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  1. Just discovered something about the PS5 that is going to drive me crazy unless I'm missing something. Deleted a game as I'd finished it and its icon doesn't leave the "xmb" or whatever its called this time around. Is this normal? Anyone found a solution to it?

  2. Yeah if you read the article its not banning players for redeeming the ps plus collection without a PS5 in the hope of forcing people to buy a PS5. Sounds like its an automated process to stop hacking, what else is the system supposed to do when theres that many logins coming from the same machine?
  3. Platinum #303 - Resident Evil 3. Never played the original and after the excellent remake of 2 I was very much looking forward to this. It was a little bit disappointing if I'm honest but it was okay.


    I'd always thought the series got a little bit ridiculous with 5 but I'm wondering if it was this one. Its always bugged me how these games start with zombies and end with massively tentacled blob things that somehow bust out of bodies that were way too small to fit it all in.


    So yeah, kinda a spoiler I guess but nemesis turns from this actually kinda terrifying killing machine into an inside out kraken with that little mouth from Alien 🤷‍♂️ ridiculous 


    The first half of the game is actually pretty good. Classic fare of barely enough room to move and zombies trying to eat you. Nemesis shows up and I'm thinking he's like Mr X but he can grab you with a tentacle or full on jump right in front of you, Pretty gnarly but its totally gone by the time he turns into his dog form 🙄


    The Platinum is again pretty easy. I ponied up the money for the upgrades without grinding it out but i suspect it didnt actually make it easier, just quicker. I was expecting a horrifying time with the final boss on inferno after reading peoples experiences with it but it only took me 3 tries. The hardest part by far is the trip to the first item box on inferno, that took me 10-15 attempts. One chomp and you are gone, very little room to get off a perfect dodge and you have a pistol with 5 rounds instead of your trusty infinite rocket launcher 🤣


    I'm not confident 4 was as good as I remember it being but I'll give it a shot when the remake shows 

  4. I didn't bother with a TV that supported hdmi 2.1, for me the PS5/4k TV combo was expensive enough without doubling the price for something that I might not even use that often. Maybe in the future if and when the technology becomes more affordable
  5. I agree, they should have made it clear from the very beginning that there'd be 1 PS5 game a month if that's what it turns out to be. They've always been oddly vague about this kind of stuff though for some reason. I'll pass on worms but maybe next month 👍
  6. I'm not sure, possibly 2? I mean the image I'm seeing says ps5 but that could mean backwards compatible with the 5 I suppose 🤷‍♂️ If it is though, there's a chance we're looking at 1 a month
  7. I mean personally the games aren't for me but a PS5 game on plus again IS a positive sign. Bugsnax on release then news of destructions all-stars in Feb was it? Was anybody expecting PS5 games every month? The PS4 skipped Decembers plus update when that launched
  8. None for me I don't think but another PS5 title this early is a positive sign
  9. God I hope not
  10. Gold edition. You can get it on disc but I think the extra content is a code so you couldn't buy preowned. The three sniper maps have MP trophies, DLC 7 Himmelstein and DLC 15 Singapore from the base list, then DLC 2 Siberia from the additional expansion
  11. I took the chance after your last message and mine is working great too. Back port for me as well despite theories out there that its those that cause the problem
  12. There's a hell of a lot in RDR2 that could be repurposed to make a total remake a bit easier so it could be possible i guess? New Austin is already there. A remake/remaster hybrid so to speak? If anything was this the plan all along? The whole New Austin area is pretty redundant in RDR2 as far as I can tell, just filler to pad out the endgame
  13. Platinum #302 - Astro's Playroom. First PS5 platinum, of course it was. Does anybody have anything else for a first PS5 plat?


    Surprisingly fun and a great showcase for the new system. Completely lost track of time playing it so it must have been. Lots of fun PlayStation history to enjoy and a tonne of peripherals you didn't know existed lol


    Exceptionally easy trophies, 1 mildly difficult speed run trophy from the "DLC" but I was terrible at the monkey climbing and still got it done pretty easily

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    2. snakebit10


      Congratulations. I have seen on Twitter people posting other games as their first platinum on PS5. Some have posted Miles Morales and Demon's Souls as their first plat on PS5. Mine will be Astro once I get a hold of a PS5.

    3. Cleggworth


      Thanks, yeah fun little game. I hope people don't skip on it because its a pack in game. Back to PS4 stuff for me but I'll be picking up Miles Morales before long

    4. ihadalifeb4this
  14. That always happens when there's an update to the privacy settings too. What annoyed me a little bit was the way it asks you. Instead of just asking you what you want to share you've got to say you are "open and approachable" or something similar. Bit weird
  15. It plugged in via a port on the front or the back? Read a thread somewhere and the consensus seemed to be the back ports were a no go but the front was okay