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  1. Cool! Just include a message with your add so I know. Also, looking to branch into Overwatch as well, have a few people I've added that I'll add to the community when I get the time.
  2. No worries! I'm not looking for an elitist group! Someone willing to just play, have fun and contribute/learn a bit is all! Cool! I'll probably start inviting some people to the community on PS4, so add me and send me a message with the add so I know who's who! Anyone else looking to join, add me as well and we'll get things rolling!
  3. Let me know! Cool man! Working on some alts in Destiny, and trying to catch up in Division! Let me know!
  4. Nothing on GTA yet, as I don't play it on Playstation personally. But can definitely look at expanding!
  5. Looking for NA players. Im low Elo right now, but want people to join a team and play with semi-regularly. Much better than where I'm placed. Lol
  6. Maybe so. But trophy hunters or not, there might still people some people out there interested.
  7. Hey guys, I'm looking to start up a gaming clan -- Black Luck Gaming. I started it up originally in Destiny but am looking to build/reform/recruit people for more games. Currently I'm looking for anyone, serious players, casual players, etc. Looking for players for: Call of Duty: Black Ops III NHL 16 (and future) Star Wars: Battlefront Destiny Anything else really goes if people want to branch out further as recruiting (hopefully) picks up! Thanks everyone. P.s. Would also like to start up streaming eventually too. That'd be hella sweet.
  8. Because obviously no one else wants it, so I should get it by default. =D
  9. Clan Name: Black Luck Clan Tag: BLLK Clan Platform: PS4 currently Clan Page Link: https://www.bungie.net/en/Clan/Detail/1319351 Clan Message: Started as a small group of friends, looking to start up a decent raid group/quest help.. As well as hopefully set up a strong PvP team to dominate crucible & events! Clan Membership Restrictions: Open to all Look forward to playing with new people.
  10. Thanks dude! Yeah, been meaning to take some progress photos. Only into my second week of cutting right now. Pushed into 700lbs on the leg press today, so I'll probably stick around there for a while with most of my "working weights" and just focus on the cut.
  11. Super glad this forum is up here! I was thinking of starting one and then I stumbled across this one, so thanks! Haha Personally, I just got started back up last November. Been going strong 5-6 days a week since then. I'm not really "training" for any sport or anything, I just go for pure enjoyment and I got to a point where I wasn't happy with who I was physically, so I decided to change that. I don't really have any "set week days" for what groups I work, I just kinda start with say.. Chest/Triceps, then the next day, Shoulders/Abs, then Legs, etc. Always just have my tunes up loud and a friend of mine is just as committed so him and I keep each other focused and motivated. Outside of the gym, I frequent the Hodge Twins channels on Youtube for tips/advice/humor. I'm just starting a shred/cut phase right now, so I'm adjusting my diet into "Intermittent Fasting" for the next couple months.
  12. Will likely add a few of you guys over the next few days. But feel free to send me an add as well, just let me know you're from PSNP. Games: Assassin's Creed: Unity Battlefield 4 Destiny Lego Marvel Super Heroes MLB the Show 14 Need for Speed Rivals NHL15 PS+: Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition Don't Starve Infamous: First Light Resogun The Swapper Will be adding more soon.
  13. Anyone, feel free to add me. I still try and play daily, though sometimes I miss a day. Going to send out a couple adds as well. OriginID: WealthierYeti577
  14. Zomboy - Bad Intentions The intro to this song sounds sort of like an old Sega Genesis/NES game. It's oddly nostalgic to me.
  15. Saw The Muppets with the ole' lady. Going to see Noah tomorrow.