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  1. After Zero and Kiwami … Kiwami 2 actually feels kinda easy compared to the others. I've finished mahjong without many grinding and had a fun time playing the game. Even numbers are now Kanji tiles.
  2. The game is full of fan service. I think without ever being a DBZ fan maybe wait for a price drop. Game is decent but overall maybe a 6-7/10. Still for me a very enjoyable game so far 50% in. I've watched DB and DBZ though.
  3. Climax Battles and the legend playthrough both killed my platinum ambition for Zero and Kiwami. It's either car chases or stupid protecting missions. Climax Battles are just stupid. They make no sense for me. For Kiwami 2 my first goal is just try to enjoy the game after useless grinding Zero and Kiwami.
  4. Yeah still don't really know about that. Beating space harrier was an amazing feeling though πŸ˜… Climax Battles could take a while. Most of them are just bad game design. In Kiwami i'm stuck at "Melee Battle 8" which is basically the final story battle. These just drain my platinum enthusiasm. Even after beating a Climax Battle, the next one just feel like chore. I have zero fun. Like these games aren't big enough, no … more content. Lost my "Yakuza Libido" pretty fast. Getting these plats would be some of my biggest accomplishments but i don't think i will ever beat it. 85% and 88% are pretty good
  5. I don't know if the "Gambler Binding" was helping or not but i've finally completed mahjong after more than a year. It actually can be fun after you learned it. Playing with "Red Dora" sure helps you get the Mangan CP. My tactic was mostly first discard the dragon, wind tiles if i only had one of them. Then check pairs or matching triples. Then Discard single tiles. After that i tried to discard most one or nine tiles, read this tip some days ago and it really helped. You can form more triples with an eight, rather than a nine. Final Phase is just get lucky and complete your Hand. And Always check if you can call Richi (by pressing square), because you can sometimes miss it. It can be frustrating some times, especially when calling richi and you don't get your last missing tile but eventually you'll earn every CP.
  6. There is a shop but the weapon is missing. Got 100 weapons anyway. Thanks to CP
  7. I'm missing one weapon. Should have got it after completing substory 16 but i finished all substories and don't have the sword. A guide online said i could buy it at the chapter 12 store but i'm in premium adventure and can't travel there. Had anyone the same problem?
  8. for myself this is a definite 10/10 … some minigames are near impossible for me to complete. learned mahjong but still can't get the right tiles. Even on easy i get squashed most of the time by the ai. Second, i understand the baseball game but can't get six or more good batting efforts. Third, the dancehall minigame is just too much. Got everything except "Queen of Passion", "Gonna make her mine" and "Gonna take you home" on hard. The sequences are just too fast for me. Finally, space harrier is just a shit game Since over a year i'm stuck a 97% and sometimes install Zero and try again but feel like i won't ever get the platinum 124h so far but i guess this would be even more since i haven't saved all my failures
  9. i don't think so πŸ˜† These Yakuza games are just too time consuming and play all, finish all. Dropped Zero with 96% overall completion (after 140h) and will probably drop Kiwami as well if it gets too grindy edit: great 940 again but now with only 3 bad timings. What is wrong with the score calculator edit2: multiple 940 now …. this gets ridiculous. feel like the game says "uh uh not this time ... play it twenty times more until we give you 950 for the exact same run" edit3: don't know how much i can take. Zero bad timings and still 940 …. I also don't like the fact that mistakes are not displayed. Looks like i just made one mistake i didn't realised. edit4: wow five bad … even missed i guess one or two and got 950 … stupid 😁
  10. Listening helped me so far. Could not recommend playing without sound. Yeah simple interjections is maybe even impossible? Maybe there is a cap .. i dunno Main concern is to just not fail any and limit the bad ones. Had 6 bad in my 940 run and literally messed up the last fucking line with four bad timings. But i'm positiv now beating it someday. Won't get the plat anyway but it is still fun die trying 😁
  11. What bugs me with the OTOMETAAAAAL song, that it has this super fast lines and then goes back to the normal speed. Can't get it past 840. I get by some tricky passage and then fail some pretty easy ones. This fast, slow, fast, slow fucks my brain. Guess i'm not made for it. Same as Yakuza Zero here … probably gonna pass the platinum edit: Ohh nooo 940 … i can do this. Need some rest first
  12. So i lose and get like -35 points for a close game. I win and get like 25 Points. God i just hate FUT. FIFA can be fun but i'm still no fan of FUT. Feels sometimes too unfair if you get matched with so crazy 89 Teams loaded with Special players.
  13. was Level 8 and beat her on easy first try. had to use the rage resurrection stone though. After reading this thread before i expected worse.
  14. Yeah i knew there were many JerryΒ΄s πŸ˜‚ but you can take one of them with you? man so many possibilities. i also have the feeling i will never see every scene on every mission, some are just too confusing.