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  1. Demon's Souls update, I did continue to bang my head on the Flamelurker wall and got it done. I improved my sword and it made the difference. Dragon God is also down. That was a tad frustrating as those safe spots turned out to be not so safe at all 🤣


    I'm playing a Knight but I'm finding myself struggling with mobility a touch so I've changed my approach with regards to armor so I can roll much better. I'll see how I get on later

  2. Mixed bag with regards to progress made on Demon's Souls today. Armor Spider didn't prove too difficult but Flamelurker is something else 🤣 Playing a melee build which isn't working so well here. I'm nothing more than an irritating fly to it without using sticky white slime and I don't have enough to finish him off without it reverting back to me 'tickling' him 🤦‍♂️


    So I'm not gonna keep banging my head on that particular wall and I'll be off to the shrine of storms later instead as I believe there's a sword there that might help with that.


    Still having fun though 👍

  3. Managed to squeeze in another session on Demon's Souls 🥳


    Well I died on Tower Knight, quite a lot actually 😅 but I got it done eventually. I'm now safely back at the nexus and I've come across my first conundrum...


    I've got quite a chunk of Souls and I'm wondering what I should be using them for 🤔 stat increases? Should I be buying weapons/armor? Or repairing equipment? I want to say stat increases but is there any point to being overpowered if you are wielding a toothpick?


    Any help would be appreciated!

    1. DrBloodmoney


      repair everything, then spend the rest on levels.


      Never buy weapons / clothes - you'll find everything you need. Maybe one repair stone to roll with, but aside from that, arrows is all you should be buying in terms of weapons (depending on play style.)



    2. Cleggworth


      Thanks doc, I'll keep that in mind 👍

  4. Felt in a bit of a funk with gaming at the moment, feels like I've been going through the motions with it a little bit. Needed to change it up and with Demon's Souls being on plus extra what better way to mix it up than my very first Souls game 😃


    Played for 2hrs maybe and I'm not sure what I was expecting but I've done alright i think. I'm under no illusion that it'll get harder but Phalanx is down and I called an end to my session just before Tower Knight and for the first time in a while I cannot wait to get back at it


    Pity the wife is at work later and I can't play it without her 🤣


    Oh well back to Resistance mode on Watch Dogs Legion it is 😒

    1. Sgznf


      Hope things work out for you! Good luck! 😀

    2. chickenbaltipie


      this is what i would like to use extra for - trying out things i was ever going to pay for.  Currently on BloodStained RotN and enjoying that too.  Demon Souls is a great game, plat is a bit fidly with world tendancy but there are work arounds.  Some epic boss battles to look forward to...


  5. Hero right here Thanks
  6. I was just thinking about this in relation to the new look PS Plus, full list of games available in each tier. Would there be a way to create the list and share it with others 🤔
  7. Warrior has been taken on by HBO, Season 3 is in production.
  8. It just came to the boil too, very frustrating. The film was okay but didn't offer any closure at all. Just hinted what could have been.
  9. I've not really posted many updates with what I've been playing recently but feel compelled to announce, its finally done 😫 


    Platinum #372 - Red Dead Redemption 2


    Never have I come across such a fantastic game that has been such an absolute nightmarish chore to finish. I tried many times to make progress but it finally took this time and I finally got it done 2 years after I first fired it up. It really is a spectacular game, I loved pretty much everything about it until the credits rolled and the real 'work' began...


    The MP is surprisingly simple, you can Solo it for the most part which is great. I did it in a week, I did it first actually and it didn't leave the usual God-awful taste in my mouth MP usually does so 👍


    The 100% and animal skinning though..... the game knows what you need basically and conspires against you to slow you down at every single turn. You need a perfect squirrel pelt for a quest? Those animals you see literally everywhere? Poof, gone. Literal days looking for one. Every other fish you catch when fishing is a bluegill, until you need the bluegill. The animal I searched the longest for was the moose. I finally find one. Study it. Shoot it. Falls in a bloody pond and floats out just far enough for me to not be able to skin it 😡. Spent a good 20 mins swimming into it with my horse to 'persuade' it back to shore.


    Every. Single. Thing. Is. Like. This 😤. Well that's not true, the notorious gambling challenge 8 took me like an hour so it took pity on me eventually 🤣


    Finally that was done and I came to the 70 gold medals trophy and everything I loved about the game was now being used to piss me off. Those long meandering horse rides through the absolutely gorgeous world rockstar created, shooting the breeze with gangmates which make this game what it is are now a total pain in the arse. You fail an objective because 🤷‍♂️ God knows why in most instances and you will partake in that 6 minute horse ride again and again and again. For 70 missions.... 🤦‍♂️


    11/10 though would recommend 👌 


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    2. Cleggworth


      @KingGuy420 I did not know that, i shall read up on it. I must have been very lucky indeed

    3. The Arizona Ranger
    4. Cleggworth


      Thanks everyone!

  10. Praise be, PSNP+ just got another step closer to perfection. Fantastic work as always @HusKy I also quite like the guide column suggestion from @Rebourne07. I think my preference for this would be on gaming lists only though. If its on my profile already its already been started and i will probably already know this information. My game lists are for games I've not started, this column would provide extra info about a game at a glance and might lean me one way or the other when it comes to picking what to play next. I appreciate not everybody uses their profile/game lists the same as me though. Perhaps some level of customisation here?
  11. The extra may be worth it then if it can make it a touch easier. Plus Aiden would be more interesting I suspect. Thanks
  12. I just picked up Watch Dogs Legion and I'm looking at the DLC and thinking is there any reason to buy the Season Pass over Bloodline? Even on sale the season pass is significantly more expensive than Bloodline at full price 🤔
  13. This version is strange, the digital copy from the UK store is also this 'German' version. Not sure why it has this tag
  14. So let me get this straight.... Tier 1 = plus Tier 2 = plus + PS4 line up on PS now Tier 3 = plus + now They appear to be using the relaunch as an opportunity to bolster the line ups of Tier 2 and Tier 3 with something a bit more exciting but that's essentially it right?
  15. I'm rooting for you doc, take all the time you need