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  1. Legacy DLCs is not included in physical version, if you own H1 legacy missions you can get access in H2, as far as I know, please correct me if Im wrong.
  2. I dont think the mobile version of PvZ was ever on disc.
  3. yes usually doesnt work like that, but AC Brotherhood, revelations HK dlc works with any version, I thought there might be a chance it would work. EDIT: ok nevermind, the bundle comes with the main game, thanks guys.
  4. kind of a stupid question but does anyone know if the EU dlc bundle works with NA disc?
  5. this would help me out, how much time did you spend on this?
  6. PSNP forums is getting more and more toxic over the years, like who cares if someone decide to stop trophy hunting, its their decision.
  7. I helped someone out couple days ago, it still works.
  8. it shouldnt be too bad boosting it now the server is pretty much dead.
  9. do you need online to do this? I probably wont get the game for awhile.
  10. I dont have good internet, but thank you.
  11. hey dont laugh, I find peasant knight difficult.
  12. I might pick up couple games, overall its not a great sale.
  13. I started trophy hunting before PSNP was around, so it wouldnt impact me much if PSNP suddenly vanish, playstationtrophies.org is still around.
  14. video gaming is a hobby IMO, and most hobbies are a waste of time, if you are enjoying yourself, who cares?