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  1. I've played this for SNES, no continue trophies might be difficult.
  2. thanks for the guide.
  3. probably one of the worst game on PS4, like Superman 64 bad.
  4. patches cost time and money, I'd surprised if they fix this.
  5. but people will complain they can't play online, its not like it never happen before.
  6. well its free right now so I think its worth it.
  7. most Ratalaika games have less than 20 trophies, so I doubt it.
  8. the trophy is really weird, I rang the bell during and after the raid and never popped, then I baited a pillager to the village and rang the bell, the trophy popped.
  9. thanks man, might get the game at some point.
  10. the thing that worries me is everytime I load up hitman 2, the new dlc list pop back up, I'l have to test it.
  11. another weird thing is the new dlc list is on my profile, I havent download the dlc yet, so does that mean people never purchase the new dlc will have this list stuck to their profile as long as they own hitman 2? I guess those trophies would be on my profile no matter what, it just weird to me. lol
  12. whats the deal? Sony wont allow IO to add more trophies to hitman 2?
  13. There are new trophies.
  14. the trophy guide I can't find is Hantu port DLC, but its pretty straight forward anyway, you can always youtube specific trophy.
  15. thats weird, I did blke challenge first, and trophy pop after 9 timed challenges.