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  1. Seeing you all play All Stars makes me want to download the APK file to play it already but I want to wait for the English Version because I know I will ditch the JP version when EN comes out but I am just dying of hype for this game. I am curious about your husband @YaoiGod does he not want to play All Stars because he is too invested into LLSIF or is the gameplay not interesting for him? I am so excited for you to be living in Japan. It must be lovely but I am curious in how you managed to move there like was it through saving money and going there or did a job send you there or is it for study? You don't have to tell me if you are uncomfortable saying. I am just very happy for you. Anyways, I am still playing LLSIF and it is going pretty well. I managed to tier 3 the last event and I also got double URs in a single 10 scouting session and not only that, they are from the exact same set: UR Cool RPG Eli and UR Pure RPG Kotori. I got them during UR time three rate up but I didn't actually expect to get a UR since I did it before 3 times with Aqours a long time ago and got nothing. So to get two URs and of my favorite girls. I am so happy.
  2. Thank you again for the kind words. I am also extremely glad that we managed to find people that love Azur Lane just as much. It is so much fun,
  3. Thank you everyone for the kind words. To answer some of the questions: Yeah North Carolina is such a Cinnamon Roll because she is sweet but insecure of herself, that King George the V had to relax her in her side story. I been playing Azur Lane since Day 1 and I actually tried to join the closed beta back when the game was being tested for the west but I failed to get the invite. I actually spent money in the first two hours because you were able to get Saratoga as bonus ship if you bought something from the store which I bought the dollar gems. Normally I don't use money until like a year in but I had a dollar in the Google Wallet. I got the ships to lvl 100 mostly just by using them as normal while having them in the dorm and using the curry to raise the amount exp they get in the dorm. I never use the class sessions since I feel that dorms gives more exp depending on the type of food you give. Also if you want a specific ship to get exp faster, put her with weaker ships and grind a high level mission with that team and if done correctly that specific ship will always get VIP which gives an exp bonus and bond bonus as well. Seeing Hornet smile is such a great thing to see. I hope they make a figure of her one day, like a figure set of all the Yorktown sisters (Yorktown, Enterprise and Hornet) Anyways, I am loving all the references the Azur Lane anime is making. In a surprise twist, they actually reference the film Pearl Harbor by recreating multiple scenes from the movie. Hopefully you guys can see the image in the spoiler since I usually mess up with spoilers.
  4. It was way overdue but I finally married North Carolina. She along with Takao and Illustrious were the reason I was interested in Azur Lane in the first place. She is such an amazing ship and her skill is amazing in nerfing AkagiKaga Combo against my Enterprise. I been using her since the day I got her in my fleet. I love her, I am extremely glad that I managed to grind the tokens to get her. Also it turns out that she is my most powerful ship that I have in the entire game. So she really deserved that ring.
  5. I think the reason why Yat Sen is too low is because she is only available in one event called Lunar New Year 2019 which was from January to February. People may have failed to get her since she was an Epic ship. So she may be low because of not that many people have her which would explain why U-81 is low as well since she is a submarine and they have low appearance rate and she is only available in normal special summon. Suffolk is the lowest because she appears the most and cockblocks people. Yat Sen is such an amazing person. She gives such heartwarming dialogue. I think I may actually make it my goal to get her out of the bottom row.
  6. I didn't even know that group d poll has started. I want to say I am surprised but Prinz Eugen has been popular since the very beginning. It probably helped that when the game was first launched if you logged in for I think seven day or five days you would get Prinz Eugen for free. So she was many people's first SR ship. I actually got Takao and Belfast before getting my Prinz Eugen. So you were given a Prinz Eugen and not only that, she has a lot of outfits. All people talk about in the first months of Azur Lane was her boob mole. I went to see who are the bottom row and both ships that I like Yat Sen and Ashigara are in the bottom. I have to at least help them beat I-168 since I can never forgive her for killing my waifus sister.
  7. I got DDOS in Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer. Still didn't stop me from achieving my "Scout" trophy. Now I can move on to the "Assault" trophy.

    1. DamagingRob


      DDOS in a game? That doesn't sound fun..

