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  1. Platinum #199 - The Lego Ninjago Movie Videogame. It's very short. You could probably finish it in a day if you had the time. I preferred the vita Ninjago games but it wasn't bad

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    2. Scyther
    3. ee28max


      One more for the big 200! Nice work! ✅

    4. ddracarys


      @Cleggworth Hah, yeah me either. Mikestones aren’t that much important to me. I’d probably play an easy game to get to #200 before the year ends. I was planning on reaching #50 by the year’s end, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I could easily just play some TT games, but I don’t wanna add anything else to my list right now. I still need to maintain 100% too.

  2. Esther Rantzen hasn't done anything noteworthy in years and just spouts this nonsense in an attempt to get back in the public's consciousness. She's never played a videogame in her life. Probably because she thinks it'll cause her to go on a murderous rampage. What a fool
  3. The burst rifle was my go to gun. Get in close, aim at the chest and let the kickback do the rest for easy headshots without having to be super accurate. It's awful at range but take a revolver with you to keep you covered til you can get stuck in
  4. The Guide here will tell you everything you need to know Good luck. Great game
  5. The Last of Us 2 will almost certainly have multiplayer so they'll be in there in some capacity. If we're lucky it'll be cosmetic items only that we can ignore. If not it'll be lootboxes. Then again by the time TLOU 2 comes out the current backlash against them will hopefully have put that idea to bed
  6. Platinum #198 - The Wolf Among Us (Vita). After the disaster that was Guardians of the Galaxy it was nice to revisit a Telltale game from the good old days. Runs like crap on the vita though

  7. Platinum #196 - My Name is Mayo. Say what you about the game, it came in handy when my 10 week old was up at 4am wanting to party

  8. Platinum #195 - Guardians of the Galaxy. Pretty disappointed with this one. Too many long conversations about "feelings" and not enough humour and fun. Incredibly boring at times actually

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    2. Cleggworth


      Not for me but it's very clunky as always. That was one of the major issues I had with the game really. You finally get to an action sequence that is fun, starlords awesome mix is blaring then you hit a checkpoint and the whole thing grinds to a halt completely ruining the moment

    3. dermarx


      Congrats :yay:

    4. Scyther


      Nice job!

  9. A favourite trophies section already exists, use your trophy cabinet
  10. Platinum #194 - Cities Skylines. I actually finished this game 2 weeks ago but it's taken me idling the game 8 hours a night since then for the 1001 nights trophy. Fun game but glad to be done with it so I can give my console a break

  11. I agree, although I'm not sure that's totally correct. Multiplayer yes but do single player games with online functionality need plus too? Like friends chests in Knack or nemesis missions in Shadow of Mordor/War. I've never been without plus when playing the PS4 so I don't know if things like this are locked behind a plus sub
  12. There are 3 Witcher 3 lists. All 3 have Platinums There's the Vanilla Version - no DLC included The GOTY version - DLC Included EU region Complete edition - DLC included NA region There are no separate lists for digital versions
  13. Platinums are important because each one increases the length of my e-peen 0.0156 microns
  14. Are the artifex mundi games actually any good or are they just games for easy plats?

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    2. starcrunch061


      I like these games. There are ups and downs (I'm not a fan of the added-on Mahjong, for example), but all in all, the HOPs are solid fun, and the storytelling and art don't disappoint.

    3. Lagoon Aris

      Lagoon Aris

      Personally, I love Artifex games. I enjoy them a lot and would recommend them anytime. But to not give a too biased opinion... If you played one of them, you basically played all of them. The only difference are the stories and sometimes a new game mechanic but like Xylobe said, Artifex games are point and click games with a lot of puzzle minigames and a dozen or so hidden object games. They are very easy plats but if you like casual games with not to deep of a plot or to long or difficult of a gameplay they are enjoable games for in-between bigger ones. If you're not unsure, look up the Halloween sale on PS right now. There are some of them in. Nightmare from the deep is in the sale and a pretty old game from them. But it's a good game to start. If you're more interested in a somewhat newer installment, Eventide (also in sale) would be my reccomendation. Every game gives you about 5-8 hours of gametime, depending on how quick you are with puzzle solving. 3 to 4 € are a good price to try them out.

    4. Cleggworth


      Thanks for all your thoughts guys. I'll look to pick one up from the sale and see how I get on 👍

  15. It tracks across multiple saves so do that. The casual relationships just don't work as they should for this trophy. I saw the romance scene with jaal and went for casual relationships with Liam, peebee, reyes and the reporter asari I can't remember the name of. I only got the trophy when I loaded an older save and romanced Liam until the jetpack scene so only 1 of the 4 casual relationships counted.