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  1. Yep, and every act is about 4 hours long. So, 4 hours on hard without a single death x3. I don't mind doing heists again but criminal mastermind is just annoying.
  2. Yes, finally Hellblade is on sale!
  3. From what I remember, it's a normal SBK game. The problem for us trophy hunters is that the servers are closed, so much of an incentive for us to play. I think that might be one of the factors to why it's quite inactive.
  4. Good luck with platting MW2 and let me know if you would like some co-op company. I know most of the tricks by now :-D

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    2. pinkrobot_pb


      Snatch & Grab: I tried that running tactic but could not make it work as I am not very fast in MW3 (which is odd because I'm also a bit of a defragger). Instead I opted for the tactic of taking it slow and steady until you reach the intel. Right after that you enter the broken plane. First pick off the people below you (*) and when they are all dead, quickly drop down and run past the first plane on the right. There is a gap there to get on the other side of the fusilage. And here's the catch: the enemies can not reach you there. Take it slow again to take them all out from your hiding place. When they stop coming, first lure the new ones out by quickly dashing out of your hiding spot and back again. When they are all dead, run for the smoke.


      (* keep an eye on your radar though because sometimes a juggernaut will come up from behind before you have killed the people in front of you)

    3. ee28max


      @pinkrobot_pb I still have to platinum MW3. Only remaining are the Spec Ops missions and some easy co-op Survival Mode. Are they harder than those in MW2? 

    4. pinkrobot_pb


      I think I found the MW3 spec ops to be a little easier going than the MW2 ones. "Server Crash" was the hardest for me because it's pretty long and the bit with the vehicles at the start can be very frustrating if you're not very good with the grenade launcher like me :) But with MW3 I feel there are simply more missions where you can stay in cover, which definitely helps. I should take a look at both mission lists to say for sure though, because MW special ops nowadays blend together a bit in my memory :P


      I mostly played MW3 survival online with very skilled randoms, trying my best to not get in the way too much and they seemed to mostly just enjoy/tolerate my presence haha. I played with a very cool guy on the last (supposedly hardest) levels and that was an awesome way to pick up the last trophies. So survival was mostly just having fun for me.


      Anyway, good luck and if any of you wants to play either MW2 or MW3 feel free to add me on PSN, I still enjoy the heck out of those games.

  5. Modern Warfare 2. I'm close to finishing it off myself but i'm struggling quite a bit to solo the last Spec Ops missions. Really want to finish them off soon.
  6. I'd be happy getting something that I do not own.
  7. Ah the memories. I remember I had Dark Cloud on a demo disc way back in the day. In fact, I didn't know it was Dark Cloud that I played until the game was re-released for the PS4 in 2015. Watching the intro cutscene again after 15 years I was flooded with memories from a more innocent time. Bitter sweet nostalgia 😇
  8. -Infamous sequel and/or remaster -Resistance sequel and/or remaster -Motorstorm sequel and/or remaster (unlikely but hey, a man can hope). I know I'm casting a wide net, but if I get 1/6 of these games I'll be very happy! 😀
  9. I would like to give it a try as I am a big fan of Wolfenstein, although I know it's a trophy that I'm most likely never going to get. As much as I like completing games, it's kind of awesome that they put in a difficult trophy like this in a AAA game. It makes this platinum stand out for sure.
  10. I think he implies that the Nazi's were the good guys.
  11. Mein Leben is a permadeath mode. It's not another name for Über. It is in fact way, way harder than Über. Basically, you have to complete the entire game on "I am death incarnate" in one sitting, without deaths or saving. The game is 10 hours long and one of the hardest Wolfenstein games in a long time. So, not an easy trophy by any means.
  12. The platinum has been close to impossible for months now. Even if the normal head to head and pro clubs servers are still up (like they were a month ago), chanses are that you are still not getting the plat. The challenges among other things has been hit and miss to say the least. If you play the version on PS3 it will be even worse.
  13. I'm also looking for a gold coach card. Willing to trade whatever is needed for one.
  14. Woah that's unforgiving, especially for an RPG. Wonder what a "normal" speedrun would look like. 5? 10? 20 hours?
  15. NCAA 10 - Got it cheap a couple of years back before I became a didcated trophy hunter. Popped a few easy trophies. Even back then the servers were closed lol. Lord of the Rings: War in the North - Technically a possible plat, but man it's bad. And it's buggy too. Bleh, i'm not playing that boring mess again. Bulletstorm - Was working on this back in may of 2014, but lost interest. It's impossible now, but the game is pretty good 😀