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  1. I got the stage one theme & avatar today looks good.
  2. Maybe getting the other players to fold is not counting. Maybe needs to actually beat a player head to head with winning hand
  3. Fast travel map is on the back of arthers lodging opposite side to his bed
  4. This is a guess but As this is linked to herbs did you know when cooking press left or right on d pad to add herbs to the meat? Maybe that counts
  5. Got to a hotal an take a bath Make sure you pay for assistance! i ended up with $60 bounty oh an i lost my hat. Damn The game is as much fun as you make it. Do you need a guide to have fun!!!
  6. This is a small tip that i dont think was mentioned. Always try leave 1 zombie at the end of each round so you can buy the stuff you need like perks and weapons and give you chance explore the map so you know were things are without a hord of zombies breathing down your neck.
  7. 5 consecutive matches didnt work for me either.
  8. I got this trophy last night. All i played was team deathmatch. played 50 games an won 32 no trophy. The trophy popped about 3 matchs later when my team lost. Just wanted to point out i never got in winners circle once. So you only have to be on the winning team Hope this helps anyone going for this glitched trophy.
  9. personally for me gta v the best on ps3 there are other good games but after playing gta v the rest look old
  10. worst game i've ever played is metal gear: revenagence utter trash
  11. grand theft auto v
  12. i voted cod didnt like the last battlefield game. but no one will really know until there both released then it all comes dont to preference
  13. a uk news paper state's nov 21st
  14. stupid question but how does the cloud thing work. was going to get rid my ps3 and games to get the new console but is it worth keeping hold of my fav games ???