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  1. Assassin's Creed IV. It seems like you have the worst part left (multiplayer) but it's a really satisfying plat because of it.
  2. There's only one version of the game on vita. Tip for the future, search the game you are looking for in the 'game' tab on this website. There you will find all the regional and console stacks that are available (99% of the time at least).
  3. I'm going to have to pick Titanfall 2. That's one I've been meaning to get to and it's been eating 50+gb on my HDD for almost a year. I need to get around to it soon.
  4. Follow the trajectory at 0:37 and boost + jump. With a little luck you'll spawn at the other side of the map. It's not a foolproof method though (it took me a good 30 tries) but eventually you'll strike gold and get it.
  5. I'm not holding my breath for a sequel soon either, even though I'd really like to have one. As with any franchise I like from the PS3 era I'd happily take a remaster of the three games for the PS4. Even a lazy "remaster" would do (*cough* Prototype *cough*), although improved graphics and frame rate would definitely be preferred.
  6. Before you buy it, @grimydawg mentioned in the other thread that the "Another Day Another Win" (win 5 NBA today matchups) might be unobtainable. Is this a time sensitive trophy connected to the last NBA season or something? I haven't played NBA in many years. EDIT: RIght, as Potent_Delusions said, it became unobtainable in June. That sucks.
  7. @charlijaen You should be very happy about this! I never thought this would ever sync. I might pick this up now honestly! Since nobody is actually synced yet, can anybody tell how it is to platinum? Fairly straightforward?
  8. That sucks because the PS3 versions actually have quite manageable lists unlike the PS4 ones which only a handfull (or nobody) unlocks. It must be frustrating to not be able to sync those earned trophies. On a little tangent, I wish 2K would scale down the grinding and difficulty just a tad. Nba 2k7-10 on 360 had some pretty great lists and were not at all over the top. I'm on the fence about NBA every year but the 1000 hour platinum scared me away.
  9. Was this game actually possible to platinum at version 1.00? Does everything unlock fine with an unpatched game? I can somewhat recall this game having some sort of bug at release that made the platinum impossible. The challenges maybe? I'm probably wrong though.
  10. That's what i'm wondering too. I have a retail copy and if everything is unlockable on version 1.00 I'll just play it unpatched. By the way can you choose to just install like half the patches (or however many you choose) for a game like on the PS3? Or is it an all or nothing situation?
  11. It boggles my mind how people can even try to defend something like this, or show sympathy to the perpetrator. In a YouTube comment section of the NAU shooting that happened about a year ago 95% of the comments were like "yeah those frat guys got what they deserved" (the victims in this situation). How can you defend this in any way? I was called an idiot about 10 times becuase I "dared" to show sympathy towards the deceased frat boy/boys. Yes, it sucks that the shooter probably had some severe mental problems. but as soon has he picks up that gun and fires upon innocent people like you and I all that sympathy goes out the window. May that bastard rot in hell where he belongs.
  12. That can't be correct. How would you buy a PS Now version of the game, from a sale? 😁 Does the Netherlands even have PS Now? (in Sweden we don't have it, so that's why I'm asking. Not trying to be condescending or anything like that). Speaking of the sale, I've realized that I own everything I'm interested in playing (on PS3 at least). Now it's time to shrink the backlog instead of growing it. This feels good.
  13. How beneficial is the "pay to win" aspect you are talking about? i'm just curious. If it's REALLY beneficial I might consider it to be honest. I'll take throwing a few bucks to naughty dog over being stuck at 96% personally, but that's just me.
  14. Care to elaborate a little bit with a nice spoiler tag? Thinking of going for the 100% soon.
  15. You have a point. The old Dino Crisis games played like old Resident Evil if I remember correctly. Considering how RE2 is handled (which I love by the way) maybe it would play like a new Turok game. Anyways, Dino Crisis- yes please.