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  1. Posting here will most likely get these issues fixed
  2. Use the forum version over the trophy guide and you shouldn't have any problems. Site was unusable until I realised that
  3. You gotta delete your save and do car only challenges til you get 10. Back up your save first of course. Restore when you have the trophy
  4. The PS3 version was glitched in that if you did any timed challenges on a bike before doing them in a car the trophy wouldn't unlock. Did you do any bike ones first?
  5. If it's anything like the PS3 version it will say on the lobby if it's bike or car. To make a Bike lobby you just create a freeburn online session whilst riding a bike
  6. Platinum #206 - Eyepet and friends. Seen as I'd dug out the old PS3 camera for burnout I thought I'd dust off the move controllers as well. It only took a few hours to finish but it was boring as hell. Pointless grinding for coins to buy hundreds of pointless cosmetic items. One I'd add to the list of wish I hadn't started. Oh well, at least it was easy

  7. I just got the PS3 version. It's 10 miles in one go. If someone leaves it resets to zero. Your best bet is boosting it. Go for it at same time as 8 at the wildcats stadium
  8. 100% on the playroom. Killing all enemies on a run was hard enough with two of us. Props to those who did that solo

    1. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    2. Jaco


      Nice work!

  9. I found them popping on other random videos. Had to play a few levels as well but I got it done. Cheers for the info
  10. I can't get beyond step 6 and I'm stuck at 51% Any thoughts as to why that might be?
  11. I'm just finishing up the PS3 version and I'm seriously tempted to dive straight in and get this. The game is proper fun and the trophies are pretty simple, even the multiplayer ones
  12. I'll just wait til the "Bleed You Dry Edition" comes out in 2031
  13. From march 2019 PS3 and Vita are being dropped from the plus lineup without any increase in PS4 offerings
  14. What was the general roadmap for jak 3 on the PS3? Skip to last level and then watch videos to get ones that didn't pop? How about the collectibles? They look like they've all popped together but on .org the guide says you've got to get half yourself. There's not much info out there about jak 3 on the PS3 so any insight would be appreciated
  15. Use the Webstore, you can't "buy" PS4 games on your PS3 because people would most likely buy them then whinge at Sony that they don't work