1. I enjoyed the plat, but i dont want to do the tutorials again.
  2. I hear you man, I was struggling playing with people picking up keys and not use it, I was lucky joining with bunch of randoms knew what they are doing and got the trophy.
  3. You need to do travelers chosen exotic quest, you get the ospray after doing ana brays portion of the quest.
  4. I already have PS plus, does anyone know how to work around it? EDIT: nevermind fixed it.
  5. its actually nice background theme. thx
  6. depends which seal you are after, might not be ideal to go for Wayfarer if you just started.
  7. I got most of these already, but its good for people dont have those games.
  8. Some suggested to use slo mo to practice in another thread, and it disable trophies.
  9. Good, now i can finish off the dlc.
  10. is this easier than Ninja Gaiden on NES?
  11. new and harder trophies?
  12. I think I did exotic quest for Truth, it was pretty easy.
  13. just my speculation, I don't know if they would for sure.
  14. Bungie might change the requirments for "unobtainable" trophies, they have in the past. And i dont think bungie would release d2 on ps5 with an unobtainable plat. Unless its a different trophy list.
  15. I used platinum walkthrough video guide and didnt have any problems.