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  1. Got the plat on AC black flag earlier. I've neglected to post my thoughts on a few plats lately, maybe I should start posting in the most recent plats thread again

  2. I don't think so either. Emails to them were ignored. Nobody responds on twitter. I finally got a coherent response from support on the topic but I'm not expecting anything there. I think the only chance we have is days gone coming out and their work on that dying down a little but again, unlikely.
  3. If anybody out there needs the sacred lands and/or elevator to the gallows trophies on Assassin's Creed Black Flag for PS4 join my session



    Thanks 😀

  4. Regrettably this isn't true. The extras edition does not contain the DC comics level pack
  5. In all my years playing games online I'd miraculously never encountered anybody abusive online, that was until yesterday. Playing AC4 online I encountered a delightful fellow who was repeatedly telling me and one other guy we should just go and die and that he wished our parents would be raped. Jeez what is wrong with people? 😑

    1. KingGuy420


      I love people like that. I'll just rip on them right back. I'll never seek out a person to tell off, but if they find me, I won't hold back lol.

  6. Well even if it isn't included it's still the cheapest option for picking up the move and cross controller pack so I decided to give it a punt. The muppet premium level pack has been added to my download list 👍
  7. I did the method slightly differently 1. Drop the packages you want to dupe in the stash 2. Face the stash so the open prompt is visible 3. Find a game which is on the same map as you with a poor connection, you may have to wait a moment as the game populates the list with good connections first 4. When the game is loading wait until the loading icon disappears then disconnect from the network via settings and immediately turn it back on again (I found the best way was to navigate to the necessary menu first so a double tap of the ps button will take you there and back quickly) 5. Return to the game to find the disconnection messages 6. hammer square to open the stash box as the game returns to your solo game 7. scroll to the packages, r3 to drop ∆ all, O immediately as the game will crash 8. Pick up packages I wonder if this method works, at least for me anyway, because you don't actually join anyone's game? You can't drop DRPs for other players anymore maybe that's why it doesn't work by joining someone and dropping out
  8. The little big planet 2 extras edition is on sale on the UK store right now and the Muppets DLC is still listed as being included despite being delisted. Does anyone know if this version still includes it or has its store listing just not been corrected?

  9. I'm looking to go back to the game and would like to pick up this version for the delisted Muppets DLC. The digital version is on sale at the moment on the UK store and the Muppets DLC is listed as being included. Did the delisting only apply to the DLC when bought separately or has it been removed from the extras edition as well?
  10. There isn't. I piggybacked a report about a session into a report about a thread recently as they were regarding the same topic. You don't hear back about reports though so I don't know if this was the right thing to do
  11. Potentially. If you are able to fulfill the requirement for the trophy not using assets from the new dlc then maybe. There were trophies in the Witcher 3 DLC hearts of stone you could earn without owning it
  12. I'm surprised to see this. Free for season pass holders? Edit- most likely not. The Xbox store supposedly has a new listing for a premium edition 2019 and a season pass 2 so presumably it'll be the same for our version. It'll contain green cities, parklife and industry expansions
  13. I don't have two devices unfortunately. That user appeared to be flagged for that game as his leaderboard rank was removed then it returned after the game was hidden from his profile. His profile has since been removed from the site as well. Take from that what you will but I don't think it actually works
  14. Nothing. One guy replied with "it's not my job. Good luck" community manager never got back to me either. I'll keep trying but still looking unlikely If anybody reading this has a Twitter account and an interest in seeing the servers revived could you please tweet @Pudgyboi who is the community manager @bend