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  1. He might be on to something... In my playthrough I 'picked up' the quest from an NPC in the city saying "oh Goons blablabla" go there and kill them and after that cleared the location without issues. Couple of hours later while back in Wellspring i randomly tried talking to the npc and he said something in the line of "good work" and I got about $3000 maybe it will register after talking to them?
  2. Have to be Goons, collected throughout the area I mentioned in the first post. The Shrourded (helmet, yellow guys), Hogs (hillbillies in the wilds) and mutants do not count
  3. It's on sale now on PSN with a PS+ discount, around 15€ depending on your local currency
  4. As a general rule your safest bet is considering all statistics trackers is that they are broken as hell I.e. my drone trophy popped on 6 found, Good De-leet on 713 kills, Byte for 128 vehicle kills on 40 etc. If you still have goon dens unconquered, farm them until you get the trophy - leave one for after finishing the story you'll have the least missing at that point and do other kill related trophies first you're bound to do at least some reloads for that and gather kills on the go. As I posted in another thread, if you've already cleaned out all goon dens your safest bet is the Gass Pass pit stop just to the right of wellspring, goons (15-30 depending if backup spawns) will keep spawning there even if the location has already been 100% cleared.
  5. I managed to hunt down the last drones yesterday for the plat, I really don't know what so say regarding the tracking - the in game statistics said I found 6 (lol) drones and manually counting the found intel/logs sums up to 28, I personally think I did get 30. This was at the time I got the trophy. There's a guide on Pyx's site but it is quite general and in locations you're bound to visit - in the end you will spend some 2-3 hours flying around locations you visited/aren't sure you did, best I can recommend is keeping an ear out for the humming from when you start the game (if you want to go all the way write down the locations you got them at to eliminate later). And work to get the drone radar in Kvasir's projects. [Clear out crates because you'll have to get the radar for that prior to drones and that way you'll know if you find something on radar later that it's a drone] They will almost certainly be at every 2nd-3rd Bandit den (Hogs and Goons) and Shrouded pylon sites, fairly frequently at Pit Stops and/or Roadblocks so focus while there when cleaning out. Also points of interest - white markers on the map, even the smallest ones with 1-2 crates sometimes have a drone on them but since there are dozens of them most won't - I suggest searching them as soon as you found them If the marker is on a building (shack, bar, garage, any kind of structure with or without enemies) focus those are most likely to have them. Arks by my estimate I found 4-5 drones between all of them and some 2-3 drones between all Lost Ranger sites. Mutant Bash buildings don't have any, and I haven't found any outside mutant nests, and only one outside the Dune sea Crusher nest on entrance to the underground garage. Also, in my experience if you miss a drone (I missed a few at the beginning, few bandit den locations in the first area) and come back later (day after) after restarting the game drones will respawn there, they won't stay at whatever location they ran off to initially. As for the Balloons I also followed the Dune sea circling advice, i got my last 6-7 Balloons there in less than 20 mins, and while revisiting all locations later for drones I had quite a few spawn in that area while I was flying around.
  6. Well, for people whose trophy for killing the large mutants failed to pop, it will pop upon restarting the game and killing the first one in a new one (apparently one somewhere might not count) so you need another one from a new game to have 7. It could mean other trophy stuff carry over since it has nothing to do with the stats that are all bugged out - but to be on the safe side I'd try to squeeze everything in one playthrough - kills, balloons, drones...
  7. The trophy requires 1337 goon kills which is unlikely you'll get in one playthrough - the in game statistics are bugged and mine was showing 450 by the end of the game which was way too low and later jumped to 670 even though I was mostly fighting the other faction. In case you still have some goon bandit den's left save one for farming - pick the one with most enemies and not too many levels to minimize the time you need to wipe them - always leave one alive before reloading your save. The kills will count, the others will respawn. That's the easy way. (Goon dens are in torn plains, broken tract and twisting canyons) Now if, like me, you already completed all the dens it becomes more complicated but I found that the Gass Pass Pit Stop in Torn plains just to the right of Wellspring continues spawning Goons even after being completely cleared. If some else is in the same situation please confirm. Depending on how you approach (which Goons you kill) more will sometimes spawn from one of the garages meaning you get between 15-30 kills per pass. Always make sure to leave one alive before reloading the save. (My statistics now say 713 Goons killed and I got the trophy so that is completely wrong). By my estimate I was missing some 150-200 kills and that after clearing all dens, some deaths, some restarts + some reloading prior while doing other kill related trophies.
