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  1. Screwed, no. But it might make it tougher later when he goes on a spree and starts murdering when he fully turns. Just make sure you get all your investigations done before you sleep next. Most citizens there are around the Turquoise Turtle and Night Asylum, only a few of them roaming about in other places. Dont forget to use your bloodsense with L3.
  2. Can anyone confirm whether this trophy can be obtained from the cultists in The Following, similar to (I think??) Homo Hominus Lupus Est?
  3. You'll want to go here and try to set up something with other players there.
  4. Are you trying to increase or decrease stability? When you say "there is no one else around," do you mean that you've embraced everyone else or you haven't discovered them yet? How far are you into the story? If you head back to Whitechapel, there's a body in the cemetery that has the blood that you can discover the next set of serums from.
  5. I'm in the small pocket of players that's probably going to get all three... on top of Kingdom Hearts 3 a few weeks before, and The Division 2 month after that. RIP wallet, indeed. But in the grand scheme of things? An absolutely fantastic time to be a gamer. Is this the part where I confess some sort of addiction, or something? I think they were referring to Crackdown, which is Xbox, also releasing that day.
  6. Redgrave touches on everything pretty accurately, IMO. My only addition is that I'll swear by Vanguard day in and day out. That class has gotten me through so much during Insanity playthroughs, primarily when not NG+.
  7. I don't recall ever having an issue with those; once I was able to leave Mother's Embrace, the world map was adequately littered with all twelve. How far are you in the main story? Perhaps a recent change where they'll only show up at certain progress points? I swear, some of my reading comprehension, today... If physically going to the locations they should be doesn't trigger them, the only thought I'd have is that they've already been completed, but you say otherwise. Have you deleted the game and reinstalled it? Not your save data, of course As an aside, have you cleared out all the cauldrons as well? That may trigger some.
  8. Alright, coming back in to confirm that the CS Rep was definitely not properly informed. Took ages to find it, but a chest finally popped up at the Tulum armor door viewpoint. Platinum still obtainable, just beware that it will test your patience.
  9. Unless they did actually just shut them off today. It never does occur to me to check the recent achievers list, though... one day I'll remember. I'll keep hoping for the best and keep my eye on that list over the next few days.
  10. It'd be just my luck if they miraculously happened to actually shut them off the day that I decided to ask about it, I suppose. Much as I was hoping to avoid collecting absolutely everything, looks like that's my only recourse. Bummer! But I agree, I don't recall having this much trouble on PS4. IIRC, it was actually one of the first trophies I got in the game, I'll have to go check my list. However, that was also all pre-spawn nerf. Don't suppose either of you might be able to recall your most-frequent finds?
  11. Can anyone else corroborate? Just got off a quick chat with UbiSupport asking whether Social Chests were still a thing, and the rep I spoke to said that all accounts pointed to all social activities being discontinued in the game. Namely, that means the Social Chests, Royal Convoys, and White Whales, since they're all online collectibles. However, in my venture to platinum this game on the PS3 this last week, I've found no shortage of whales and convoys, so was I mistaken in thinking that the chests were part of the same system? All three of these occurrences, and only these three, are tied to a singular trophy, so I presume that if one of them was shut off, all of them would be shut off.
  12. In what region? US has it priced the same as Amazon: $39.99.
  13. I would start with the game itself, first and foremost. I don't recall having these problems, and it didn't take very long to get through this content. It was some of the most fun I had in Syndicate. Unlike that stupid "destroy x amount of the city with the carriage" bullshit. Deleting save data should always be the last resort.
  14. It sounds like you're trying to do the Jack's 55th Birthday DLC? The only thing I can think of with "main room 2" as a stage. But as stated, practicing is absolutely vital. Learn the layouts, learn where the best stuff spawns (weapons and food alike). YouTube vids help immensely, if you want to go that route just to see how others attack the situation and maybe try to replicate it. S'what I did; I didn't really care for that or the 21 DLCs, tbh. The rest I'm playing legit because they add more to the story, rather than just fill.
  15. My understanding is some requirements can be done in both the DLC and base game, and even split between the two. But my primary concern was about Homo Homini Lupus Est, which is the last trophy I need from the platinum. Numerous reports say there are some pockets of cultists in the DLC that count towards the overall total, so it stands to reason that competitions act in the same way.