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  1. Various games are broken into regions like this, that I've seen. Off the top of my head, Witcher 3 is one.
  2. Aw, man! I found the naval combat to be the most appealing part of that game and Odyssey. Easily the part I could get lost in for hours and just not have a care in the world for the destruction left behind. And I know I'm a little late to the party with your upgrading and whatnot, though I do want to point out that Freedom Cry was originally released as DLC for Black Flag before being made standalone, so it was presumed (and probably rightly so) that you knew the basics of upgrading the Jackdaw and how combat worked, because the Experto Creed was almost an exact replica. Admittedly, they could have likely done a little more of a tutorial when they broke it apart, but that would've required time and resources. :shrug:
  3. You might consider stopping while you're here. You were confirmed way over the leniency limit in your first dispute already, opening more isn't going to help you.
  4. Sorry to necro, but if there's still interest, I'm planning on coming back around to try and get 100% on this sometime in the near future. I'll get some gaming sessions up when some free time lands in my lap.
  5. I'll chalk it up to still not having a thorough understanding of the site yet, but I'm not seeing anything that says "only" within that settings choice. Just that you're opting to see PSN/PSNP rarity by default, and the other is there by hovering over it.
  6. I first wondered if there were a number of sub-3 hour completion times, but I only checked the recent achievers list and only one person had a completion time of less than 24 hours. That list does look strange, though.
  7. That is entirely your choice-- no one here can or should dictate how you choose to enjoy your hobby. Play what you want to play, but just be careful. For the majority, online games are perfectly safe to boost and create sessions for.
  8. Logic says yes, but this is Bungie, don't forget. They're stingy with trophies, so I wouldn't be surprised if this one was still pay-walled.
  9. I would double check on that as a hidden trophy on your console.
  10. So it appears that the flamethrower isn't required to progress the trophy, only trigger the unlock. I unlocked the flamethrower and, after completely upgrading it, the first ship I set ablaze with it unlocked the trophy. I can say with absolute certainty that I set untold numbers of ships on fire with fire arrows and javelins, so it appears that there are enough loopholes in the coding that everyone has a different experience.
  11. I haven't seen anyone say with definitive proof that you didn't need the flamethrower (and several accounts of the opposite, in fact), but my own experience says that fire arrows and javelins do not count. I haven't gotten that far in the story yet, but my aim is to know for sure in a day or two.
  12. There's an additional step that they didn't mention, but is included if you follow the link in the post immediately after their's. Earn a trophy in any other game and then update your profile here to reflect the hidden trophies. Again, contingent on this being one of only two flagged allowances.
  13. According to a comment on that page from three weeks ago, it was still working then. This close to TLoU2's launch, I don't see them bothering to patch it out.
  14. This code has expired.
  15. I checked this code out on the SHiFT site, it's at least valid for BL2 and 3 on PSN.