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  1. I always played the game any enjoyed it without much implications of "m'lady videogame gf" and the galaxy was well fulfilled and varied. Would've liked to see Elcor, Volus and other Drell with a bit larger role. I've watched some videos of ME Development on YT and I do understand that creating new species is a very difficult task. If you think about it most sci-fi IP's be it Star Wars, Star Trek or Serenity all largely stick to the formula of humanoid + different skin, shape, size, finger count etc. And playing with a team full of random SPORE creations wouldn't be as much fun. That being said I generally consider ME female characters to have good writing and a decent story arc (Liara and Tali in particular, I even enjoyed Ashley's somewhat inconsistent transformation from a Xenophobe to a far more understanding and trusting team member). I loved Vetra's character in ME:A and for me I don't care about the sex scenes it can just be fade to black to not consider how to put attractive female attributes on a Turian or Angara. But the relationships if you so choose do play a role in an RPG and your character. I did a speedrun on Insanity of ME3 and tbh seeing Liara and Vega get disintegrated by Harbinger makes you feel sad (not sad enough to suffer Insanity on another 100% playthrough tho). Citadel is peak fan service and probably more of an apology for the ending than anything else. Even it's ending with the return to duty and implications about the larger ongoing conflict is very well made. But it's enjoyable for what it is. Fully agree the entire ending premise, someone mentioned Rannoch being the last quality mission, feels like a rushed afterthought. And even here you can see most people made up their mind about the ending and how they see it happening - because they love the series. Bad/Sad endings are a tricky thing in videogames and movies (I personally feel TLOU2 to have a really good one..) and most people want a happy ending with the heroes walking into the sunset. And ME3 had the potential for all of it - if you spend your time doing the game 100% and preparing everything then have a happy ending, with everyone surviving a ME2's style final mission and less troubles with Reapers as the entire galaxy's fleet would fight them and then just dock and fire the crucible as a weapon it should have been without ghost children and colored tubes. Or more of a struggle against the Reaper fleets, loss of allies, harder and different final mission on Earth with Shepard even dying etc. But what we got was A/B/C pick a color and 'fuck you'. I immensely enjoy my 100% playthrough, imagine the allied fleets suffering losses but still keeping the reapers at bay, a better than given final mission resulting with Shepard together with everyone reaching the beam, docking the crucible and melting the Reapers. Sorry for the long post but one more thing that I always found annoying is that there is a codex entry which says Reaper capital ships are incredibly well shielded and protected but that concentrated fire from 5 dreadnoughts does destroy them. So for the the fleets moving in, seeing Harbinger with its four glowing eyes and knowing it's a leader/priority target they would've just focused everyone on it and destroy it. (given that no way a 1v1 final boss fight Shepard vs Harbinger would've happened this would be a good part of a high EMS entry depending on how much losses the allies take destroying Harbinger).
  2. ME as a whole is by me a must-play trilogy for anyone with interest, I love the game - but no matter the ending version it was terrible (the ending). The entire conclusion was terrible. Similar to OP I stared at the credits when I finished it first time on PS3 and felt like nothing of matter was resolved. But the entire core of the story conclusion is imho rotten and cannot be fixed with small tweaks or re-works. I picked synthesis the first time and only that time, for me Destroy is the only thing that can in any way shape or form be called an ending. Never, not once, in the entire game is control of the reapers or synthesis of organic and inorganic life forms worked on, mentioned, developed, discussed or implied in any shape or form. The entire premise of the game (trilogy) is the battle for survival of all species and destruction of the Reapers while working to unite the galaxy, unite the organic and inorganic life with free choice (the Geth) that wish to live and make their own future. TIM just ups and decides they can be controlled at the beginning of ME3 which is perfectly in-line with Saren and Benezia being indoctrinated and led to believe they are in control. Even then everything feels rushed and unconnected, the relays blowing up (more or less depending on what? the amount of allies you got? how does that work?) Leviathan is such an intergral part to Reaper origin/lore that having included as DLC is a crime on its own Javik being a DLC/pre-order bonus, again providing really integral insight in Protheans and Reapers is also DLC in poor taste (EA) That entire sequence with running towards the beam and Marauder Shields is eh? Extended cut with the aforementioned Normandy just sitting there in front of Harbinger It's a sci-fi epic, and you could write 50 pages on nitpicks that you probably won't notice when you play and enjoy - but the entire final 1/3 of ME3 just spirals down into frantic conclusions, deus ex machinas and pure bs... I really, really, really hope something good follows up with ME4 or ME:A2. This series is too good for the treatment it gets. Imagine Sony buying off rights/studio off EA and pouring God of War or Horizon level effort into ME - it would be a game of the decade.
