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  1. i do the same thing EVERY time, or else it freezes
  2. is this just for ps4 ???? no ps3 ?:c
  3. im playing right now, and i didnt had any troubles finding a public match.
  4. i need to check that , last week i played just fine, this week i haven´t touched the game
  5. thanks, i ended up buying the game and it´s awesome. The servers are working
  6. borderlands series
  7. copyright?? youtube is very sensible when you upload someone else´s music.
  8. i have a lots of unplayed games as well, but instead of going for the easy ones to plat, I ask myself what type or genre I feel like playing and start reducing options from there. if you are not enjoying, you are going to get bored or annoyed quickly.
  9. hi , I would like to know before I buy the game APOCALYPSE, are the servers working for this game ?? because i heard all the others had shut down ;C
  10. Hi everyone, Im looking for people who wants to do the online challlenges, we need at least 3 people to get all search and rescue and onslaught challenges, 4 would be great but let´s see if someone is still playing first.
  11. gantz
  12. Billy talent lml
  13. CALL OF DUTY mortal kombat minecraft street fighter sports games