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  1. OK, so I've played it exclusively with a friend. Summer drought was pretty bad and the game seemed ok and I went in with low expectation after TNC was a disappointment and the trailers were meh for me, it can provide some fun for 5-10 hours IF - you play on easy, play co-op and only for the running through the story and the shooting mechanics when they work. (Whom the incredibly pointless armor system screws) The story is... there isn't any. It's terrible there is no "immersion" whatsoever. Characters are terrible, setting is terribly executed (read: run through the same 3 areas 50 times), enemy respawns become annoying, the sponginess, floating, invisible barriers, invincible enemies, difficulty spikes all of that - make the game far worse than it has any right to be. After 10-15 hours MAX it has no content, right, endgame, fun to keep players in. And you require another 20 hours to do some of the most tedious and pointless grinding you've even seen - I can't see the immersion for even the most diehard Wolf fans. To put this in perspective regarding my view of the modern reiterations - TNO was amazing, TOB even better - I platinumed both. TNC I found very mediocre and boring with gimmicky feel to the shooting and movement and haven't even finished it. And this POS that sunk any goodwill a lot of people had for MG/Wolf future I sure as hell won't even touch.
  2. By far one of the most pointless, almost insulting parts of the game are the coin pickups in open world. When you start it up and run through the zeppelin and play your first level you put effort into exploring and finding piles of coins (you get what? between 2-10 coins) thinking it will be of some use. As I started I figured the yellow boxes are one time only and most will be through missions/kills/coin pickups. That was before seeing there is an improvement system on top of the already grindy basic attachment purchase for weapons that you really never use, the abysmal rewards for replaying the abysmal number of missions and the fact enemies do not drop any. My standing perception is that this was well and truly on its way on being heavily monetized in terms of removing the grind but the backtracked due to the general backlash against MTX and otherwise already poor reviews. I mean, there is honestly NOTHING in this game worth replaying more than once. And absolutely nothing to justify spending hours upon hours more to achieve it - this game has 15 hours worth of content and a platinum achievable in 40+. If you did an NG+ game with the equal rewards as your first run, do everything once more and focus equally on the caches? You'd still be hours of particular weapons masteries and coins away from platinum requirements.
  3. Great job compiling all that stuff for everyone to see - glad I could help
  4. I'd honestly at that point try a new game - start (patch 1.02 current right?) you only have a couple of hours worth of re-running the game; people mentioned to have gotten the Grip (pistol) upgraded by Story Mission 4-6 and some side missions only up to that point (only thing I also did beside that in my game was some Board events, those pop up some materials if you finish them I believe). I personally had it pop before my trophy for Mission 6 so if it doesn't glitch it is certainly doable. Also it seems to be the least glitchy of all weapon upgrades. Good luck.
  5. I loved it, honestly. It's original, story is great,the infamous-style movement and destructibility is very enjoyable and the whole premise where if I try to recommend it to someone it feels hard to explain and avoid spoilers. Playing on the PS4Pro, I haven't considered load times to be annoying or overly long - I mean none are more than 10 sec or so?, the only frame rate drops were after fast traveling and occasionally after opening the pause menu. And while they're still there you get used to them and they only last some 2 seconds and have never gotten me in trouble/killed. Also the difficulty feels really... well balanced/made? I mean it wasn't unfair that I was dying in the beginning, before I realized how powers work, that you have to be on the move, how different weapons and upgrades work etc. Bosses also have an approach to them, it took me awhile to get DiTomasso and it felt good doing basically a no damage run to beat him. Felt like a really good learning curve and I have honestly enjoyed the entire game and all the side stuff - the place is also really interesting, I don't know what was the last game I actually took notice to collectibles and misc documents you find around. One of the best games I played this year, it gives that "that was a good game" feeling after finishing/100%ing? I don't know how to describe it but it's similar to finishing GoW, Uncharted, MGS3, Ace Combat 0, Exodus, Mass Effect 2 etc. Remedy earned some serious goodwill points as far as their future releases go with me.
  6. As far as it looks by now if you got LV2 you should be getting LV3 soon as well. If it glitches it glitches on LV1 not LV2. I'm not sure if the LV3 specific materials are possible connected to the mini-bosses I checked and written above that I had the Grip form LV3 before mission 6 with all side missions up to that point cleared as well. And all other weapon forms (except Pearcer that glitched for me) upgraded to the max by story mission 8-9. If it doesn't give you the option to upgrade check some side missions, however, I'm not sure what the specific requirements are / if there are any for upgrades aside from the necessary material some of which might be boss drops or mission reward. If they are connected to enemy drops I think a good option is to do the
  7. The trophy is for upgrading only one (any) weapon to LV3. If you're not getting the upgrade option for any of the weapon forms then you have a gnarly glitch and you should restart. Pearcer that I had, and is above mentioned as mostly prevalent, is unfortunate but we were still able to upgrade all the other ones - trophy-wise you're ok. Looking at the timeline of my trophies - i got the weapon upgrade trophy (for the Grip gun) before i finished story mission No. 6 (some side missions obviously) I haven't used much of the Spin/Charge/Shotguny form aside from Board Countermeasure events but I had all of them upgraded to the max by story mission 8-9. Not sooner only due to missing certain materials but the option was there just unavailable. For the Pearcer upgrade it never even showed at any point after building the base version.
