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  1. Man, they are pumping events out like crazy and they have again four SRs. This is getting a bit intense now. @RavenScythe does JP also have four SR events as well? because I feel that NA is getting rushed and having themes fuse together instead of their own separate events.
  2. You have way more than me, I have only 10. I am fucked in this event. By the way, here is my Valentine's Gift from Hornet in case anybody is curious.
  3. I wonder if each ship gives you a specific valentine's gift. I am choosing the very first girl I ever married in Azur Lane: USS Hornet. On other news, I fucking finally got USS Honolulu in Azur Lane from 10-2 after wasting like 10k Oil. Honolulu sounds like she just gave up in life. I would like to thank my stall fleet, The Rainbow Fleet for getting her. I would like to thank them on this great task. I thank HMS Rodney, HMS Illustrious, IJN Akashi, USS Eldridge, USS Helena and KMS Prinz Eugen. You are all the MVP.
  4. Does a special scene happen when you get the title, like she hands the chocolates and says something.
  5. The Japanese version added Valentine's Day Titles? I would love to see those. I hope it is for both Muse and Aqours girls.
  6. @Tosmasta00 @UndeadBerserker7 @Atago @Revvie @Melty Apparently in Azur Lane mobile, there is going to be a special surprise for Valentine's Day where your secretary will give you a Valentine's Gift but the devs specifically told us to choose wisely on who is your secretary. My three choices are Noire and Black Heart who is my waifu in the Neptunia Series but Belfast is my waifu in Azur Lane. Since I haven't married Noire or Black Heart yet, I might get a free ring. At the same time, I married Belfast and maybe there is better gift for ships you already married. Edited - I just rechecked the mail and they said No Collaboration Characters. I could have sworn it didn't mention anything about collab characters, maybe they changed it or I misread it.
  7. I got 2nd Altera from my attempt at getting the Sith Lord. Rate Up truly is lie. I know I should be happy getting a 5 Star Servant but I really wanted Mysterious Heroine X or Tamamo.
  8. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am extremely happy that you got Kanan UR and it looks like you got a Kanan SSR and SR as well. I love the Halloween Sets from Aqours they are drawn so beautifully. By the way, I found this notification from Love Live, funny but still sweet.
  9. Ever since I semi-quit the game (only login and no play) I been given a total of 3 URs in rapid session. I don't know if the game known I am contemplating quitting and is giving me pity URs. I wouldn't doubt it since I been play for over 1000 days and up until recently I always play at least one song per day for the free Love Gem. Anyways back to the topic. First, I got UR Mermaid Nozomi from Blue Ticket Scouting which was the final member of the Muse that was missing a UR. Second, I got a UR Angel Riko during the 2nd Year Step Up on first try. I was happy by this and used my 5 SSR stickers to fully idolize her. Finally I got a UR Yukata Kanan from her birthday scouting but I got rid of her to fully idolize UR Pool Rin which is super ironic that in the past, Rin was my least favorite Muse member back when I first started and Kanan was my favorite Aqours member before Aqours introduction in the anime. Also today during the event, I got Kotori's Room from an egg. With all this and now events offering four SRs, I may actually try to play this game again. It may have been because of my depression but I missed you saying that you are playing Puchiguru. How is that game?
  10. I can't wait for the Azur Lane PS4 game made by Compile Heart
  11. To date I am still amazed that we had a Hyperdimension Neptunia x Azur Lane crossover. I love both games and I am glad that I got all four CPUs in both human forms and cpu forms.
  12. So for the first time in awhile I was able to Tier 2 an event. I fell in love with both SR Yoshiko/Yohane and SR Riko's Nun and Angel/Devil Outfits. They look so beautiful. Also the Chinese Dress Yoshiko/Yohane UR is finally available but I am not going to do the scouting right away. I don't have faith that I will get her since I remember wasting like 250 something Love Gems and not getting a single UR last time. It sucks to say but I am also not fully invested in LLSIF anymore. I still play it everyday but only one song and done. (I play mostly Azur Lane) I love the game so very much, I consider it one of the best games I have ever played but I do think it ran its course after years of playing it and we should be starting to prepare to move on to the sequel that is Love Live All-Star but we still haven't gotten anything from that. So maybe LLSIFAS is going to be delayed so they can milk LLSIF as much as possible. I just hope they somehow allow us to transfer the card units we have acquired in LLSIF to LLSIFAS because I don't want to say Goodbye to my UR Chinese Dress Kotori and my other URs I have acquired through the years.
  13. I been saving Love Gems as well for Chinese Dress Yoshiko/Yohane. I can't believe I was weak and wasted 250 Love Gems and got nothing. Thanks for the encouragement. All I can ask to donate or share the GoFundMe for my dad's burial: Also about Satoshi, He actually quit PSNProfiles because he got a warning point from Sly from a year old post. I talk to him on reddit, he still plays Love Live and has become addicted to FGO.
  14. Thank you for the kind words. Yeah, I am getting better. I still can't play the game as good as I did in the past but I am getting there. I hope you got some great Idols in the recent banners. I actually didn't get any Yoshiko/Yohane URs from the 250 Love Gems attempt when it was the your choice dedicated scouting.
  15. I was able to get St. Louis and now I am only missing Honolulu but Jesus Christ, Chapter 10 is a bitch to grind. I am preparing to take on 10-1.