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  1. found the pachinko connoisseur
  2. This is what I was curious about, I played the OG years back and remember misplacing the discs and the frantic search among all my PS1 cases. I mean SE has been full-on nostalgia/remake(aster) business lately. To me this seems like little more than buying a couple of years with spread out full price sequels for what was a single game. Count me in as "uninformed" in that regard but it feels EA-dy as feck.
  3. It might be fixed when the first patch comes out - with the towers in the last Taymyr map. Alternatively you can try backing up your save to a USB/Cloud and starting a new game and see if it pops after you discover a few towers (I don't know if it would work just an idea)
  4. I'm in the same boat with you in considering this a hobby and all but you're a bit hard on the hiding part eh? I care as much to just have a nice list of games I actually played and enjoyed - platinum or not - and hide those that I gave up after trying (Apotheon, Just Cause 4, Wolfenstein TNC...) Games I spent a couple of hours on (if that much) and never went back to. Not because they were hard or unobtainable but purely boring and uninteresting. Also the games that have double lists - Remasters of Uncharted series, TLOU, Bioshocks and similar come to mind. I personally never double-dip a platinum in a game that way. Deleting the game and trophies as whole would be an interesting proposal. But if I can have one wish than maybe the ability to change your country on PSN first hahah
  5. They're free to keep absolutely all of it if they offer a deeply discounted online-access-only (or god-forbid free...) version of a PS account without the deals and free stuff that's either shite or something decent you played when it came out and probably again down the line and now it's just meh. I think I played two games this whole year, Mafia 3 only because the DLC was made free.
  6. I'm not sure, the first trophy is for tutorial hints being shown once not completing the tutorial. I think those will pop up eventually during the course of the game but to be sure you can just finish the tutorial. Takes some 20 minutes and it is very useful if it is your first contact with Snowrunner
  7. I do not enjoy paying for PS+, the free games are seldom worth it and at best case they will be a replay option of something I had interest before but already bought years prior. Discounts through PS+ deals do not cover it at all. I would very much like the option of free playing online but opting out of payed version that comes with free games or deals. In the end if I'm forced to I'll get the yearly PS+ at an easter/xmas/black friday sale for 30-40 GBP if I have to. On a yearly level it is not terrible in terms of cost. But all of that aside I think not a matter of cost (at least not entirely) - people prefer playing on the console. I think PS4 pro and now from the snippets and tech demos we saw of PS5 capabilities have excellent graphical fidelity and performance. Most often the case with poor(er) performance is in game optimization rather than the console - something 1st party exclusives that are very often GOTY material never have. At any point I will acknowledge that a high-end PC with a 4k monitor and 2080TI will beat the console - yes it will and thus far the SSD's would wreck the load times on consoles. But the difference is not the difference between a, say, PS2 and a PS4 titles. And I won't throw a fit because the load screen in 30 seconds instead of 5. Joystick, good 4k gaming tv (yes, yes it doesn't have 1ms refresh....), and plug and play. That is what a lot of people want and find perfectly acceptable. for ~400 GBP (say PS5 launch price) I get a one stop shop solution for everything I or any other person with the same interests needs. Good performance, excellent games (Mind, I think PS has far superior titles than Xbox/PC - but I get no joy from them being exclusive, I wouldn't mind you being able to experience H:ZD, TLOU, Uncharted or similar in all your 5080TI, light speed SSD, 8k, ms load, draw distance to the moon PC quality). But that level of PC will easily go above 1500 GBP mark. For some it is just not necessary. For those that it is - go ahead and enjoy it. Back to the topic - yes Mafia 2 is piss-poor remaster and obviously a cash grab. Broken far beyond just the trophies and with minimum effort invested - hoping that the goodwill of the title from before will rake in the cash. I just hope Mafia 1 remake goes above and beyond to redeem what they have done here, and that next gen will bring a Mafia 4 titles - with something new and interesting to revive the franchise.
  8. Worked, thanks a lot!
  9. Danger Close popped for me but like I said it took waay more than 30. dozen cars with 2 people while driving and using it every chance I got during FB DLC
  10. Has anyone been able to get the "Pop, pop" trophy? Recently after M3 went to Definitive and DLC's were free Kill 4 enemies 10 times in slow-mo. The trophy guide states that it's buggy, which Danger close also is (took easily 50+ kills even though the description says 30) So far I've farmed it more than 20 times in the house section where the sacrifice is, 10 more times in the opera house, on any 4 enemies or alerted cops I came across. At this point i am 99.99% certain I've done the 4 kills in slow mo about 40+ times. With pistols and rifles (not explosives) and still nothing.
  11. The above method only works if you haven't finished the game or at least taken over that district. For those who want some end-game farming - go play the Bayou Figure 8 race Sports class race you can easily win every time and finish within the target time for 5k per 2min An hour of playing that will net you roughly 150k + the kickback you collect in the meantime
  12. Confirm for EU store - Faster baby is free and available for download
  13. hope the see the guide up soon, dunno why it's taking so long..
  14. If you're playing on the game save you've platinumed just stay idle and collect kickback you'll get 20k/h with minimum effort. you must pick it up every hour! it will not accumulate i.e. 60k after 3 hours. I'm still waiting on the Faster baby DLC to become free on the EU store, apparently you can make some fast and easy money there through weed deals
  15. everyone's game will automatically update to the "Definitive edition" - like mine that was the standard edition with PS+ However in this case you need to download all the DLC separately which works as Stones unturned and Sign of the times appear as free but Faster, Baby is still full price (EU store) It lost the price and is unavailable since this morning so I am hoping it will be available for download by tonight or otherwise soon.