  8. I am still stuck in easy training. I need to train the starters seven times. It would be cool if Azur Lane had a collab with Playboy. That way we get North Carolina dressed as a playboy bunny. Anyways, while training at 11-2 I finally got IJN Agano. I am slowly making my way to Chapter 12 where I would hopefully get IJN Choukai and have all the Takao Class ships.
  9. You moved to Japan. That is wonderful. How is your new home over there? I hope it is wonderful. I really been wanting to play All Stars but sadly it isn't out in the west yet. I have to wait and hopefully my phone is compatible with it.
  10. I understand that feeling because I got into Azur Lane because of Takao (sort of mirroring my reason for getting into Senran Kagura being Ikaruga) but while playing the game I ran into other ships that got my interest. The first ship that caught my attention was Hornet who was my first above rare ship, preceding Takao my first SSR ship. Then it was Rodney because she was nicer than her sister Nelson and I needed a Battleship at the time. Since then, I had Hornet and Rodney in my main fleets. I am not going to go into all the details of every ship. I just want to show the ones I like a lot in the moment.
  11. I can't believe it happened again. Usually when I post images I don't use spoilers because in the past, they have came out wrong. This time when I used the spoiler it seem to me that everything is fine, even the pictures were showing to me but I guess it didn't work in the end since you didn't see it. Here is the screenshot to prove it. (I hope it shows up)
  12. Matching, I don't remember making a post about matching. I only made a post showing off St. Louis and then the post after that one is me talking about the girls that AndyKazama might like. Too me it seems that pictures do show up.
  13. Which pictures? The ones from the post I talk about St. Louis or the one from where I am talking about ships matching AndyKazama description
  14. Sorry that I am making you eat your data. I know the pain of being constricted by phone data. First, I really really wish that Senran Kagura makes a collab with Azur Lane it would be amazing like the Neptunia Collab. Also I don't think I saw Ikagura wear a dress similar to Yat Sen, I should search it later. Second, on the animal ears question. The reason why Atago and many other Japanese girls have animal attributes like dog ears is because that is their theme. Sakura Empire's Fleet consist of girls with animal features or sometimes oni features. If I remember correctly it is related to Chinese view on the Japanese in WW2 as Dogs of War just like how the Ironblood theme is Girls with Mechanical Sharks because of the Western Allies sometimes referring how the German Subs attack Shipping Lanes like sharks. Royal Navy's theme is just a royal aristocrat theme which is based on well the British Monarchy, they are dressed as maids, aristocrats, private school girls and royal attire. Finally we have the Eagle Union who's theme is just....nothing because they are meant to have theme like the others. Their theme is that they dress in differently from one another like Helena, Phoenix and Brooklyn uniforms look different from Essex and Independence uniforms who also look different from Oklahoma and Nevada. Eagle Union not having a set theme is a reference to the United States being a Melting Pot and not having a set culture like the others.
  15. I totally forgot that I never asked what do you think of Takao Racing Outfit because me and @Tosmasta00 loved it. Sadly for now the racing outfit hasn't been announced for the game in any version since it was used to just promote the game. So we are hoping that one it gets introduced into the game. Also since you said you were into the characters that have certain physical features and black hair. Here is a small portion of the ships that might fit that description.some of these ships haven't come to the west yet while others have already arrived. Azuma is a ship you can get in the 2nd Wave of Primary Research which hasn't been released yet in the west since we just got the 1st wave this year. Choukai is a ship that is related to Takao that you can get at Chapter 12-4 but only as a drop, so you may need to play that mission over and over again or get lucky in the first try. Yat Sen is one of the few Chinese ships you can get in the game, she is from the Lunar New Year Event. She works well with Ning Hai and Ping Hai in the same fleet. Finally, you may already know her but there is Atago who is the sister of Takao. She is available to build through the usual method of Heavy Build. She is fan favorite among the community. Which is why she has a lot of outfits. She also has a racing outfit as well. Anyways, there is a lot more ships that you may like, I only showed off a small portion of them who are all from the same artist as Takao. I recommend just going with the flow and see what ships you may like.