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  1. She is slowly getting more smug with every UR she gains.
  2. So the Tennis Kotori UR is available. I though I had enough time to gather 50 Love Gems before she appeared but I was wrong. I failed in getting her but for the first time in awhile. I got a UR and it is Pajama Rin UR at first I thought she was an SSR which is why I didn't get a screenshot of the Solo Yolo. I am happy to have another Rin on my team.
  3. I am just patiently waiting to fail in getting Mordred when she becomes available on the NA version.
  4. I don't trust myself. I feel like I will panic tap one of the beats. By the way, @RaveNScythE I though you could only get SSS rank if everybody did the Full Combo but only two of us got the Full Combo and we still got the triple S rank.
  5. Klab has seriously underestimated the World. Especially since most people in the Western North American Continent are asleep and some in Europe are barely waking up, so this isn't even our full potential. Also you are on discord talking about love live? Is it dedicated to Love Live only or just game in general?
  6. Wait, so you are telling me that this score is the combined score of everyone playing the event at the moment. That is awesome, it is sort of like the Spirit Bomb but for points. Also we have the reduced point requirements? Damn, how much points do you need for the JP version?
  7. By the way @RaveNScythE do you know what this is? Is this a new way to calculate the event points earned for rewards. Also I got another Combo mission again and this time I didn't panic at all and by the looks of the Blue Beats number on the top right corner. I only used it once since it was 16 instead of 15. Though we didn't get the Triple S since two of our members didn't get the Full Combo on the song. I am guessing they missed a beat.
  8. I am Impressed that you are raising his skill level that high. My highest one is Level 6 of Skill 1 for Scathach. I would raise it higher but I need to get more gems for her. I am personally happy with my Shirou Emiya/Nameless/Emiya. I love him in the series and I am happy to him on my team in FGO.
  9. @Satoshi Ookami @FallenElysion @YaoiGod @Keello96 @GlennRhee @Mike13858 @RaveNScythE Time for a brand new event. This event is the Companion Match Event which is like Score Match but the players have to work together to get a high amount of Events points by getting the SSS Score. Anyways the rewards for the event are a SR Pure Hanayo and SR Cool Kotori. They both look amazing in their outfits. I am actually in love with this event since it feels good to know that you are a contributing a lot in the missions but pulling Full Combos is going to be tough for me since I actually don't try at all to get them. Edit: After posting this, I played another round and I found the Combo Mission that Raven was talking about and Jesus Christ it wasn't fun because it felt like everything was riding on you and if you fucked up. Then the team shall suffer. Luckily I managed but I started to panic tap because I was scared more of missing a beat than getting a "good". Also it marks my debut of my "Clone Force" Team in Events. I am also in love with Stamps since you can spam them like hell and they voice lines. I am surprised that my team full of URs only has 5 mics. Now I actually have incentive to raise my skill level for them.
  10. I will gladly check it out when it comes out.
  11. I got nothing not even an SR I wanted. Either way, Step-Up Scouting are always the best to scout, so @YaoiGod if you want to scout for muse members now is the perfect time. By the way @GlennRhee by completing the Dancer set, do you mean the Arabian Dancer Set? If so, I am so jealous since I been trying to complete that set but I only have Kotori, Maki and Eli at the moment. If you guys want more Love Gems there is a new Master Song and a new Expert Song in the Aqours Section. Also love the new wallpaper for LLSIF. It perfectly matches my Taisho Honoka in fact it really goes well with any Honoka.
  12. @Satoshi Ookami @GlennRhee @RaveNScythE @Mike13858 @YaoiGod @FallenElysion @Keello96 You guys are already aware of the new update for LLSIF which is why the event ended a few hours early and the maintenance lasted a long time but just in case you ignored the new features listed when you update the game. Here is the list again, looks like they are going to make the Adventure Stroll Event better just like they in JP. Also they added a new event called Companion Match Event, I am interested in this new event. They have also added Notifications to tell you that your LP is fulled up which has been long overdue. I feel bad for the app makers that are based on telling you when the LLSIF LP is full. and another feature is now when you pause the game and resume it. It will give you a three second timer for you to get ready once you tap "resume"
  13. At least your UR You has an extra skill slot. By the way, did the event already end? That is a few hours sooner than usual.
  14. Nice, I love the limited edition of Fate Extella. It was the first taste we in the west have gotten from Type-Moon in awhile at the time but now we have Fate Grand Order available to the West (or at least to North America) and we are getting a future sequel of Fate Extella. Nice Lineup, I finally finished my run on 40AP mission. Now I need to grind 10AP for the ribbons so I can get the Seeds and some Ember Level Ups for when I get Santa Alter Jeanne. This was my team during the 40AP Missions. Shout out to my friend with his Jack and the "Present for my Master" CE.
  15. Yeah I didn't do my best in the previous events recently mostly because I got tired of LLSIF at the time because of all the Aqours UR failure attempts but now I got over it and I am trying to keep my place in Tier 2. Also, Congratulations on idolizing Angel Mari but why do you regret idolizing Intial You via an extra copy?