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  1. Im still having issue with this, is this fixed? I see people getting the trophy.
  2. people can do whatever they want after they purchased the game, dont tell people what to do, if you have an issue with cheats in the game, take it up with Square Enix.
  3. it depends on the level of censorship, I dont get outrage over siren's mini skirt, I get outrage when a communist country block out real news from other countries.
  4. these minor edits dont bother me, I wouldnt even notice it if people didnt point it out.
  5. Playstation Access was playing this last week.
  6. I remember I used Selphie's The End to defeat Omega Weapon lol
  7. love these Zelda clones, enjoyed 3d dot as well.
  8. well its either this or Mein leben difficulty... just kidding.
  9. nice surpirse, but I probably going to pass on this one, I don't really want to spend another 500 hours.
  10. I heard its coming out on switch, didnt think its out for ps4, definitely a surprise.
  11. the thing is, we dont know if you intentionally unlock the trophy or not.
  12. oh here we go again...
  13. I've played this for SNES, no continue trophies might be difficult.
  14. thanks for the guide.
  15. probably one of the worst game on PS4, like Superman 64 bad.