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  1. I think my IP was banned/locked out for a little less than a week. It might be worth to note that my IP adress was banned becuase I screwed around on on my Ipad, which had nothing to do with my actual consoles. If they suspect you've been messing with your console (which I don't think you have, but who knows what Sony thinks) it might be a longer ban, I honestly don't know.
  2. If it's an IP ban, it should only be temporary (unless you really messed up with something). If it doesn't go away call your ISP and have them change your IP adress, and don't be so naughty next time 😈 Source: had my IP banned last year for logging in to PSN like 30 times in an hour.
  3. That's what I'm wondering too. Does it mean removing the multiplayer mode in itself or is the entire game offline? This would be a weird move tbh. A singleplayer only Call of Duty game. That sounds so weird to say, and contrary to the entire business plan of Activision.
  4. DLC from the EU region is not compatible with NA region games and vice versa. It was the same situation on the PS3 as well. I was burned by that myself a few years ago when I was playing games that I got in New York. And just a sidenote, this forum frowns upon gamesharing so you might want to keep that information on the down low, just for your own safety 😄
  5. Dead Space 2. Impressive feat to beat the game on hardcore mode.
  6. Wonder if this would work for a game like Motorstorm Pacific Rift. I've been disappointed for a few years (not constantly lol) that I missed the chance to platinum that game.
  7. I know, I've played Gunstar Heroes, SoR 2 and Comix Zone on PS3 already, it's just neat to have them all gathered in the same place (and on PS4). Play a little bit of this and a little bit of that after you know. Just like like in a Dave & Buster's.
  8. Yes, Streets of Rage 1,2 and 3! Comix Zone? Gunstar Heroes?? Hell yes I'm gonna get this. The Mega Drive sure had some great games.
  9. I haven't posted here in about three years, so don't want to bore anyone with a wall of text. You only get the last three 😄 #125 - Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale (vita) All-Star Legend - You've Only Done Everything Enjoyed beating the living hell out of some well known playstation characters. Shoutout to Korngamer24 for the help with the online trophies. Greatly appreciate it! _________________________________________ #124 Need for Speed Most Wanted (vita) None More Wanted Once again another game I played and 100%'ed on the PS3 years ago. Thought it honestly looked kind of strange graphics wise at first (compared to the console version) but quickly got used to it. Needle point was a good challenge again 😁 _________________________________________ #123 Tom Clancy´s Hawx Validated Aspirations I have never played a flight "simulator"/arcade game before. It was honestly really fun and felt very refreshing. It was quite a grind to get all the multiplayer trophies though. At least a good 30 hours or so. Shoutout to Zeuz_ofthe_aegis and Cardionic for the great time of boosting this game. Couldn't have done it without you guys.
  10. I can’t really grasp why they didn’t copy the old trophy images. These new ones look crappy. Oh well, it’s not like i’m gonna boycott it or anything. Can’t wait until the 16th.
  11. What you're saying makes perfect sense. Considering that, I think we will get the full "old" list. I don't mind.
  12. A life sized doll of the guy from Limbo I assume? If not I'm going to be disappointed.
  13. That list looks very similar to the 360 list. 250 freeburn challenges, Elite license, all billboards, all security gates etc, all were there on the xbox. They were nerfed heavily for the PS3 for some reason. Can't wait to dive in to this again. Already pre-ordered.
  14. Even though the list wasn't long, I'm excited to have some vita games on sale again. Picked up Tearaway, Super Stardust Delta and might also pick up God of War 1 & 2 as well 🤔
  15. Go plat Darksiders, that's one I need to go back and finish myself.