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  1. I've started the final mission but haven't got the Avengers Assemble trophy, I did quit halfway through just incase I missed anything, anyone know of any solutions.
  2. That's great, thank you very much.
  3. I want to install this on PS5 but don't want a new trophy list, I see there isn't one listed PSNP but can someone confirm there isn't a new PS5 list.
  4. Yeah I've had that a couple of times, once I left it on the menu and after a minute or so it did unfreeze by itself, but as you said it's quicker just to restart
  5. I would like to know this as well as I cannot find a definite answer.
  6. This may sound a but strange, but is there a way to disable auto pop, I want to play through this again on PS5 and earn the trophies as I go through.
  7. I won't miss Chaos Ball, but it'll be a shame to lose Domination. It'll also make obtaining 3000 points in one match a challenge for those who don't get many kills.
  8. I would guess it took me around 200 hours for the 100%.
  9. I know we will no doubt be bombarded with remasters for the PS5, but this really isn't one that's needed. Detroit is a great looking game on PS4 and I really can't see it looking much, if any better with a new version.
  10. If I start a NG+ with 42 skills unlocked, will the 45 skills trophy still unlock when I reach that level? Also do you instantly get the Napalm Molotovs or do you have to unlock them again?
  11. When looking at my games on the site, is there anyway to hide earned trophies as default, rather than selecting it manually in each game
  12. On my Pro is it possible to have 2 controller dongles plugged in at the same time, as I have a Nacon and an Astro and I don't really want to keep swapping the dongles over when I switch controllers. Edit : I'm aware obviously that I can plug them both in together, what I mean is will they interfere with each other when I'm using one but not the other.
  13. I'm the opposite, I've got my Xbox just for Forza, Gears and Halo, and also for it's 4k player, everything else I play on PS4.
  14. Damn that's annoying, I remember enjoying this so much back on 360 when it came out, was really looking forward to playing it again. I persevered with F3's bugs and glitches, but if Vegas is really that bad then I probably won't bother. Thanks. Anyone want a brand new copy if of Vegas, still in it's wrapper 😀
  15. I know this is an old topic, but I've recently picked Vegas Ultimate up brand new for £3. Are these issues still present or have they been fixed? Also does this have the same issue as Fallout 3 where you have to be careful of your save file size?