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  1. They probably hid their trophies because they kept getting messages about it
  2. I don't think it's an issue with the event not registering in the pip boy as I postulated earlier. I completed monster mash last night and that didn't register in the pip boy either but I got the trophy. Whatever the problem is, let's hope it's fixed soon
  3. I think you might be onto something here as I just completed it, no trophy obviously but it's not registered as complete in my events either. I've done quite a few but it still says 2. Fertile soil and tea time. Does anyone who has completed either of the glitched events have it listed as complete in your pip boy?
  4. I did field medic and the kill other players trophies with one person
  5. On the trophy list, the region will be listed in the info box on the right hand side. It has to be manually added by staff so some games might not have it but I think most do
  6. Uncharted, it's generally has got better with each installment. I know it's an unpopular opinion and he often gets slated for it but I agree with @madbuk in thinking the latest God of War is actually a poor game. It's such a radical change from what came before it it's almost unrecognisable. I actually quite like the story but it's completely lost in the pseudo open world the game was going for and the combat was very very slow. I'd say it was my biggest disappointment this year, and this is from someone who is playing fallout 76!
  7. In addition to the above, both regions can play with each other though. You won't be able to officially join the session but perhaps the session host will allow you to unofficially join if you post on the session. When I played this game, Eu, I had a NA player ask to join this way and it worked out just fine
  8. Is this MP only?
  9. I was slap bang in the middle of a blast site just now, made a point of it after seeing this thread, no trophy
  10. I honestly wouldn't bother not in the state it's currently in. I'm enjoying it for what it is but my enjoyment is lessening with each session. I quite enjoy the gameplay loop of finding locations, stripping them for supplies, heading to camp, crafting/cooking etc before heading back out but beyond that it's in a hell of a state. I get a handful of crashes to xmb per session and I'm only playing a couple of hours at a time. Quests are few and far between and just straight up broken in a lot of instances. Never mind not being able to interact with quest items, the quests themselves disappear when you log out and I'm not just talking about the repeatable events or daily quests, actual side missions have gone missing from my log and they don't come back even if I repeat the actions that got me them in the first place. The no NPC thing is totally weird as well. If you can keep a quest in your log long enough to actually do it every quest starts or ends with a body or a robot. I get that they're going for "you're pioneers from the first vault!" but there is evidence everywhere of people living out there. I don't care where the story is going, there is no plausible reason I see that every single human is dead. As for the MP aspect of it? It's kinda insignificant. Unless you have real life buddies I don't see anybody playing this in groups. You see anyone nearby you both look at each other both hoping the other isn't gonna shoot at you then you walk off. Take new Vegas on hardcore mode with settlement building from 4. Strip out the story and characters and bung in a largely pointless MP and you've got 76
  11. I am agreeing with you.i have the PS3 version and used the debug menu. This is what my trophies popped like
  12. The debug menu works slightly differently on all games and all versions. Whilst the collectibles don't pop like this on the PS4 version they do on the PS3 version
  13. Jeez. That does not sound good. Levelling for me at least is taking forever. I doubt I could do it twice
  14. This exact thing happened to me as well. Popped on the loading screen of my next session. The challenge trophies are also buggy as I was well over 40 before I got the trophy for 20
  15. It took me two days to download the first one. Played for two days and hit with another patch that'll take 2 days to download. I'm having fun with the game but this is going to kill it for me pretty quick if it's gonna be like this all the time