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  1. I didn't know the event was going to end luckily I almost got everything in the store. I just wished I got all four Golden Sakura Tech Packs. Also I got everything from the Space Theme for the dorm. Including the Moon and the UFO which costed gems but they are so cool since they are animated, I love the UFO especially since it is on the ground turned off until someone sits on it and it turns on and the bird comes out of nowhere and starts getting abducted. The Moon gets activated when someone sits on it and a little meteor floats around the person in a circle. Congratulations on getting a lot of ships especially Shoukaku, Hornet and Cleveland. I am actually going to try to replace my Fox Sisters with the Crane Sisters. Akagi scare me and Shoukaku is soft. Also it is always great seeing Hornet appear since I love her so much that I married her since Hornet is my first above rare ship.
  2. Congrats on the drop. What does Akatsuki say when you do the Special Touch, Upset and Stranger Dialogue? I always check those dialogue boxes first when I get a new ship. So today I had a shitty day and decided fuck it and bought two rings and married both Belfast and Enterprise They both look beautiful and also Belfast has way more new lines than Enterprise when married. For example Belfast talks about her new role as my wife in the Love Dialogue while Enterprise is just the same one. Comparison between the Love Dialogues
  3. Saying that and her appearing multiple times kinda makes me think that I should marry Belfast next but I also want to marry Enterprise as well. I am obviously going to marry both but I don't who to marry first but for now I think it could be Belfast since she appears the most.
  4. While I never liked the Intimacy Mode since I found it cringy and boring at the same time. I am still against the removal of the feature since I am against Censorship overall. I have always been against Censorship even when the Censored Product looks better than the Original Product (search Azur Lane Prinz Eugen Swimsuit). I don't know why I am so stubborn against Censorship of any type. Probably because I find it very insulting that someone else is making a decision for me without my input. If I don't like a feature then I just won't use it like I did with Senran Kagura Intimacy Mode (except when required for trophies) and the Diorama feature. Either way, I am not buying this. Are there versions with English Text like a Hong Kong version?
  5. I keep getting Belfast in my light builds (I am not looking for anything, I am just doing it for the event currency) and I don't have the heart to kill her. I wish we could use multiple versions like a Clone Army or a Clone Navy in this case.
  6. That is nice to hear enjoying LLSIF together. So you don't know for which set he is saving for? My Smile Aqours Team needs better units, so SR Smile Yoshiko/Yohane from the event is a wonderful gift and also all Yoshiko/Yohane cards are welcomed. Anyways, I decided to do three step up scouting attempts since the Love Gems cost was low for a guaranteed SR or above. I got my fifth Initial Maki SSR, so I decided to get another SSR Stickers and with having 5 SSR Stickers I used them to idolize my Cop Kotori. She looks beautiful and her birds are adorable and with her idolization there is two new voice lines. Also Today I Learned that both my In Game Character and Kotori are Kinky People.
  7. It seems for some people Akatsuki is really hard to drop. I didn't get her in any of my grinds but when I went to search more info on her, some said they got her multiple times but others say the gotten Zuikaku before getting Akatsuki. So I am going to say that she is really hard to get.
  8. @YaoiGod @Jelloycat @Keello96 @Satoshi Ookami @Mike13858 @FallenElysion It has been awhile since I announced an event going on since I been busy with Azur Lane. At first when I learned another event is beginning this soon, I was like "No, give me time to rest. I just finished the last LLSIF event and I still have Azur Lane, Girls Frontline and FGO Events going on at the same time" and then I learned that it is a Token Event. Yes it is time for another event and this time it is the Token Event. Thank God, I love Token Events since they are fast and easy to grind. This Token Event offers two beauties from Aqours, a SR Cool Dia and a SR Smile Yoshiko/Yohane. Since Yoshiko/Yohane is in this event, I am going to try my best this time. The theme for this Token Event is the Postal Service with both Dia and Yoshiko/Yohane dressed as Mailmen...Mailwomen.....Mailpeople and the tokens are Letters. While the Token Event is going on, we also have a Step Up Scouting Event going which is for Muse. The Popular Selection Step Up Scouting Event which I am not going to try since to me it just a discounted regular scouting set since the sets are sort of random. Congratulations on getting your treasured Kanan. She does look very beautiful. Also another congratulations on getting Valentine's Day You. At least you have 100 Love Gems left so you can save for Rapunzel Kanan. How did your Husband react to you getting the UR you wanted? By the way, how is he doing in his Love Live Game?
  9. I love the two new songs added into the game "WHITE FIRST LOVE" and "RED GEM WINK" though my favorite of the two has to be White First Love. I even full comb the song in my first try.
  10. Ask us if you need any information. We helped @UndeadBerserker7 since he was new as well. One of the things that used to confuse me the most was which gear fits best with which ships. Which I actually posted a picture of guide that helps with that before. Anyways @Artemisthemp @Atago @Melty @Helmet_time @Revvie How are you guys doing in the Akashi's Secret Missions? In case you don't know if you tap Akashi 30 times in the shop screen. She gives you a quest line and when you finish the quest line, you will get her as part of your Naval Fleet and also unlock the ability to build her as well. I am on mission six and now seeing the rest of the missions on the wiki.....this is going to be long. Link to Akashi's Questline Guide:
  11. Congrats on getting these two ships. Shoukaku is amazing with Zuikaku since their skills activate with one another. Lucky I been busy with the events in Love Live, Fate Go and Girls Frontline. I only managed to get enough for Zuikaku. I am trying to get the torpedoes now.
  12. So I luckily finished the event in 2nd Tier which was very tough since I didn't have my usual time to maintain my ranking position since literally every mobile game I am playing right now are having on going events at the same time. I wanted to complete this event since I am completely in love with Nico and Umi's Idolization forms. They look like non western wedding dress, very beautiful. Also the Halloween Results are in and good news @YaoiGod and @Jelloycat Nozomi won the Muse Halloween Girl Election defeating Maki. I am surprised Rin didn't make it to top three since Cats more specifically Black Cats are part of Halloween. Also my best girl Yoshiko/Yohane won the Aqours Halloween Girl Election which is no surprise since this is her thing. With their victories, they now welcome us with a beautiful Halloween themed start screen. I am surprised they aren't using the UR Halloween Version for Yoshiko/Yohane but I guess her SSR version is the most recent Halloween version of her. Also the App Icon has changed from Chika to SSR Halloween Yoshiko/Yohane.
  13. Wait, you have all the Kotori URs available in the game now?
  14. @UndeadBerserker7 Congratulations on getting the USS Enterprise. She is an amazing unit especially with her skill which you should really start raising it since she devastate other people's ships when her skill activates. I also love her outfits like her Wedding outfit and Christmas Outfit. @Revvie Did you really get every ship currently out in the game. Congratulations, I can never complete it since I didn't get IRN Aurora because I didn't participate in the Closed Beta. Also both you and @Helmet_time are really killing it with the Retrofit. I can't find enough materials to retrofit one of my ships. I am now done with the event building since I finally got IJN Shoukaku from it and I also got IJN Zuikaku (I forgot to take the screenshot of her retrieval dialogue) from the event store. They may actually replace Akagi and Kaga since there skills are amazing. I am going to train them with Furutaka, Yuudachi and Atago since they are level one still. They will also be lead by USS Arizona as their punishment and her reward.
  15. I have a full team of Muse Pure URs but I actually have an SR Maki replace one of the URs because her perfect lock skill is so high