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  1. Ahh General Kenobi, I been expecting you Anyways, Welcome to PSNProfiles, I hope you have a wonderful time here and also...........
  2. @Satoshi Ookami @GlennRhee @Keello96 @RaveNScythE @Mike13858 @FallenElysion Speaking of saving up Love Gems. It seems that Klab is just giving out a lot of Love Gems with the login bonus and the Limited Goals which new ones have been added and this time involving Binetsu kara Mystery on Master Difficulty. I already have enough to do the two step up scouting for Kotori. God willing, I make it to 120 Love Gems to do all of the Step Up Scouting for her. Praise our Avian Goddess.
  3. Please give me monuments. I am tired of getting Void's Dust every time I get a golden chest. I keep wasting 30 AP for only dust.
  4. @Satoshi Ookami you can now scout for the Smile UR animal Rin.
  5. I am tempted to try and summon her but I don't have any faith in actually getting her. Anyways, what I am more excited about is gathering the materials for ascension. If successful, I will fully ascend Shirou Emiya and have Saint Martha ascend to her 3rd Ascension.
  6. God Damn it, almost every time I get a gold chest from the Advanced Quest. They give me a bunch of Void's Dust. For something supposedly so valuable, I have a lot of it. What sucks more is that it cost me 30 AP for each Advanced Quest. Nice, I hope you enjoy your honeymoon. It must be great going to Japan.
  7. That does sound really tempting. I could idolize my UR Pure Honoka or UR Smile Nico but then again I might curse myself by abusing the system. I will just be fine with my Chinese Dress You.
  8. Oh okay, I understand. That actually terrifies me even more because it isn't a sudden punishment but a punishment waiting to happen to the point of you forgetting about it and when the punishment does happen, it will hurt you more. I am just going to be good player and not abuse that. I decided to get Chinese Dress You since even though You isn't one of my favorite girls. I personally liked her design more than the other girls but Ruby did look adorable.
  9. Free Love Gem for completing their Side Story and if you feel really evil...sacrifice for a UR Sticker
  10. Welcome to PSNProfiles, I hope you have a wonderful time here and also...........
  11. Thanks to @GlennRhee for reminding me about this. I never mentioned on how you can get the Poster Girls on LLSIF. Please excuse the horrible arrows since I made them on my phone. First you click on the Worldwide Poster Girl tab on the Notifications. Then scroll down the list that explains each of the poster girls until you see this link. Then choose which girl you want and wait at least 24 hours to receive her. I hope this helps any of you. @Keello96 @Mike13858 @RaveNScythE @Satoshi Ookami @Nozomi @FallenElysion That sounds really tempting but even though I don't have any UR stickers that they can get rid of. I am not going to try it in fear they might do something worse and also I don't want to piss off my Avian Goddess by cheating. You had 3GB of Pictures of Neptunia and Kancolle? Usually I delete the pictures of Neptunia, Love Live and Fate once I posted them on the communties.
  12. Sadly the Half-AP Quest have ended apparently they were a mistake but at least we got a Free Saints Quartz from it. Also I managed to get enough Monuments to Ascend my Archer to the third stage. Also I got a lot of Caster Pieces that I just used to Ascend Cu Chulainn as well. Lucky, I want the Rin/Ishtar Phone Case but I don't think they make cases for Galaxy J7. How much did it cost you?
  13. @Satoshi Ookami @Keello96 @FallenElysion @Mike13858 @RaveNScythE @GlennRhee Time to start once again another event. This time it is a Challenge Festival Event where you can get two Muse SRs, the two beautiful brightly colored idols: SR Cool Maki and SR Pure Umi. Goodluck to all who participate in the event.
  14. Attention @Shana Alter @Hertz @SiN-Omega @mako-heart @HoIlowAtaraxia the maintenance for the NA version of Fate Grand Order is done and we have been greeted by a surprise. Right now, you can do the dailies for half the AP. So now we can grind for more stuff and EXP. I can't believe I actually managed to get enough material to do 3rd Stage Ascension on Shirou Emiya. While I was trying to grind for materials for Archer Monuments. I instead got Saber and Lancer but that is fine since I can Ascend Jeanne as well.
  15. People's sensitivity of spoilers is getting hell of annoying. Someone is pissed off about a spoiler from a 2006 anime about a famous Historical legend dying in the same way he died in the famous legend from 1500 years ago.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. PooPooBlast


      While I agree that it's pretty old for spoiling something, I feel like that a spoiler is a spoiler no matter what man.. Like take this, some people are poor or their country is always like a year or two behind in getting the latest technology and they even end up buying it a year or two later because stuff's expensive when they release. That's what now? 3-4 years after release already?I actually played RDR in 2015 and I'm so happy it wasn't spoiled for me so u dont know what people's reasons are for not playing a game yet so you just gotta respect it and maybe perhaps give a warning a spoiler alert and you're good :)

    3. TheVader66


      @PooPooBlast normally I would agree but the spoiler is from an anime 10 years ago and his excuse of not watching it is simply he didn't like the anime. So he skipped over the anime (which is Fate/Stay Night) straight to Fate/Apocrypha where it had a flashback seen to that part of the anime. People need to know that the rest of the world won't wait for them to finish a show/game to discuss something about show/game especially when it is a decade old.

    4. PooPooBlast


      Ahh I see. I suppose in this context that it's alright.