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  1. the easiest part to get it is where you get the sledgehammer, you just need to be quick, back up your save file just in case you are not quick enough.
  2. you don't know jack DLC for ps3 is delisted.
  3. if its available in PS store, should be also available on ps3.
  4. I will give it a go, thank you.
  5. its about damn time.
  6. I did follow the guide, no trophy, does anyone know UK and US version share the same trophy list?
  7. I didnt have any issue with Japanese version, UK digital version glitched on me, which version did you play?
  8. nice! its not bi-monthly release.
  9. what? another one?
  10. thats very nice of you, might pick up the game now lol
  11. any sale is good I guess, nothing for me tho.
  12. looks like Super Mario World.
  13. I used a turbo controller for King of Fighters XII and left it on overnight. I think I needed to play 1200 online matches.
  14. I'm all over this, loved word search when I was a kid.