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  1. I accessed the site from my phone which I wouldn't normally do, all 8 games were xump jump 🤦‍♂️ had to laugh
  2. Already paid for itself Xump Jump PS5 +7 😳
  3. The community asks and @HusKy delivers once again. Thanks for all your hard work 🙏
  4. I don't play these games and I don't have an opinion on other people playing these games but I have to be honest, filtering them out of the New games list on the front page would be welcomed by me. I don't remember a single day recently where I've come to the site and it's not been full of multiple versions of the same game. Any game I might be excited to see the trophy list of immediately gets bumped off the front page by jumping sausage and I miss it. Don't hide it from anything else, don't muck about removing trophies from people's profiles just not on the front page?
  5. I just this week finished Counterpart which was cancelled after just 2 seasons. Fantastic show, a cold war of sorts between two parallel worlds. Was starting to get to the nitty gritty then it was canned. It had a reasonably tidy ending all cobbled together in the last 5 minutes though but it had so much potential, very disappointing. Reminded me of Fringe, maybe it's time for a rewatch
  6. The Market is where I did the lions share of my games as well. The base has the best sight lines to enemy spawn points than other maps imo so it's rare you need to leave. Even if you do the zones seem to be a lot closer to safety as well. Your time estimations are spot on as well
  7. No bots, you can do it solo but I has to be online. Its a capturing zones mode against waves of AI helghast. You earn points from the zones and kills, assists, heals etc which you need to bank at a kind of home zone. You die and you lose them, you keep hold of them and you accrue them faster due to multipliers. Risk reward kind of thing. Whilst it's possible solo it's incredibly slow, you just can't earn points fast enough to get through matches at any decent rate and its hard to keep hold of enough zones to keep your points total up. If everybody knows what they are doing a match can be easily done in 10mins.
  8. 1. You can do it with bots apart from that 1 supply box skill. The co-op dlc though I'd recommend a team of 4, especially now there's a rush on. You can absolutely Solo the co-op, but it takes forever. I did 1 or 2 games and it took me almost an hour each time, you can't bank points fast enough to make it worth it. I did the majority of the wins with just one other person in around 15-20 minutes each time. The odd game with 4, in 10 or so. To get the entire MP out in this time make it easy on yourself and get a team of 4. Time wise I'm not sure, I took several bites of the cherry to get it done over many years Collectibles spawn 1 per map and they are well hidden. Once you get a few you start to get a feel on where they can spawn which can make it quicker. It took me around 3-4 hours to get 25. This was me being able to take my time wandering on an empty map without competition though. A warzone is limited to 25 collectibles before it refreshes every few hours as well. If there's a massive uptick in trophy hunters playing this it could be a nightmare.
  9. Weird. I just got round to finishing the online collectibles on this this week. It was a good time to do it actually as you can just wander around at your leisure because the game is dead. I know shutdowns are super unpopular but they cant keep things open forever. The main playlist in the multiplayer just had 1 game on it the entire time I was doing it, mine and I was solo. Peak hours in the UK too. The game is already dead
  10. Just came by to post this. 🥳 I was half expecting the DLC to be baked in to the intergrade version and need me to download the entire thing again so thank god its available to just download separately
  11. The FFVII Remake version debacle has been resolved and the intergrade version is available for everyone. Hurrah!

  12. So I started FFVII Remake last week in anticipation of the intermission dlc coming to plus today. Store refreshed and I can't add to library because it conflicts with the version I already have 🤦‍♂️

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    2. Cleggworth


      To me it's pointless putting it on there, it was already given on plus, so a vast majority of people won't be able to play it 🤷‍♂️ weird

    3. DrBloodmoney


      It''s a silly system - I remember being unable to buy the Persona Dancing Trilogy, because I had already bought one of them separately... even though one of the games is only available in the Trilogy pack!


      I ended up buying it on a second profile (my wife's) and setting the PS5 as her primary, so I could play it - but of course, that's not possible here, as you'd need to sub to PS+ on the second account too. 


      I suspect this will cause enough problems and result in enough complaints that Sony will need to come up with some system to address this issue - as it will likely happen more and more now.

