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  1. @UndeadBerserker7 @Revvie @Melty @Artemisthemp @Helmet_time @Tosmasta00 @Atago @Leon Castle IT IS TIME FOR GERMANY!!!! The Divergent Chessboard Event has arrived and also a lot of Live 2D skins for the German ships. Also we are getting the Christmas Skins and new furniture themes for our dorms. Are you all fully recovered from the Neptunia Event? Either way, I wish everybody goodluck in this event. I hope to get Admiral Hipper from this event.
  2. Congratulations, I do hope that one day at least all the SSR get Wedding Outfits one day. I wonder what Washington would wear. I was finally able to set up the dorm the way I wanted. I have Sandy's Concert going and Noire performing. I have the seats ready and Oklahoma sleeping on the N-Gear. I wish the music from Neptunia would play when you have Neptunia stuff in your dorm.
  3. @YaoiGod @Jelloycat @Keello96 @Mike13858 @Satoshi Ookami It is that time again, it is Event Time and it is Score Match Event which I usually groan at the idea of doing Score Matches but since the implementation of the Event LP multiplier. I am now excited for it. Also for the first time in a very long time (Not counting Aqours's Adventure Stroll Event), we are getting a story along with the event. It has been forever since they did that. The Score Match Event is for Muse and the theme is Christmas with two lovely girls: SR Cool Eli for the point rewards and SR Smile Nico for Tier Rewards. I hopefully try to hit tier 2 but I am still having some personal issues that I just might not do it. Either way, I wish everybody goodluck in this event.
  4. Congrats on the retrofits. My personal favorite of the three is Furutaka. I think Furutaka and Kako got bigger because they just hit puberty and puberty hit them like a truck.
  5. I don't know, while I really love Love Live. I feel like buying only merch related to Kotori, Honoka, Rin, Eli, Riko, Mari and Yoshiko/Yohane. Sadly, the store no longer sells anything Muse related besides normal pillows. The Nesoberi plushies I really want to get is Kotori and Honoka ones but I think that is it for Nesoberi. I am probably going to go after mostly figures like Nendoroids and Statues of them.
  6. Congrats you two on getting a lot of new stuff. That UR Eli looks so beautiful and I really wanted that UR Pool Honoka since my top three girls include Honoka. Also that UR Hanayo looks so cute with her determine face like "Yeah, I am going to master the Accordion and Weird Al proud." Congratulations once again you guys. I didn't get any new UR instead I got repeat UR of Pajama Rin which means I was able to Idolize my UR Pajama Rin without using the stickers. I haven't done a traditional UR Idolization since my first UR Chinese Dress Kotori which was forever ago. I also got multiple copies of both SSR Pool Nico and SSR Pajama Kotori and I Idolized both of them. I actually had an Idolized SSR Pajama Kotori before but I got rid of her. I don't remember why but I am glad to have her again. I also got a lot of SRs and I used my SR Stickers to idolized them all. So I can get Love Gems from them and complete my goal of Max Level and Max Affection. Both the SR Umi and SR Nico were Christmas themed as well.
  7. Congrats on getting Green Heart and I am sorry for replying all late. I was just very busy with a personal issue. Also, Hell yeah I love the outfit for Z23 and now I know as well when she got that outfit because I actually first saw it as a Fan Art where someone drew her in Bondage wearing that outfit and it looked hot but I didn't know where you get that outfit for her but now I know. So now it is the time for GERMANY!!!! I don't have many German ships in my fleet, they are mostly American and Japanese Ships and like two British Ships that I use in my main teams. I guess it is time to gather more German Ships into the fleet. Anyways, time for my update. I managed to get most of the dorm stuff but I missed out on the tight rope (I don't remember what it was called) and the CPU thingy. I got Histoire's Book where if you sit on it, it floats and the wings move. I also got the N-Gear where if you sleep on it, it acts as if it charging the character on the bed. I also got the USS Concord. I personally don't like Foot Fetish but for those that do, then congrats you got your girl. I mean she is pretty cute girl. The Official Artist actually drew her again but from a different angle and I liked it.
  8. I was just using Friend Point Summoning to summon CEs to use to level up my Chaldea Lunchtime CE and then my screen freezes during one of the sessions and I am greeted by the Original Avenger. I was not expecting him especially since he is rare than a 5 Star Servant but then again I have wasted a lot of Saint Quartz by failing to get Medb, Summer Tamamo, Lancer Artoria and Ishtar. So I was overdue for a cool thing in FGO. Also I got all of my lovely saint's skills to Level 10 and she is currently level 90. I don't know if I am going to try to get her to level 100 but first I need way more grails.
  9. I don't think Home Console is dead in Japan (PC is definitely dead in Japan though) but Mobile is the biggest market in Japan. Also that makes a lot of sense for Sony to move to North America since Home Console are still considered the biggest market here compare with Europe where PC is the biggest market over there. I think I would have to focus on Noire, Tiara, Neptune, Nepgear and Marianna related fusions. Since they are my favorite characters in the Compile Heart Company.
  10. Why do you hate mobile games so much? There are some mobile games like Love Live School Idol Festival that are way better and more fun than any console games. Also Compile Heart is still making console games is not like they stopped to focus only on Mobile.
  11. It already looks way better than Nep Nep Chaos Connect. First we have the Azur Lane x Hyperdimension Neptunia crossover and now we are getting Mega Miracle Force. It seems that that the Neptunia train is picking back speed.
  12. @Tosmasta00 @Leon Castle Compile Heart released a trailer for the Mega Miracle Force. I am definitely going to try this game out if it comes to the west and on Android. @dermarx @Atago @Walt the Dog we are getting more Neptunia content in the future. I for one I am looking forward towards Fairy Fencer F.
  13. Thank you for your kind wishes. When I was in the store in LA. I was actually looking for the Kotori figure keychain but they don't have anything from Muse anymore besides pillows (normal pillows). Everything from Love Live is Aqours only. So I got the Yoshiko/Yohane Nesoberi instead thinking it was going to cost 25 dollars but nope only 15. After looking around a bit more, I saw the Yoshiko/Yohane Fallen Angel Statue and I feel in love with it. There was actually a lot of Aqours figures, statues, stickers, LLSIF Art Portraits, Little figures, Nesoberi and Nendoroids.
  14. So I went to Los Angeles and bought this beautiful statue of Yoshiko/Yohane. I am suprised she only costed 30 dollars while other figures that had less to them in my opinion costed 40 to 50 dollars. Also I finally got a Nesoberi of Yoshiko/Yohane and it only costed me 15 dollars which is weird since two years ago I bought a small Honoka figure keychain (she is hanging from the arm of Yoshiko/Yohane) for 10 dollars in the same store and location. I am sorry if the picture is gigantic, I am on mobile and I can't minimize it. Also I am extremely busy with some personal issues. So I am sorry for not posting as frequently anymore. I can't even hit tier 2 in the game due to not having enough time. It has been hell for me but at least Yoshiko/Yohane is cheering me up both in game and real life.
  15. I finally got Black Heart from Neptunia in Azur Lane. Now for the Wedding Ring.

    1. SaltyCat


      I have White Heart and Blanc

    2. TheVader66


      That is good, Blanc in my opinion is harder to get than White Heart. I only got Blanc and Black Heart once through this entire event.