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  1. I have an 11 month old and I still play and trophy hunt. You play less of course but don't change your habits too much or you are gonna go mental. as @ProfBambam55 says they sleep a lot, honestly looking back I don't know how we struggled so much at first because it's literally all they do. My biggest advice would be teach them to sleep by themselves. They aren't going to like it at first and it's hard work but they benefit without you being the crutch to them sleeping plus you get loads of free time. The way my daughter sleeps at the moment I get about 6 hours a day to play if I want which is more than enough tbh
  2. If I'm remembering rightly I actually used beserk intentionally. I tried the reverse method and never got it to work. Bubble belt your tank and chug some Bacchus wine and leave them to it. Just keep them decoyed, beserked and healthy. Keep your other characters out of range and protected against beserk and you should be good to go. I used this method for pretty much everything tbh
  3. My dad put new guitar parts up on eBay many years ago and was asked by fender to remove them as he wasn't an authorised dealer. It's one of those things they can legally do but nobody really does. I always list things as "used like new" now and say it's sealed/new in the description
  4. My PS4 is refusing to sign into PSN and giving me an error code that's not listed on the PlayStation website. Wtf? It's not my primary console either so I can't do anything

    1. Cleggworth


      np-40833-8 incase anybody has a solution. A quick Google brought up others with the issue but no solution

  5. Can you play tearaway unfolded using the analog sticks or is it all motion controlled?

    1. BakkerJ


      It’s mostly with the analog sticks and you must use motion control a couple of times.

    2. Cleggworth


      Cheers. I started it up and I I couldn't move apart from the light thing so I thought I'd turn it off and find out before I got a trophy

  6. The trophy guide over on has a note that some people have reported if the dlc is installed it counts towards the in game 100% for the base game. Can't say it would make much difference if you are going for the 100% trophy wise though
  7. Was hoping to start Last Mission today on ffx-2 but my vita won't turn on. I've had issues with it charging for a while. I've ordered a replacement cable in case it's that but I'm pretty sure it's dead 😥

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    2. Cleggworth


      Nothing happens when I plug it into the wall using a variety of plugs but when it's plugged into my PS4 the light slowly flashes orange. If I turn it on then it powers up but it's barely charged and dies after a few seconds

    3. DamagingRob


      Hmm.. Well, it could be the cable, but I'm not sure. A flashing orange light would mean it's charging, but very low on energy. Once it turns solid, it's supposed to be safe to turn on. Weird that you only see that when it's plugged into the PS4, though.. 

    4. N3xmach-ina


      Maybe your usb cable is ok, its the ac power cable adapter that is broken. Or battery isn't storing charge cause its dead. Battery can , do not hold charge well after awhile. 

  8. Platinum #222 - Ys Memories of Celceta. Took me a while to get into. I stopped and left it for months. Twice. This time though I really got into it. Wasn't fussed on the story but the gameplay, the item collection and grinding aspects were perfect for what I needed from a game right now. If anyone has any suggestions for similar games on the vita it'd be greatly appreciated

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    2. Kale


      congratulations !!!

    3. Squirlruler



    4. Dragon-Archon


      Congrats :yay: . As for suggestions: Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana, the story and soundtrack are much, much better than Celceta. Item collection, exploring, and grinding is about the same.

  9. So I've got to the point of no return on Ys memories of celceta and I'm at 99.7% map completion when the final area supposedly gives 0.2% *sigh* can't see any obvious area's I've missed either

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    2. Cleggworth


      I'm missing four chests. I'm guessing it's too much to ask the last .1% is going to be home to 4 chests and a bunch of resource points....

    3. Dr_Mayus


      Have fun :)


      I remember just having to go to each edge of the game as you saw a little you need.

    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Just edge hugging. 

      Just edge hugging.

  10. Mine was bugged too. Both popped at the same time when I crafted my 20th weapon. I only had 14 outfits
  11. All the other Lego games that got DLC had a season pass announced before the game came out so unless this one does I'd say it's unlikely
  12. It's a common glitch And there's more threads with people reporting the same issue too. A flag for this would never stick
  13. I had this happen on the PS3 version. Stats showed I was missing a comic but they were all in my bag and no comics appeared where they should. Unfortunately there was no fix other than to delete and start again so I would assume the PS4 version would be the same. The collectible trophies are a mess on this. On both versions I got the collect everything trophies before getting each type trophies. Play through on easy and save before you pick up anything. Check the stats to see if it increased, reloading if it bugs out again
  14. Platinum #220 - Nightmares from the deep : the cursed heart. First time playing an artifex mundi game, possibly the last though as I don't think I could stomach playing Mah Jong that much again. Fun for what it was though. I found the hidden object stuff strangely addictive. Not bad for the quid or so I paid for it way back when

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    2. StrickenBiged


      I think I have that one too. Did you follow a guide? If so, which did you find helped?


      'grats by the way!

    3. Cleggworth


      Thanks guys


      @StrickenBiged I used the walkthrough over on .org as the one here the image links are broken

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  15. Cut your population to 29. 30 is when molerats start. Before that it's just raiders, radroach and fires