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  1. I expect the Gollum game when it shows to be banned in Turkey for the same reason. Erdoğan actually got a guy arrested for saying he looked like him 🤣
  2. I rented a few things way back, 99p rental offers that they did for a while. Never bought anything though HBO sells everything to sky, pretty much everything they've made is on now tv, they will most likely be waiting on all those licences expiring first otherwise they wouldn't have much to launch with. Sky is done though when they pull the plug 🤣
  3. Hey, I've just started using psnp+ the last few days so now I'm probably gonna start using platprices over psprices now due to the upcoming integration. Just browsing so far, looks nice. I see that there's a library section, any chance you'd be able to implement linking our PSN account to the site in someway to populate this list automatically? Apologies if this already been asked/answered. I love the option to hide already owned games when browsing but I have coming up to a 1000 titles 🤣
  4. I just started being able to use this with the kiwi browser on mobile and I love it. The game lists is fantastic and the upcoming integration with plat prices looks great. Such a shame that the official support of the website seems to have gone by the wayside recently but you've done some really great work. Thanks 👏 Is stats something that would be possible to work on eventually? I've always found the stats here distinctly lacking. Great, I've earned this many trophies on a Wednesday....🙄 Most trophies/plats in a day, week, month, year. Trophy streaks. Completion % Broken down by platform, genre. Thats some info that'd be pretty nice to see Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing what else you come up with 👍
  5. I hope there's still an upgrade option that isn't just buying the PS5 version. I'd rather play the 5 version and I'd pay £10-15 to upgrade from the version from plus. That's if its true if course. I wonder if the delay is due to ironing out these details
  6. IGN is running with a story that FFVII remake is still coming to plus in march but a listing on the Japanese playstation store shows that this version will not be eligible for the free upgrade If true, i hope you can pay for an upgrade in this scenario, I'd rather play the PS5 version if the upgrade is say £10-15
  7. Its the other way around. They said factions was coming and that there were no plans for any new SP DLC Granted the article is 9months old but there hasn't been anything to the contrary since
  8. How is that a stupid excuse to not buy the game? I like playing these games couch co-op, it doesn't have couch co-op 🤷‍♂️ I'm sure it is a great game that's why I'm disappointed.
  9. No couch co-op was a bridge too far unfortunately, looks like a purchase for me might be a bridge too far too. Shame
  10. Finally someone who gets it. Thankfully I don't need them now 🙏 but there was a time where I couldn't finish games because I was stuck on a button mashing qte and accessibility options like hold to tap weren't a thing yet
  11. Its the into the spiderverse suit, I didn't realise it was a mod and not the actual suit until someone pointed it out. I thought it had broken the game as I was stuck with the effect regardless of what suit I was using 🤣
  12. Yeah it was delisted a good while back. It was pretty expensive so I was waiting on a sale and boom it was gone so I missed it too. I don't think they even announced it and there isn't a complete edition on disc
  13. I'm also interested to know this as I don't actually own the game anymore as I sold it. I can see in the store there's download listed as free for both games so I guess i don't but some clarification would be nice
  14. Isn't there an option where you can hide your position on the map from other players? They'd need to actually see you in game. So if someone is giving you shit you can just fast travel somewhere and they won't be able to follow. Or am I remembering a different game?