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  1. they probably earned the achievement by beating Levi on prestiage on PC and load the profile on PS4 and popped the trophy.
  2. yeah its really hard with randoms dont know what to do and not communicating, probably better if you just find a group of 8 people here.
  3. whats the best boosting method with the latest patch?
  4. yes, lets spend money to patch the game or reopen the server for the few people want to unlock some trophies. 🙄
  5. is this game cross buy?
  6. there is no way to unlock it on both consoles, hopefully they patch it.
  7. yeah the name of the game sounds like a literal translation of a Japanese title or something.
  8. just close this thread, this argument happens everytime a easy platinum game comes out.
  9. So Sony can sell more fast platinums games to trophy hunters like us? Its no different than buy 2 chickens and get the 3rd 50% off at supermarket.
  10. who cares, let people do what they want and move on with your life.
  11. as long as I dont have to do all the tutorials again, Im happy.
  12. I hope it auto pops tutorial trophies, I dont want to do them again.
  13. I never got enough light to play GM, nevermind finishing it.
  14. they changed requirements on trophies before, they might do it again.
  15. buying but wont be getting it till mid 2021.
  16. if there is an option I would choose rectangle banner, but its not really a big deal to me.
  17. all I really want to know is if ps4 and ps5 version have separate list of trophies, that will determine if I should get the upgrade or not.
  18. doesn't look great but it also doesn't ruin my gaming experience.
  19. weird, I didnt have trouble unlocking it, I thought it was fixed.
  20. there is no shortcut or glitches, just need to keep practicing, practice a section of the moves and get the timing right.
  21. well thats good news, all my ps3 controllers are junky and doesnt work properly.
  22. I enjoyed the plat, but i dont want to do the tutorials again.
  23. I hear you man, I was struggling playing with people picking up keys and not use it, I was lucky joining with bunch of randoms knew what they are doing and got the trophy.
  24. You need to do travelers chosen exotic quest, you get the ospray after doing ana brays portion of the quest.
  25. I already have PS plus, does anyone know how to work around it? EDIT: nevermind fixed it.