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  1. I got them on PS3 so probably not, unfortunately, unless I photo the screen? It will come out really bad though...
  2. Right, just gonna jump straight in here. Somehow, suddenly, my platinum trophies for Ratchet Gladiator/Deadlocked and [PROTOTYPE] have both gone from my PSN account! I know for a fact I platinumed both, I did Gladiator just recently after much procrastinating and I remember raging a LOT at [PROTOTYPE]s side quests and collectables. In fact, [PROTOTYPE] is the worst one as that one's also gone right down to 48%! I only noticed this just now, after using my new Vita a lot so I'm worried the Vita might've somehow messed them up. I always do a trophy synch on whatever console I'm using as soon as I get a new trophy to ensure it gets properly added to my account so that's not the issue. It's saying the same thing on both the Vita and this site so it's not like the list on the device itself hasn't updated or anything, I also did [PROTOTYPE] a LONG time ago. I'm really confused and annoyed now...
  3. If you published it, it will stay with your PSN account, not your profile/save file because when you upload a level, you're uploading it to an online server, a bit like a public cloud.
  4. Just finished acing and getting all items in the DC Comics Premium Level Pack on LBP2. 2 trophies left for it but meh... Can't be bothered after almost ragequitting while trying to ace the Lex Luthor boss. Enough stress for now.

    1. STFUxDxD


      Take a break and try again later. You'll get it.

  5. Honestly, I don't really see why you should need a reason to do what you do in this game anyway. There were lots of games like it before (mostly indie games) that had little to no plot or reasoning to them, you just went around killing stuff. Besides which, bloodlust is a primal instinct all humans have, it's just a matter of controlling it and only directing it towards things that aren't real (TV, movies and games) to avoid harming any innocent beings, human or not, unless you're killing animals for food or warmth (like, say, you're stuck on a mountain, as far as the warmth part goes). It's a remnant of those days when we would go out hunting and killing anyone who trespassed on our territory to survive. It's only controversial because modern day man has the crazy idea that all death is wrong no matter what when it's only natures way of keeping the planet from becoming overpopulated (no offence to anyone who has lost a loved one) and in medias case, a safe way to satisfy our natural bloodlust.
  6. Prototype? Anyone? No? Ok, I'll just show myself out then.
  7. Heh, actually, I just put my three most recent platinums. They just happened to be three of my favourite PS3 games/game series. lol Anyway, you seem to like JRPGs and games with anime-style visuals in general.
  8. Assassins Creed (1). I bought it but I still haven't gotten around to actually playing it yet. I have several games without trophy support that I have played a lot (namely: SoulCalibur IV, Enchanted Arms, Heavenly Sword, Sonic '06, Golden Axe Beast Rider (I believe, can't remember now), Ratchet & Clank Tools of Destruction (my personal favourite from the Future series) Ratchet & Clank Quest for Booty and various PS1 classics) too but that's not what this post is about.
  9. Enjoys his Tactical Espionage Action.
  10. As everyone else said, the same reason FIFA games are still "made" (reskinned, barely) every year. Mindless sheep will buy them because they're about their favourite sport or popular therefore cool, they don't care about the fact it's just the same game every year or whether it's actually a good or enjoyable game, they'll just throw last years away every time. I'm also against these kinds of sports games that just get reskinned every year because it leaves the shops with hundreds of copies of last years edition that they can't shift. It's so bad, most shops here won't even accept any that were released before the current year as trade-ins or being sold to them.
  11. You seem to like the more realistic games (ignoring that Katamari trophy there. lol)
  12. Looks like this guy likes his gorey games.
  13. Ok, he hasn't got a trophy cabinet yet so I'll use his trophy list to say that he seems to enjoy shooters and action games mainly.
  14. Yeah, exactly.