  8. Happened to me an hour ago - had everything wrapped up all projects LV 14+ But no reinstallation was necessary. The new objective marker didn't pop up after finishing the last project mission and I drove around for a while thinking it's delayed - then I fast traveled to another region where I had an ark still to do and it popped after loading in. Try fast traveling first.
  9. I experienced a similar thing, however I figured the speech bubbles were just messed up, talking to Kvasir didn't work but "talking" to Legs did. From then on I just initiated Kvasir conversations talking (or looking) towards Legs and it works - without restarting, going up and down elevators and such
  10. You should be ok trophy wise, location completions aren't necessary for anything even if it's an annoying glitch for completionists
  11. So, I did a bit of collecting, backtracking and trial and error on the drones - for people like me who missed a few and were late to the autosave reload party. The best in-game way to track/notify yourself of them is the collector nanitrite-thingy, you can pick which upgrades you want but it's worth rushing the story arc with Dr. Kvesir (you get the project upgrade possibility after running the first mission for him after meeting) Don't invest in points for the ARK boxes, datapads, crates etc. Just Drones (you might have to pick one extra in that case pick the lesser evil ARK or storage they are more easily found/collected to be out of your way and generally useful for upgrades and materials) This will be useful as when you're driving around past locations you've already cleared if you get the radar mark it will mean the drone is back and you can have another go if you previously lost it. While they do have random spawns there are some rules - they will return to the area where you lost them (i approached the map cleaning a bit more methodically and I roughly remembered the few location I lost them yesterday in the first two areas, went back to drive past a few with the drone collector nantrite-whatever and it did ping. I found 3 drones I missed last night on the same locations, the ones they flew away from. Could mean a load/game reset spawns them back - they are (as a rule of thumb not 100%) usually located in smaller enemy camps (shrouded pylons, goon gas stations) and trader posts where the trading organization (vending machines) are present more often then big bases (e.g. slittown etc.) so if you missed a few start backtracking and looking there [I don't think I found any at mission locations, enemy free locations (such as shrines), and small points of interest with no enemies or trading machines (just building/s with maybe 1 datapad or a storage crate) Hope it helps a little bit [edit] Lost ranger locations can also have them fairly frequently
  12. Anyone know if these two collectibles are missable? I'm asking because i failed to get 2-3 drones as they started flying away mid-firefight when I wasn't even going for them and if the balloons count with destruction or do you also have to pick up the box they drop? Shot one down running after a convoy, when I came back that little loot box it drops was gone.
  13. Honestly what killed it for me was the Breach mode. I plat'd the first Deus Ex and loved the game/story - this one is also no exception and really fun. As for the difficulty I'd put it around 5-6/10, less and easier if you use a guide for some or all sections but make sure play through the game first for fun then for trophies it's really good. Coming back to Breach mode - incredibly boring, too long, too pointless, too much of a hassle. I only plat games I really enjoy and like and unfortunately I couldn't force myself through that s*it
  14. And the word itself was popularized long after the war ended through movies and media, it is related but not exclusive to the deeds of ww2 criminals. You could be a nazi - a member of the national-socialist worker's party and spend the war being a mid level bureaucrat in a position where party membership is mandatory and also harbor anti-war, non anti-Semitic views... Serious talk and points aside, I found it really jarring in the game. Honestly this sjw bullshit has no place here, if you can't manage to cope with a non-offensive semi-historical term in a very loosely based, besides the timeline non-historical fictional video-game... Then you need serious counseling, not censorship. Imagine how Band of Brothers or old COD's and MoH's would look like if every "Nazi" was censored. But back then (I shit you not a phrase spoken by a 26 year old) game journalism was monthly magazines with tips, cheats and on-point reviews not a pseudo-political clusterf*ck of virtue signalling gender neutral imbeciles on online sites. It's incredibly annoying and frustrating when they force this pointless mental acrobatics onto videogames...
  15. I found the game on sale yesterday for some 5€ to give it a try, it's a fun little shooter and quite funny with the stereotypes and jokes but this is completely unnecessary Basically during any dialogue where the character is discussing fighting nazis, nazi zombies, nazis' [plot thing] it's completely silent - dialogue audio just cuts out - and text is replaced by !&%$#. I mean what the hell... it's not a racial slur or anything offensive to begin with