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  1. GTA V PS3 came pretty close
  2. "the games are on PS2, so why not play them there?" "the games are on PS VITA, so why not play them there?" "the games are on PS3, so why not play them there?"
  3. Isn't the soundtrack on every disc? If someone plays a physical copy of the game and doesn't install this patch won't the soundtrack still be there?
  4. Welcome. Congrats on your 90% profile, keep it up!
  5. It's not on my profile, checkm8
  6. M8 I can edit the timestamps to before you even started losing your life 3 years ago, checkmate Just remember you don't have THAT much power
  7. It's people like these that hold the belts who make cheating these trophies rather satisfying!
  8. And I thought I had seen everything when it comes to boosting... You clearly need a reality check.
  9. If you go to the stats page there's arleady a counter there, just add the total of whichever months you want.
  10. So if a game has a platinum achievement with a rarity, on this website, higher that 25.00% then the game is not worthy to be on your profile. It does seem you're trying to prove something.
  11. It's just because you can show what you've earned. EDIT: The thread linked shows that people would just play games they enjoy if trophies didn't exist outside of the game. So yes you're correct when saying plenty of people buy games just for trophies, it's not a "nice generalization" like someone has stated.
  12. Worst on the PS4? Yes.
  13. They're already HD on PS3 and PS VITA.
  14. It's probably a stolen PS VITA.
  15. What is it that you want exactly?