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  1. The SSRs from the event don't give SSR Seals. I tried it with my Hanamaru.
  2. Wow, your husband did a good job in scouting. I decided to skip the Nozomi Step Up Scouting to save for the Punk Yoshiko/Yohane Scouting (more on that later). Also congrats on getting Cool UR You. Do my eyes deceive me, you are going to start SOLO YOLO scouting now. That makes sense since luck transfer sometimes, I used to be great at SOLO YOLOs but not in recent times. Also congrats on getting the Limited Honoka UR. By the way did any of you get the SSR Tickets, I managed to get a total of Eleven SSR tickets and got Two copies of Mari, Two copies of Riko, Two copies of Hanamaru and Five copies of Yoshiko/Yohane. Fully Idolized, All Slots open and feed two Yoshiko/Yohanes to her to raise her skill to level 3. Speaking of Yoshiko/Yohane, I saved a lot of Love Gems and Green Tickets to try to get her. I am extremely nervous since only twice have I gotten a UR from their release banner (Arabian Dancer Kotori and Baseball Player Eli) and also this was the same amount of love gems when I failed to get UR Riko. Hopefully things don't go that bad again.
  3. I know how you feel. I stopped playing the game a bit because these past events haven't had my interest. Also I been playing Girls Frontline (It is like KanColle but instead Ship Girls it is Gun Girls) like a lot. I am just waiting for the Summer Event since I want Summer Kiyohime and Summer Martha. By the way to answer @Artemisthemp question of which 4Star Servant did I choose. I chose d'Eon because I got my first d'Eon because I felt I wasn't going to use them so I got rid of her/him but now after playing FGO for a long time, I miss having d'Eon and I promised to get them someday and I did exactly that.
  4. @Mike13858 @Satoshi Ookami @GlennRhee @Keello96 @YaoiGod @FallenElysion @RavenScythe I don't know which one of yous uses Google Link Transfer (I actually used it a couple of times) but for now the Google Link method of transferring accounts is broken. So for now use only the traditional Transfer Code to transfer accounts around.
  5. Playing Black Ops on my PS3 again is really amazing. I love the game.

    1. ZexionPonty92


      The last COD I played, good memories 🙂

    2. waterfields1


      Amazing game - series went downhill from there imo

    3. ee28max


      Also playing this as I got back to it after a very long time to get the platinum. Unfortunately I have to deal with the school assignments and work, so I have to deal with those first. Only Zombie trophies left and I'm playing through the campaign on Veteran, in which the 10th mission "Crash Site" won't load and it keeps freezing on the beginning cutscene. I don't know what to do to make it work. :( 


      Great game, I love it as well. Just wish it won't freeze every time I load up that mission. 

