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  1. I sincerely hope the 'really cool' part he mentioned is either a continuation of the story or a new ND IP. In any case both are preferable to another round of remakes and remasters that take resources away from fresh takes and new stories.
  2. well I have more than a 1000. Mainly due to trying out PS+ free games popping the first trophy 20mins in and dropping the game entirely due to no interest. But more than those are the remasters/upgrades. I don't want to autopop or have double lists but I do want to replay stuff like Bioshock, Uncharted, TLOU etc. when released remastered. In those cases I even have some platinums hidden because I platinumed them again 100% this time with all DLC which I didn't get all the years back. My personal policy in one IP one list (none of that EU/NA/JP/Moon) stacking and I enjoy my completion and list as reflected. I wish I could delete the lists of some that I have, games I dropped due to lack of interest or fun or another reason. Overwatch, AC Odyssey, Dying Light 2 etc.
  3. I've logged in after work today and it updated to 100% HOWEVER PSNP still shows 100% but that trophy greyed out/incomplete. In my profile list on PS5 is shows it as awarded in the correct time y-day evening. The pop-up is there so I definitely earned it. It's a messy, messy game tracking-wise.
  4. I've platinumed quite a few buggy/glitchy/terrible games (Sniper GW3 come to mind), but first time seeing something like this. Platinum awarded on 91% even though I've fulfilled the criteria for the 'Tracker redux' trophy (100 owned cars events won) - but that trophy won't pop. I've reinstalled the game, beat an event with a few more cars, synced trophies... nothing. Waited long after launch since 'Codemasters' and previous GRIDs were such a trophy mess and still this bs. Unfortunately I'm not sure the gold trophy notification popped as I was looking away for a moment, but I'm pretty sure it did - platinum one has. This makes absolutely no sense.
  5. Great... now I want to play GTA IV again and have no means to do so
  6. *everyone here now has the intro song/loop stuck in their heads Loved this game and replayed it a couple of times over the years, it's such a gem from the past.
  7. Collective effort by the greatest minds in R* to bring you this scheme unfortunately delayed GTA VI by another decade. Thank you for your understanding, and please purchase another Shark card to help the wait.
  8. Thanks, I'm also interested in playing it properly besides the platinum - but would like to avoid the repeat career, repeat x... platinum bs due to glitches. I've still got a game or two to playthrough and hopefully in a patch or two this will be ok to 100%.
  9. So I've been tracking this game since release, never got the previous due to the horrendous grind trophies and lukewarm reviews - this seems to be an upgrade over in all aspects and frankly there isn't much else coming out. There are a few threads with listed bugged trophies, some updates came up, and the number of platinums has been rising so a quick question for those already playing/having platinumed recently it's doable now? No outright broken trophies, needs for further major patches and so on? (Getting the PS5 version if it's any difference)
  10. I'll be honest I saw this in recent forum posts and I thought someone legitimately made a trashy videogame for Internet Historian's VPN persona. I'm slightly disappointed now.
  11. Agreed, this game release in 2013. it will be a decade old before GTA VI comes out by the looks of it. It people weren't such fucking sheep for the SHARK cards and online wasn't milking in millions with the grind everyone would probably already have it by now. It took Guerrilla 5 years from HZD to HFW, 4 for CDPR for Witcher 2 to 3, 2 years for ME2 to ME3 (granted with severe penalties due to the schedule) and so on. /dev time likely longer/ They do and should take their time to craft RDR2-level detailed worlds but by any reasonable standards (or on the other hand their overwork habits towards their employees) we could be discussing GTA 7 teasers by now. But hey can't wait for reverse-engineered GTA V Online (sorry SP wasn't possible) for Gameboy Advance - all MTX included ofc.
