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  1. Totally in motion you need to win each scenario. We have a winner you could cheat and complete the same one 5 times by reloading it just before you won. It might have been patched out though as its been a while since I did it
  2. Platinum #342 - Titanfall 2. Really enjoyed this, once I got past the Gauntlet 🤣 I'm a fan of FPS games where the trophy lists basically ignore the MP. I have MW2 remastered already but I'd really appreciate any other suggestions as I had a lot of fun with this.


    Against my better judgement I'm starting Avengers next 🤦‍♂️ I have a 7yr old nephew thats taken to gaming and trophies in a big way the last few weeks so he wanted to play that together

  3. So I've just been skimming these to keep engaged with it and they are just great. I'm finding a bit more time to give them the proper read that they deserve and I'm thinking right where did I get to 🤔 I'll just start at the beginning, you've organised it pretty nicely into batches. I can find them easily. It's ummm..... evolved pretty drastically from batch 1 hasn't it 🤣 Those earlier reviews could almost do with a remaster!
  4. I saw the article but didn't bother reading it. I find the same people who have this opinion strongly correlates with those that have "It's Gin O'Clock" doormats. Their opinion is invalid
  5. You are talking about the trophies though here surely? Enjoy the games man. Yeah rift apart was an easy platinum but it was a really good game. Fingers crossed these are too. As for me, I quite enjoyed it. Lots to play i think
  6. It was a few hours overdue status gods 😒 but thanks anyway. 33.20. Right I can get on and enjoy the game now 

  7. Looking like 'Become the Master' on Titanfall 2 is beyond me. Best time is 34.2 and I just cannot maintain the flow to get it any lower. Just dreadful at the consistency as well.


    (Status gods hear my plea)

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    2. zizimonster


      Since you were able to obtain Best of the Best :silver: and Mile High Club :silver: in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, I think you will achieve this. :D

    3. totakos1


      You can do it, you only need 1 good run!

    4. Cleggworth


      They didn't hear me!! Another hour wasted, aaargh!

  8. Been on my "To Play" list for a long time and it just got to the top. Popped the MP trophies in the space of a few minutes. Private match and quit out as soon as I killed a bot. The multiplayer network trophy popped once I quit the multiplayer and loaded it back up
  9. I'm playing the dlc at the moment and it is better than when the game released. Its not great, it still has its problems but the inclusion of actual npcs has made a world of difference. There's a few quality of life additions as well that have just made it more playable. If you are playing in co-op with friends I imagine it'd be fun regardless What I can't comment on is what the base game questline is like these days. When I played it everything ended with a robot or a tape it was weird. Have they tweaked it to put people in? I don't know but you can start the DLC quest lines once you reach lvl20 so you could mix it all in and it won't seem as bad. I'd be interested to know what its like for a new player. In terms of trophies I imagine its a lot easier these days, the grind won't be as bad as there is more to do and the scorchbeast queen is trivial these days with the amount of high level players that'll just show up and melt her face off for you.
  10. Its an issue apparently My 7yr old nephew finally talked his dad into setting up a psn account for him and it did the same thing. Asks for a new password then permanently suspends it. He's gutted because unless it can be resolved he's lost his Spider-Man platinum
  11. I just bought this. The game has been on my to buy list forever but the DLC was just eye wateringly expensive and coming down so slowly. All that DLC and the base game for £25 is pretty good I think
  12. PSN is down, booted from a game because the licence can't be verified. Booooo 😒

    1. MidnightDragon


      Checking online, Amazon Web Services is saying they're working on an issue with their west coast maybe that's why?

  13. The trophies are entirely story related, finish the game = get the plat
  14. Very good first impression, classic combination of intriguing world with notes leading you through the story. Its not a unique premise but it was done well. The further you get into the game though the environments became more generic. A world that was a cool mix of The Metro series and Bioshock was now just *shrug. The conversations you have over the radio were pretty bland and I just thought Firewatch did this better. The movement is kinda clunky and stuff like climbing up ladders is really jarring. There's a particular mechanic the game starts using to explain the story that didn't make sense either and it just started to lose me. Having said that, I enjoyed it. It was exactly what I wanted, an interesting story that was over in 2 hours I could plod through to relax in the gaps between hanging out with a hyper 3yr old way over due going back to school. I'll say play it, but perhaps hold off on a deeper sale as it came in as a B-level experience compared to most of the other games mentioned here
  15. I played Observer recently I didn't love it but it has a lot of similarities to SOMA so you might like that. Relaxing it is not though.... creepy as hell I played another recently called Paradise Lost which was pretty atmospheric, set in huge abandoned bunker. Tacoma was another I played a few weeks back which I've not seen mentioned. Made by the Gone Home devs. Its set on an abandoned space station and you have to figure out what happened so you may like that too. I'm on a bit of a binge with walking sims and puzzle games at the moment. I just started Observation which is fantastic so far and I have Stories Untold and The Town of Light to get to. I've always enjoyed the genre as they are pretty relaxing and you can put it on and enjoy a story for a few hours then move on.