  6. Man, It has been awhile since I posted on this thread. I usually post once every two days but almost two weeks have passed. Sorry I was busy playing a newly released mobile game called Girls Frontline which is like KanColle but instead of Ship Girls, it is Gun Girls or Raifus as they are called by the community. Anyways, enough about that. It is Reminder Time @Satoshi Ookami @Mike13858 @FallenElysion @Keello96 @GlennRhee @YaoiGod that Event Time is here once again and this time it is the Adventure Stroll Event. One of my favorite Events mostly because it like Token Event as in you gather resources but instead trade in those resources for special rewards. Also they let me waste LP in one go. The reward SRs this time are from Aqours (Actually they have always been Aqours, I think Adventure Stroll is Aqours Exclusive) and they are SR Pure Riko and SR Cool Hanamaru. You can get Riko from the Reward Shop while Hanamaru will be from the Tier Rewards. Goodluck to all who participate.
  7. So you have 2 Rin's left before completing her UR Set. That is amazing. I am going to start saving Love Gems again (I am back to 50 Love Gems already) but I used a green ticket and I got another SSR Mari and a new one too. I been getting a lot of SSRs lately. By the way, fair warning to all who try this song. This song is toughest song in the entire game at the moment, it deserves to be in a rank of its own. I know that it is a AC Song but Jesus Christ, I didn't even last three seconds. At least, I got a morale boost playing the event after. I though I was playing a Combo Song so I tried to Full Combo until I realized that it was a Score Song.
  8. I waited for the Step Up Scouting for Aqours and did the first one. I got another different SSR Riko, I been getting a lot of SSR Rikos. At this rate, I may collect all the SSR Rikos but they are plenty of them left. Reminder Time @Satoshi Ookami @Mike13858 @Keello96 @GlennRhee @FallenElysion that you guys need to update LLSIF from the App Store/Play Store since it requires a new update. After the update, there is the Aqours Step Up Scouting and an Event going on. The Companion Match event, the most stressful event in my opinion since it makes me actually play the game right and care about full combo songs. I can't relax watching youtube like usual when I am playing Companian Match. The two rewards are from Muse, Military SR Smile Kotori and Military SR Cool Nozomi. Goodluck to all in the event and in the scouting.
  9. That is the Eli I want the most in the game. You're so lucky. Speaking of which, I didn't get anything from the Aqours 11 Scouting again but I did get another UR from the Muse 11 Scouting. Coincidentally, I got no URs from the two Aqours Scouting Sessions but I got a UR each from the two Muse Scouting Session. It seems that Honoka wanted to join Nico in competing against my Kotori, Rin and Yoshiko/Yohane in most amount of URs. Also I am going to guess that the new girl Setsuna Yuki (oddly enough this is the first time in Love Live History that has a full name I been introduced to in the past) really loves people and stuff as in really really loves. Which is fine, she seems like a amazing girl with a kind spirit. @Satoshi Ookami @Mike13858 @RavenScythe @FallenElysion @Keello96 @GlennRhee and YaoiGod, how were your scouting sessions with all four free eleven scouting? Did you get any new units you wanted? Any URs or SSRs for team building? Are you saving them to scout in the future because you don't feel like it right now?
  10. For the first time I feel like I am being overwhelmed by LLSIF but in a good way. What @GlennRhee said was true and there was the Step Up Scouting, while I only had 33 Love Gems left I decided to go for it and I am so thankful to KLab for these scouting events because I got a UR Cool Nico and SSR Smile Nico and new SR Nico. I am guessing Nico really wanted to be with me this time. Also my results for Aqours 11 Scouting was pretty good with SSR Cool Riko and two new SRs of Riko and Mari from their Halloween Set. I guess I am going to now try to complete the Aqours Original Halloween Set since I have Yoshiko/Yohane and Ruby already. Now that I have both SSR Cool Riko and UR Cool Nico, I think I am actually going to follow @RavenScythe advice and make two separate Cool Team for each idol group since I now have enough for both separate teams. I got so many SRs and SSRs, I usually kill cards that I don't need from scouting but this time since they are from the anniversary. I can't bring myself to kill them, not even the SSRs that I have gotten (except for SSR Smile Nico) since I now have three Initial SSR Aqours girls. Also reminder that you get the Second Copies of the All Star Girls in the Sticker Shop. You can even get Not Yoshiko/Yohane before she is given out.
  11. What did you get? I am just going to do one Step Up Scouting because I can only afford one at the moment. Also I always just do one Step Up since I only ever feel comfortable wasting 30 Love Gems at a time. Unless it is Kotori.
  12. @YaoiGod @Mike13858 @Satoshi Ookami @RavenScythe @GlennRhee @Keello96 Wow, we are getting a lot of stuff this week and they are all fantastic. I don't even know where to begin except....Happy 4th Anniversary Love Live School Idol Festival. First, This is just a normal reminder that we have limited quests again that give out Love Gems when we complete certain amount of challenges. Second, We are getting even more Love Gems withing the Nine Days but for today we get only a title for the 4th Anniversary. Third, This is my favorite part of the 4th Anniversary rewards is that we are getting Scout 11 Tickets for free. Yes, we get to scout eleven times for free each day for four days. We first start off with Muse. I used mine and I got a shit load of SRs and they are all ones I have never gotten before. Did they increase the SR chances for this occasion lol? Anyways, I am in love with SR Smile Kotori, she looks so fucking beautiful. Fourth and final, We are also getting SRs of the girls from Love Live All Stars. Today, we begin with Not Honoka - Ayumu Uehara. Then we are getting Not Mari and Not Yoshiko/Yohane. I am looking forward to Evil Not Kotori being given out. Well that is all for now but this is amazing. I am so grateful for all of this and I wish you all good luck in your Eleven Scouting. Thank you for reading and Happy Fourth Anniversary Love Live School Idol Festival.
  13. Congratulations on getting the UR Smile Umi, I also did the Step Up Scouting and I got another SSR but no UR. Also you got a lot of SRs as well including my very First SR which is the Cool SR Umi. Congratulations on your scouting session.
  14. I made the mistake of wasting my apples on the event and finishing it too early, I was just really invested in the story. Did you try to get Iskandar or Waver or did you decided to skip it and save your Saint Quartz. I failed three time in getting them.
  15. That is actually the same issue @Satoshi Ookami has. He was saving for Rin and Umi for a long time but he doesn't know when to use them, so he just has a shit load of Love Gems saved up. What I would tell you is, if you have a special character or a special set that you personally like a lot. Then save for that character or set and try to get a complete collection of that specific thing. That is what I did to prevent myself from getting bored, I set goals for myself so I can try to accomplish. My Primary Goal is to have every Kotori UR that has ever been released in EN/WW LLSIF, My Secondary Goal is to get a complete collection of Bridal Set for Muse and so far I have Kotori, Nozomi and Umi. My Third Goal is to get a complete collection of the Arabian Dancer Set for Muse and so far I have Kotori, Maki and Eli. The list continues and that is how I keep myself busy in LLSIF while enjoying the music and the characters dialogue when you read their Side Stories or poke them.