  12. OP I think you just don't enjoy the game THAT much, and that is ok. This IS ultimately 'another' story of a destroyed world, a very original one if I might so suggest. I certainly disagree when it comes to NPC's, I would argue the true focus and overall a 'larger-than-life' presence in Aloy and she is incredibly well done (subjective). And NPCs being far from forgettable but not necessarily even being (bar a few) so integral to the story. I don't think anyone expected Joel from TLOU in Dakka or the Illusive Man from ME in Regalla. And Nemesis is the big unknown terror your terrible current enemy that is superior and invulnerable through most of the game feared so much - and started the whole thing. What I really don't think is fair is the "fire the writers rant/part" or comparing Guerrilla to the company that made Far Cry 3 15 different times and AC 19 times. With a dash of slapping Tom Clancy to probably the office Microwave at this point. Guerrilla created an incredible original open world that is truly magnificent to take in - from the ancient battlegrounds to former bastions of humanity (lighting up LV is probably top 10 moments I ever had in 20 years of gaming). It is their idea, their effort, their vision we should respect and I believe they achieved enough to trust this trilogy make it among the highlights of gaming as fair as the Witcher you mentioned and other have before.
  13. This was an interesting read during lunch. So, as someone who's never played or has interest in playing a 'Souls' game I think most of you completely missed the point. It goes beyond Elden Ring to a degree. I agree with the OP, games are excellent with a wide open world, lots to do, lots to explore, and encourage you to 100% it (game, not necessarily the platinum). His gripe is that the trophies seem to be made in a way that might accidentally force someone who is looking forward to the game, seems to be playing it regardless, and is willing to sink '150' hours into and face all the difficulties and world scope on another 30,50,75... hours due to poor trophy design. Suppose this could be true for a lot of people who have limited time and also shared between other games. In essence, no one here seems to mind the difficulty of the trophies in a Souls-game, the exploration, a degree of grind, and triple digit time invested in platinuming a game dear to a player. But it does carry a point that missable/obtuse/timing specific trophies aren't needed in such games where there is so much more to do and invest the player to complete in at least a single full (100% game) playthrough rather than force a 2nd one some might not have the time for. Hell, we do this for fun in the end - no? Personally I think games of this scope (ER, RDR, Horizon, Tsushima...) should have no problem finding interesting activities in their worlds to encourage detailed play and exploration from the player (alongside story and skill related stuff). You could set up 'all side quests completed' or 'particular large side quest completed' but it just takes away from the world if you make it completely missable or have-to-finish-in-a-very-specific-manner/time way. Again, I've never played this and have no interest but forums on the topic of these games have such strong opinions on the 'demands' of the game. I mean sure you all enjoy the challenge and the time spent mastering the difficulties, routes, speedruns, tactics etc. but there really isn't a matter of honor having to beat a massive game twice because you missed a particular choice or progressed the story a little bit too much? You all seem to enjoy and love the game and really it shouldn't make such a difference and ability to platinum the title between a played who did a single 150 hour otherwise a 100% run and one that did 7 runs in 600 hours...
  14. You won't cause any damage but note this - you don't need to squeeze the living daylights on of your buttons/sticks when rubberbanding. They move with minimum pressure, way less than what you normally use when playing. Rubber bands work well on sticks and R2/L2 but if you also need to fix a particular button in place (especially the X,O...) I suggest using a small piece of plastic or anything you've got laying around (I often used a small LEGO piece or a pen cap) and taping it over. The reason being it will work better than taping over the button and you won't risk leaving adhesive residue directly over it or around so it can be pushed in when using it. Also makes it easier to have leverage to put another rubber band rather than tape. Obviously I don't have enough experience with Dualsense on PS5 but my PS4 controllers lasted years and never had any side-effects from occasional rubberbanding. I.e. if you leave something on top it or stick it on a shelf upside down you might as well keep the sticks in a given position.
  15. It shouldn't complicate your platinum, this is a side quest with no direct reward in terms of trophies only impact would be if you were aiming at 100% the game (not the trophy list) and perhaps slightly different support character dialogue. I think the woman in charge of the settlement later has a line or two on the matter of you resolving the river pollution during the story cutscenes. As far as the plat goes you're in the clear. Side note - did you try pulling (ropecaster) the wooden beam stuck in the dead machine in the dam? It moves its leg and exposes the blow-y parts. Aloy will comment something about it as 'huh this could help / lets us blow it'. I did that before the giant ballista. Maybe it won't let you progress? Otherwise Aloy will get on the ballista and tell the NPC to pull the thing to expose the part so she can shoot it - maaaaybe you're missing that