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  1. Azur Lane is a gateway drug to World of Warships. 

    1. Tosmasta00


      Aswell as Gacha and waifu collection. And a bit of Neptunia aswell.



      I'm addicted for sure!

  2. I been thinking who do I go after first since doing research on the ships seems like it will be long. I might go after either Saint Louis or Roon. For more information on the PR Ships, here is a video Anyways, here are the newest ships I have gotten. After 60 cubes, I finally got IJN Nagato who is apparently going to change the meta forever. I also got IJN Kongou and I ain't gonna lie, I am very disappointed in her. Probably because I been looking forward to her since the beginning and now that I have her, she is pretty bland personality wise at least when it comes to her dialogue lines even her oath line is just straight to the point. Also game mechanic wise she isn't that good either. I also got IJN Houshou from grinding 7-4 since I was leveling up my ships.
  3. For the second time in history, I got a rate up UR from it's banner. I just said fuck it and I went for it and I actually got UR Cool Christmas Mari on my first try. I automatically Idolized her and she looks so beautiful.
  4. They ended the Puchiguru game? Wow, I was hoping to play that game. Did it do so badly to be shut down in a year
  5. At this point I am used to it but damn they really are trying to rush us towards matching JP in Content. I wonder what they are going to do with LLSIF after All-Stars comes out.
  6. I hope we get Takao and Atago race girls outfits. I also want the Collaboration outfits Azur Lane did with a restaurant. I want Belfast and Enterprise outfits the most.
  7. Thank you guys for your kind words. I hope you two get the ships you want in the game. I love the school girl outfits for the girls in the game. I would love to get Takao, Atago and Honolulu skins but I have no gems right now and I also have to expand the ship docks because I only 9 spaces left. I am 161/170 in the docks. I don't have the heart to delete a lot of them. At least you got more than one sub, so you are ahead of a lot of people in the Submarine fleet race. I wasted 60 cubes and got nothing. Here is the Youtube video of all the ships that will come in Azur Lane x WoWs collaboration. I wish World of Warships was available for PS4 but it must be difficult to port. I got a notification saying that you mentioned me but I don't see anything weird. I got USS Denver in Light Build, she is such a upbeat girl and I also got back HMS Edinburgh she is surprisingly hard to get. Also I still can't believe she is the older sister of HMS Belfast since well Belfast looks older.
  8. @Jelloycat @YaoiGod @Keello96 Hello Everybody, you know what time it is? It is Event time once again in Love Live. Once again it is SRx4 Event but this time it will a bit easier since it is Token Event. The four lovely girls being offered this time will be from Aqours and their themes are Christmas and New Years theme. Actually I am not sure if the other is New Years theme but whatever. From the Point Rewards, you can get an SR Pure Yoshiko/Yohane and a SR Pure Kanan. Meanwhile on the Tier Rewards, you can get an SR Smile You and a SR Smile Hanamaru. Since this is a token event and it has Yoshiko/Yohane and Hanamaru as rewards, I am going to try on this event to hit tier 2 or at least 3. Good luck to all that participate in this event.
  9. Hey Guys, it has been awhile since I been active here on PSNProfiles. I am just busy with aftermath of my father's death and all the paperwork that has appeared as a result. Anyways, on to what I been doing in Azur Lane. I managed to get IJN Yukikaze and IJN Mogami in the first 10 build. I also got USS Montpelier when I was doing a daily mission of 3 builds for event tokens. I didn't even know at the time that there were new non-event ships added into the game as well as the event ones. I also finally did the retrofits for both ROC Ping Hai and USS Saratoga. I wish the game allowed us to have five fleets instead of just four, so I can use Saratoga more often. I love her but my first fleet is my main Anglo Fleet, my second fleet is my Survivor Fleet, my third fleet is my Asian Fleet and my four fleet is my Low Oil Cost fleet. Also I finally got IJN Ayanami from the fleet goal rewards. I now have all the starters. God Bless Azur Lane and their love for pantyhose. By the way, one of the reason why I got Ayanami is for her new casual skin.
  10. @Jelloycat @YaoiGod @Keello96 It has been awhile since I have done this type of announcement but without further adieu. Hello Everybody, it is now time for another event and once again confirming it is another for third time in a row, a 4 SR reward Event. After having a talk with @RavenScythe that they don't have these type of 4 SR offerings in JP, I have come to the conclusion that they are indeed rushing us to catch up to JP. Probably to finish off both JP and WW LLSIF at the same time and release All-Stars at the same time as well. The event this time is a Companion Event where you work together to get a high score rank or a perfect combo. The Four SRs being offered are from Muse and the two themes seem to be Easter and Arabian Dancer V2. Now for the Points Reward, it is an SR Cool Easter Honoka and SR Pure Arabian Dancer V2 Eli and for Tier Rewards, it is an SR Cool Arabian Dancer V2 Nozomi and a SR Smile Easter Rin. Goodluck to all that participate, I personally am going to try hard in this event because Honoka, Rin and Eli are my favorite girls.
  11. I hope you get the URs you want. For me though, I have no idea what I want. I really wanted the Chinese Dress Set and I failed to get them. So I don't know anymore. Speaking of that, we already getting another event. It hasn't even been a week yet and we already starting. I think Klab is trying to finish up LLSIF to get ready for All Stars, maybe it is going to be a global release because they are rushing WW server like hell. Goodluck on getting the UR. Meanwhile, I need to think what UR to hunt for next.
  12. I need some Love Gems now and this will make it easier for me to get some. By the way, which future Aqours/Muse Girl are you looking forward to getting in the future?
  13. I haven't done the Yellow Ticket Master songs yet. Do they offer anything special or just more Love Gems. I still need to try the new features in depth, I just couldn't today because I had to fix my car. I tried to get a Limited Edition version of Yoshiko/Yohane, Hanamaru or Ruby but I failed in getting one. I got a beautiful Riko and Adorable Ruby though.
  14. For the first time ever, I actually landed on Tier 4th. I never hit that low of a tier before. This event is taking a toll on playing LLSIF. Too much competition for 4 SRs. I don't want to waste Love Gems in refueling my LP but it seems that is the only way I can hit Tier 2 now.
  15. Wow it has been that long since Medley Festival in Japan? I wonder why that long pause. Also really? JP doesn't have the Quad SRs Events, that is weird. I wonder if the Worldwide version is getting rushed for something. I feel like these Quad SR Events are taking a toll on me since they are on the same levels as Bloodbath Maki Events since you gain four SRs. I am actually trying on this event but I am stuck on Tier 3 which is rare for me. @YaoiGod @Jelloycat how are you guys doing on this event?