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  1. Finished the main story. Took me way too much time but just exploring is actually quite fun. Main Story was okayish but nothing spectecular. The story mission for me were just there. So if you just wanna grind some time into exploring the world and run from ? to ? you can have a ton of fun. Time flies sometimes. Setting wise i would prefer origins.
  2. Finished my journey with 51 hours played. For critics look them up here ☝️ Enjoyed most of them. Would say the last ten hours of grinding were a bit lame. It was basically just spamming chains and work on the A and S requests. Did all other requests before the endgame Overall i've had a great time with the game. As a fan of the series i've always wanted a Fairy Tail game. I like turn based games so no complainment here. Do i need another one ... i don't think so. Would rate this 70/100. Next up maybe the Tsubasa one ...
  3. Not the worst but i'm throwing my controller left and right since a few days. Final games should just be at least a bit skill based. Every team game is just shit. I'm good a some but still, it's always the same outcome. Tails are shit, eggs are more shit. Physics is shit but intended i guess. But still it's a fun game if i wouldn't be so fucking competetive Last few days we're worst for me than fifa controller health wise.
  4. Got it today. Was pretty weird though because i've once cleared a whole map and missed the purple monster. My team is way too strong. Endgame feels not good btw. I'm hoarding money, fairy points, etc and can't really spent them.
  5. Hmmm ... I've done this and cleared the whole area. Well guess i've gotta keep trying. got a few reguar requests open
  6. How do i find them? I've already cleared a whole map after my party said ... uhh this one smells strong and got nothing. all monsters were normal ones. 99 Link Hunt also does not triggered any rare monsters for me so far. Any tips?
  7. Three and countless second places 😑
  8. Egg Scramble ... do nothing or with 30 seconds remaining try to protect any golden egg.
  9. It's funny i've never had any connection problems so far. The only one i had, was very early i could not find any matches. As for the plat .... can't really plan this. winning five in a row seems impossible for me as i would crumble under the pressure if i would manage to win four in a row 😂
  10. Got the game today, played like two hours and i absolutly love it so far. Game has persona like features (building friendship and bonding with teammates which are two seperate things) and i love the classic JRPG approach. Big Fairy Tail fan though. Soundtrack is okay so far. Sometimes it was very good and then you hear some generic tunes. But you get that Fairy Tail feel Trophy list looks doable. Maybe 40-60h
  11. After Zero and Kiwami … Kiwami 2 actually feels kinda easy compared to the others. I've finished mahjong without many grinding and had a fun time playing the game. Even numbers are now Kanji tiles.
  12. The game is full of fan service. I think without ever being a DBZ fan maybe wait for a price drop. Game is decent but overall maybe a 6-7/10. Still for me a very enjoyable game so far 50% in. I've watched DB and DBZ though.
  13. Climax Battles and the legend playthrough both killed my platinum ambition for Zero and Kiwami. It's either car chases or stupid protecting missions. Climax Battles are just stupid. They make no sense for me. For Kiwami 2 my first goal is just try to enjoy the game after useless grinding Zero and Kiwami.
  14. Yeah still don't really know about that. Beating space harrier was an amazing feeling though 😅 Climax Battles could take a while. Most of them are just bad game design. In Kiwami i'm stuck at "Melee Battle 8" which is basically the final story battle. These just drain my platinum enthusiasm. Even after beating a Climax Battle, the next one just feel like chore. I have zero fun. Like these games aren't big enough, no … more content. Lost my "Yakuza Libido" pretty fast. Getting these plats would be some of my biggest accomplishments but i don't think i will ever beat it. 85% and 88% are pretty good
  15. I don't know if the "Gambler Binding" was helping or not but i've finally completed mahjong after more than a year. It actually can be fun after you learned it. Playing with "Red Dora" sure helps you get the Mangan CP. My tactic was mostly first discard the dragon, wind tiles if i only had one of them. Then check pairs or matching triples. Then Discard single tiles. After that i tried to discard most one or nine tiles, read this tip some days ago and it really helped. You can form more triples with an eight, rather than a nine. Final Phase is just get lucky and complete your Hand. And Always check if you can call Richi (by pressing square), because you can sometimes miss it. It can be frustrating some times, especially when calling richi and you don't get your last missing tile but eventually you'll earn every CP.