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  1. I finally got Saint Louis to level 30, I am finally done and just in time for the French Event prelude even though she isn't a bonus event ship. Here is her dialogue for the occasion. Aww man, I have to continue to do this
  2. Finally after saving 229 cubes, I decided that I had enough to risk getting Le Malin and after 100 cubes, I managed to get her and she looks gorgeous. I love her design and since she has pantyhose on, she was a top priority to get. Though it sucks that I didn't get L'OpiniĆ¢tre even though I actually didn't want her but I want to get her for the complete French Faction but now it seems I have to wait for when she joins the light pool.....I am retiring her when I do get her. Le Malin chibi looks so very cute. She looks like she is threatening Seattle to dance. I love the stars in her eyes and the dress.
  3. @Mike13858 @spectre51 @Ariadne @YaoiGod Hello everybody, just friendly reminder that we are now doing the Challenge Festival, not going to lie it is my least favorite event since you do 5 songs and you don't get any points until all those 5 event songs have been played. I usually have to waste sugars or Lovegems to refill my LP gauge since I do x2 or x4 LP use to get more points in a faster way. Anyways enough of my complaints, for this Challenge Festival Event the idols that are being awarded is Cool SR Umi for the point rewards and Smile SR Nozomi for tier rewards. I wish you all goodluck in this event and I hope you get many more stuff like Lovegems and Green Tickets. We are also got Free 11 Scouting for both Muse and Aqours and I hit jackpot with the Aqours Scouting. Two new URs: Pure Ruby and Cool You. So now I have to remake my idol teams. I wish you all goodluck in scouting.
  4. Oh they don't need to be that high of a level. They don't even need to be that exact ships. Using ships like Cygnet are good to use as well or Cruiser with Torpedoes like Leander is good enough. Either way, it is more of suggestion than requirements. I am not using some ships that are Meta like Kawakaze or Hiryuu. You have some ships that can compliment other ships for example Sirius has a skill that can boost Aircraft Carriers power while at the same time Sirius getting a boost from each Aircraft Carrier in the fleet. Also you have Prince of Wales who gets boost in her Firepower, Reload, Evasion, and Anti-Air by 1% or 5% if maxed for every Eagle Union (American) ship in the fleet. Maybe you can have two Aircraft Carriers like Enterprise and Yorktown with Prince of Wales leading the fleet she will gain a boost from both of those ships since they are American. You can also have Sirius in the front who will boost Enterprise and Yorktown airpower while she herself gets a boost from them due to Sirius first skill. You can either put more more American ships in the front to boost Prince of Wales even more like Helena who has one of the most powerful debuffs in the game where the enemy takes more damage from your ships. She is also getting a retrofit pretty soon. Also did you made sure Atago is using a High Explosive type of gun because I don't want you to make the same mistake I did in the beginning where I gave Belfast a Armor Piercing gun which caused her Burn skill (which Atago also has) to not activate. Anyways, I would like to give you some more information on what ships are good for certain fleets but I have to go now. Hopefully, @Revvie or @Tosmasta00 or @AndyKazama can give you more help. I apologize for my exit.
  5. You're welcome, ask if you need any more help with setting up fleets. I just wanted to go into more detail about Centaur/Formidable/Ark Royal fleet combination. Since all three are Aircraft carriers and are lacking guns, there are weak to Suicide Bomber Boats when their skills are inactive. So it is best to have ships that have high rate of fire to destroy the boats in time. Also you need to destroy Battleships as fast as possible since their volleys can rip the Aircraft Carriers apart and set them on fire. Due Centaur/Formidable/Ark Royal all have skills that slow down the enemies's speed, ships like Destroyers can benefit from their skills since the enemy can't dodge their torpedoes as much. Another combination to use is instead of having Formidable since she is an event ship only at the moment, you can have Queen Elizabeth in the middle who not only can destroy the bomb boats herself but she can also take hits and boost all British ships stats, so you can boost their Centaur and Ark Royal's Air strikes and boost the Firepower and Reload time of Cruisers and Destroyers if they are British. I am still working out on my Fleet, right now I am using a Russian Vanguard of Tashkent, Avrora and Grozny but I think I might replace them with my Japanese Destroyer Vanguard of Yukikaze, Yuudachi and Ayanami.
  6. Centaur is a pretty good ship to get since her first skill has a chance of of lowering enemies speed by 40% for 6 seconds so but the issue is that it may activate only if they are hit by her planes. She also has a 2nd skill that boosts other Aircraft Carriers. This is why she is best used when she is alongside Ark Royal and Formidable who all have skills also about reducing enemy speed and are all Aircraft Carriers. Jean Bart honestly is just great in damage dealing especially when you get her specific gun the Quadruple 380mm Main Gun which you can get from the event shop. Though she doesn't boost any other ship though.
