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  1. next week.
  2. I think it might have something to do with Marvel's license with Capcom.
  3. I picked the desert stage ( dont remember what its called) and I just keep dashing, AI wont be able to keep up with you.
  4. something similar happened to me, got it going in an hour.
  5. glad I didnt buy Heavy Rain.
  6. what is with the toxic cancerous posts lately?
  7. my backlog is crazier than yours, probably take me the half a day to list them. lol
  8. most people don't play games for trophies, I can't even believe you rant about this.
  9. thumbstick shooter? could be fun.
  10. I would be more concern if trophies don't sync after official release date.
  11. it disable trophies.
  12. 4/10 in my opinion, depends if you have a good team, crown trophies are time consuming.
  13. bought lego marvel superheroes 2, thanks op
  14. how do you know its a terrible game? Is it because it involve baking?
  15. the kind of parents with no idea what the game is like, "Oooh Super kids racing, my kid would love this!"