  3. You're all looking at this pretty naively. Or at least with unhealthy amounts of wishful thinking. Exclusives sell, and they make business sense for both companies. In the end it's not a crime that companies chase profits/sales/market increase regardless of how you feel about the way they are doing it. Unless they piss off or pull a move that would be against a vast majority of players (which I assure you they won't) they will do what makes commercial sense. I'd like to play the next Fallout game, but if it's an XBOX/PC exclusive - oh well Also I'd like another Days Gone and Killzone but Guerrilla will surely focus solely on AAA*A* Horizon since it will for sure outperform the aforementioned. I'd like EA to stop doing the MTX/Live-service bullshit but unfortunately it makes them billions so a solid new Mass Effect title is far from certain. In the end the market will decide and companies will adjust. If everyone stopped spending billions on SHARK cards and FIFA booster packs the practice would stop. If everyone stopped buying downgrade/buggy/grey goo repeated releases (Ubisoft titles) they would likely make a serious effort to improve or innovate (no news on BGE2). If everyone seriously boycotted a release no matter how great if it turned out the devs were exploited, abused, cheated out of bonuses for their work (Gearbox) it would stop happening. For the topic of Bioshock I loved 1 & 2, if anyone remembers Infinite what it was promised what it ended up... for me it was a disappointment. I'd love a new Bioshock games that can live up to the first two. I'd love it if everyone could play it - I'm not any happier if it's an A or B exclusive. But if, trusting the leaks, Sony saw potential in a high-budget Bioshock IP and poured millions into development? You can be damn sure it they'll want that money back through sales and people using that among other things to buy PS5's.
  4. I did them fairly late in the game (about 75% through) and doing all side missions, my paragon was almost full and I had the chance to defuse the situation immediately. Not siding with one and later trying to regain loyalty through a separate convo. Most likely your Paragon/Renegade was not high enough (maybe you need to reach the final 5th level). This would just mean you spread out your P/R a bit too much in earlier game.
  5. I've been following this thread for a while (have the game on disc) but was waiting for a patch until I finish ME:LE if someone can confirm: Long story short is that if you install and update to 2.01 you can do everything except Old gadgets, which are in turn attainable by deleting the game and playing offline on 1.00 until you collect them? No other trophy issues?
  6. The empty one didn't count on PS3, depending on the mission order you do (or mess up and destroy one instead of killing the driver) you'll have chance on Javik mission or Tuchanka bomb defuse mission (I got it there both times).
  7. Yeah, managed. But it felt lucky more than anything - i.e. some radnom engineer didn't rush me simultaneously to whack me with the gun or throw 2 incinerates in a row. Only advice I can give is find and kill the Vanguard first, if the comes to you - you're as good as dead anyway.
  8. So, Normal (not even insanity) difficulty against mirrored opponents (Shepards) in the Armax arena. How? More specifically what am I supposed to do against the Vanguard? 1. Be in cover, full health and shields lv 60 engineer 2. Vanguard teleports and staggers you, takes away your shields or depletes 90% 3. You roll back to avoid the ground slam,(50/50 it catches you and you die) 4. If you survive and keep moving/rolling back to regain health and shields, the Vanguard teleports to you again and kills you. (if not, follow-up groundslam to kill you while staggered) It happened for my last 5 attempts at this. What the hell? I've beaten ME2 and ME3 (never bought this DLC) on Insanity and no Banshee, Reaper, Harbinger, or Praetorian ever came close to this level of bullshit.
  9. This is nothing you should worry about (kills), if you're doing side mission and doing at least one full 100% run of each game the trophy will pop early ME3. Earlier if you are dying and reloading some checkpoints. But it will come natural and there's nothing to go out of your way for, I believe all kills count for this - weapons, powers, you our squadmates. Melee kills are dodgiest in ME1, can be done easily in ME2 (drop the diff to make it a walk in the park), and ME3 has a really solid melee mechanic with the heavy omni-blade attack that will one-hit-kill most mob enemies (basic Cerberus troops, husks etc.) You can get it in a few mission if you focus on it.
