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  1. Ranger hardcore difficulty could be difficult.
  2. Im just not excited for it, its like a bad movie I dont care much for.
  3. this season was just meh to me, dont really care about it other than getting the trophies.
  4. Xenosaga Trilogy.
  5. I kinda figured you can use blue herb, could you imagine you get poisoned and cant use poison to cure yourself?
  6. wait for Nemesis in RE3 remake, he will give you nightmares.
  7. Just finished Leon A, I didnt have trouble unlocking the trophy.
  8. I wonder if they will release dlc, like Ada side story or something.
  9. thanks for this.
  10. I dont want to play zen pinball 2, my brother installed zen 1 and earned a few trophies, since zen dlc1 is not available anymore, my question is can I download zen 2 dlcs and play it on zen 1?
  11. Im curious about this too.
  12. regular ps4.
  13. I'll consider getting one when its $20.
  14. gonna start this soon, I hope you can help me out after Christmas.
  15. this thread got toxic quick, sucks for the people worked for it, and this won't be the last time something like this happen.