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  1. So Shinano came out and everywhere went into chaos. I had 370 cubes in the beginning and ended with 300 cubes. So let me tell you my current experience. On first 10 build, I got Chitose and Kashino, who was my goal for this event. I just Kashino had gotten a Cow-pattern bikini instead of just the plain one but oh well. On my 2nd 10 build, I let the voice of love take me higher and I got Shinano which was a huge relief since I heard horror stories of other people struggling. On my 4th 10 build, I got Chiyoda and she was the last event ship I got since I have no space left in my dorm. My goal is to get the Icon but I don't know if I will get the SSR ships since I don't want to waste a lot of cubes on ships, I technically don't want and I want to save as much for the Dead or Alive Collab. I now have no space at all for any new ships. I have fast exp, one of the elite ships so they can eat a Bullin or in Chitose's case, eat her clone. I will also have to get rid of some ships that I don't use.
  2. Oh boy, I am both excited and anxious for the Azur Lane Event. I am still miffed that Shinano is the first UR and not Yamato or Iowa especially since Shinano literally left Japan and got sunk by a sub a few days later without seeing combat.

    1. AndyKazama


      Shinano is pure though. 😍

  3. Oh boy, I was preparing myself for the Dead or Alive collab and I managed to get 360 cubes which made feel safe until I learned about Shinano and while I am confident I may get her, I don't know if I will have enough for after the event if the collab happens soon after. Anyways, I got Avrora's Bondage outfit during the 2nd Anniversary Special in the store. Her dialogue and expressions contradict each other. In her dialogue she is enjoying being a damsel in distress but she doesn't show any happiness expression. I still like the skin. I also got the Retrofit for Newcastle while I am grinding for exp points to build Cheshire.
  4. So I finally decided who I would marry and it is Helena. I love her transition of being a depressed moody girl into outgoing happy girl. She is such a lovable girl. So I now have 10 wives in the game. Hornet being my first and Helena being the newest and North Carolina being the strongest. I am surprised that Hornet is only lvl 119 when she has been part of my main team since the beginning and predates all the other girls. I also finished getting Seattle to Research lvl 30 and got her dialogue lines for it. Now to complete the Fate Simulation for her. Finally from the last event, I managed to get all the girls with minium cubes used. I even got Howe as my first build for the event which was an awesome feeling after failing to get Suzuya after wasting so many cubes. So I am currently getting ready for the Dead or Alive Event. So I was glad that the Aurora Noctis Event went extremely well.
  5. Congrats on getting two more URs. The Kanan duo UR is very lovely while Nico in her UR looks adorable. I have actually been playing All-Stars I am still getting the hang of it since I am not used to swipe icon. I am pathetically newbie in the game. Those are good skills to have, Nico's score skill would work well with a certain skill seal that I forgot the name of that boosts the points earned from the skill activation.
  6. So I did the summoning for Summer Jeanne. It started out fine with me getting Summer Ushiwakamaru then in the next one with me getting Summer Ibaraki-Douji but then it all went down hill. I attempted to get Summer Jeanne with the 524 Saint Quarts and 14 Summon Tickets I had gathered for this Event and I wasted them all and ended with failure, but.... I was so deadset on getting Summer Jeanne that I actually used my cubes to buy the Summoning Tickets from the shop. I normally think they are useless when it comes to getting your desired Servant since I never got a desired 5star through that way (I did get Drake and Altera but they were accidental pulls). So on my first pull, I got Kiyohime and I talked to myself on how on my first non-tutorial 10 summon I ever did, I got Kiyohime before getting Ruler Jeanne and joked that "at least you come to me, hopefully with you appearing that means Jeanne is right behind you" and with next Summon Ticket I got Summer Jeanne. I was so very close to failure but I managed to get Summer Jeanne meaning that I have all the Jeannes now (if I complete this event, I get Summer Jeanne Alter) and I also got my first 5star Archer.
  7. My Theme is the "Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory Custom Theme" that is free in PSN Store. It has four Background that change every time you go to the main menu of the PS3. The four backgrounds are of the four goddesses in the Neptunia games. Neptune/Purple Heart that represents SEGA, Noire/Black Heart that represents PlayStation, Blanc/White Heart that represents Nintendo and Vert/Green Heart that represents Xbox.
  8. My White Whale was the Royal Tailor for Fate Extella: The Umbral Star, it took so long to get all the Mystic Codes. Even though it was bronze trophy it was harder to achieve than the Golden Trophies like Supreme Sovereign. My Current White Whale is the Million Points trophy for Killzone Shadow Fall. I am currently under 900,000 points, I am glad they show how close the milestones to 1,000,000 are but I wish they showed the exact number. It is a pain especially since there is like only one room that is active with players.
  9. That is why I rushed to buy God of War: Ascension to complete the Multiplayer trophy Blood Oath. I am currently trying to complete the Million Points Trophy for Killzone Shadow Fall. I am still pissed that I held off on completing the last multiplayer trophy for Killzone 3.
  10. Oh I see that is good, you just need to collect the Team Yell units to utilize their boost. That is good, though at least for me, I need to increase my warehouse limit since I have to many idols that I don't want to retire or feed away. Oh shit, you are right. Those are Pretzels, I didn't zoom into the picture and from a distance they looked like donuts stacked to each other but yeah they are pretzels. What are the skills of the two UR idols?
  11. After so many years, I finally got Danganronpa 2. I regret that I started this late in collecting the Danganronpa series for the PSVita since at this point it is impossible to get Despair Girls or V3 in their physical cases at a reasonable price.
  12. Azur Lane, I am currently trying to build my reserves of cubes to get the HMS Howe in a future event in the game. I am also trying to grind EXP using my Japanese Fleet to unlock IJN Azuma as fast as possible since I want to start using my British Fleet to gather EXP to unlock HMS Cheshire.
  13. Oh I see how it works now. That is cool new method in getting points in the event. It adds more strategy to the game. Though I want to ask, do you have to put the Team Yell idols in your team when you do the event or is there a separate slot for them since in the screenshot you showed me about the Team Yell it seems they operate separately from your performing teams. Congrats on getting the URs. Nico looks so pretty in her Victorian maid outfit and Ruby is just adorable with....are those donuts?
  14. I forgot to upload this back when I did the summoning for Skadi. I wasted 120 Quarts but I managed to get not only Skadi but also Jack the Ripper, my first Assassin 5 Star Servant. I also got Rama as well. I am happy I have the Scathach trio now. Feel in love with Scathach when she appeared on my very first try after the 300-something quarts attempt at getting Tamamo but failing and now I have a Caster version of Scathach. This is bliss.
  15. Oh my god, so they revamp everything in the Rewards. That is great especially that we can now get UR Skill Ups as well. It does suck that you can trade the Event UR for a UR sticker but it's understandable since it will brake the sticker shop. I do wonder if the Event URs are as strong as the Normal URs you get from Scouting or are they weak like the Promo URs (the celebration URs like birthdays). I am also very curious to see the skill Team Yell in action. So these URs are exclusive released for the events correct. This also makes me even more excited for the Event revamp.