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  1. I would love to have PS3 Backward Compatability. I already had a PS3 die on me and my current PS3 is damaged (broken body cover from botched removal and broken HDMI) but functions normally. Having a PS5 with PS3 Compatability would put my troubles to rest. My PS3 game collection is still bigger than my PS4 collection, only my PS2 game collection beats it.
  2. I love it. I love seeing people make comics using the dorms and chibis. They are so cute.
  3. What a coincidence. I have also been gone for a long while. I think it was October since I lasted posted on this thread mostly because I am busy Reddit and Genshin Impact. I still been playing Azur Lane but I now play casually now. On the Italian Event, I have succeeded in getting all the Build able ships. The toughest one to build was Vittorio Veneto. She wasted 200 cubes. Make her the most cube wasted on a character ever in my play time of Azur Lane. So now I just need Torricelli and I am good.
  4. As soon as I played Genshin Impact PS5. Trophies Auto Popped for almost 5 minutes straight. If I had completed Abyss 12, I would have gotten my fastest Platinum ever.

  5. Yeah, you are able to play with all the other gaming platforms. You just can't cross-save outside the Playstation Consoles: PS4 and PS5 can cross-save with each other but not with mobile and PC.
  6. I am trying my damndest to rush Abyss 12 but fuck Abyss 11-2, I am not fast enough in preventing the assholes from destroying the pillar.
  7. I pulled Ganyu and the first thing I attempted to do with her (besides gathering exp books) is to see how she builds Ice Bridges. After multiple tries and perfecting my shots, I have revealed that Ganyu is the best and fastest Ice Bridge, leaving no time break. You can continuously make a Bridge without stopping for skill charge or something else.
  8. So what are you all doing in this event. I haven't participated in the event since I have all the ships and also have been playing Genshin Impact. When I do play though, I only try to grind my British ships to earn exp for Cheshire.
  9. Oh I actually didn't know that. It's just that Nintendo on their store feed said "Disgaea 6 coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch" which why I assumed it was an exclusive. To me, I guess blatant politcal appeasement like censoring the name Taiwan to please China. Also I think a noticable forced change of direction like for example if Mortal Kombat ever stopped doing gore and fatalities (I know they did stop for the Nintendo version back in the day and for DC vs Mortal Kombat) or Senran Kagura ever stopped doing pervy things.
  10. Oh, I didn't accuse of copy and pasting your opinion. I was say that I am copying and pasting my reply since it's the same reply I used against someone earlier that week. Which also if you feel I was being aggressive, I apologize. The anger wasn't mean towards, rather it was previous resentment over the last person I used it against originally. Also I agree with you in that Sony is making a mistake since they are scaring Developers from Sony to Nintendo or Steam. Like Disgaea 6 is now a Nintendo Switch exclusive, Disgaea has always had a strong connection to Playstation but now they are switching. I also wanted to pointed out that it is the fault of the CEO of Sony, Kenichiro Yoshida, not because I wanted to defend California but because I want to point out the Hypocrisy of Sony with Playstation and Fate/Grand Order. All those policies they applied to Playstation to make it more approachable to consumers by tone down the sexual and violent aspects of games but none of these policies apply to FGO because they know God damn well, if those policies were applied to FGO which caters towards anime fans, who are usually into sexual and violent content, that FGO would suffer big. From the last report I read FGO makes 2 million dollars a day, so they don't want to mess with a constant stream of profit. What I wanted to point out is that Sony is doing these policies, not for some liberal ideology but because of money. They want to appeal to more casual people, to earn more money. If it was ideology they would have applied to FGO but nope. They don't give a fuck about politics, they just want money.
  11. I personally don't like that. I hate buying 60 dollars games that have limited content, sure there is DLC but that is 15 dollars usually. I love playing mobile games like FGO, Azur Lane, Love Live, Fire Emblem Heroes and Genshin Impact because they are free but still provide new characters and stories. Also, you can just reroll the game until you get the character you want. That is what I did in Fire Emblem Heroes, I got bored of my first account and deleted it and reinstalled it until I got the character I wanted to start with which was Bunny Lucina.
