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  1. Jesus Christ, the Honoka and Umi Event just ended four days. Also this is four days earlier than the datamined picture of the event was shown by FallenElysion. Was there a mistake? Because I feel like this is too early but either way it is happening. @GlennRhee @FallenElysion @Mike13858 @Satoshi Ookami @YaoiGod @Keello96 Reminder Time, it is time once again for another Event. This time it will a Score Match where you compete against other players for points. The theme for this event is Sweets and once again, Muse Girls are the ones being offered as a rewards. The two lovely girls being offered are a SR Pure Nozomi (So @Vert if you want a Nozomi for LLSIF this would be the time) for the Points Rewards and a SR Cool Nico for the Tier Rewards. So I wish everybody goodluck in this event, I am going to try my best in the event but I am extremely busy with Fate Grand Order right now and I need to gain more Saint Quartz before the avalanche comes, so goodluck everybody.
  2. I actually managed to get a lot of White Day messages. I took the screenshots of the messages from my three favorite girls in all Love Live (Kotori, Honoka and Eli) my four important milestone girls (Umi my first idol overall, Riko my Aqours idol and both Rin and Kotori are girls with most URs) and my three first Aqours URs (Yoshiko/Yohane, Mari and Riko). By the way, I wish a Marvelous Happy Birthday to my first beloved idol goddess Umi Sonoda. It is a crime that I still haven't idolize her UR. Here are the White Day dialogues. Each girl has 2 Dialogues relating to White Day, so that would 36 dialogue pictures I would have tried to get from eighteen girls but instead I just 16 dialogue pictures involving the eight girls that I mentioned above. The hardest one to make pop up was Mari's while the easiest one was Umi's. So I hope you find this interesting at least.
  3. That is only for people who are afraid of chances.
  4. I managed to grind the 30 Love Gems and I got nothing but Blue Tickets. Well at least those Blue Tickets might get me a....SR Kotori that I already had. Oddly enough I am not angry, I though I was going to get angry like when I use to attempt to scout from Aqours but nope. I guess that shows my bias between Muse and Aqours. You all better get URs from the Step-Up Scouting, AVENGE ME!!!!!
  5. (GASP)'re skipping Kotori's birthday scouting as well? We have a lot of time before the Sky Set for Muse comes to the west. We still have the Pirate Set, Artists Set and Marching Band Set. We have enough time to save for the UR Kotori unless you have a clear goal of how many Love Gems you want.
  6. @YaoiGod @Mike13858 @Satoshi Ookami @FallenElysion @GlennRhee @Keello96 @RavenScythe It is time to keep my promise with YaoiGod and it is Reminder Time for the Umi Step Up Scouting for it has begun in the Worldwide Version of the game which is the english version just to remind you all. I am currently trying to grind for Love Gems but I don't know if I can make it for March 16 which is the last day of the Step-Up.
  7. Hmm well I am also in the same position as you. I actually uninstalled the game at one point and recently I reinstalled the game. I only found the game fun when it is during events like Tempest Trails or Voting Gauntlet but besides it does get boring. Though I distract myself by playing other mobile games like Love Live School Idol Festival and Fate Grand Order while I wait for Fire Emblem Heroes to get new stuff. I only keep the characters I get based on two things. Do I like their artwork? and are they useful? Also if you are a beginner I would focus on your Top 12 characters at the moment so you won't be to overwhelmed by all the characters.
  8. Wait, she is?..........Fuck, she is. Oh well, All Kotoris are accepted into my Idol Armada. Also, I don't remember giving her any skill exp but I guess I did.
  9. I want membership for Runescape but I need to pay the yearly PS Plus.

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    2. PooPDeePie


      Yea I know! which more the reason for me wanting to go back but I shall resist

    3. Super Sand Virginia

      Super Sand Virginia

      @PooPDeePie Resist Runescape, but Embrace Nier >:)

    4. PooPDeePie


      Hehehehehebehe lol.. Dude nothing comes close to RS :p. Not even Mirror's Edge.. you can imagine why I forcibly quit :P

  10. So I used a Green Ticket and I got an SR Hanamaru. Normally I would kill all SRs but Hanamaru is usually always spared along with Kotori. Speaking of Kotori ever since I got the UR Yoshiko/Yohane she has appeared quite often in the homescreen. She never popped up in the homescreen when I had Rin or Honoka as my main girls but when I put Yoshiko/Yohane or more recently Riko as my main girl. Kotori appears frequently especially her Pool and Chinese Dress versions but I at least managed to get all of their Surprise Pop-Up Dialogue now.
  11. I do it for the thrill.....but it usually bites me in the ass I don't want to wait a long time for another SSR. I don't have 30 Love Gems, I only have 5 or 6 of them left.
  12. >No good results >One SSR seal only, need three more to idolize URs. SSRs are only 3 percent in the gacha. >2 BTs that resulted in a SR Nozomi that I already had before >30 Love Gems lost means no Umi Step-Up for me Duuuuuuude
  13. I saw a Step Up Scouting and I....I...I am a weak man. Also I failed in getting anything good in the scouting but I at least got an SSR sticker for the future Idolization of UR Riko.
  14. Kinda sad that we won't get a DCEU movie until December with the release of Aquaman but at least that means they are no longer rushing the movies like they did with Justice League. Though Shazam is currently being filmed at the moment but it will probably come out early 2019.
  15. @Melty @Artemisthemp @Hanzoadam @ultraomega22 @SiN-Omega Reminder Time, The 5th Singularity: E Pluribus Unum will launch on March 15th and there is a Saint Quartz Campaign that if the Facebook post reach certain amount of like or shares, we can get up to 10 Saints Quartz. The thresholds are: 15,000 Likes OR 5000 Shares: Saint Quartz x3 17,000 Likes OR 5500 Shares: Saint Quartz +1 18,000 Likes OR 6000 Shares: Saint Quartz +1 19,000 Likes OR 6500 Shares: Saint Quartz +1 20,000 Likes OR 7000 Shares: Saint Quartz +1 25,000 Likes OR 10,000 Shares: Saint Quartz +3