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  1. Its the same as they've always been really, story -> freeplay-> map clean up. The problem, for me anyway, is that the map clean up is now the largest part of the game. The clean up on lego games now is insane really. The Platinums are always easy, its just a huge collectathon. I follow guides but you can do them without as they have red brick "cheats" that show you where everything is for the most part
  2. That's the PS5s compression software at work. It's crazy how much smaller PS5 versions can be compared to the PS4. On the PS5 version, did you load up the creation club and download all? One way to check if you bought it for the PS5 version is to follow the upgrade path from within the game. I'm pretty sure the upgrade is eligible for both versions anyway, its just the store description is wrong. If your still having issues it sounds like the switch from physical to digital is confusing it from a licencing standpoint
  3. Godfall looks Shiny so I may give that a go, i hear its also pretty bland and boring so maybe not. Mortal Shell doesn't look like the Soulslike to pop my soulslike cherry either and I've already done DC Villains so 1/3 possibly for me
  4. Dont worry, we all did 🤣 The RNG required to get all your tasks from advisors to be perfect and get the money rolling in to actually be able to do anything makes save scumming the only way to do it. Anybody who didn't is either lying or has the luck of the irish
  5. Unless you love it, I'd say no. I did it and didn't love the game so the whole experience was just a soulless grind to me. I started it years before without caring about the trophies, it was okay but I dropped it because I just wasn't fussed. Came back to it years later because trophies 🤷‍♂️ that's it. I like the idea of complete series of numbered entry final fantasy plats so I just wanted it doing. The enjoyment I got from it was finishing and getting the Platinum. Getting another old game up to 100% That was it really. Which was fine with all the other old crap I've finished up, they only took hours or days. This took months. I kinda felt shitty about it as well considering how much love the devs have put into it to turn it around after its car crash start. How much love for it actual fans have for it and there was me just phoning it in whilst watching TV. Letting my sub lapse and resubbing once my leves had built up whilst I was away to make it as cheap as possible. Churning out the same leves, the same FATES, the simplest crafting items, the same gathering points... just as efficient as possible. I'm glad the PS5 version got a different, much more hardcore trophy list so the real fans got a list they deserved and I wasn't able to just log in and autopop it 🤣 TL;DR unless you love the game, no
  6. I also had this bug, would crash the game when attempting to return to the Blue Palace. On the 5th attempt it just worked 🤷‍♂️ Oh Bethesda 🤪
  7. I would also like to know this, the season pass is on sale and I'd probably pull the trigger and start this before long if its done and dusted
  8. Synthesis is made the canon ending, pre ME2 Shepard returns and is now stuck in a nightmare where machines are no longer the enemy. He's the villain and the game is just one long intervention
  9. Disappointing, I play a lot of their output and if they don't come to PlayStation I'll never play them. I'm both not surprised, they spent big bucks on it, and surprised because they are leaving a huge amount of money on the table if they don't release them at some point, even years down the line. What surprises me more though is that there is just nothing else like The Elder Scrolls/Fallout out there. Like none. The Outer Worlds which Microsoft also bought 🤦‍♂️ You'd think a series as wildly successful as The Elder Scrolls would inspire clones the world over
  10. Basically yes, I had to run my console 8hours overnight for weeks for it to go 🤦‍♂️
  11. As much as I love Skyrim, I'm one of those that's bought it 3 times and I'm playing it right now, I'm with you here. Just a straight port would be enough tbh, the Fallout titles ran so poorly on PS3 a version that just works at all would be incredible
  12. Perfectly understandable. My 4yr old could have done a better job of explaining it than Bethesda 🤣
  13. You don't have to, the upgrade to the ps5 is free. You can plat the game again without paying anything extra. The £16 is just for some extra bits
  14. Its the same thing but its not clear. To be safe, launch the ps5 version. On the menu press Square to be taken to the page to buy it. Open the creation club and download. You're good to go This is courtesy of @ImAPirateSoSueMe btw. I was also not sure of this
  15. No, the upgrade is £16 if you have the special edition. The store description for the upgrade says PS4 but I'm pretty sure its both. What I did was launch the PS5 special edition, then on the main menu you can upgrade to the anniversary edition by pressing square. It takes you to the same item, they just haven't labelled it correctly.