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  1. Good lord, I don't remember Chrono Cross being so mindboggling before now... sometimes I miss the naïveté of youth.


    If I run three game clear files for my second playthrough to get some remaining characters, I should be able to technically run a full playthrough for that third clear save and start a third playthrough for the one remaining character to unlock without a problem.


    ... right?


         - Play as normal, deny Kid's recruitment until Leena joins, play until choosing Nikki as guide. Try not to forget to recruit Luccia this time. Opt to save Kid to recruit Razzly and co. (and get the final window frame in the process, woohoo!). Save back in the open world after recruiting Razzly. Go directly to Opassa and defeat Devourer, get special ending. Clear Save 2-1.

         - Continue from pre-Devourer save until switching bodies. Save. Defeat Devourer again, get special ending. Clear Save 2-2.

         - Continue from second/overwritten pre-Devourer save until game complete. Clear Save 2-3. Get other misc. trophies.

         - NG+ from Clear Save 3 until Opassa. Save. Defeat Devourer, get special ending. Reload. Recruit final guide. Defeat Devourer. Clear Save 3-1. Get other misc. trophies.

         - Continue+ from last Clear Save, load pre-Devourer from first playthrough. Profit????

  2. I just started up the game for the first time after noticing this thread, as of about 5... maybe 8 minutes ago, they're still up for me.
  3. Maybe it's just me...


    But I feel rather let down by Multiverse of Madness.

    1. Sgznf


      I enjoyed it but I think the hype coming from the back of Spider-Man: No Way Home has fans expecting way too much.

    2. Apollo


      Tbh I wasn't as gripped by NWH as the vast majority seemed to be, either. 😂


      Maybe I'm just not as excited by this phase. Thor will be the make-or-break point for me, I guess.

  4. Oh, yes... that most definitely does help. Certainly hasn't been a need to use it so far, but definitely something to look into when reloading saves for the different endings. Many thanks!
  5. I used to play this game religiously back when I first started but I was admittedly too young to really pay attention to much of the nuance of RPGs at the time, so most of it was just throwing stuff at the wall and proceeding with what sticks. Thinking back on it, I'm amazed that I even got as far as the Devourer with that kind of attention span. But I'm fascinated with how the Devourer's elemental attacks missed without fail. Is there a particular setup to achieve that or is it something I'll discover further in the story? With what little time I have to do any gaming this month, I'm contextually just reaching Guldove after the first encounter with Lynx, so please no spoilers if you can avoid them! 😉 I remember particular environmental snippets here and there but most of the mid- to late-game narrative will hopefully be like I'm playing again for the first time.
  6. It depends on your playstyle, I guess. Do you intend to primarily play one character for the most part or do you intend to invest in a little variety sometime down the line? Funneling drops from your two new titans will certainly speed things up, but you can't use that method to level up the other two classes as armor is exclusive.
  7. Follow the steps in the link provided seven posts above yours.
  8. Having finally managed to secure a 3090 Ti GPU direct from EVGA, that completes the trifecta of now-current gen hardware.


    ... this feels a little more surreal and euphoric than I initially thought it might. 

    1. Hyenas__


      Dang! Nice snag, I envy you greatly. :> 

      I was looking into getting a RTX 3060 personally, I found a nice pre-built that includes it for about $1100. :D 

  9. What an insane week for developers.


    Gamers clamoring one day because one game dev's vision needs to be altered in order to be released on Playstation, then clamoring the next day for another developer to change their vision because "muh tropheez!"



    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. LC-Fraggers


      @Apollo Hold up, so they didn't remove the corpse de-facing scene altogether, just the button prompts for it? 😶

    3. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      I used to follow a bunch of funny US military pages on Facebook and, like any tightly-knit group, they have their own distinct mannerisms. Marines were usually characterized by their incredibly creative aptitude for inventing an avalanche of brand new cuss words no one had ever heard before and describing everything they admired as "outstanding," or as is more fitting for US Marines, "out-effing-standing." xD 

    4. kingofbattle8174


      @Kristen Danielle Yusha Thomas has always been my top choice. Always good for a laugh at another branch’s expense

  10. This thread is absolutely WILD when you take into consideration that the devs essentially confirmed months ago that there would eventually be difficulty options.
  11. In my experience, there's usually a subtle nuance with wording. In this case, "collect," or similarly "accrue" which would imply over time. Other cases, wording would have been something like "hold" or "possess" if it required it all at once.
  12. I might be thinking of another KH entry, but what happens if you go into each category and read so they no longer say "new"?
  13. Elliot.
  14. All character data is saved server-side, so any applicable trophies will pop on PS4/5, Xbox, and Steam when you next log into any of those platforms after unlocking it on a different one. There is also no guarantee of any trophies coming with this expansion where they stopped adding them two expansions ago.
  15. I'm fairly confident Ubisoft wasn't the pioneer of this trend, but they did the same thing with their Lost Tales content back in AC: Odyssey. The info would be there, but wouldn't be revealed until the content was actually in-game, or possibly a couple days prior.