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  1. Easy, now. The team is just busy with life stuff, they'll come around and take care of it when they get a chance.
  2. You have 284 hidden trophies. I'd start there.
  3. No, you will not be penalized for downgrading your game version to access trophies no longer achievable on updated versions. This thread might be a helpful read:
  4. Click your PSN Avatar in the upper right corner of the main page, click Settings. Uncheck "hide games on profiles with 0%"
  5. Hard to say. The clinch will probably be full compatibility back to PS3, that way I can get rid of two consoles instead of just a PS4, but I've also had no problems with my launch PS4 to-date. I will likely end up doing the same as Daiv and pick up some PS5 titles before the console, like I did with PS4 (I'm sure there were more, but Black Flag is the current standout).
  6. That requires the report, though. I see it quite frequently in game disputes that people ask about this game and that game and rarely does it involve them filing said report first. Unless one of the Team is active during the time of those comments, that's quite a window of opportunity for the disputer.
  7. Far Cry Primal's Tears of Shame trophy thoroughly gutted me. That hurt. :(

  8. Not it, unfortunately. :c It's the one thing I've made sure of with any consistency, even just now trying it again for shits and giggles, but no dice.
  9. Didn't think I'd need to ask about something again so soon, but such is life. Nuka-World, Dry Rock Gulch. One-Eyed Ike: "Hold up, there. A shootout has rules. You gotta follow 'em. Let me know when you're ready to try again." Any idea what the f*** these rules are? Because they aren't anything obvious. Only weapon equipped is the one he gave me, wearing the western outfit given at the start of the zone. Left behind my companion. I've tried everything I can think of, and Google's not being very forthcoming. I'm at a loss. Any insight? I managed to get him about halfway into the street before he turned back around with that annoying tagline for no apparent reason.
  10. I'll certainly have to keep this thread bookmarked for when I get around to it. Good on you, Emina!
  11. Huh... super strange. That's not how it played out for me at all. But, still good enough for me! Gracias.
  12. After finally getting through this game after four years, I couldn't help but notice something rather... strange. The trophy Close to Home (for completing the quest Close to Home) has a higher rarity than Cleansing the Land (for completing the quest Cleansing the Land), but for everything I noticed, Cleansing the Land is a required completion to unlock Close to Home. Shouldn't it be the other way around? Did I missing something before I go on a reporting spree? :thinking:
  13. As has been stated multiple times in your previous threads, if you are not up to the challenge of someone else's game session? Make your own. No one is obligated to hamstring themselves in order to accommodate someone else, or waste time doing something else to get someone to the same level that they were trying to host in the first place. There is no such thing as banning you from obtaining trophies, however.
  14. Still trying to chip away at Fallout 4, but it's a slower process than I anticipated. As for what game I'll start with the new year, that's currently undecided. DMC5, Fallen Order, God of War, and the Borderlands series (again) are the current heavy hitting contenders, among others.
  15. When they get around to it. They have lives to live, shifts to finish at jobs. Could be a couple more hours depending on time zones.