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  1. Cant you just upload this pic as your own avatar? I know only your friends can see it but whatever. lol
  2. Yongyea had the game for a few weeks before release date.
  3. Im going to file a complain too, I want Final Fantasy 11 for PS2 back online.
  4. anyone have a problem with lagging or stuttering throughout the game even in campaign?
  5. I wouldnt say its easier, the new seals are pretty grindy, and the old seals are the same.
  6. so glad I bought a 4TB harddrive last month.
  7. they probably got tired of people complaining about big league trophy, so they didnt bother to put MP trophies... kidding kidding...
  8. PSNprofiles should update the trophy description.
  9. I just got the trophy, I started a fresh character, played Cosmodrome, go to tower, talk to a few NPC until you talk to Shaxx and just follow the quest.
  10. this worked for me, thank you.
  11. my level 17 Warlock autopoppped, I couldnt unlock trophy for my hunter tho.
  12. yeah its automatic, the black armory was open. Not sure what its like now that Shadowkeep is out.
  13. thats good so I don't have to play the other classes.
  14. new patch is now live, we'll see soon.
  15. Annual pass is free right now if you own Forsaken.