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  1. You have the game hidden as shown by the blue H on your profile, 51 trophies which matches Gwent. You need to unhide the game on your PS4, earn any trophy then sync here for it to reappear
  2. I finally finished shock and awe extreme and with it got the platinum on Arkham Asylum. I cut it as fine as you can get though. The screen was basically black when the final hit went in. I'm surprised it counted tbh but I'll take it

    1. closertim


      Nice work.  I've been slowly plodding away at Arkham cities challenges and the amount of time I've completed them with only a slither of health is unreal.  

    2. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  3. Shock and awe extreme is ruining my day. I can get the score, I just can't take them out quickly enough

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ee28max


      Using the stun on those baton and electric whip guys, instant throw and ground pound works too. 

    3. Spaz


      I know the feeling.


      I'm going through this process with Furi.

    4. HusKy


      Look up "Explosion gel technique" which you can do in the last round if you have enough points.

  4. You have 650+ hidden trophies. My guess is dead island is one of those. You'll need to unhide it on your PS3 for it to show here
  5. The game needs to be on your profile first
  6. I'd say the 4th of April. You don't need to put day in there, makes it sounds like lord of the rings lol Personally I'm not fussed. The date format or the name changing
  7. I've been playing payday recently. It's pretty fun. I've reached the point where I can't do much else solo and the online is very quiet so I've set up a session to try and find some people to play with




    Anybody interested is welcome


    Thanks for reading


  8. Look for players using the gaming sessions feature https://psnprofiles.com/sessions Good luck
  9. Right, well I wasn't sure as nobody has ever mentioned ever getting beyond the initial error message before
  10. As it turns out, it appears the do servers do actually work. Just not well enough to get anything done. Tried connecting at the same time as @mattman0702 last night and was getting different errors when searching for random and versus games. "Connecting to game failed" "matchmaking failed" instead of the usual "error connecting to server" then we actually managed to get an invite through to each other which we've never managed before http://imgur.com/tWp8Ljf Was even able to play a move http://imgur.com/0eLYqAI http://imgur.com/EONOVXQ That's where it ended though. The game would register the other players move through the in game notification system but the server would hang on updating games and the game list would never progress past the waiting for rival move stage. We both managed to win a game by the other player timing out but alas that did not count for the trophy
  11. I got the same exact message from support regarding peer to peer servers and that it'd work if people were there to play with. I am 99.9% sure that's utter horseshit considering the server error comes up before you even have a chance to search. I am willing to try it if someone one would like to though. Send me a friend request with Uncharted ufff and we can try searching at the exact same time. At least we can confirm its bollocks and I can tell them when I email them back
  12. Does anybody know if the disasters are fixed for a city if you reload saves? By that I mean if I load up my city and leave it running over night not getting chirpnado. Can I reload the same save again leaving it run with different disasters? Or will they just be the same? I don't really want to get into fixing my city after every afk overnight
  13. Finally. I might not be permanently IP banned for updating the occasional potential boosting partner!
  14. I am going for 70 golds on GTA V at the moment and I've hit a bug on 3 of the easiest ones. Delivering the gauntlets. I spend 25k on upgrading them at it only registers as $8. Anyone else encounter this? Any fix?