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  1. 1 - Hyperdimension Neptunia (all of them, I can't pick just one) 2 - Tales of Xillia 3 - Final Fantasy X Remaster 4 - Project Diva F 5 - Disgaea D2
  2. My 3 favorites as of now are: 1. Fairy Tail 2. Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo 3. Rosario Vampire Some runner ups are: Guilty Crown, Gurren Lagann, Sword Art Online, and Darker Than Black
  3. PSN: SalazarXCIII System: PS3, Vita, and soon to be PS4 Blank requests: Nay on this one, just tell me you are from here, Thanks!
  4. Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars
  5. O_O I'm so excited! I also heard of another Hyperdimension coming to the vita name Hyperdimension Neptunia U for the Vita I belive it was. Comes out in August this year in Japan. I hope this is true and gets a localization O_O
  6. Kz/Livetune ft Hatsune Miku - Long Way From Here
  7. I have 2 friends that don't even use their playstations anymore . So feel free to add me. Always open for more friends and comparing trophies. Currently only have a few game and they are all JRPGs except for Destiny of spirits . PSN ID: SalazarXCIII (XCIII = Roman numeral for people who don't know)
  8. Final Fantasy series Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 The Bouncer Disgaea Drakengard Metal Gear Solid 2 Gauntlet Dark Legacy There may be more, but those are the only ones I can think of right now.
  9. I personally can't stand metacritic scores nor any reviews for that matter. I use them to see some gameplay or how the game works and then I try it out for myself. I'll just be ignoring those scores like I have been .
  10. Fatal Frame Fatal Frame 2 Crimson Butterfly Fatal Frame 3 The Tormented
  11. I just finished Infinite Stratos. It is a great anime and I highly recommend it. I just started up Guilty Crown the other day and so far it's just absolutely amazing!