  10. So, I'm not a fan of any kind of stacking - if I get the game a second time (remaster, goty etc.) I'll platinum it and keep only one / hide the previous and keep it one platinum per title. I'm working my way through the ME:LE and since now I can have a clean 100% on the entire trilogy I missed before due to not paying for EA DLC extortion I wanted to hide ME2 and ME3 from PS3 days. But the hidden games on my PS5 only goes back to PS4. I can scroll down on the trophies page and go all the way back to Midnight Club days but there no option to hide anything prior to PS4. Anyone know what's the deal with this?
  11. ah, apologies - I got lost in the forums ME1-ME3:LE and at the moment I am finishing ME3. The tech burst was added in ME3 true, but aside every 3rd or 4th biotic combo not counting in ME2 I managed to complete them all across 2 or 3 missions with Miranda/Jacob combo. (Pull+Warp) I had no biotic abilities since I was an engineer. So while I doubt it's completely bugged for the OP it's more of a hit or miss with the counter. I noticed that if the pull enemies hit an obstacle (box, cover...) or don't 'float' when struck by the detonation power it has less chance to count. Probably half of my count was done on Jacob's loyalty mission against the basic mechs and reloading a save.
  12. I did tech bursts - Garrus overload, my incinerate (as an Engineer) it counted for 90% of the time with no issues got the trophy 0-50 in two N7 missions against Cerberus
  13. There is a lot of exaggeration from all sides - be it too easy or impossible to get. For example, I'm from Croatia, small market, I doubt we had significant quantities slated to deliver for the mass market compared to Germany or France. PS5's were sold out immediately in November (I was lucky to get mine through the legit store pre-order, paid MSRP) and aside a few scalped units on our version of ebay for ~20% mark-up there were none. Since February they have been popping up in the 'main PS importer' stores and now in smaller gaming/IT stores as well. The other day some kids were walking out of an electronics store that sells mostly TV's and vacuum cleaners with them off the shelf. No mark up, no lines, no pre-orders etc. Just walked in and bought. Perhaps try smaller stores, maybe drive 30-60min to a nearby smaller city that might have quantities available. Not relying solely on online orders, e-bay, or amazon those are the best chances to get out-botted. My friend placed a call to a store that also deals in electronics and has a terrible basic html/http website. They had 10 of them so he just drove and picked one for himself it was next to ancient PS3 games. Depending on the whole epidemic/lockdown situation if you're in Europe and fancy a small trip across the border you might be able to get one that way. Fun trip and less gas/highway money than a 1000€ PS5 off some asshole scalper.
  14. Reycevick did a really good video on the topic of mobile gaming in general. While it is unfortunately true that 95% of the mobile market is shovel-ware tier extortion trash there is a chance for something good to come out of it. Modern smartphones can run some truly amazing PS2/PS3/maybePS4 era classics on the go and if they run ok and are a worthy port I don't have any issue with that. Furthermore, they didn't announce this as "the focus of the future" there will still be PS4/PS5 games/exclusives/indies as we know it - but for those interested there might be a valid mobile option. Maybe even for people who just aren't able to afford consoles or have dedicated game time and wish to do so on the go. Last-gen flagship smartphone is much easier to get than a PS5. I personally haven't played a mobile game for... 15 years easy. And I can't say I have any interest in it in general even if does turn out in the best way since without dedicated joystick-attachments the on-screen touch controls are terrible and I won't accept a phone that requires me to lug around a charger/battery (ahem, Apple) let alone separate joystick attachment on a day-to-day/on-the-go basis. That being said - if it turns out like the other games which we all know and love from youtube sponsors and imbecilic banners with gold, and silver, and platinum, and pay for X, and pay for Y... I don't think anyone doing 'serious' console gaming will buy it. I'd pay 5€ for a decent XCOM port to play on the go but not for a 'free' version where I need to spend money to speed up research or soldier recovery that was made a grindy mess on purpose. If this was EA, Ubisoft, or Activision? Nah, no chance in hell anything good comes out of it. But perhaps Sony could pull something decent even if I/we here are not necessarily the target audience.
  15. I am above 4100 points right not and just got the 'Talk to Quarians' priority. No trophy pop yet. It's very likely the threshold is 4000-4100 points but unlocks after talking to Hackett after finishing the Quarian storyline