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  1. @Keello96 @GlennRhee @RaveNScythE @Mike13858 @FallenElysion @Satoshi Ookami So it looks like it is time for the Eli Step Up Scouting. I attempted to get a ElI UR but I failed sadly. Though I got enough Blue Tickets to do one Blue Ticket and I did one for Aqours and....I failed. So I decided to kill some SR Kotoris since I had a lot of them and I got enough for another blue ticket scouting. This time I did it for Muse and I got a Cool UR Rin making her my 4th Rin UR which makes Rin be in 2nd place of the idol that has the most URs that I owned.
  2. I always wanted to know how to sell things on Amazon. I have a PSVita 16GB Memory Card unopened that I want sell but I am afraid I will mess up the shipping when someone buys it.
  3. How many Saint Quartz did it take you to get her. I failed in getting her with my 151 Saint Quartz but I kinda knew I was going to fail because I got Drake through Solo Yolo, so I lucked out but it still hurt like a bitch wasting all those Saint Quartz for nothing except a 4star Carmilla. Either way, congratulations on getting Tamamo. While I failed in getting a orange fox, I at least got a black pink-stripe newt from finishing the Halloween Story. Also I was finally able to fully ascend Kiyohime. So at least all of my reptiles are all taken care off.
  4. @Satoshi Ookami @Keello96 @GlennRhee @RaveNScythE @Mike13858 @FallenElysion Well looks like we are getting a new event in LLSIF. The Adventure Stroll Event which will offer a SR Mari and a SR Dia. To be honest, I am that into this new event. It sounds more like a hassle but then again I have to play it before making the judgement.
  5. @Hertz @Melty @Artemisthemp You all ready for the Halloween Event. It will begin on October 17 and thanks to the FGO fanbase on Facebook, we will be getting 3 Saint Quartz as well. Should you clear all the main quests for the Halloween Event then you shall receive a 4star Caster : Elizabeth Bathory (Halloween). Also the most important news from the Halloween Event, we will be getting the 5star Caster : Tamamo-no-Mae summoning banner. So anyways goodluck to all who participate in the Halloween Event and may you get your desired servants in the Summoning Banner. More details on the Halloween Event and Tamamo Banner:
  6. Well the 1/2 ap has begun though right now I am trying to get Chaos Claws but I can't even get a Chimera to show up. I kinda hate this new version of the daily quest but I know that I am in the extreme minority.
  7. Hopefully the Tamamo Summoning happens soon. The anticipation is killing me.
  8. Well we got Okeanos like two weeks ago and there was banner that had a rate up for both 5star Drake and 4star Anne bonny & Mary read. Now we got another banner that has a rate up for both 5star Orion and 4star Medea Lily. Also this week we finally got the JP version of the Daily Quest which makes grinding for materials more easier. and starting on October 10 all the Ember Gathering Daily Quest will be in half AP
  9. While on my war against soumakyo. I been winning the war so far and things were going well.......until a new challenger arrived out of nowhere.
  10. Nice, I only got Drake from the banner. I wanted to get Lily Caster but I want to save my Saints Quartz for Tamamo. The reason why I want Lily Medea is because I feel sad for Medea since she has such a fucked up life. How many 5stars do you have in total? I only have two 5stars at the moment.
  11. Wait? IT ISN'T SR GUARANTEED? WTF? WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT FOR JUST NEW SKILLS? that is so lame, it actually discouraged me a bit because if I managed to get 11 Rs from that, it would hurt like hell
  12. I personally going to love Yoshiko/Yohane skill since that means I can spam all my other skills since my teams mostly have perfect locks and score up. Also I agree that Ruby's sounds like the lamest out of the bunch with the requirement of not just only Aqours but more specifically only the first years.
  13. So just to confirm does Yoshiko/Yohane skill of skill activation affect the entire team because if it does, man I am going to make sure to get her. Also the Hanamaru skill is useless to me but would probably be great for people who utilize primarily Perfect Lock cards like @Satoshi Ookami but yeah I agree these new skill are definitely going to change the entire game. New team formations will be born, new skills will be the new desires for the people to whale. If Muse doesn't get any new skills like Aqours, it might end Muse in the meta sense.
  14. I was trying to summon Caster Lily in the recent Orion & Caster Lily banner and I ended up getting Drake.The Desire Sensor are weird for this game, when I want a 5star servant the game says no but when I don't want one at the moment, the game gives it to me. Etiher way, Thank you FGO because it is best to accept the stuff that you have, than bitch about the stuff that you don't have.
  15. I was so happy that my LP was about to run out which would have made me stop playing Medley Festival for today until I accidentally level up and all my LP refiled. Please my beloveds, let me leave Idol Hell just for a bit. Is this my punishment for pulling a 5star in FGO. I was actually looking for a 4star loli caster, I didn't mean to pull someone else.