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  1. I legitimately downloaded it again after talking about it here, as I bought it digitally years ago and am replaying it now on the PS5 hahahah The game is so much fun and has aged well
  2. Yeah, that was the part I followed on the side as I sold my PS4 and games while waiting for PS5. Apparently even if you bought the game + separate DLC's or the season pass they relaunched the 'Ultimate' edition (thanks @And98s for clearing that up) which is what you must get if you want to to get the upgrade with all the DLC. Otherwise I assume it will be like COD CW if you have the PS4 disc it's around €7 to upgrade to PS5 on my store. I loved the game and really want to replay it with all DLC on the PS5 but this was just a dick move on the dev's side for those who bought everything already
  3. Sleeping Dogs is an incredible game, try finding a physical copy for the PS4 it's worth the hassle GRID might put you off if you really care about the Platinum, it has a stupendously long and boring trophy for reaching a certain number of (kilometers/miles) km traveled/driven there's a ~300 post discussion on the game page with calculation for 80 hours of rubberbanding the controller to get it. Basically once you're 99% done you'll be maybe 20% of the required distance
  4. I'm looking forward to replaying it once the full PS5 version comes out w/ all DLC - I'm still confused as to which version is the get all + upgrade version... Otherwise when I first played it on PS4 Pro had no major issues with anything, except some framerate drops during big fights or tearing apart half the area the game looked amazing. If you haven't already I highly suggest playing it - on either console.
  5. Buddy, most states can't even figure out or get to sorting out lootboxes let alone sex or violence when stuff four times more explicit is on prime time streaming services. The times when some 'Karen' got scared that her little Joey will become a serial killer because he played GTA III and half the world clickbait media picked up on it are finally gone... Correct me if I am wrong but even Germany is finally getting over the 'no blood' or swastikas in historical shooters being banned and allowed in 18+ games. This is all getting more and more derailed, what happened here is just people massively and obviously exploiting some free titles on a new console that are getting banned. With reason. I have the PS5 and have only downloaded Days Gone to replay - other games I simply have no interest in general, others I have played and replayed (GOW, U4, R&C...) And most can be found on sale digital or physical on ebay for sub $10 anyway if you had an itch to play. No one mentioned anything about those buying titles from other stores. I myself have separate accounts where I have PS+ and where I buy stuff (for myself not for resale) and have several friends that do the same - in my case when I got the PS3 the Store wasn't even available in my country.
  6. same, twice and now it no loner shows on either of my 2 acc's both times it was a "delete" not just a "de-install" of some sort
  7. I had a few crashes as you described, one in the wild while in 3rd person - shut off console / repaired storage (only time that happened) One crash randomly mid round ~12 Otherwise had one crash in the main menu while honestly just playing with sliders And several crashes particularly on the Redlight, Greenlight story mission at various times One crash on the first mission, rooftops chase part. I managed to get all the campaign trophies so far, but the chance of glitching out and crashing on high rounds while trying DOA3 is really not motivational...
  8. I agree it wasn't worth the money, as for 21 hours platinum - I got in around 15. Honestly the couple of collectibles, few bases and a story which can be completed in about 3 hours if you just do that (i.e. how long or even less NG+ took me with limited skippable cutscenes). I felt it was even more extended by the fact you need to do side missions before continuing the story, which is fine, and I did 100% it the first time but when you count how long it takes to beat enemies when you start and later the game starts throwing 20% melee damage increases... What I mean is long not difficult, as in the basic trooper/underground/escapee enemies just sponge for 3/4 of the game. And late game level increases are quality of life improvements in terms of damage output. And no, "Miles is growing as a superhero so he gets stronger" is a bs explanation. And although I enjoyed Spiderman while then and now being really 'meh' around the whole superhero genre this game's story feels incredibly generic and oriented at a really, reaaally young audience. Which is fine but again I was rolling my eyes through half of it. some gripes below are spoilers: I'm well aware of my limited capacity for superhero games logic but this just keeps pushing it and pushing it for the entire 6 hour game if you don't count the collectables.
  9. I think everyone should wait until they have some time with CP2077 (that is if they have any interest in the genre/theme), regardless if it will be 'meh', 'good' or 'OMG 11/10' to some it is still a serious contender for GOTY this year that should have it's chance. Mine would be The last of us 2, I really loved and enjoyed the game (mind you, I'm not saying it is a happy, cheerful or funny game in any way) but without derailing the thread with discussing its story for me it was a well deserved and surefire GOTY so far. Ghost of Tsuhima is close 2nd for sure, And if there could be a "Most disappointing 2020" category my vote goes to Doom Eternal.
  10. I've tried it a bunch of times and it simply never showed any option except of course buying the full price version on the store. Down to watching how-to videos on YT I could not replicate. Which is funny because I borrowed COD BW from a friend (ps4) just to try another game and that one immediately upon installation showed up the small square on the side with an upgrade to PS5 available for something around $8 (still cheaper than initially buying a PS5 title here ) So I summarized it was F'd for Miles Morales but works otherwise so I'll keep buying physical PS4 copies, since I still save $10-15 over straight up buying a PS5 copy (which is in all its glory $90-100 here)
  11. I have the same issue with SM Miles Morales PS4 disc only giver the option to copy to console (PS4 edition which it is) or for me to buy the digital ultimate or PS5 edition for the price No option to upgrade whatsoever...
  12. I bought the physical version for PS4 (picking up my PS5 Thursday) The upgrade is free and the game here is around $10 cheaper than the PS5 version so... Might keep doing it given that the PS5 game prices hiked, as long as the free upgrade is included
  13. On my end they are and always were stable proportional to the connection I have. For example i went from 20Mbps to Optic internet and my PS4 download became much faster. Only times I've noticed a slowdown was with sales/new releases of digital games - say a hyped title is coming out (TLOU, CP2077, GOW...) and if you try to download it (not preload which is what I assume they put up to mitigate this) exactly midnight when it becomes available or the day afternoon when most people come back from work - it will be slower or glitchy to the point where it might stop and resume on its own but otherwise it is entirely dependent on the internet option you've got from your ISP and perhaps some external factors such as firewall, NAT type etc. If I expect something to be faster on PS5 it is the install speed for both games and updates once downloads are finished - for me those occasionally took ages...
  14. Similar case on my end, I don't even enjoy the COD MP or zombies but I like the Micheal Bay-ish over the top explosive SP Campaign. I'm waiting for the PS5 to arrive and I'll give it a go, most likely hide it in the end after I finish SP since there isn't any fun in doing the rest for me. You shouldn't let trophies top you from playing a game you otherwise have interest in
  15. "Well, clearly, you weirdos are the minority and we simply reply-all'd the entire PS network about the return policy on preoreders for CP2077 given the demand and hype for it" -Sony