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    Anime: The World God only knows, Dragon ball Z, Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, Persona 4 the Animation, Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero and Love Live

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  1. Oh, I understand now. Also lucky that you are learning how to read Japanese. I want to learn mostly to read Visual Novels like Fate/Stay Night. So you got her exclusive skill seal. Awesome but now I am curious in what it does?
  2. I remember the pain of getting the APK files for Pokemon GO. It was so infuriating. Why do you have to get LLSIF as an APK file? Is it due to your phone?
  3. Oh, I though you liked Risa Taneda. Wait, then who was it that claimed to love Risa a lot. Well doesn't matter since I did find one of your favorite VA, Aoi Yuuki. She voices M1918 also know as BAR a gun made by the United States and used by the Allies during both World Wars. She is actually the special starter for the Western version of Girls Frontline. For you see each different version of Girls Frontline gets a special gun based on their region. The West got an American Gun since the United States essentially represents all of the west to the Chinese (the makers of the game), Korea got a Korean Gun, China got a Chinese Gun and now that Japan is getting a Girls Frontline version for themselves, they are in a weird position since there isn't Japanese guns in Girls Frontline because China doesn't like Japan so they excluded them in the game but because the pre-regrestartion for the game was so high in Japan that they are making Japanese Guns to appear in the game starting with Type 100 (a Japanese gun)
  4. I am happy to find someone else who loves MP5 as well. Right now in Girls Frontline we are about to have the Festival Event and she is getting a costume. I am going to try my best to get her some new clothes.
  5. I forgot to tell you that Girls Frontline is actually available in Europe and it has lolis and I think your favorite Japanese VA voices several character but I am not sure. Who is your favorite VA again? I am not into lolis but the ones drawn by an artist named Saru made me love my MP5, Colt Revolver and P7 since they look so cute.
  6. I would love to do that but right now I don't have the money. What I hate is that I have an SD Card on my phone but it doesn't allow all of the app's data to be moved to the SD Card. Only partial of it.
  7. Yeah when I told @Satoshi Ookami about Fate Grand Order, he was a bit interested in the game because of the lolis but in the end he said that the pain of getting an APK outweigh his interest in the game since Fate Grand Order isn't out in Europe due to fears of EU regulations and censors. This is also applies to me with Granblue where the chance of me not liking the game makes me reluctant in downloading the APK. It is the reason why I was waiting for FGO, Girls Frontline and Azur Lane to officially come out in the US instead of downloading their APK files.
  8. Oh I already knew that Granblue can be played in multiple languages including English but what I am saying is that Granblue isn't out in the west offically, so you can't get it through the normal methods like Google Play Store meaning that you can only get it as an APK file and installing the game that way but people don't want the hassle of doing that.
  9. I got another Yoshiko/Yohane Egg which makes it the third child I had with her and all I got was Pure Aura. I just want her room or Kotori's room.
  10. Oh hell no, I been playing Love Live School Idol Festival for years and has more friendly gacha than every mobile game I played besides Girls Frontline. The one that may be leaving is Fate Grand Order since as of the Summer Event there is no one I want from any future banners until Anastasia which is two years from now.
  11. That is mostly because the game is only out in Japan. Meanwhile all the other mobile games we talk about are already out in the west. Though Granblue is really popular, so maybe if you made a thread you can attract people who do play Granblue. When I made this thread, I though it would be me and @Satoshi Ookami only but turns out a lot people play LLSIF. Though if you make a Granblue threade make sure to add screenshots of the game like the battle system, the character inventory and etc. Also posting a video of the gameplay will attract new people to the game. Congratulations to the both of you for getting a lot of URs. I remember how happy I was when I got Arabian Dancer Kotori, I am still in love with her idolized form. It is my favorite card in the entire game. I personally had to quit Fire Emblem Heroes because my phone has limited memory and can only support 3 Mobile Games at a time and I really wanted to play Girls Frontline. Even though I had a lot of 5 Star Heroes in that game, I don't regret uninstalling it since Girls Frontline is fucking amazing. Right now, my three mobile games are Love Live School Idol Festival, Fate Grand Order and Girls Frontline. Though now, I have an issue in that Azur Lane has now announced it will come to the United States and I really wanted to play that game for a very long time. Hell, I discovered Girls Frontline because of Azur Lane. Azur Lane is essentially Kancolle but it actually depicts all battleships from history and different nations in good equal light. If I am forced to remove one of the three games, it will probably be Fate Grand/Order since there isn't any more servants I want in the Western Version until Anastasia the princess of the Russian Empire which will be in two years from now since NA is behind JP by two years.
  12. Fuck, I want to play it but my phone can only support three mobile games at a time due to memory limitations. I am currently playing Love Live School Idol Festival, Girls Frontline and Fate Grand/Order.
  13. My phone has an ability called Multi Split Windows where you can have two running apps at the same time on the same screen. I tried it before with LLSIF and FGO but it seems to leave Love Live as a Black Screen. Recently I found out Love Live can't do it if it is the first one to be opened as Split Window. I have to open another game in this case Girls Frontline and then activate Multi Window and then select LLSIF. Both Girls Frontline and LLSIF work well together and the phone doesn't seems to lag or heat up when both are used. Playing LLSIF is easier in this mode since it is Portrait Mode rather than its normal Landscape Form. Though the reason why I was playing it this way was because I have two events going on and I can't miss out on either of them. I kinda want to try it with FGO but FGO is really bad with Optimization that I actually do think it will fuck up my phone if it is used with another game. By the way, I got another egg from Yoshiko/Yohane. I was hoping for the exclusive wallpaper but all I got disappointment.
  14. Wow, you all had eggs before in the game. Even @FallenElysion and @Keello96 (by the way they both semi-quit PSNProfiles but we still talk in LLSIF) had eggs as well. So I guess I was the last person on this thread to get an egg. Now that YaoiGod said that you can get exclusive wallpaper from the eggs. I really want to see those exclusive wallpaper and so I went to search for them and I found them. I want Kotori and Yoshiko/Yohane rooms. I am going to link the website that shows the exclusive egg wallpapers just scroll to the bottom of the Background section. I also found an entire page dedicated to explaining the Eggs and Boxes. They are 100 different eggs exist: 20 different kinds, one for each girl and each group, with 5 levels on each egg. All the Background Wallpaper and Titles for LLSIF: Info on the Reward Boxes and Reward Eggs:
  15. Oh wow, I didn't know about their existence until now. I think I got the egg because I always have the Limited Edition UR Yoshiko/Yohane as my paired girl since she isn't part of my top three. Well at least not yet, Jesus I didn't know that she rose up that quickly in the ranks. She is the first Aqours girl to be in my top 9. Anyways, thank you and your husband for explain it to me. So when were they added and did your husband get one of the eggs as well? By the way what is a SIS again?