  12. I am level 25 in Adventure Rank with my highest leveled character being a lvl 50 Mona with the average lvl of 35 for the rest, I am currently in the 2nd arc of the story that takes place in the in game version of China (the first arc being in the in game version of Germany). I am actually really loving the game, my only complaint is the resin system (which is their version of Oil) which is used for elite bosses to gather ascension material for your characters, it is also used to open laylines which is a way to gather adventure points. I wish the resin system had a faster recharge time or an extended limit. Gacha wise, it works just like any other gacha, you use gems or the summon tickets known as Fate (there are two types, Intertwined Fate used for dedicated banners and Acquaint Fate for regular story banners). The only difference is that it has 0.7 chance of getting a 5star, the lowest most gacha players have seen in gacha games. Though there is a pity system in that if you don't get any 5star weapon or character before hitting 90 summons, then at 90 summons you are guaranteed a 5star, You collect gems for exploring and doing quest and completing puzzle and opening treasure chests. You also collect these collectable items, in Mondstadt (in game Germany) it is Anemoculus, while in Liyue (in game China) it is Geoculus and give them to giant statues that give you also gems and raises your stamina and heals your wounds when standing near it.
  13. No, it has nothing to do with California. It is just Right Wing people who shit on California for its Left Wing Liberal Ideals like SJW. This is so fucking common of "blame California for Sony's change" that I am just going to copy paste the last time I answered this. Sony Interactive Entertainment Headquarters (division that controls Playstation) has been in California since April 2016, only in late 2018 the censorship changes started happening. Also Santa Monica the creators of God of War a series filled with blood and sex (in the original games) has had their headquarters in California since 1999. The recent changes inside Sony started when, they got a new CEO named Kenichiro Yoshida (not Shuhei Yoshida) and he became CEO in April of 2018 and since he is the CEO of Sony overall, (Sony still based Japan) he can make decisions that affect Sony Interactive Entertainment (the one based in California) and overide control from John Kodera the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, when he feels like he needs to. Also here is the thing, Kenichiro Yoshida has talked about the Image of Sony in some meetings as in that he wants to change the image so they can appeal to more people and in another meeting, he specially pointed out that he wanted to put his attention to the gaming division which is PlayStation and Fate Grand Order (So far FGO seems to be immune from censorship, probably because it makes billions in yen.) So it isn't California or America or John fault but it is actually Kenichiro's fault since it was during his tenure that these decision started happening. It also makes sense since he took power in early 2018 and all this censorship bullshit has been happening in late 2018 and it also fits in his plan for the Image of Sony of appealing to the mass public. This is such an old copy and paste that I still have John Kodera as CEO. The current CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment is actually Jim Ryan but everything still applies. Lol I still remember the first time I was typing this. The guy was also crying about SJW, he thought John Kodera was an SJW because he thought he was a white man from California and not a Japanese man who moved to the US to be part of SIE. He couldn't even fucking Google the dude, nor that Sony is still based in Japan and that Sony still has a big role in controlling what Sony Interactive Entertainment does. Overall, I actually agree with OP that some game developers are fleeing from Sony to Nintendo and Steam but rather than blaming California or the Sony Interactive Entertainment Division. Blame Kenichiro Yoshida and Sony based in Japan, they want a safer image to appeal to the mass audience.
  14. So I been very busy with Genshin Impact, it's fun and addicting just going around and looting. Anyways, I decided to temporarily stop playing Genshin Impact and continue to grinding 12-4 like I was doing during the Shinano Event in hopes of taking advantage of the Plaza Event bonus modifier that increases my ships exp and damage received to enemies by 3%, which will in my two goals for 12-4: 1.) To get as much exp points for Cheshire 2.) Hope to get Choukai to drop on 12-4. After I think 7k Oil cost and possible 1.5 million exp for Cheshire, I finally got Choukai to drop. I am so happy to finally have her, I now have all four girls (Atago, Takao, Maya and Choukai). She is such a sweet girl, here dialgoues is just her being so very nice. Even in her special touch in the last screenshot, she is just okay with it. I actually don't know who to go after this, first it was Akagi and Kaga, then it was Honolulu and then it was Isuzu and finally it was Choukai. I don't know who is next since I had my eye on all those girls and with Choukai, I saw as the final goal for grinding missions.
  15. Here is my first roll in the game, I did the Beginner Banner. I was actually caught off guard by how much I love Mona's design that I actually didn't notice she was a 5-star until they showed the end result. Also I got Noelle, I love the Battle Maid design. Gameplay wise, Genshin Impact has the best gameplay for a Gacha. The only other Gacha games that comes close to this level of enjoyment is Love Live School Idol Festival, Love Live All-Stars and Azur Lane but they are from different genres (rhythm games and a bullet hell game).