    4. Cleggworth


      I contacted support about it and they were as helpful as you'd expect. A few sites are picking up on it now but for now it seems I'm actually subbed to ps+ less rather than extra 🤣

  13. I had to use a guide for the original game which is mostly fine apart from there being 10 collectibles in this version which are new or have moved. There's a comment here which details where they are - The descriptions aren't great, I remember being confused about the locations with some of them but it was good enough. Good luck
  14. Fascinating read, equally interesting in that I liked it so much for the same reason you didn't 🤣 I generally don't like games where the trophies require multiple endings or to play certain ways because i like to play the way I want and just get the ending I get. To deliberately play a certain way for a different ending has always just annoyed me somewhat. The few VNs I have played I've found it even worse as you it usually means a slight dialogue change then you end up with a different dreamy guy 🙄 As soon as you hit that moment in this where the characters suddenly realise they remember events from different timelines they haven't experienced and it's not just different endings but this one massive dollop of multiple timelines bleeding together 🤯 I was totally sold. The more convoluted and silly it got the more I enjoyed it 🤣
  15. 😲 Well I'm even more intrigued now!!
  16. Ah Virtue's Last Reward, curious to hear your thoughts on this. I loved it, couldn't get through it quick enough. I actually spent a large portion of the morning before i got married playing it. Could not drag myself away. Well I got married so I must have done at some point but it was that good. Steins Gate wasn't bad but I've never come across another VN that grabbed me like this did. Probably never will as my vita is long since retired and they don't fit the big screen as well IMO
  17. I took a chance that the leak was real and started FFVIIR so I'm pleased 🥳
  18. Finished up Demon's Souls a couple of days back and with it Platinum #379. Absolutely fantastic, loved every moment of it it. Okay, maybe not every moment, looking at you Swamp of Defilement but I'm having a hard time deciding between this and Hitman 3 as my favourite game this year. I enjoyed it that much.


    I've always avoided this genre as it just sounded like a one way street to frustration. I don't have a lot of time to play, why would I play a game where the entire 2 hours I have to play I end up stuck on one boss and don't make any progress at all?


    As it turns out that didn't happen for the most part. Flamelurker was tough and took me many attempts and Maneater was similar but the vast majority of bosses I actually beat in one attempt. The most difficult part was getting to them if anything because the standard enemies could be nightmarish. Worlds 3, 4 and 5 had long treks between bosses littered with enemies that could just kill you instantly with little trouble. Mindflayers, Black Skeletons, Gold Skeletons and the entire population of the shanty town in 5-2 will not be making my Christmas Card List let me tell you.


    Now I've read around and the general consensus is Dark Souls went for the opposite, easier shitmunchers but tougher bosses which will make for a different challenge but I'm eager to give it a shot. It'll have to wait til September now though. School holidays start in 2 weeks here and its impossible to get any meaningful play time in then. So its my annual binge on puzzle games, Walking sims, point and clicks etc for the entire 6 weeks to keep me ticking over.


    Started Blood Dragon remaster in the meantime and I enjoyed it the first time but its kinda boring now tbh. Wishing I was still in Boletaria 🥺

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    2. MidnightDragon
    3. Zassy


      Hmm, overall, I'd concur; Dark Souls 1 bosses exceed Demon's in difficulty/punch. 'Specially a few later on. Demon's also contained a few vastly OP spells and tactics. Still cherish the heck outta that game & at that, major congratulations at your introductory Platinum! o/ May a gaggle of Giant Depraved Ones never haunt your dreams.

    4. Cleggworth


      Thanks everyone!


      @Zassy I went pure melee so I'm hoping that puts me in a good position going forward! 


      Oh and Giant depraved ones... that small island in the Swamp with what looked like 4 of them 😳 I saw the item glow from a distance and as I got closer... no thanks 🤣 I don't care what the item is. I'm outta here!




  19. If the FF7R DLC is true that would be fantastic and might even be my next game. When is this refresh due to take place?
  20. I have a Demons Souls question again if anyone would be able to help.


    I'm near the end of the game, just Final boss left. I've done the character tendency manipulation to get the rings trophy but now I'm pure black character tendency and a few world tendencies are trending towards black as well. I feel this might be bad to carry over into NG+ Is this a problem? I have a cloud save from before i did any of it, does not having the final Rings actually mean anything beyond not having them?

    1. DrBloodmoney


      You want the world tendencies to go full black, in order to spawn primevals - they give great stuff when killed, which is good for weapon crafting - and killing one in a level will immediately jump the WT back towards White by a pretty massive amount - so I wouldn't worry about it.


      Once you have the rings and the things you need to manipulate WT for, you really don't need to be too concerned with it - it makes marginal differences, but not huge ones.



    2. Cleggworth


      @DrBloodmoney Thanks for the info, I'll stick with it as it is then. Do some prep work for NG+

    3. DrBloodmoney


      Something you might want to do, is try and get black WT for Latria, and grab the Sodden Ring.


      That's such a nice thing to have in NG+, as it negates the worst parts of the swamp areas - always a bonus!

