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  1. What an amazing day, I went to the Azur Lane 1st Anniversary Event on USS Iowa and it was amazing. The people were awesome, the staff was cool. Also the merch was great, I was able to get some stuff. Also after all this was done, I finally got Essex on my last 20 cubes. Today was a good day.
  2. USS Essex is coming to Azur Lane EN. I officially quit my attempts for getting USS Alabama which means no icon border for me. All my cubes are now dedicated for Essex. May God help us all to get her.
  3. So I made it Round 4 with Cleveland in the new Challenger Mode. It was really tough,I haven't had a challenge like that in a long time. I used my main team to take on the Challenger Mode and in the end Sirius was the only survivor of the Vanguard. She lasted a bit with Cleveland until dying (I had a screenshot of her actually taking down a three bars of health of Cleveland but it got corrupted thanks Imgur). I got 6422 points in total.
  4. It is a Chinese mobile game called Azur Lane. It takes place in World War 2 and the main story follows the Allied Forces fighting the Axis Powers. Meanwhile some beings called Sirens are helping the Axis Powers in the background. The gameplay is sort of Bullet Hell without the one hit death thing. Depending on what ships you have you can have different ability like Torpedoes, Air Strikes, Battleship Sniper Shot and Submarines. Also unlike most mobile games, you can get high ranking ships pretty easily in the game. How they make most of their money is through outfits. The ships you can get are all of course girls from the United States, Japan, Great Britain, Nazi Germany, Free France, Vichy France, China/Taiwan, Communist China and Soviet Union. You can fight in historical battles like the Battle of Midway, Battle of Casablanca and Hunt for the Bismarck. Here is some gameplay of Azur Lane when someone fought Bismarck in the highest difficulty.
  5. @Revvie @Tosmasta00 @Melty @Helmet_time @MossyOakRcn42 @Atago @Artemisthemp @AndyKazama Starting getting ready for the new American Event in Azur Lane. With this new event we are getting new ships like the USS Alabama and USS Baltimore, we are also getting a countdown event where we finally get the retro fit for USS San Diego and we are also getting IJN Taihou and some mystery ships.
  6. Hello there, I think it should work fine because I seen Azur Lane adjust to the screen difference by adding borders to it. I went to see the Azur Lane Subreddit to confirm and yeah tablets should work fine in fact you may not even get borders at all. I understand your concern because music games like Bang Girls Dream and Love Live are very picky when it comes to screen sizes. Here is the subreddit link if you wish to get more details: You should be fine though. Ask us again if anything happens that you need help with, also if the game does work perfectly and you wish to continue playing. Make sure to bind your Azur Lane data to either Twitter, Facebook or the Yostar accounts to keep your save data if you ever delete the app from your device.
  7. So we got the five 11 Scouting Tickets now in LLSIF. I used mine on the Muse but got nothing but SSRs. I used my final one on Aqours and I got UR Cool Wonderland You which completed my Wonderland Set with my UR Cool Wonderland Riko. Of the SSRs I got a particular Maki that people really love which is the SSR Cool Flight Attendant Maki and also speaking of Wonderland Set, I got a second copy of SSR Cool Wonderland Umi and I idolized her and she looks lovely. Well all the Love Live girls look amazing in the end.
  8. I wonder when will I ever have the motivation to finish my backlog.

    1. AlchemistWer


      I have more than 30 games in my backlog, I'm happy because have a lot of games to play but the time factor is the main problem. 😅 why you lose the motivation? ): 

    2. HaserPL


      I'm keeping myself with buying PS4 to clean up my PS3 backlog. I know I won't be able to do it if I have PS4 anywhere near me.

    3. MidnightDragon


      It’s a true struggle!

  9. After the Yoshiko/Yohane Birthday scout, I did the Aqours 3rd Year Step Up and I got nothing as in no URs and no love gems. When will I learn that my actions have consequences. I hope you are feeling better from your tonsillitis. Congratulations on getting a Limited Edition UR Pure Nico and the UR Pure Hanayo. Now you got your wish of having a stronger Pure Team. I have no idea who to choose between Fairy Nico or Tennis Hanayo. I would say go for either which girl you like best or which has the best skills. If you need more info between both card, you can go to Idol Tomodachi and select Nico or Hanayo and then select UR and the attribute you are looking for and it will give you a list of them. Here is the link to the website: What I been doing is that I finally have enough stickers to idolize my two UR Honokas that I had for a few years now. So I idolized UR Christmas Pure Honoka and UR Animal Smile Honoka. They look fantastic and also I now formally completed the UR Christmas set with both Honoka and Kotori Idolize now.
  10. Azur Lane is back online and we got new outfits for the new subs but the thing I am more thrilled about is that we finally got the retrofit for London. Her new artwork looks beautiful and her expressions are adorable especially her pouty face. Also her torpedo slot has been replaced with a Auxiliary weapon slot which can use both Torpedoes or Destroyer Guns.
  11. We got a fusion between Noire and Tiara which is pretty weird because she looks sadistic but Tiara is a masochist which is the opposite of a sadist. Meanwhile Noire is just a loner who wants friends.
  12. That sounds amazing. I am jealous, we have to earn our free scouting. We are currently at Goal 3 in Group Achievement and I personally am at Reward 6 in Individual Achievement. How many Love Gems are they giving you as a login bonus? I am soooooo jealous of your Husband that he got the Limited Edition UR of Yoshiko/Yohane. I wasted 120 Love Gems and I didn't even get a normal UR version of her. I only got a SSR because it was guaranteed at that point. I should have done the Birthday Box scouting instead of Birthday step up. On other Love Live news, I am sad that I lost a bid to get this Kotori figure. She was 80 dollars and I manged to get her on my cart in my own account at first at that moment but I got greedy and I logged out to log in into my sister's account that has prime (she told me to use if I wanted to use Prime as a discount) and when I tried to get to get it again. It said it was unavailable, so I used my own account and it also said it was unavailable. Turns out while I was switching accounts, someone else beat me to it. Now it is 120 dollars, I don't know why but I feel uncomfortable to pay over 100 dollars for a figure. So now I am fucked. Oh well.
  13. I think because of her hairstyle she gives off that vibe. So I managed to get three subs I-25, U-522 and I-56 (who I retired because I have no space). I-25 looks like Compa from Neptunia. All we need is IF to have the OG trio of Neptunia. I been trying to get U-101 but I am wasting too much cubes. I need to save because rumor has it that after this sub event, we are going to get the Essex limited event and I want to get her the most.
  14. I am surprised that JPN doesn't have this event going on. When is LLSIF JP anniversary? I feel like I got cheated here. I know I had good in the beginning but I still had 298 combo. I should have gotten a Full Combo as well.
  15. The French Event has now begun. I managed to get Dunkerque, Surcouf, Forbin and Jean Bart. Dunkerque is such a sweet girl and Jean Bart is dead inside when she dances.