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  1. Ah crap.... some of my favourite series are from Bethesda Although if this means no more support for the PS version of Fallout 76 I could probs convince myself this is a good thing
  2. The legacy pack is used in Hitman 2 not Hitman. Thats just the way you redeem it
  3. I'm close to finishing up Hitman 2 and as much as I've loved it it's been a hell of a slog so I kinda hope not. It'll be a few years before I pick up Hitman 3 if this is the case
  4. Its MW3 because its already been made apparently we've just gotta wait for Activision to pull the trigger and release it. Supposedly the whole trilogy was remastered and the schedule was to release them all before the reboot but just as they were gonna release MW2 there was a shooting so it was quietly delayed I've yet to play the remaster of 2 but MW3 is the one I'm really looking forward to as I didn't play the original
  5. I was lining up my 3rd stack as plat #300 but I might have to change plans now. If there's any chance at all it'll share a list I'd rather keep it for the PS5. I'm super excited for the load times more than anything else, they can be painful at times. The PS4 skyrim experience was vastly improved with the faster load times
  6. Lightning returns : Final Fantasy XIII was changed because somebody didn't like it I'm not fussed but it has been done before to make things more consistent
  7. Apologies if this has already been answered but does anyone know if the physical edition of the trilogy contains all 3 games on disc?
  8. Unfortunately this isn't the case either. The expansion pass is 4 maps, the 3 packs in the additional expansions trophy list and the final DLC pack from the original list, DLC trophy pack 15, Singapore
  9. No, thats just access to the legacy maps which is DLC packs 8 through 14
  10. The Free starter pack only has Hawkes Bay in it, the rest of the "base game" isn't included. So going by the trophy list you'd be missing DLC packs 2 through 7. your best option is the gold edition
  11. Unlikely, the "always on" thing was in the first one and that wasn't turned off when Hitman 2 came along Thats not to say they never will but I don't think the whole thing will be canned by January when Hitman 3 launches
  12. I'll have to keep an eye out on the announcement for the co-op closure. I'm currently on a break from the game after completing all the legacy maps. Might have to go back to it sooner rather than later
  13. You have 33 hidden trophies and Ratchet 3 is 33 trophies. Check your trophy list, unhide the game, earn any trophy and sync here and it should appear.
  14. I used to play a lot of Lego games with my wife as P2. She got the Plat on Lego Avengers and Lego Batman 3 She didn't get the Plat on Jurassic World, Dimensions or Force Awakens I don't think they can keep track of P2 completion. Avengers and Batman work because they replaced all the "collect/complete all X" trophies with the witness the 100% stud fountain trophy. If there are any other Lego lists with the stud fountain trophy I bet P2 could get the Plat too
  15. Why the hell am I in a server queue to play the modern warfare campaign? The Campaign!!! This was after the aborted attempt at starting it 2 weeks ago when I put it on to discover the campaign isn't even on the disc and required a 20gb download.....