  21. I've not posted in a few days but I'm still cracking on with Demon's Souls. Switched to the black leather armor set and the increased mobility has just made the game feel so much easier. Either that or I'm starting to get the hang of it.


    The Maneater bosses were tricky but I found that was mainly due to things out of my control rather than pure difficulty. The first one refusing to land before his mate turned up happened way too often to give me a real chance sometimes. They would glitch out underneath the platform as well on occasion 🤦‍♂️


    Beyond that though.... most bosses I've beaten first time. I've actually found the general fodder more of an obstacle tbh. Those black skeletons were an absolute pain in the arse. I was also dreading having to engage in pvp because I was expecting god tier players to just wreck me but I just parried them to death. Dare I say easily?


    I'm still dying regularly don't get me wrong but this is not the utterly despairing hair pulling exercise I was expecting. Have I severely over estimated the difficulty of souls games here or is the 'fun' yet to start?


    I've really enjoyed this and I'm already thinking what the next could be. Demon's Souls is gorgeous so I'm thinking Elden Ring might be a sensible choice with it being newer but then there's the obvious Dark Souls... any comments on gameplay differences/difficulty compared to Demon's Souls would be greatly appreciated

    1. Zassy


      "Have I severely over estimated the difficulty of souls games here or is the 'fun' yet to start?" Somewhat depends on one's formulated approach/playstyle.

      I play more cautiously and defensively than most: big-arse shield, block and counter with melee, or step back and bombard w/ spells. (Magic once optimized can trivialize much of the Souls games.) A lot of folks find much greater fun in dual-wielding, dodge-rolling, a full evasion mindset. Become proficient w/ that & tougher entries like Dark Souls III & Bloodborne will fold. Also, as earlier titles, Demon's & Dark 1 didn't go overboard w/ gigantic HP sinks or multi-stage bosses.


      Either way it sounds like you're "clicking". Black leather set has its perks; that set rules IMO. :D

  22. Demon's Souls update, I did continue to bang my head on the Flamelurker wall and got it done. I improved my sword and it made the difference. Dragon God is also down. That was a tad frustrating as those safe spots turned out to be not so safe at all 🤣


    I'm playing a Knight but I'm finding myself struggling with mobility a touch so I've changed my approach with regards to armor so I can roll much better. I'll see how I get on later

  23. Mixed bag with regards to progress made on Demon's Souls today. Armor Spider didn't prove too difficult but Flamelurker is something else 🤣 Playing a melee build which isn't working so well here. I'm nothing more than an irritating fly to it without using sticky white slime and I don't have enough to finish him off without it reverting back to me 'tickling' him 🤦‍♂️


    So I'm not gonna keep banging my head on that particular wall and I'll be off to the shrine of storms later instead as I believe there's a sword there that might help with that.


    Still having fun though 👍

  24. Managed to squeeze in another session on Demon's Souls 🥳


    Well I died on Tower Knight, quite a lot actually 😅 but I got it done eventually. I'm now safely back at the nexus and I've come across my first conundrum...


    I've got quite a chunk of Souls and I'm wondering what I should be using them for 🤔 stat increases? Should I be buying weapons/armor? Or repairing equipment? I want to say stat increases but is there any point to being overpowered if you are wielding a toothpick?


    Any help would be appreciated!

    1. DrBloodmoney


      repair everything, then spend the rest on levels.


      Never buy weapons / clothes - you'll find everything you need. Maybe one repair stone to roll with, but aside from that, arrows is all you should be buying in terms of weapons (depending on play style.)



    2. Cleggworth


      Thanks doc, I'll keep that in mind 👍

  25. Felt in a bit of a funk with gaming at the moment, feels like I've been going through the motions with it a little bit. Needed to change it up and with Demon's Souls being on plus extra what better way to mix it up than my very first Souls game 😃


    Played for 2hrs maybe and I'm not sure what I was expecting but I've done alright i think. I'm under no illusion that it'll get harder but Phalanx is down and I called an end to my session just before Tower Knight and for the first time in a while I cannot wait to get back at it


    Pity the wife is at work later and I can't play it without her 🤣


    Oh well back to Resistance mode on Watch Dogs Legion it is 😒

    1. Sgznf


      Hope things work out for you! Good luck! 😀

    2. chickenbaltipie


      this is what i would like to use extra for - trying out things i was ever going to pay for.  Currently on BloodStained RotN and enjoying that too.  Demon Souls is a great game, plat is a bit fidly with world tendancy but there are work arounds.  Some epic boss battles to look forward to...