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  1. @Jelloycat @YaoiGod Hello once again. Just came to inform you of the newest stuff happening in LLSIF. First off it is event time, this time the event is Challenge Festival Event for muse with the Point Rewards being Cool SR Hanayo and Smile SR Umi while in the Tier Rewards it is Pure SR Rin and Pure SR Maki and with Maki being part this is considered a bloodbath event. Also another sort of event is happening as well called Love Live Series 9th Anniversary Cheer Campaign where you get PT Tickets and I think used them for rewards. I don't know much about it even after reading the rules. @RavenScythe can you explain it better than me.
  2. I finally finished the game. I got my 32nd Platinum Trophy from Megatagmension Blanc + Neptunia vs Zombies.

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      Thank you everybody for the kindness. I am just glad that I am beginning to trophy hunt again. 

  3. They're not Italian, they are French. They are all based on World War 2 French Ships. FFNF stands for Free France Naval Forces and MNF stands for Marine National Force which was Vichy France's main Navy. Both Iris Libre and Vichya Dominion are confirmed to be based on Free France and Vichy France. Especially since the event that is going to happen "Iris of Light and Dark" is based on "Operation Torch" where the United States, Great Britain and Free France fought Vichy France with support of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. Also Fascist Italy is confirmed to be Sardinia on multiple occasion in Amagi Event and King George V skill.
  4. @Revvie @Helmet_time @Tosmasta00 @MossyOakRcn42 @Melty @Artemisthemp @Atago @NERVergoproxy Start getting ready for the France Event my dudes because we are getting a lot of new ships from Free France (Iris Libre) and Vichy France (Vichya Dominion). We are also getting a new ship from the United States (Eagle Union) as well. Time to meet them.
  5. We better get costumes of the URs we have in LLSIF but in All-Star. I just got the UR Chinese Dress Yoshiko/Yohane, don't fucking delete her after LLSIF is done.
  6. Awww that final scene, it hurts seeing it end but I know we still have Aqours for a bit longer. Also that is a bit sad that the app won't support old phones anymore, the app gave me the impression that it could run on anything since it runs better than FGO sometimes. I think my phone is good since it a brand new phone. I don't know how to check the Android system version it has. With SIF ID, Double Banner, Aqours Story ending and Songs being slowly released. They really are going to end LLSIF to begin All-Stars.
  7. Hey, how you doing? Yeah, I guess I will contact Customer Support which is a fucking pain to do. I was hoping they would fix it because apparently I am not the only one with this issues as I found others with similar issues in reddit. They do really seem to be slowing down content on LLSIF. They really are preparing people to move on to All-Stars.
  8. I was so busy with trying to platinum Megatagmension Blanc that I totally forgot we were getting an event. We are getting some new ships also I don't understand why Saratoga is the icon of one of the events.
  9. Hello there, I am been doing well as well. How about you? I actually gave it my all in this recent event by accident. I was really into this event that I actually ended up at Tier 2 at the end of the event. What games have you been playing to replace Love Live? Also yeah apparently the Aqours story did end in JP at least that is what I heard. @RavenScythe Is it true that Aqours Story ended in LLSIF end? I really didn't want to contact the customer service because it is a hassle but I want to keep my data. Maybe it will affect All-Stars in some way like UR transfer or something.
  10. @Jelloycat @YaoiGod Hello guys, it has been awhile since we talked. I just have a question if you still play Love Live, the question is if you have any trouble binding your LLSIF game data to the SIF ID account because I can't connect at all it keeps saying the message for me for two days straight now. My current status on Love Live is I been playing seriously again and I am doing great in the event. I actually managed to get Chinese Dress Yoshiko/Yohane after not getting anything in the Mari Step Up Scouting. So I am very happy but I want to connect to SIF to not lose the data.
  11. Congrats on getting the retrofit and Baby Sandy. Her chibi form looks so adorable. I feel bad for picking her up because she cries.
  12. So after almost a 2 year hiatus on Platinum hunting. I got my 31st Platinum trophy from LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. 

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      Leon Castle

      Good Job


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      Well done! 💯 

    4. TheVader66


      Thank you everybody for your kind words. I am glad to be back on the trophy hunt.

  13. After finally getting Lena. I have to recover Cubes. I am way too low. So I must not do Wishing Well even though I am extremely curious about it.
  14. Congrats on getting new ships and also love the formal outfit you got for Yorktown. Meanwhile I got the formal outfit for the other Yorktown sister, my wife Hornet. Dorm Activities: She is drunk in the dorms but it seems she is the sad type of drunk.
  15. I am working on Little Sandy's requirements as well. I am raising her level so she can survive boss battles for more points. She cries when she is picked up. Also I got Little Cleveland or Clevelad for short. I am missing Little Helena or Lena for short but she is not appearing.