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  1. An Xbox by the looks of it unfortunately
  2. Is it? Its launching exclusively on xbox on 11/11/22..... it could come to playstation later and not contradict their statement... couldn't it? Please? 😭
  3. I haven't long finished Immortals Fenyx Rising and its not bad, its actually hilarious but you've done everything you are going to in the first 2 hours. That bugger took me almost 4 weeks to get through and it was just soul crushingly boring towards the end. 10hrs of Ratchet sounds like heaven tbh!
  4. I'm even more eager to play it knowing its "only" 10 -15hrs long. The price is the price, everything else in life has gone up so 🤷‍♂️
  5. I was waiting to do the same 🤣 In my case I already had the PS5, I was just waiting for the inevitable patch which seemed to take forever to come. I'll be starting once I'm done with Mass Effect. I Look forward to hating and loving it in equal measure all over again, this time in even shinier mode
  6. This War of Mine has sat on my maybe list for the longest time. Sounds like it'll finally move up to the to play list. I agree with you in where games are/should be going. Like a film, or TV series more in my case, they aren't just something that is fun anymore, They can tell stories that are actually pretty miserable and I really like that. That's why I when I describe my time with The Last of Us PtII to anyone I say its both the best and worst game I've ever played. I felt utterly dreadful playing that game at times but still loved it. Sounds like This War of Mine will give me a similar experience and that sounds great to me. Speaking of Part II as much as I "enjoyed" it its the most high profile marmite game in years and that's putting it mildly. I'm really intrigued to see which side of the fence you come down on it. I see you don't have the 100% yet though so I'm putting in a request for immediate scientific analysis as soon as its done if it hasn't been called for already.
  7. I look forward to this, both a sequel and a PS5 version if true as I enjoyed this game very much. It flew under the radar so if innocence does come to plus it'll get the players I feel it deserves. Great news
  8. Excellent, its sat on the to buy list not being bought for a long time because I was hoping for this.
  9. I agree, I actually found the difference in performance made the challenge mode significantly easier
  10. 1. I don't know. I assume it exists though 2. Yes, besides the load times there are improvement across the board. I believe these improvements are actually just PS4 pro modes running on a PS5 though. I didn't have a pro so I can't comment if it could do this but the PS5 definitely can. 3. Yes. 4. It plays directly off it. 5. Internally no, can you buy external drives bigger than 2TB, probably 6. If by upgrade you mean an actual PS5 version then Yes as there are no shared lists with PS5. If by upgrade you mean a specific PS5 patch for a PS4 game like the Last of Us ptII just got, no its just a patch so you are still playing the same game ie same list.
  11. I was hoping for this when it was first announced. I'm happy 😀
  12. I'm using the exploit when the time comes. I'm playing for the story and my wife is experiencing it for the first time after telling her for years how good it is. I don't want it lessened by being bogged down on insanity. I did it legitimately the first time, I'm confident enough in my digital equipment to be totally fine with doing it this way 😎
  13. This is what is missing from Andromeda btw Excellent read as always Doctor. I could have written your entries on A Way Out and Fallout 3 myself, significantly less well though of course. Your review of Little Nightmares has had the opposite effect on me than your Transistor review though. The speed run/no death trophy felt manageable but those random variations out of nowhere are possibly my most hated thing in games. Its position on my to play list is in jeopardy!
  14. Yes I have a vague recollection of average rarity being the ultimate culprit in all this, I bet sly still has nightmares over the decision to put that front and centre on peoples profiles 🤣
  15. Was there any discussion into changing any of the other stats to be more consistent with this change? I still don't get why this was singled out and none of the others were. What is it about dlc rarity that got people so wound up that it was changed but not completion % or game ranks?