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  1. My understanding is some requirements can be done in both the DLC and base game, and even split between the two. But my primary concern was about Homo Homini Lupus Est, which is the last trophy I need from the platinum. Numerous reports say there are some pockets of cultists in the DLC that count towards the overall total, so it stands to reason that competitions act in the same way.
  2. DMC

    Virgil's Downfall was the only one that immediately came to mind, but Bloody Palace as well as a costume and weapons pack rounded out the list upon a cursory search.
  3. Glad to at least see some confirmations, though I just grabbed the last few multiplayer trophies for AC3 earlier today so I would've been shocked if they weren't.
  4. My experience is those codes come with the caveat "thank you for spending x during x." It's the only time I ever see them. That said, I did receive that email either last night or the night before. I doubt I'll use that theme on my main console, but maybe for my online console? Tis the season, and all.
  5. I hope this isn't true. In every AC to-date, you've been able to go into your DNA menu and pick out chapters you've previously completed in order to gain total synchronization with your ancestor at the time. I surely, surely hope this isn't true. Major, major step backwards. Especially when it hails from the same studio that gave us Black Flag.
  6. $.49 per coin, and each coin pack includes the Madhouse difficulty unlock, IIRC. I didn't get a good look at the package bundle, but I believe it's only $2.99? it's only $1.99.
  7. I really hope you guys are alright over there. I lapsed in keeping tabs on it for a day and read up earlier that another fire had sparked west of LA. I know a bunch of people from the area and they all say they're protected by the mountains, but I still worry. Please, please, please. Keep yourself and your family safe. I say to you the same I said to them: at the first sign of concern, get yourself out.
  8. You may have to wait a couple days for everyone to have access to it and play a little while.
  9. All the articles I've read say it's available 12/6. OP is in New Zealand, it's 12/6 over there. I just checked the console and web stores, though. It isn't available to me for some reason. PSBlog said they were attempting to come up with a special bundle for those who already had it, IIRC. Nothing was confirmed.
  10. It's comparable to Twisted Metal. Only better.
  11. I'm sure it's probably unpopular opinion, but it's after Thanksgiving; I have free reign with all the Christmas music I want. Pandora has it all on shuffle, and there are quite a few decent sounds out there that I haven't discovered before. 7eventh Time Down and Sidewalk Prophets are a couple I delight in listening to from time to time.
  12. Erm. Not to call anyone out on anything, but the timestamps put his edit one minute ahead of your post. All that tells me is that both of you were typing at the same time, therefore neither of you should be taking shots at each other? Just my two cents.
  13. Today's patch notes list a presumable fix for this issue.
  14. I implore you edit your post and put everything I just quoted under a spoiler as well, lest you ruin the campaign for others that follow.
  15. Tl;dr, yes. A few times, and always at the same damn trophy. It was pretty bad when I was younger, but it does still happen on the rare occasion here and there, now. Most notably, Assassin's Creed: Revelations. Impress Warren Vidic. Took me three days of off-and-on sessions with it, wasn't really keen on getting to the point where my controller would duel my monitor. A couple days ago, I struck up the urge to dig out my PS3 and start clearing up some of those 1-99% games I never really dug into, and shuddered when I realized that I'd have to do that one again...