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  1. I wish all these non informative opinion threads were status updates instead. They really clutter the forums.
  2. While both being post apocalyptic, I wouldn’t say that they are close to being the same. Different setting, different camera view and vastly different enemies among a long list of things. Saying that they are the same is like saying that Fallout 4 and Dead Island are the same, just because they both share the post apocalyptic theme. It’s just untrue.
  3. I've loved Trials since 2007 and I'm so excited to hop back in soon. For the sake of my overall trophy completion, I hope that the trophy lists looks more like the lists of Evolution and HD though. I'm not skilled enough right now to 100% Fusion, although with all this Trials talk I'm tempted to hop back in and give it another try 🤔
  4. Metro Exodus is the only one i’m remotely interested in so I’m good, and it looks real nice. I think the games are different enough so (hopefully) none get buried.
  5. I agree, if they are shutting this down then bring us a new one. Hell, i'd even take a trilogy collection of the PS3 ones. Only time will tell.
  6. Assassin’s Creed Origins has been on sale for what feels like 10 times this year already, keeping the same price every time. I just want it to get a little cheaper and then I’ll buy it.
  7. It is out already if you own the season pass. You can’t sync the trophies yet though.
  8. I’m having the same problems. I understand having to authenticate a purchase if you are using a laptop or tablet accessing the store remotely, but authenticating my purchase on my one and only console in my own house feels silly.
  9. He already has the platinum. He will most definetly not boost this game. Go to and create a gaming session to gather people.
  10. Not going to call you a moron. Everybody enjoys different games 😇. I personally loved this game, story/setting/music the whole lot. If you didn't enjoy this one it might be worth a try to give one of the newer ones a go (they are quite different gameplay and graphics wise).
  11. You'll still be able to access the singleplayer when the servers are shut. I played a few months ago when the servers were down temporarily and I didn't encounter any problems. You should be fine.
  12. The career will still be playable, but you won't get the platinum. When offline you can still drive around the modspot, there just won't be any other players there. There are at least 10(?) trophies that absolutely need functioning servers, so get them while you still can.
  13. What day of the week did you guys play the weekly events? Did you play them right as they went live (monday)? I did that and I'm having the same problem, it should have popped for me two weeks ago. I'm up to four back to back weeks. I've read somewhere that the chance of it popping increases if you play a few days after the event comes up, apparently because the load on the server is lighter (don't quote me on this, it's just speculation. No official statement has come out from Codemasters. Ironic company name I know). I'm going to play tonight and again next wednesday. If it doesn't pop at the end of next week, I have no idea what to do.
  14. I know Gamestop sell a few DLC’s on their site. Check there if they have it on there. 2/3 Modnation DLC packs were om there after it was delisted. Worth a shot to check. I’d personally like to get my hands on the DLC for Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 2, since it’s been gone from PSN for as long as I can remember. It feels like it might have been gone by 2012 even. Getting that is unlikely though.
  15. Losing so many Liberty Rock Radio songs is a loss for sure. I will truly miss "Evil Woman" if I ever decide to plat the game. I associate that song with GTA IV and NYC so strongly. 😭