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  1. now I just need to do all this on Vita and PS3.
  2. I find it alot easier to just find a partner and boost the trophies, from my experience anyway.
  3. what show is that?
  4. find someone around your rank and go to a dead server like India and trade wins.
  5. I doubt it, all challenges are tied to online.
  6. doesn't bother me, its free.
  7. So is it better to get to mastery level 20 for dubai before carryover?
  8. I hope you are not locked out of the trophy forever.
  9. I dont think you can play H1 and H2 even with physical copy until release date.
  10. if you havent sync your trophies, reformat the system.
  11. no one knows until the game is out.
  12. I want to start this soon, I hope people are not using this exploit.
  13. it was uploaded march and april 2020.
  14. got it using your method, thanks alot.