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  1. The articles I’ve seen don’t seem to have any credible source so far. I’m holding on hope that this is just a temporary issue (while nervously sweating).
  2. L.A. Noire is really good! It tends to be more goofy in VR than the consoles though (as most games). One of my all time favorites, you should give it a try.
  3. Grid 2’s driving felt a little like driving a tub covered in soap to me. I hope this game handles more like the first one. No online trophies (?) is a nice bonus too.
  4. The ports are not great, you are better off playing them on PS3. The games themselves are great though in my opinion.
  5. I really enjoyed getting the 100% in GW1, it almost felt effortless because it was so fun. Got to GW2 after the DLC came and jumped in to the Boss Hunt when it came in to the rotation. We got our ass kicked time and time again. Not only is it date restricted but it is also incredibly hard (at least for me and two buddies, all fairly experienced). Never getting this 100% unless they gift us with a really easy one. Maybe we just suck but it would be nice to get the chance to practice it. A couple of days is not enough time evidently 😆
  6. These buggy scavenging locations (and the other bugs), are they problems which has been present throughout the game's life or is it a new-ish thing? If the game is as good as it has ever been right now (even though it's slightly buggy) I'll definitely starting it.
  7. Is everything good now? If I start a new save on patch 1.06, does the game work properly?
  8. When I have a kid. I’ve already slowed down significantly, and can’t see myself gaming at all when I have a family to look after. Maybe a few years down the line. Who knows.
  9. I can understand that Vegas fans are frustrated, but regardless of this call they had three games to put this series away and they didn't (just like Toronto. Losing game 6 to Boston at home put a nail in the coffin in my opinion). Being a fan of the Sharks for 10+ years I'm buzzing with excitement! 😍 See you in round two Avs!
  10. That definitely brings back memories of playing Burnout 3 back in the day. The platinum is always a bonus too! Can't wait.
  11. When I press the link I get an error that says "Jinxy broke something, he said he broke it but is trying to fix it" and then there's a cut out of a cat. Not familiar with the site but I assume this is a general error message. Could you post the name of the level so that I can find it through the search function?
  12. Hitman Collection, I'll see you in the summer sale for 60% off 🤑 (£60 was steep as hell)
  13. Don't let this deter you too much. There's like one or two really annoying challenges (including this one above of course) but the rest of the game is average difficulty wise in my opinion. Easily one of my favorite games on the PS4.
  14. That's why! I kept thinking this while I was feeding fish to ocelots for about an hour yesterday. Something wasn't right 😁
  15. Super Stardust Ultra recieved a VR only add-on a year or two ago, and it was originally a non-VR game. That was really annoying since I don't have a PSVR and have no plans of buying one. Props to the devs/publishers for splitting this up in a separate list!