  8. All I can tell you guys is that it doesn't show up no matter how much further you push in the game. Depending on how far in you are, I'd suggest starting a new one or leaving it for a second play just for that trophy. The trophy is for any weapon, I upgraded Grip (standard first gun) first, because I used it the most. Got it even before 50% story with some side missions included.
  9. You can also stand behind the rock/pillar back-right side. You'll be able to shoot the middle and right "head" and it won't retaliate. This happened without me dying or anything prior first time fighting it.
  10. Same, except mine was for the Pearce form. Finished the game and platinumed it, I never got the option to upgrade it. Have every other weapon up to LV3.
  11. Yeah I've seen it and just gave up. I mean is it that hard to increase coin drops from caches? and xp from kills? (by increase probably x3 or x5) Seriously, a full game completion, all missions and messing about with trophies will net you half the coins necessary - AND - the most insulting part are the piles of coins sitting around where you get what? Like 5-10 coins? When you need 60k after finishing everything not even worth picking up Sure it's faster kills-wisebut the grind is mind-numbing there aren't nowhere near the numbers of enemies necessary to do all the masteries. I'm not doing it, or approaching any new Wolfenstein titles with any goodwill. Anything made by TNO and TOB is long gone this game topped Watch Dogs 2 in terms of pure refined fu*king cringe.
  12. I've seen the laptops mentioned but from what I understood it refers to them for being glitched but DO NOT affect any completion trophies (I got 97% even though I have everything) that is from a German source Otherwise they spoke about general 100% and economy balancing - kills, coins etc. on other sites and twitter plus from what some people playing the game on YT said about it I think the article above just mixed the two together - the grind MUST be addressed. Really, I just want to platinum the bloody thing and sell it for the price of a sandwich. Really hope they get their s*it together for the next Wolfenstein (much more like TNO/OB)
  13. If that part refers to the price you're willing to pay for it, you won't have to wait long. I've seen it go second hand, deluxe with unused buddy passes for sub $20 here. (it was around $50 new, a normal AAA game is regularly $90 here) the game is meh and in current state only fun if you play on easy (mainly due to ridiculous sponginess) Honestly I played it only with a friend, on easy, we skipped all the cutscenes that came out because the backbreaking cringe already listening to the pep signals "Duuuude let's kill them sum-btch nazi's bruh, yeeeee!" was too much. But for a 15 hour run with a friend and decent gunplay ( minus enemy sponge, hit detection, ammo design and the infuriating shield system and the "story") I'd call it worth 10 americamoneys/euromoneys. But only if you play with a friend, the AI is borderline re*arded. Maybe I'll even platinum it if the 1.05 makes any difference.... Seriously, 100% game completion, all combat/collectible related trophies, all miscellaneous - total silver collected 65/138k necessary, total weapons mastered 1/however many there are and not even the most used rifles.
  14. well at the current state, you require somewhere around 130k silver to upgrade all weapons - I got the trophy for 60k silver just shortly before finishing the last side mission and doing all misc trophies regarding kills. And you get pitiful loot form yellow containers, challenges or generally pick ups. Another thing are weapon masteries - same as above, finished main story, side missions, messing around with a friend and backtracking for all collectibles the two most used guns blitz/sturmgewehr are somewhere around master 6 and 7, only usable heavies e.g. uberhammer and laser hammer one mastered one around lv5. And you have thousands of more kills to do with for those number limited numbers of enemies and limited ammo. The grind is honestly unreal, in a game with a woefully weak replay options and no NG+.
  15. You can't really dismiss the entire "gen" as such. While I'd agree there is a certain lack of good AA titles and most AAA take the same boring/safe route there were some truly awesome games be it linear or open world that shaped it. e.g. Uncharted, Horizon, GOW, Doom, GTA V, Driveclub, Spinderman etc. Of course it all depends on your personal interest in games - you could argue what Cyberpunk and Death Stranding shape up to be will also be this gen I enjoyed some less "universally praised 10/10's" games like Tomb Raider, Metro, Infamous, Wolfenstein, Mad Max, Days Gone, Deus Ex etc. IMHO what suffer most were the backbone of what you played between big SP releases. MP shooters from the times of COD WaW, MW2, BFBC/BF3 were pretty much torpedoed. BF1,5 / all the recent.. what 6 or more COD's where pretty much downhill. I get an a**l wart every time someone mentions Battle Royale of any sort for me it's the most basic effortless form of gaming be it PUBG or Trashnite. Hell, half the games form E3 or Gamescom now are the exact same formula regurgitated over and over. Really hope the new COD:MW turns out good in that regard but... Activision, so very moderate hype