  7. Mikasa, Hiei and Kongou look so beautiful. Oh it seems we are getting a new collab event with Yokosuka. I tried to google if there is a company with the name Yokosuka with the same font and logo but I couldn't find anything on Google at least. Then I began to remember that there are Japanese cities that try to advertise themselves for tourism. I then began to look into Yokosuka and it has a deep history with the Navy. It is the home of Mikasa which is why she is part of the promo art and it is where Commodore Perry came with the American Navy and began the process of ending Japan's isolation. It currently houses the largest American Naval Base in the West Pacific
  8. I mishandled the opportunity of the 10x EXP. I did do a lot of leveling up but I didn't do as many as I could have since I got overwhelmed with the Azur Lane's Event, Girls Frontline's Event and Brave Nine's Event. I still did hit Tier 3 though. Also congrats on hitting the 500s ranking. Just a reminder to everyone that we have Extra Support Scouting available for both Muse and Aqours. They actually managed to take a big chunk of my coins with how much they cost but it is good to have Skill Ups and EXP bombs. We also have Limited Box Scouting and a Limited Step Up Scouting for two Limited Edition URs of I am going to assume Fairy Ruby and Fairy You. Also remember to everyone to do the 6th Anniversary Event so we can get more goodies from the event.
  9. @Ariadne @Mike13858 @spectre51 @YaoiGod REMINDER FOR ONE DAY ONLY. You can get 10X EXP on all songs including the event songs which since I am boosting it with x4 LP and activating the exp bonus perk. I am getting 10,000 exp per round which means my LP keeps getting refilled which keeps me playing the event which creates a cycle of never-ending event grinding. Also I am happy that I finally got a UR from the free 6th anniversary scouting and it is UR Smile Harvest Mari. She looks so cute.
  10. @Ariadne @spectre51 @Mike13858 Hey everybody, it has been awhile. I would like to just remind you that it is 6th anniversary of WW version of LLSIF and with that we got some events to celebrate with, one being the Medley Festival and the other the 6th Anniversary Event (scroll down for more info). First we have a Medley Festival for Aqours. Medley Festivals is where you play three songs in a row and try to get as high of a score and combo through all three songs in a row. The rewards are Pure Kanan for the points reward and Cool Riko for the tier rewards. Also we are getting a free 11 scouting for both Muse and Aqours. I did them both and just got repeat SRs. Next, we have another event going as well, the 6th Anniversary Special Event that remember can only be accessed through the event tabs. This is a very important event as we all need to gather enough point to unlock all the community point rewards that involve Green Ticket, SSR scout tickets and a UR scout ticket. Also these tickets and more are available in the individual point rewards as well. To get points you need to use musical notes to move around the board and either land on many spaces as possible to earn points per step or attempt to land in special steps to get either extra points or rewards like Love Gems or Skill Ups. To get musical notes, you need to accomplish missions on the "Goals" section tab. With that being said, I wish you all Goodluck on all the events and scouting and also a HAPPY 6th ANNIVERSARY TO YOU ALL. Welcome back to the game. Wow you earned a lot of URs in just two weeks. I remember it took me three months to earn two URs in the beginning. Also I am in love with that Honoka SR skill up, she looks so cute.
  11. That explains the Azur Lane DLC Bundle. I just wanted to get one avatar but it was going to be 11.99 for a theme, 21 avatars and a digital soundtrack. Luckily if you pre-order the Limited Edition for Azur Lane Crosswaves, you got the DLC Bundle for free by email. I got all the avatars even though I only wanted one. It just sucks that now if you want a specific avatar, you need to get it in a Bundle now for more money.
  12. 8/10 Great avatar position, only cutting off the axe and bottom handle. Love seeing Hilda since she is my best unit in Fire Emblem Heroes and my wife for the first playthrough of Fire Emblem Three Houses.
  13. Oh my god, that is incredible. It so weird seeing only two digit ranking. Congratulations that is so amazing. I don't think I can ever hit that rank. I attempted to do it once but I think my highest rank I have achieved was 250 and that was years ago and I haven't reach near that ranking since. Oh so it is game similar to DDR. Either way it is still awesome and especially if you can add songs to it. I wish a lot of rhythm games let you add songs without the player needing to modding it. I have seen some anime openings like Demon Slayer being played on Guitar Hero and that is awesome. Also about the UR pair system. Yeah you just go to the album and tap the card multiple times to see its pair if you have both. Otherwise, only a grey card will appear in the place of the missing UR.
  14. After saving for more than a year, I have completed my goal. I got my beautiful Anastasia in the 2nd round of 10 summons. I am so happy since I wanted her since her reveal in JP FGO, I finally have a historical figure that I actually know a lot about (I studied a lot on the Romanov Imperial Family). It feel amazing. Also, she is my first non-Saber/Rider 5star servant since Jalter. Congratulations on getting Ivan to NP2. That is very impressive since I wanted to get Anastasia to NP2 but I failed after two tries. I want to save my quarts for the Summer Banner.
  15. Sorry, it's been so long since I posted last time. So lighting round and GO.... I got all the Russian Ships and I fell in love with Tashkent. I bought her outfit (don't judge me) and I married her. Also ignore the gear in the screenshot, I have since changed it to better equipment. Here are her dialogue lines for her outfit, love status and marriage. In the American Event, I waited until the server issue had been resolved since I was afraid of rollbacks and luckily I did since in my first 10 build I got Intrepid and Cooper and in my third 10 build, I got Reno. Then,later I earned enough points to get Casablanca. I am having a tough time deciding between who is my favorite ship in this event so far. Both Reno and Casablanca have sweet lines, though I think Reno's lines are more cuter but in regards on the outfits offered in shop, I like Casablanca's cheerleader outfit more. I may decided to get it or just save my gems for something else.