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  1. all games are subjective, unfortunately this game is divisive.
  2. I wish I get paid to post my opinions on the internet.
  3. did you read any reviews online? you might find your answer there, I don't have the game so I cant judge, but I usually stay away from online only games.
  4. its 1 hit per form, some bosses have different forms per fight.
  5. Akumu is not Classic, you dont need to complete Akumu mode for plat, and yes you need to finish the game once to unlock classic mode.
  6. I would say maybe 2/10. Some bosses could still instant kill you.
  7. yeah you get cheats from beginning, just need to sign up a Bethesda account.
  8. no Far Cry 5 season pass? weird.
  9. at least do a fire sale before they take them off.
  10. you are not meant to upgrade everything in a single playthrough, you have to play new game+ to upgrade everything.
  11. bought Super Kids Racing, for $1 I still feel ripped off.
  12. Wolfenstein is also a Bethesda game, so who knows?
  13. just picked up this game for $6 from Ebgames, might give it a go now.
  14. probably Treyarch empolyees were testing the game.
  15. I think I'll keep my username, thanks for trying.